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Editor at Large, @cnet - VR/AR, immersive, wearable, games, emerging tech, emerging future. co-host, CNET Book Club. welcome to 202X

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@alfredwkng Which place? Sorry, I’d love to go @JHCheesegeek @CleverUserName @rycrist @ajdomanico Amaranth out of puns @Devindra Stepping stones to the Indiana Jones Extended UniverseA creepypasta story about all your creepypasta stories getting stolen @CleverUserName @rycrist @ajdomanico Sounds too millet-ary @CleverUserName @rycrist @ajdomanico Damn, farro. I spelt it wrong @CleverUserName @rycrist @ajdomanico I can’t believe we’ve taken it this faro @ajdomanico @rycrist Barley avoided throwing another grain pun in there, you knowNext thing you’re going to tell me is it’s a Michael Giacchino score @rycrist I popped out already, couldn’t find a kernel of evidence @rycrist Me examining your copy for puns @kathrynyuWorking on something @jacobsw @Mascott This game has more challenges to keep audience satisfied, match timing, etc. I’m curious how it feels in a longer play. @Mascott Conversationally, they were upfront with me. @Mascott @billieeilish @lizzo It’s very much that spirit but with more mixing tools? And I think better! Very excit… and NCSoft are making a DJ game called Fuser. No, not DJ Hero redux (that wasn’t Harmonix) - think of Drop… a bag of VR and magic tricks into work. Typical WednesdayIdentical twins on the 1 train, dressed identically, with identical bags, were talking about video games @VRGameRankings Well, yeah, kind of a double shoe drop. Plans last year, reference design finalization today...(but…
Westworld/Devs/Dispatches from Elsewhere, my dance card is fullQualcomm unveils its first reference design for 5G VR/AR headsets, looking a lot like the future of things beyond O… @typendlebury The things that have lasted best are books.Lots of my media has developed deep cruft. My music library has decayed slowly and has holes and mislabeled tracks.… from Elsewhere pilot grafted onto Better Call Saul premiere...didn’t even realize. Reminds me of what I… @Serrels Every part of the Twin Peaksiverse is excellent, to me, the whole hypercube @stshank @tmbg They’re into “whistling in the dark” @stshank @tmbg My kids are getting into the music- now I need to find a concert!
Virtual MWC, in spirit we’ll still end up rebuying games you can buy anything online, retailers are trying new things to get you to hang out in stores... like this…
Retweeted by Scott Stein“Set timer for 17 minutes” Siri: I’m sorry, I can’t set the timer for a specific time “SET TIMER FOR 17 MINUTES” Si… @typendlebury You areI didn’t know why it was Twin Peaks Day. Now I do. I like Twin Peaks. I like David Lynch.New mini sets of ⁦@LooneyLabs⁩ pyramid to play Nomids with ⁦@AndrewLooney⁩ for a while. Pyramid Arcade… @panzer Great if you have no clothing on and don’t expect to rechargeMinecraft: the board game. I’m oddly compelled. #ToyFair2020’s a Joe Hisaishi morning2020, it finally happened @AndrewNK It really was this beautiful Hive crystal @AndrewNK My opponent didn’t want to because it would free the pillbug, which could throw one of the other pieces away from the queen @AndrewNK Which one?I think I had a Hive stalemate
I took a slow and exploratory path through Kentucky Route Zero, and am now done. In my mind, I’ve read a novel.Day XX of cleaning after a mouse sighting. At least everything smells crisp @grantkmartin @Tim_Stevens @ZachHonig I enjoy my United experience of bottled water and the void @RogerWCheng We are thinking about going next week!I never did well in the Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics in college. I didn’t think it would ruin my life, though. 7… @DavidBFox No!! This is wild @sethporges November (early) @CharlieFink I’m sorry! @russellholly This is the first time I’ve discovered SCP- I’m not sure howTo be clear, I want this to be a book between 800-1000 pages, densely detailedIs there any book like the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, except about a completely nonexistent fictitious theme park @RogerWCheng & eggs
1944 Western Electrical hearing aid. Healthy appreciation for changes in wearable tech. @thatgeekdad @benfoxrubin Hey great meeting you too! No tests- just 11 Pro shot and a day trip! :)⁦@benfoxrubin⁩ is this a good one @raywongy Reading Terminal Market, PhillyField trip love this piece about how "design fiction" has been co-opted by ~~brands~~ (by @timmaughan)
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Yes! I have never ever read this character and not imagined Tilda Swinton. @AlexandraAble I take it this is Incite-related?One moment of Parasite I missed the first time - trying out VR headsets at Another Brick, one employee looking thro…’s a Dungeons & Dragons board game coming out late this summer- curious how this lines up with...well, playing… Kaufman, Seaman, that’s it when were Biscoff cookies this amazing thingInto the bativerse is about my level of “want a cybertruck” think this was in the Mobile World Congress that never happenedNever mind, train is here, robovoice was clearly in a fugue stateLateness due to equipment there a rack of trains people loan out @CherlynnLow I love those little kale podsA year of reading books simultaneously. Or I’m leaving books in certain places, where I only read those books. Location based books @_LucasRizzotto It was a total nightmare. @_LucasRizzotto I didn’t get a chance to wear them! Someone handed me a pair but they weren’t the real glasses, the… dreamed Samsung was making two pairs of smartglasses, and I was scrambling through demo rooms trying to get to se… do you make a conversation about the data economy visually compelling? How about a CGI lizard that spouts poetr…
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The Galaxy S20 Ultra camera app has a separate AR Zone for emojis, virtual measurements, and fun, experimental feat…
Retweeted by Scott SteinI’m temporally out of sync with this year @BridgetCarey Yoda pug!! @reillystyley @BridgetCarey I know how to feel about thisHere's @jetscott's full conversation with @HTC CEO #YvesMaitre on #5G, #VirtualReality, and the future of HTC Vive…
Retweeted by Scott SteinBreaking down the future of #AugmentedReality and #VirtualReality with @RogerWCheng. Plus @jetscott talking the…
Retweeted by Scott SteinOh this is tooooo cute the eyes are looking into me’ve got one of the new Vive Cosmos faceplates - the external tracking one that works with lighthouse base stations… seems very much like HTC’s version of the next wave of headsets @Qualcomm has been promising. Cosmos has a number of modular faceplates coming, ranging from a basic “Play” to an XR one that’s dev-focused f… talked with ⁦⁦@htc⁩ CEO Yves Maitre in a video interview about the company’s new swappable Cosmos faceplates (one… my god, the new Animal Crossing has its own NookPhone first toy to interact with #Amazon Alexa has arrived: A pretend kitchen & grocery store for preschool kids. (Ec…
Retweeted by Scott SteinApple and Google still don’t easily enable AR headsets to fluidly share apps from phones. Spatial’s connected tools… telepresence software company ⁦@spatialxr⁩ is working with NReal and 5G carriers to explore how cross-platform a… @Tim_Stevens @CNET, I want a puppySome quick tests at the office... @ARstories now has ground-transforming AR Lenses. I tried filling my office with lava and water. Expect weirder thing… Vegas debate also reminds me that CES feels like it was 35,000 years agoBloomberg reminds me of the Jets’ attempt to put a stadium in Manhattan @nickhide It needs to be shorter or longer