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trying to leave twitter for 5 years/ from a line of weak genes. i do Beak and Film scores.

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Fuck off, Gary Barlow. This is how it's done. 😹👍
Retweeted by Geoff BarrowJust added this image to the colouring in sheets online. The most detailed one so far. Should keep you busy. Link…
Retweeted by Geoff Barrow @ClubbersguideNY @Benjaminsal Cheers we did it in collaboration with @InsectsTheA medical fetish company is supplying the NHS with protective gear during a pandemic and being clearer about the sh…
Retweeted by Geoff BarrowPlease please support these great people helping the most Vulnerable in Bristol right now... (there is a donation p… want us to pay 100 of millions to bail them out The Same Richard Branson who is worth 2 billion - S… @fabianpisani Ha that’s so lovely @ominousforest Oh wow do they sleep on top of each other ? @CorbynistaTeen @jetfury Teacher £24.4
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@TheAnisaSubedar @Reverend_Makers Absolutely mate Have a cuppa and go to bed... Sleep well dude!! @Reverend_Makers Mate Do something you like doing for a bit Turn off this shit stick for the rest of the night… @DaveGorman @danielmaier 3 - minder 2 - monkey magic 1 - the flashing bladeBorn in #Bristol in 1902 Allen Lane founded Penguin Books in 1935 with the aim of bringing literature to the masses…
Retweeted by Geoff BarrowI’m 3 weeks in without watching the news Usually would be puking with stress by now And sleeping 2 hours a night.… month ago Priti Patel said anyone earning less than £25k is an “unskilled worker” & can’t enter the UK NHS sta…
Retweeted by Geoff BarrowAmazing !!, day five: texting friends about dressing our vacuum cleaners up as zookeepers and getting them drunk. This is going v well.
Retweeted by Geoff BarrowLeast we now know this isn’t true #PrayForBoris #Convid19Boris @LongwellRecords @tobyone1 @AliceWasWearing I’ve got the same thing I never got past the first ep??Hey @jonwayne have you still got that link when you were making beats when people called you on the phone? I need that In my life!!In these tough times all our families are going to need to find ways to get what we really need to survive I find… @DrWonkyFoot Manzzz... I’m far to busy doing international shit to make onions. @tobyone1 @Rabbhaw @JasonHazeley people will risk their lives everyday for us... This is what happened when the conservatives blocked their P… @Rabbhaw @tobyone1 @JasonHazeley Hahaha @tobyone1 @Rabbhaw @JasonHazeley Jesus Sean that didn’t take long @8ertwhite Good.. Remember the cool ones are deeply Troubled @Rabbhaw @tobyone1 @JasonHazeley Your on the hard gear now then @Toetog Ah mate they are lushYep. @DWTish @tobyone1 @JasonHazeley That looks like a proper pint I’m jealous#Facepint cheers all @tobyone1 @JasonHazeley FuCkDaTories @melissath Onions !!!I bloody love these... @KerrieAvery Hahaha @sophiepenrose Cheers dear! X @maria_insideout It was a joke... I love Russia We are supposed to come but I dout we will now ?? @bazzanagnagnag Cheers @JasonHazeley Hang on.. @sophiepenrose 500 loo Rolls and a can of special brew cheers xI BLOODY SAID THAT!!! who/what made Coronavirus?Just a heads up! If you get an e mail from the Dept of health saying do not eat tinned pork because it contains co… @josienneclarke @frenchbloke @battery_licker @Spotify Can you find out what your digital % is from Spotify from the… @tobyone1 @LongwellRecords Hahaha @tobyone1 Is it Friday? @JohnIsserlis @theviewfrom9ft Thanks for getting back At the moment our @GiveASh_tXmas is trying to raise funds f… @GerryOwens Oh wow @tobyone1 Are you naked ?I’ve gone out for a walk.. It’s like Thanos Won. @GraceShoreBanks Not sure I hope they are taking care of it though#petshare 27/03/20 UP what My club is doing for the community!! @Official_BRFC @BristolRoversCT !! Dom🇬🇧
Retweeted by Geoff BarrowOur mate Paul from @GiveASh_tXmas has been packing 7 day food & drink packs for the homeless people moved into quar… to the fuckin sewer... know local authorities are trying to get the homeless into hotels and hotels but does anyone know what is happeni… @Robwilliams71 HahaThink it’s perfectly reasonable that the man running the country should be tested. It’s also imperative that those…
Retweeted by Geoff Barrow @Robwilliams71 yeah I’m Not sure if I mentioned this... Fuck the Tories. @Matt_Clark75 I’ve been addicted to minder all my lifeThe real @Spotify story. , hope everyone is bearing up For the next week : If you order anything at you’l…
Retweeted by Geoff BarrowJesus... you got to love them germans !! @battery_licker @josienneclarke @Spotify What could of been such a great thing is just a massive corporate monster.… @dadatrashco @Spotify Depending on what is donated by the public first...! Could be £50 @barnesyboy2 @LongwellRecords Haha @fredguerin1 @Spotify @Bandcamp is the answer!! @Frenchrocksmplr I’ve been trying to get hold of them to play them my new “Gym Chill” tunes... see if they are good enough for them !! @eddmystery @Spotify @Bandcamp Yes 100%We go again... #itv4 @LukeTurnerEsq @Spotify Utter piss takers... “@spotifyartists “my arse... @JimSangermusic @Benjaminsal @moviedrone It was a collaborative score with @InsectsThe @AdamJFKing @BBC Yeh this month some time not sure when ? SorrySo @Spotify a company with the net worth of 20 billion dollars are asking normal music fans to help musicians and a… have another game that’s a bit like clap for the NHS but it’s called don’t vote Tory
Retweeted by Geoff Barrow @DaveOfGray So @Spotify aren’t actually putting their hand in their pockets...? They are expecting fans (strugglin… @therealelp Glad you digging it... dude!! ❤️What an amazing chance to own something connected with one of the greatest modern film scores of our time... and he… Levi has donated 3 sheets of original orchestration ‘scratchings and notes’ from Under The Skin towards…
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@diervilla @BenjaminMurphy0 @murphaloid Haha thanks @BenjaminMurphy0 @murphaloid Thanks that’s very interestingThis is a really interesting read... @Reverend_Makers @chrislongshanks God knows mate @orangeyellowred Take care @orangeyellowred Oh shit... hope you are ok now @eibbornottus No agenda just drink what you got !!Hey @IanSkelly1 great to see you are well dude !! Xx @nuttynoah No she had work to do.. @davidjamesrosen @ToriLetzler That’s really interesting I was playing shows every night so you just get on with it… done everyone I could hear the game Keeper and his family do it across the estate ! I even let the help do… @johnhindeprints Well let’s hope we did so we can get tested and get out there helping people who’ve got itOk #facewine @ToriLetzler I hope soWow that was brilliant.. #clapforNHS Can we do this every night ? Also top tune @marcrileydj !! The Clapping song !!Very moving clapping for the boys and girls making this world a better place #clapforNHS #NHS 👏 everyone was out on our street xx
Retweeted by Geoff Barrow @r_breakspear Yeh same thing... I hope you beat the shit out of him. 🤣 @BrandonTinkler Yeh maybe spose I won’t know till I get a test @NosniboRleahciM Ah ok cheers