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Senior Community Manager for @JW_Evolution, @PlanetZooGame and @PlanetCoaster (Views™ etc)| @funcom alumnus | He/him | Just this guy, y'know?

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@ponderingpanda But hey, if I ever do this again, at least I know what not to do! @ponderingpanda It's a nice case and I'm pretty happy with the results, but maybe I was hoping for more?Well, I got it working with a new screen! Unfortunately the brightness feature doesn't work so I probably messed up… @kindofstrange My girlfriend's cat just walks over to the cupboard and sits there, meowing. He might also lift his… @kjenslevart @apepusekatt Takk! :) @anniethot @apepusekatt Eksen min hadde det samme problemet! Det tullet skikkelig til hodet hennes. @apepusekatt Kondom er flott! Spread the word: @JKkebo @FemmedelaMer Har laget en fantastisk fin tråd om kondomer og kondombruk, og hvorfor det er lurt å bruke ko… @HilsenHannah @JKkebo @FemmedelaMer Incoming! @V_Ben @lucyjamesgames Ben!
@olafmoriarty Er... Er det en spøk? Prøver han å tulle? Jeg kjenner at jeg er forvirra 😅 @Gaohmee I love how she's trying to brush it off and avoid responsibility @MarzGurl 2020 will go down as the year our pets got so much more pets, cuddles and playtime than they were previously used to. @tha_rami Wait, what?
@Tobolowsky Just when I thought the podcast wouldn't get more episodes, this comes out! Thank you so much! I can't wait to listen. @kindofstrange @kylegaddo So good!Don't you hate it when you've been fixing generators all night and a killer comes up behind you just to stab you?…
Retweeted by Jens Erik @kylegaddo @DeadByBHVR @Behaviour Fantastic news! I'm so happy for you, brother! ❤️ No one better suited! @FilmCritHULK I remember bursting into tears when the old woman turned out to be (redacted). An incredible reveal!
@susiemcbeth I really like HyperX Cloud II. They've never felt uncomfortable to wear over glasses. @Carbunkel Oooooh! I gotta try that next time!
@brihtwulf Haha! Luckily there's plenty of recipes online 😉 @thisismerete Sure! We sort of winged it, but I can send you what we did! 🙂Hands down. chicken and mac & cheese. @TDM_Draul Then YouTube's adgorithm has crossed over into clairvoyance. @Levicoaster Yikes! @shaogens Then YouTube's adgorithm has crossed over into clairvoyance
@haleydonut @Tascharoe @feyngels Yeah, same. Usually I'll ask because I'm curious about what they're playing/watchi… girlfriend got an ad on YT for pregnancy tests, then an ad for chocolate ice cream. The algorithm is covering i… @Chantefuzz Buy a harmonica! They're great!Hei! Riksen avviste meg fordi jeg er ikke-binær. Det er dog mulig med privat behandling, men det har jeg ikke råd t…
Retweeted by Jens Erik @Schrodember Let me know! Would love to host you, Schrodember :) @iyagovos Thanks! I can't take credit for it, as it was in place before I joined Frontier, but I think it's a great… have spots open! @BruellaDeville Oooh! Gotta try these once I'm over in the UK @BruellaDeville Pink hot chocolate? Is that a thing?! @Stealth40k I was hoping Brewster would come back. Alas! @V_Ben Looks like you can't remap triggers? And I saw another tweet speculating that the MGS port is the version from MGS3: Subsistence.Huh! creator friends: let me know if you're planning on streaming Planet Zoo, Planet Coaster or Jurassic World E… @Laugums_ Whaaaaa?! Det er helt idiotisk!
@AndyBenditt @Spynosaur @igmiro @Ebonscale @ConanExiles Can confirm! @TimAlejandroS @Tom_Jurassic @Tom_Jurassic @TimAlejandroS Just don't get my Switch wet if I have to stand out in a pond somewhere. @Tom_Jurassic @TimAlejandroS I'm not saying I'm the Kraken, but the Kraken is Nordic, much like myself. So... @TimAlejandroS @Tom_Jurassic @UniStudios That'd be sweet! @Tom_Jurassic @TimAlejandroS @UniStudios I was actually about to suggest something very similar! @Icetronixa Looks great! @Tom_Jurassic @TimAlejandroS It absolutely does! Now we just have to be able to visit museums again! @tweetcharisreid He was as professional as they come and tried his best to answer my flubbed questions.It's been a while since I've streamed, but I do show up on videos from time to time. @tweetcharisreid Not a job interview, but I interviewed a game designer at GDC when I was working as a journalist a… @IndoorHeroes The music also cuts in at the perfect moment, signaling that the fairytale has started. The Wizard of Oz is excellent! @saltyhag I hate that my glasses steam up when I'm wearing a mask :/
@kylegaddo @TheVTran It certainly was hidden knowledge to me!This is pretty rad news!'s an incredible giveaway happening over on @LemnisGateGame's Twitter right now!🔍 I need your help, Twitter! I am currently looking for a position in the gaming industry connected to either PR…
Retweeted by Jens Erik @docsquiddy Happy birthday! @BryanRenno @packedlightly That fight is HARD! Never managed to beat him.
@NoeticVice @elvelol @HavardRuud Vitsen er mest for å ha gjort det, egentlig 🤷‍♂️What a decade we've had this year!
Retweeted by Jens Erik @RevenantCrow I figured it was costly to make, but didn't know about the drama behind the scenes. I hadn't seen the… @APZonerunner Not to mention this classic moment: @GeorgeClothier Your cat's gorgeous!Okay, the story would probably end with the Gelflings wiped out and the Skeksis in absolute power, but it would be… victim of 2020. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance was incredible and I'm sad that we won't be able to see… @kristineask Best lecturer <3
What a decade we've had this year!The mantra of 2020
Retweeted by Jens ErikOh sweet summer child @AlasdairHibberd That stinks! I loved that show and was interested in seeing where they'd take the story. @BengineeringTV As a community manager who also does social stuff, I can confirm that while it can be draining from… @mistertodd "Doomguy and Master Chief can fight now" has already happened. Tuned into a Twitch channel earlier toda… @ThomasFuglseth Civilization 1 <3 @ThomasFuglseth Tok den quiz-en mange nok ganger til å lære meg de riktige svarene utennatt. :p Etter hvert fant je… also grew up here: grew up here: @BoMarit89 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance <3 @iyagovos Exactly what I said! @ErikFossum Same!21 September, so you know what that means:
@EvolveTom It felt more grounding than anything else. It was nice 🙂 @EvolveTom I went for a long walk today with my girlfriend and we talked all the way through it. Does that count? @Tascharoe Like most games of this kind, it shines when you have a group of people who don't take it too seriously 🙂 @Tascharoe Watching other people play it is kind of boring, though @Tascharoe It's actually super fun, but if you're not into games like Avalon or Secret Hitler, then I can understan… @SatansSarah 36 🤷‍♂️ fint tall i det minste!Probably someone not racist or an Islamophobe But since you want to know, let's do a social experiment shall we? I…
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@ponderingpanda Yes, hence the soldering! But unfortunately I broke the connector to the screen, so I need a new screen. 😑 @KyleKallgren You look great! @JustJoeTwitch1 @BruellaDeville It's a great game!Tried my hand at modding my old GBA today. I was "just" going to switch out the case and install a new screen, whic…
@SuzyLemmingroad Kondolerer og sender omtanke ❤️ @Stealth40k At first I thought this was a YachtClub joint! The visuals are almost straight out of Shovel Knight
@tweetcharisreid Did not expect to see The Cave there! @giantbomb Abby's reaction is amazing though