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I make anime / math videos Youtube:… cd: @whispwill pfp: @Karrotvtuber banner: @darkavey

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I'm not even joking you can hear the doorbell at the end LMAO Slight Subnautica spoiler /!\ ALSO VOLUME WARNING.…
Retweeted by JetpaxI love my friends, I love the mod team lol
Retweeted by JetpaxAll I want for Christmas is you (collabing with me 👉👈) @Malva9999 thats a weird way to spell pog
You like ass I love ass We are not the same
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Nice catch, Cait😌 #Arcane #piltoverfinest #Violyn
Retweeted by JetpaxPokemon is a skill based game
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@hoshikouta bottoms
Retweeted by Jetpax[RT appreciated!] Commissions are open again! Link down below; I'm just going to keep them open for an extended amo…
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Retweeted by JetpaxMy own fucking moderators
Retweeted by Jetpax @Blaergh1 While washing the dishes I realized where I messed up, and in hindsight solving a problem I thought up wi… @Blaergh1 The hypotenuse is H-1 because it has the same ammount of units as one of its sides, but shares one block.… @Blaergh1 In Raft, you can fortify your raft using metal so that sharks can't bite it. The bigger the perimeter, th…
I just did the numbers, I have no idea what they mean.When I wanna play Raft again, but I'm so cheap when it comes to metal ores that I'm trying to figure out the best w… @ChairoSatou Same. It never goes away, even after being 9-5 for almost 5 years now. @remi_chuu @aisuanmei @LiuliVT @MeiTianVT @xoulynn I've been blessed with an early Christmas present I see. 🙏🙏🙏[STREAM END] here is the first batch of sexy!!! thank you everyone for coming!! thank you @aisuanmei @LiuliVT
Retweeted by JetpaxMy hands never sweat so hard before, but I beat Getting Over It. FUCK THIS GAME.🐝#FeebeeLive Now Buzzing!🐝 For today's ✨Indie Game Spotlight✨ I am so excited to try out a cozy and satisfying gam…
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Plays Valo ranked. Ally Kayo throws a knife at their feet. "Its gonna be one of those games...huh"UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHAT AN AMAZING GIFT TO WAKE UP TO!!! thank you for being the most amazing friend :’) so excited t…
Retweeted by Jetpaxif my partner ever filmed this i’d be going on a grippy sock vacation for sure
Retweeted by Jetpaxdaily thoughts of a comic artist
Retweeted by Jetpax✨Commissions Open!✨ henlo! I will be opening 5 slots for Dec-Jan commissions! DM me if you have any questions or wo…
Retweeted by JetpaxPt.1 😳💕
Retweeted by Jetpax @errorexella LETS GO
Protip about audio filters in OBS that is NOT lightly based on a true story #twitchstreamer #ENVtubers #Vtubers
Retweeted by Jetpax @hoshikouta LETS GOOOOOVP: We need to fix this. This problem is a common occurrence, it happens weekly! Boss: How come I've only heard of…
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The 2D anime/cartoon outline digital hair brushes are here! There are over 20+ beautiful loc, curl, braid, twist an…
Retweeted by Jetpax誕生日 Birthday
Retweeted by JetpaxI love my mods. @JetpaxTeaches retelling my piano karaoke stream from the other night. Accurate.
Retweeted by Jetpax @Reina_Noi THAT SPEED THO
@Mystia_Celeste @StareliaYumera All that experience in Portal must've taught her something. @sensei_yami Morning: @/linaverse_ Lunch: @/aozora98mirai Afternoon: You! Evening: Feebee! Night: @/AhiruneMei Gremlin hours: @/Fafrotskyare you serious
Retweeted by Jetpax❤️How to Woo Phoebe: A Comprehensive Guide❤️ Step 1: ⬇️ ((Game: @HereComesNiko #FeeMemes #Vtuber #ENVTuber))
Retweeted by Jetpax*hears weak crying noise* Me: Oh shit is that a cat? *rushes to the window.* Me: Oh its a baby, who cares. @HuGaoVT I love what they did with the pfp and banner. Modern problems require modern solutions.Its a Steven Universe OST kinda day.brain empty
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I cried so hella much Thank you so much for this amazing birthday, it was easily the best one I ever had, thank you…
Retweeted by JetpaxHaving Karrot breaking from playing her birthday visual novel is the best thing. I got a good clip out of it too L…
Retweeted by Jetpax#karrotBDAY2021 Although I already mentioned a lot on your anniversary stream, Im glad you came into my life when… a guide on how to tell apart the artists that worked on official Pokemon art:
Retweeted by Jetpax @nagamimugi I have slept well Mugi the wise, thank you for your advice. I will come back when I need more wisdom. @BirdieBoba @nagamimugi ty mugi for your wisdom OTL @nagamimugi Mugi, the wise and the drunk, how do i get more sleep?
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Sometimes I think I'm a decent cook, and the other times I think my food can wipe out an ant colony. @KarrotVtuber Karrot is becoming too powerful @KarrotVtuber @Kid_Redpanda! Have this clip from when I jumped into @/nemurenai_kai 's Crab Game last night for a bit! I'm a cat bro, wha…
Retweeted by JetpaxTW: grooming & pedophilia; The truth about @EfronBane and steps moving forward Read:
Retweeted by JetpaxPlease check out this tweet. It is very important and I am always with mei on moving forward.
Retweeted by Jetpax @AhiruneMei @EfronBane I'm sorry this happened to you and your friends. Having your trust betrayed to you is a disgusting feeling. @OoCPokemon Pachirisu, the battle of the decade.
Retweeted by Jetpax @AirinTV weren't you also crying about no tenpai last stream? lmao明日はジャヒーーーーーーーーー様!!!じゃ!!😈
Retweeted by JetpaxIf you see anyone using this model, please notify me. After I sent the model file, I've been charged back 1300usd a…
Retweeted by Jetpax @remi_chuu Isnt your life span 2 years at most?
I've thrown together a commission opening notification list sign up form!: if you wish to…
Retweeted by Jetpax @Malva9999 AYO SAMEPV of what my next video and what I've been suffer-, I mean doing all day have been optimizing the calculator meta while I was gone
Retweeted by JetpaxMe everytime I do the math for my next video: Why did I do this?I am thankful for bidoof and bibarel
Retweeted by JetpaxI love you Kawot 🥺🧡 Sorry for the late birthday drawing lol Thank you for being in my life 🥺 And always put up wit…
Retweeted by JetpaxAlso rly glad ppl got a kick out of our tip box LMAO
Retweeted by Jetpax>at thanksgiving dinner, notice my younger cousin has a Genshin sticker Me: who’s your favorite? Do you like Childe…
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not me taking an hour writing this tweet :P I'm really grateful for @SayaAlys for everything that has happened th…
Retweeted by Jetpaxpeople just now realizing that nux taku is a douchebag
Retweeted by JetpaxMy cover of "It's Over, Isn't It?" is on YouTube now✨Twitter compression made the audio a bit crunchy on this uploa…
Retweeted by Jetpax @Reina_Noi I dont think I coulda timed that better than any other nuzlocke in the universe.Happy birthday kawot 🥲 #KarrotBDAY2021
Retweeted by Jetpaxハァ~
Retweeted by Jetpax @aozora98mirai A-a-aomi...
@xoulynn LETS GO! YOU GOT THIS @faust_vt Viniv got dance moves @errorexella ah yes, one of my fav vtubers, EBBOBOne game of me being a rat. First time making a highlight. Also wont be on my YT. gonna try to edit my own gameplay video for once. See how much I can do in a night.
Hands down one of the hardest pics to come out of Anime NYC
Retweeted by Jetpaxno one: kazuha’s burst:
Retweeted by Jetpax @HuGaoVT w h y @pitpeachy Thats a mood33 VTubers in debt. Slapped with my fish. Received an invitation to the ultimate crab games. Start the countdown! T…
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I loved this moment way too much! Check out my Tiktok for some other clips :3 Link below~
Retweeted by Jetpax @aozora98mirai Be careful Aomi!highly recommended
Retweeted by Jetpax冒険に出かけよう
Retweeted by Jetpaxredid this one