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trying to leave twitter for 5 years/ from a line of weak genes.

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How about few of you #joker fans (it’s so deep man) Go see a proper film about how society pushes some of us to the…’m not disputing New artists that are totally aware of their place in the world can Do great from Spotify and You…’ve been thinking about this loads It’s truly awful what is happening to musicians generally..... -Brexit effect… @ZOLAJESUS But the fake music is so much better than the real stuff? @HebdenStudio @Relentl3ss @BeakBristol @invadauk There’s only 3 of them left @2460David One wonders why, after having almost continuous European land war for centuries, we haven’t had one in 7…
Retweeted by Geoff Barrowthis has been bafflingly listed on imdb for a few years now but honestly i find it too funny to attempt to correct…
Retweeted by Geoff Barrow @ZOLAJESUS @Spotify Yes why not?? ;)Saying hi the person sat next to Eva on the plane !! Your great!!!574 of the nearly 3000 strong aircrew were not British you turd. I will be going back to 1348, when the country had some bubonic plague 👋
Retweeted by Geoff Barrow @TUPPER_WEREWOLF @BeakBristol @invadauk I’d love that. @jamiede04112440 @sleafordmods ☝️☝️☝️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @JonnyRowden @BeakBristol @invadauk They’d blow us out the water!!! 💥 BAM @SNAFU85 @BeakBristol @invadauk Na he’s way too pervy.. I think he would just make the everyone feel really uncomfortable. @paulglave @hamshankilton @BeakBristol @invadauk They suppose to be well nice blokes! @hippyjohnny72 @BeakBristol @invadauk Or both Now that would be entertainment @Tescxacotl @BeakBristol @invadauk If they get rid of that singer they’d be well good! @aender_ferreira @BeakBristol @invadauk I’d be well up for that! @RoyZemach @BeakBristol @invadauk He’s so hot right now... @davejoyner @BeakBristol @invadauk Haha Jesus I think you’ve hit on something there!! @Psyanics @BeakBristol @invadauk We don’t want somebody that’s gonna make us look more shit than them.. @inrainbows08 You know it’s not about punishing the fans. But with what small power I and other musicians have I wi… @gidcoe @BeakBristol @invadauk Can? @echolab @BeakBristol @invadauk Haha @inrainbows08 I wouldn’t play Saudi Arabia At the moment I wouldn’t play Turkey either. To be honest if I wasn’t f… @scottKlang Dunno mate @TheFibreman @BeakBristol @invadauk Now that would be amazing @inrainbows08 BDS?Who should we get to support us? - Coldplay? ~ Mumford & Sons? ~ Oasis? ~ U2? ~ RazorLight? dance of freedom. the death bells. the rising of the joker. lou bega. one of the most magnificent, sublime, mo…
Retweeted by Geoff Barrow @ZOLAJESUS Wow this looks really interesting I might re-invest the £2.50 I earned last year from them back into th… touring musicians survive the #BrexitDeal yourself a favour this morning and watch the Greatest Pop video ever made @NSomTimes You should just rename yourself the “official Fox News” or “Official Fox Campaign Paper”Wu Wisdom: Running away from your problems is a race you'll never win. #wutang #rza
Retweeted by Geoff Barrowspotify is asking me to pay them to make my music for me so i get played on spotify more
Retweeted by Geoff Barrow @corythanson Yeh but he’s so hot...
@spaceagefilms @moviedrone @Robwilliams71 Haha great @ValterSkarsgar
Retweeted by Geoff Barrow @ValterSkarsgar Spotty Len's excellent pea adventure.
Retweeted by Geoff Barrow @Robwilliams71 No it’s him... he works in portisbeds nowPlease twitter RT the living fuck out of this.... @spaceagefilms @moviedrone @Robwilliams71 Wow !! That’s really strange as I know nothing about that clearance? I… @Robwilliams71 @spaceagefilms What have I done now?This Saturday 26th October @LongwellRecords FLASH SALE 25% off🔥 mucho vinyl! 10-3 just before our sold out…
Retweeted by Geoff BarrowGo see new @stonesthrow @automatic_band tomorrow night at the @ShacklewellArms !! Also across the country next week… @A2onlineUk They’re mine, I fly With them... @A2onlineUk Haha yeh @aprettybigmouth Thanks ! @phlard Haha I remember that what was it? That was actually his character though, he was playing a white dude acting like a dredd. @bushwickboy @consequence @coldplay Na... no money in that game any more. @jetfury @JamesBlunt Your chariot awaits @jamesblunt (with a warburtons loaf and 4 cans of lynx). #UKpostalpunk
Retweeted by Geoff Barrow @cleanfront @PAbolusC Oh Christ on a bike...As close as I get to sexy halloween. @twisted_words Good answerThis is an honest question.. If actors play people from different countries Or writers write a story about anot… @JamesBlunt @LiamFox Nobody cares what you say anymore.... except Adam x @GraceSpelman One of the clumsiest needle drops I’ve ever heard. Literally one for the 15yo white boy punching the… @GraceSpelman What the living fuck on a stick is this monstrosity? @GraceSpelman What? Who? When? Ok... I’ll do it only if the whole cast become infected and turn into alien killer… @maybulman It’s grim but it’s been dealt with Swiftly and the idiot dudes have been arrested. It’s been going on i… look up the Blount family (blunts real name) Owners of stately homes and Land accross the UK James now live… @ThomGonga HahaJust did a podcast about TERMINATOR 2 where I did a six degrees of separation between it and ‘ALLO ‘ALLO.
Retweeted by Geoff Barrow
@JayDown9 @BristolCity Yeh totally get you.. as far as I could here their own fans were having a go at the Racist… @adamhartdyke 😂 @JayDown9 @BristolCity They’ve just opened an investigation into their own fans it looks like they are actually ta… @_boxrecords @jmjhedley Now that’s a real mate. @_boxrecords Man you’ve changed... #Rockstarliving #celebrityGood stuff @BristolCity 👏🏻 proper no messing response. (And that’s coming from a gas Head) @samwbr Na THats how I roll...I’m confused.. Was the idea to hunt out which one was actually a celebrity? #CelebrityHunted @YesMissMurphy I think his left eye used to belong to my mate Twinky from Walthamstow.Ya mero @BeakBristol en CDMX 🙌🏽 y se siente 😌 @ForoIndierocks
Retweeted by Geoff Barrow @BodytalkClub EVEN WORSE.... ESG advertising Working for Amazon... I can’t complain I work for Amazon On Hannah We’re all fucked @BodytalkClub Nooooooo!!!Umm... is that Delta 5 “mind your own business” on the “Work for Amazon” Tv Ad? If so that cripples my brain.. @Nick_Pettigrew I’m in... 🤷🏻‍♂️ @LiamFox @BorisJohnson Did Adam tell you to tweet that? @objectblue_ Na.Starting a podcast in 2019
Retweeted by Geoff BarrowIpswich town fans at Accrington today unfurled a banner in support of Accrington player Billy Kee who is struggling…
Retweeted by Geoff Barrow @THETOPSECRET1 It was a joke. @claushot Not sure to be honestI hope you are all very happy with yourselves destroying the film industry!!! ,Hi Twitter if somebody wanted to report the best Illegal film streaming site to the authorities Which one would it be? :) @gazmania505 Haha I prefer that oneyo i dunno anyone personally but if anyone you know studies at bimm bristol and likes metal let em know i'm teachin…
Retweeted by Geoff Barrow @jimmyberrycana1 NoHere’s me last night in Poland triyin not to look more of a prick than normal, playin the worst looking drum kit in… @spaldingpie They won’t let me buy from them anymore😳 @RegionalBiasFM I played the same one with Portishead @twisted_words @emerysongs Yeh someone really needs to do a decent one! I’ve heard there are one or two good ones t… @twisted_words @emerysongs Ha yeh that was fun.. That festival was crap though That bloke was blaming us for his… @emmy1602 My mum would bloody love that! @YesMissMurphy The first one is when I come home from tour.We will never play a seated gig again (but Billy is still allowed to sit down), thanks
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