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of course dragonball durag is #1 what kind of person would i be if it wasn't @PartyPrat haunt showing up here a lot because its sad nigga hours 24/7
Retweeted by jetGHOULguarHillary gonna Snatch that Presidency so Watch out!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸She's A GIRL GONE WILD!💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🎉🎉🎉
Retweeted by jetGHOULguar @aysixtyfive heritage tweetpumpkin spice adderall
America: Where a queue to vote passes through sixteen different zip-codes and they call it democracy.
Retweeted by jetGHOULguar5 Ways to Adapt Ethnic Dishes for a White Palate by Ruining Them:
Retweeted by jetGHOULguar @KaimTime when you approach me't worry about what i'm doing
Retweeted by jetGHOULguar @PartyPrat hell ya ty ill be chillin here if you get lost follow the sound of whippit canisters clinking @PartyPrat *speaks in some kind of demonic latin*excellent news: sam found the font
Retweeted by jetGHOULguarthis entire country is run by demons
Retweeted by jetGHOULguardon't worry about what i'm doing demanding entertainment from the circus of online
Retweeted by jetGHOULguar @amberbladejones oh my GOD how cute
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Seagull from Daytona USA
Retweeted by jetGHOULguar @ReiMeerkat @Robbydude real haunted shit time @tonitonirocca @_Flinch flinch get down @PartyPrat how many years did that cost us @PartyPrat TARS I FIGURED IT OUT TIKTOK IS QUANTIFIABLE @ReiMeerkat @Robbydude source?UPDATE: I’ve set up a a kofi that links directly to Alfred’s PayPal. If you can show any support, whether it’s a do…
Retweeted by jetGHOULguaralfred is an incredible person and a once in a million kind of soul that you just don't meet very often and if you… @PartyPrat HBDJLK:LHSK @marlomogensen love this
This is not heartwarming. This is VOTER SUPPRESSION.
Retweeted by jetGHOULguarPLANET @AFROPUNK. Performing FRIDAY 2PM ET / 11AM PT / 7PM BST at
Retweeted by jetGHOULguar @TheGayChingy i fucking love moses sumney SO muchfrom last nite SuperSonics legend Shawn Kemp is officially opening up his cannabis shop next week. It will become Seattle’…
Retweeted by jetGHOULguarI need your help, folks. A protester in DC is facing a potential 170 years in prison on trumped-up charges of “Inc…
Retweeted by jetGHOULguar"US immigration officers allegedly tortured Cameroonian asylum seekers to force them to sign their own deportation…
Retweeted by jetGHOULguar @cloudberryjams i cant believe youTf is wrong with this dude man
Retweeted by jetGHOULguar @suhmoyed i got oat milk bone is that ok @jetgreguar
Retweeted by jetGHOULguar @ryanpequin the best kind of monkey's paw curses are those of minor inconvenience @suhmoyed im sorry for talking over you like this i need to be more aware and empathetic @okidokidev chad ballslike if you crieda dog: i cant wait to have my balls for the rest of my lifei may have gotten addicted to tf2 again
Retweeted by jetGHOULguar @stebvi we gotta play sometimetom holland as nathan drake looks like the "dont talk to me or my son ever again" meme
Retweeted by jetGHOULguarNeed findings for urgent dental care. I have a massive infection in my jaw that's destroying my jaw and nerves. I'v…
Retweeted by jetGHOULguarJust dropped a big investigation with @VICENews: The U.S. will have almost fewer 21,000 Election Day polling places…
Retweeted by jetGHOULguar @PartyPrat >eating them when they came in the magazine projecting my brain into antifa head quarters and memorizing their combat patterns is the easiest shit i have ever done in my life
Retweeted by jetGHOULguarSPIDER-MAN (2002) Cinematography by Don Burgess Directed by Sam Raimi Submitted by @evanbrews and @orange_dorian
Retweeted by jetGHOULguar @suhmoyed @suhmoyed i dont know herdefault state person does not exist
Retweeted by jetGHOULguar @PartyPrat GOOD @suhmoyed pope finally got around to playing undertale
Retweeted by jetGHOULguar @Smellestine classified @dustygazongaz immortal
I love Sohla.
Retweeted by jetGHOULguarSo to recap, gig app delivery workers currently not guaranteed a minimum wage or benefits are required to make deli…
Retweeted by jetGHOULguar @colorpulp outfit kicks assBreaking! Chamillionaire Only Paid Chahundred Dollars in Taxes Last Year
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Retweeted by jetGHOULguarthe moon is finally coming out. proud of her'Let's Change The Subject,' Says Mother Proven Wrong:
Retweeted by jetGHOULguarpootie tang's hard gravy
@_papayaya ahhhHHH CUTE CUTE @poodlewool yooooo this RULESstopping myself short of saying things that violate TOS but i can only echo the sentiment that the rich are the only dangerous minorityhighest powers of the united states occupied by the most useless humans imaginable and we're stuck in this limbo wh… hope you wither and suffer this villager NO pencils
Retweeted by jetGHOULguarWe all have that one toxic ass friend who will cover his face with his hands and completely disappear, only to reap…
Retweeted by jetGHOULguaryerrrr @gayfurrysatan i love how many people have tagged me with this, ive made my mark @shanhorandraws @mellodillo @PunkJax muscles are aching but its a good achegot all my garlic bulbs put in the raised beds today and my flower bulb bed taken care of yesterday. here's to spring treats @thelfr you cant imagine the serotonin boost i got just from those words
time to plant these lil shits!!!!!🇧🇴 Evo Morales’ party has claimed victory in #Bolivia’s presidential election. Amazing considering that an unelect…
Retweeted by jetGHOULguargive this villager NO pencils @ItsShanghaid good god this took me back @banditVEVO clockwork orange scene but with all ten hours of this