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Community manager at @Funcom. I have no idea what I'm doing, but at least my opinions don't reflect those of my employer. He/him

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@Tascharoe @Spynosaur @AndyBenditt @igmiro Wouldn't be where we are today without our excellent community mom!Happy #CommunityManagerAppreciationDay If you ever sent a brand a nice reply or even a "thank you", THANK YOU. Th…
Retweeted by Jens Erik @instahore @_JEMsTv All I know is that I got a bunch of pictures of cute animals in my mentions.
Film 10-2020: Jojo Rabbit (Waititi, 2019): Morsom og søt satire om fanatisme og medmenneskelighet. Det visuelle utt… 9-2020: Children of the Sea (Watanabe, 2019): Slående vakker animasjonsfilm fra Japan om havet, stjernene, og… @Dreamagram Such a good doggo! ❤️💙💜 @zacharyplyons Yup. @Kyle_M_Ras He looks like a very good doggo. I hope he gets lots of pers and treatsUhm, follow me on Byte: @ JensErik I dunno how much I'll be posting though @PapaZaph @PapaZaph Sort of, but also not. Byte limits you to 6 second videos, so it's more of a "true" successor. But a lot… @brihtwulf He looks like a great fluff! <3 @AbsoluteVoids He's a very pretty boi!
Retweeted by Jens Erik @squintyswij Musicly, which became TikTok. Byte is 6 second videos, so it's the "true" successor to VineI downloaded, the new Vine thing. Who should I follow there? @MerryKish Very niceThere's no lie here @goooten A rap with DJ Khaled @goooten Aladdin has a rap, so it balances out? @Signekarmhus Så fine puser! ❤️ @goooten I only know the words to the first one. Never managed to learn the second one. @linnemiliexx Beans and snoot ❤️ love it!
@Coruscating @byte_app Nailed it!Thank you for all the cats <3 They're beautiful @Herrbrun Gode katter <3 @j0hnbane They're all great cats <3 @Audhildt Oh my god, they're gorgeous! <3 @Aki_Axel Awww! Skikkelig sengekatt <3 @Visnes Love it! <3 @manollo06 Finfin sort pus! <3 @BayMarthe @gullvinge Bra navn! :D @Hansen_Marthine Kjempefin pus :D @marieulvund De var nydelige <3 @michaelburhan Aww! They're such good babies <3 @HikariKenzaki Hahaha, amazing! @Kakestykke Kjempefin <3 @StarseekR For en pen pus! <3 @potetnese Awww, Rufus <3! @DKShadow Aww, what a sweet birb! My roommate used to have a parrot too. @suburbanflora @gullvinge 😍😍 @mbird6098 What a good chonker! <3 @AJustConspiracy Totally, just haven't signed up! @jolylle @gullvinge De var kjempefine! @nakrissimo Kjempefin vofs. Og digger bokhyllene dine! @QueerWrath Er ikke alle katter litt skitunger innimellom? De var kjempefine <3 @FrkSatan Hihi, de ser ut som et skikkelig radarpar @mariannelakris Per er kjempefin! @aresundnes Aww, det fjeset da! <3 @HansyTwitch For en nydelig pus! @kollapskaus Awww, så fin! <3 Tusen takk for bildetI really want a cat, but it's unfortunately not in the cards right now. So send me pictures of your cat (or other p… @SolveigGames Ja da bare må det bli bra :D @SolveigGames Jævlig kule romskip! :D @HellBrendy @davidskaufjord UK og EU er det samme for Sony :) Hvis det er på salg på PSN Store i Storbritannia er d… yourself a Barbarian who can do it all
Retweeted by Jens Erik @Selvsagt2 Introduserer dere dere med nick eller navn? - Jeg sier først fornavn, så nick. På forrige tweet-up jeg… @Selvsagt2 Hva gjør dere? - Prater om alt og ingenting. Er ganske lavterskel og man drikker kanskje en øl eller no… @Truly_Defective For sure! It might just be a perfect movie. @Truly_Defective Someone needs to see In Bruges @mulmbot I'll make a note of it :p @AndyLonn South Beach, bringing the heat, uh.Gettin Jiggy With it and Miami by Will Smith. Those songs are seared into my brain for the rest of time. your consideration #dollypartonchallenge
Retweeted by Jens Erik
@saltyhag God, yes! I love hanging out in his sound room @saltyhag Social Friday went well, I see! @BrandyLJensen That was a very good article and I found it hit a lot of things I've been thinking about myself, rec… @Kiah0nFire @ConanExiles We need to figure out what our next "season" of streams look like, and then we'll get back to it 🙂Film 8-2020: Portrett av en kvinne i flammer (Sciamma, 2019): Fin og varm kjærlighetshistorie mellom to kvinner. Je…'s that moment you've all been waiting for... #FallGuysFriday! Retweet this and follow us for a chance to join o…
Retweeted by Jens Erik @oleivarrudi I had completely forgotten that Drammens Is was a thing!The #WeHeartAus charity event has reached their goal of raising $10,000 for charity. We couldn't be prouder to help…
Retweeted by Jens Erik @potetnese ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Love it! @potetnese
Woopeti WOOOP I’ll be performing at the oscars. Yes yes. Very strange. Very nice! @TheAcademy
Retweeted by Jens Erik🌼 content creators! what kind of talks/panels would you want to see from developers at @TwitchCon? specifically on…
Retweeted by Jens Erik @ObvItsAmy @elliejoypanic @AlexJDelaney Just two months left and then it's time to head out on Tom Nook's island ad… @KnifeMom You'd need to find them first :p @TimmyTomzor They haven't, as far as I know. @saltyhag I did feel a little bloaty when we did the test, but still, 7 kilos seems like a hell of a lot! @ToffNebula I think how common it is depends on where you're from. @ToffNebula I'm not yucking anyone's yum, but it's still weird. @ToffNebula That's just adding more tomato. And sugar. @KnifeMom Though I have done my fair share of drunk tweeting about... 7-9 years ago :p @KnifeMom I tweet completely sober, so I guess you think I'm terrifying?I bought it 👀 @zacharyplyons I may have... 👀 @benedicteklaebo Not yet, but soon!Rad! I spend $60 on a The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance board game...? 🤔🤔🤔 @konbendith Because just 4 hours of sleep is better than no sleep. @Confusus90 @potetnese I'm gonna blame it on poop and water. Still need to lose 10-ish kilos. @potetnese I try to drink a lot of water during the day, but I don't think I had 7 kgs of water yesterday 😅 @Afro_Moritz I'm also going to believe the lower number. @DrawingProzac Of course! I refuse to believe I weigh 100 kilograms.I know I'm a husky boi, but 100 kg seemed a bit too much!Stepped on a scale yesterday and was told I weigh 100 kilograms. Stepped on a scale this morning and was told I we…
@RealKav_P I have no explanation for this, honestly @Ebonscale @Polygon "Oh Valley of Plenty!"