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Closer to you. Let’s plan some magic. ✨ RT 💞
Retweeted by Fiona Ives @prolepeach Also: the idea that adult women can't be allowed to set their own terms of consent until a certain age... 😬 @thedarcysloane Fiona in Barcelona, yesssMe when a reply guy tries to insult any of my colleagues @MiaWolfeMtl 😍😍 This is such a generous offer on your part, and I'm only not snarking at that guy in your comments…
✨News✨ 🔹I've updated my site with photos and virtual offerings. (And I did a clever thing with this page that you… @MsChloeCruz I made a private list of my mutuals so that I actually get to see their tweets by going to the list ti…’s my birthday month! 🎈 I’ll love you forever 💵 🎁
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@RamonaFlour What a face 😍I am moving to New York City in December! I’m available for bookings in NYC November 9-13. For the rest of Novemb…
Retweeted by Fiona Ivesif you’d like to see me before the new year, this week is perhaps your best opportunity. 💌 tabithaharper@protonmai…
Retweeted by Fiona Ives @ICONOCLASTIAE 😖😭My Fiona phone service is malfunctioning, so if you're an established friend looking to get in touch with me, pleas… @KayInHK Omg I did not realize they were doing celebrity branded ones now 😂 But Womanizer is the best! Mine has la…
I did it.😔 @Lille_Milk 😂 BrilliantOnlyfans was built on a tin can by developers working w stolen code. 0% of that 20% cut you pay has gone towards de…
Retweeted by Fiona Ives @TheCurvyRedhead I know exactly your pain. Has the price also jumped up in the UK since you lost your last set? 😞Anyone else forced to complete at least 2-3 captcha challenges every single time they log in to Twitter?
@KayInHK 😍😍😍 @KioJonesLondon I heard it might be eased on December 1st, so you may still get the opportunity before the holidays ✨Bad girl with good morals😈😇💋
Retweeted by Fiona IvesStill looking for non-men SW friendly photographers in Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, India…
Retweeted by Fiona Ives @MissStClairxox I was just looking for it yesterday! Seems to be gone. Shame, it was the perfect wishlist vehicle.
Of all the years for Halloween to land on a Saturday with a full moon. Such a waste.Going to have to wipe my Twitter in the hopes of escaping bad girl jail.'s the cure for the mid week blues? 💙
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@korinne_mn So handsome! @BCDproductions_ BlessWhen you have clients that continuous show up for you and show you that they’ll always support and take care of you…
Retweeted by Fiona Ives @InariPopcorn Is it? I'm in trouble. @TheAvaRaleigh Thank you 💗💗 @MeetAdaLovelace It was annoying but ultimately kind of funny. Guy really thought he was going to make me feel bad… @ChelseaBakerLdn Agreed. I actually processed his inquiry last in my inbox, because I had a gut feeling from the st…’s that phrase about a ~cool glass of water~ ✨Self shot ✨
Retweeted by Fiona Ives @oliviawildin Omg too adorable 🥺😍 @InaraLorde 🙋‍♀️I'm giving up and buying a puff coat. Recommendations? @ageofnina 😢I put a spell on you. Because you’re mine.
Retweeted by Fiona IvesThis behavior is manipulative and predatory. It is not the conduct of someone I want to encounter, now or ever. I… the fact that you did this during a pandemic when, as I clearly state on my site, I am restricting my availabil… a bare minimum, it tells me that you put your desire far ahead of my well-being. The fact that you sought me out…, let's reflect. My website clearly states my deposit policy. You use my time and the time of your references to… @MistressSnowPhD There's lots of cishet film sex that's overly gratuitous, too. But I feel you could slot any combi… @MistressSnowPhD I feel like Sciamma really struck the perfect balance of depicting unabashed sexual interaction wi… @MistressSnowPhD Whew, that's sad. There aren't even more than a few intimate scenes, and pretty much all of them a… @MistressSnowPhD Whaaat? I just saw POALOF and one of the things I liked about it was how NOT catered to the male g… are many ways in which I picked the wrong year to do more school, but the biggest is the absence of late night study spots. ☕🚫
@msmirandaevans @PlayfulPromises Oh my god.Boot Season ✨
Retweeted by Fiona Ives @AdriannaHarper_ Drop dead gorgeous 😍Remember tan lines? @KioJonesLondon Anytime! 😂 @KioJonesLondon I feel like the Academy for Sensuous Wayward Girls would be a strong photoshoot vibe. @KioJonesLondon DO IT @ellesuttonnyc I've wondered the same, but if they don't care then it just begs the question of who they think they're fooling. @ChelseaBakerLdn Bookmarking this! I would love to know for tights, too. I hate how often the size charts will say… @InaraLorde 👀 Here to lurk, thanks for prompting the intel.
@DeLaineInLA Thank you for making this 💛EXCELLENT thread. Required reading for any sw who uses the internet. curve is the loveliest distance between two points.
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@emmacassel And you could have salon social media where you post cute photos of them freshly groomed to help them get adopted 🥺
Be my angel. 🖤
Retweeted by Fiona Ives @MsAmberEve Aw, that face! Poor baby 😢 Good to hear he's healing. Get well soon, Wolfie! @yoursophiaskye You're too sweet 😭💜
@ChelseaBakerLdn Welcome back! Sorry about whatever's going on, and I'm glad you're ok. 💗I've suffered my first professional casualty. After searching all over my apartment last night, I've arrived at the…
Save a horse, ride a broomstick.
Retweeted by Fiona Ives @InariPopcorn But Dr. Poopcorn! Your tweets form the basis of all my opinions! @EbonyEni @VIPMaliamyles We deserve a whole month because there are so many distractions in December 🥺 @LoveKaraMiro @Lille_Milk This is in my top ten for why I miss New York.Last minute incall availability in Marleybone tomorrow (Thursday). Email ♥️ RT 4 RT…
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@msreinanyc @MissAuroraNoor You look AMAZING in this set.Let them wonder about you .. ✨
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I love when sugar babies learn their worth and become whores and I love when really good whores kinda disappear off…
Retweeted by Fiona Ives @GemmaParadiseXO Money launderers?Dreaming about all the beautiful country real estate I could buy instead of furthering my education.
@MissJadeKo @Lille_Milk 😍 @NiaBolde1 🙌 I've been doing a 3 hour minimum for as long as I'm limiting my availability thanks to the pandemic, a…
@MissAuroraNoor This is incredible 😍Mirror mirror ✨
Retweeted by Fiona Ives @yoursophiaskye We can't go anywhere for actual Halloween, so it's only right.I’m literally a reply guy but you all are so beautiful I can’t help it
Retweeted by Fiona Ives @SashaWylde This is slander. That Neopets HTML guide taught me to make much sleeker sites than the one in question. @Lille_Milk 😂 All the more chic for it. @josileeadams 😍 and happy birthday!
The Art Of Living
Retweeted by Fiona IvesThe beautiful and talented @EverlyLin, friends. I don't think anyone could wear our Camellia robe better! ✨
Retweeted by Fiona Ives @ageofnina He is so beautiful 😭 @ellesuttonnyc All of this. @dianalunamia @theNatalieByrne This bodysuit! 😍😍 Such a beautiful color on you, too.
@NiaMoreVIP I keep a list of various types of friendly co.s, but it includes lingerie:
@MistressSnowPhD You've been screenshotted, kid. You're in the big-time. @KayInHK During a pandemic, no less. I miss traveling, but chiefs... @MistressSnowPhD I rejoiced a little to see you on my vanilla timeline (not Twitter).
Throw back Thursday to one of my favourite photo shoots. It was taken right before I became my own boss, and this p…
Retweeted by Fiona Ives @ellesuttonnyc Seriously, they need to up their geotagging. @LoveKaraMiro She's so perfect 😻