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Jani Eväkallio @jevakallio London, England

sometimes posts things vaguely related to programming computers • building • #MLHFellowship mentor • he/him

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@kadikraman In some ways I left you to pick up the pieces as I was crumbling. Thank you! @manyobjectncode Thanks Peter! It's been too long! @knitcodemonkey Thank you Jen. Sorry for disappearing last, on and off, for the last year. I was hiding from myself. @matzatorski Thank's Mat! You too! @timolaak I hope so! Let's catch up, we have a wedding to plan I suppose? 😛 @torahwilcox Not quite! It was a 4 month process, and I haven't really even started fine tuning the engine, just dr… @theutz Thanks man! @alexsaunderz Thank you, former employee! I hope your new adventures have treated you well! @rickhanlonii Thanks Ricky! @bolonio Thanks Adrián! I remember our walk in the Siberian forest was one of the few truly happy days of my winter… @ken_wheeler Innit tho @lukejacksonn Thanks Luke! Look forward to seeing you next week! @MathieuDutour @Phxtho Oh, that's cool! I like that! Thanks for explaining @andrestaltz Thanks André! Our conversation in Helsinki last winter was very helpful. I was seeking for something b… @APKoponen It is pretty damn awesome, not going to lie! I wish this for everyone. @MathieuDutour @Phxtho What do you mean, having an outliner? Using Roam as an editing interface and export to markdown? @type__error Thank you Sophie! I hope you are too, what with everything being up in the air. @doramilitaru Thanks Dora! Surprisingly, none of the above took much determination at all. Just an intense desire for things to be better. @_philpl I can't wait either 😛 Thanks for saying this Phil, it made me really happy in turn. I hope you're well. @NTulswani Thanks! I'm glad you felt inspired! @richeterre Martin, I miss hanging out. Berlin in the fall, perhaps. @victor_suzdalev I can't wait! @bemayr Thank you Bernhard! @rauchg Thanks Guillermo! You're one of those people I always think of when I visualise what I'd like my life to be… @pacoworks christ, i know, right? @jsjoeio Thank you Joe ❤️ @jsfroth Thanks Josef! @elibelly I dunno. Not ideal. I guess you'll have to decide whether the pleasure exceeds the displeasure of guilt @dominicdigital Thanks Dom! For once, I'm sure too!Guilty pleasures is such a fucked up concept. There's very little pleasure in doing something and then feeling guil… @AntJanus For me it was not bad. Never my primary source of escape. If it helps, keep doing it. But if you know de… @rafaelrinaldi I'm free of all crutches, not looking to add any more. @ErikAllberg Thank you Erik! 🛀 @jongold @ken_wheeler Thanks Jon! @tukkajukka Thanks! Good to be back! @hayatrachi Thank you! You've played no small part in making it so ❤️ @Phxtho Love to see it! If you wanted to share about your migration experiences, would love to hear about it in Git… my roam graph running locally on vscode via by @jevakallio #roamcult
Retweeted by Jani Eväkallio @mtrebizan Thank you Marko! I hope you're well too @AWaselnuk Thanks Adam! I've been doing remarkably well with everything I had holding me back. I'm excited to see… @craigburgess Thank you Craig ❤️ @alexlande Thanks Alex! I hope you're well. @gdhuyvetters Thank you!2020 is half done 🤯 For many it's been painful, but for me it's been the most transformative period of my life. I… @SathishCodes @jsjoeio I think I'm going to implement this workflow as an optional to Foam, get that "automagic" ex… @SathishCodes @jsjoeio The default workspace config in Foam already sets. "stage all and sync on commit", could be… @habazzi You missed mine AxB, which makes it sound like a fashion collabI get by with a little help from my friends (the endorphins) @doodlewhale Weird! Can you submit a GH issue for steps you took. The recommendation has worked for everyone so far… @mediapathic Sounds like I have still a lot to learn! I'll pop over to Obsidian forums when I can find the time. Sh… @mediapathic Foam's core idea is hackability, so anyone can do anything they want to their files, which might lead… @mediapathic Thanks, I'll pop by! Right now Foam is a bit snowflakey and has a few meta requirements for file stru… @mediapathic @jsjoeio 👋 I realise I've stumbled onto a bigger ecosystem of existing tools than I thought. I went f… @seanjun21 @jsjoeio @stolinski @zacjones93 @eggheadio @code I haven't used Anki, but this sounds doable. If you fin… @jsjoeio @seanjun21 @stolinski @zacjones93 @eggheadio @code The fact that you see us even in the same ballpark as O… @jsjoeio @seanjun21 @stolinski @zacjones93 @eggheadio @code We definitely need migration tooling. This should be pr… @jsjoeio @seanjun21 @stolinski @zacjones93 @eggheadio @code Interesting. It should update markdown reference lists… @jsjoeio @seanjun21 @stolinski @zacjones93 @eggheadio Great idea! This should not be too hard, adding to the roadmap! @hasparus @jsjoeio @seanjun21 @stolinski @zacjones93 @eggheadio @code Ooh, paste image is cool! I'll add that to th… decided to experiment with Foam by @jevakallio today. Here is a thread with my notes 👇🏼
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@iremlopsum Unless I misunderstood you, there are thousands and thousands of these jobs, either in companies that d… @bleecode Jekyll is an implementation detail and I might move the default publishing pipeline to Gatsby soonish any… @bleecode Amazing! 😱😭 @kortina In the meantime, hope the new users flowing in doesn't cause undue maintenance pressure on your end. Feel… @kortina Thanks! I love your extension, been meaning to reach out to you to thank you for creating it! ❤️ Foam got… @JakeDohm CAN'T TYPE FAST ENOUGHHHHHH @DavidKPiano Shit! That gives me another idea! Wait no, that idea was already there!In that weird head space where I have so many exciting ideas rushing through my head that I'm physically out of breath while lying down @controlplusb @erycbett Interesting. For my own use I'll need a mobile solution before I can make one that's good e… famed London "Silicon Roundabout" is no longer a roundabout and I'm ok with that. In fact why stop here, next f… @stemmlerjs Man, you just added another 0 to our seed round @twmk What tools do you use to achieve that? Would love to learn more about patterns in text. @visheshhanda @twmk @GitJournal_io Ideally, Foam should of course fix the extensionless links ourselves in our end,… @visheshhanda @twmk @GitJournal_io Native wikilink support woud be super cool and useful! For now, Foam provides it… @oleg008 That is an excellent idea! It probably doesn't do all of that right now, but I'd love to see that, either… @visheshhanda @twmk @GitJournal_io I like it so far! I'll experiment with it more on the weekend to see how it migh… we're listening to a #JavaScript talk, does that make us EventListeners? Great show and tell by @__anku__ today…
Retweeted by Jani EväkallioMy (24 F) boyfriend (25M) sleeps in a "nest" of clothes and towels and refuses to buy a bed.
Retweeted by Jani Eväkallio @dcorbacho I prefer #foambathIf I had a company, Hayat would be at the top of my hiring call sheet! Catch her while she's on the market, that's… @matthewhuang97 @MathieuDutour TL;DR; it's using Markdown Link Reference Definitions: Thes… @matthewhuang97 Right now it's just a default GitHub Pages setup: But you can use anything… @RichSeviora Moam, Roam but for moms Hoam, Roam but for organising your household Jeroboam, Roam but for ancient Hebrew kingsIn the last 5 days, I've had 4 different VC's reach out to me about Foam. I guess they want to get on the Roam hype… Davis ain’t playin with y’all. Someone give @violadavis her flowers. Queen.
Retweeted by Jani Eväkallio @controlplusb @erycbett I have lots of ideas regarding sustainability,, but I'd like to hear yours @_jonesian iOS only... story of my life :(
Unless the software you write makes you happy, makes other people happy, or interoperates well with other software,… @collected_notes @jsjoeio It looks great! I'm trying to avoid having to write a mobile app for Foam for now, hoping… @hbish I was looking for a mobile companion app for my Foam workspace Joplin looks cool,… @hbish @hbish No Git support on Android at least, seemingly? @jamonholmgren For text editing? Jamon, you need to lay off the drink @hbish 👀 @wtd Is there a mobile app? @jpwallhorn @BearNotesApp Does it support Git sync? I used to use and love Bear on Mac, but I'm an Android user s… @twmk That works! @erycbett How soon? 😏 - Note taking app - Mobile (iOS+Android ideally) - Produces markdown - Can save to Git(Hub) Does.this exist?Anyone hiring ? An engineer I know (8 years exp, full ftack with specialization in JS - React, Angular) is being la…
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