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jelly ♡ @Jeyleeeee miata hana candy kihzy

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@derpyinpain @ELPWSwastaken L:MFAO WMY EARS @hayferful aint no way @seulpeune dont! you look great ! @seulpeune very cool keoni @_bubxa pls dont im begging, give me the 200 insteadWAITY W AITWIATIWATIIAWT @derpyinpain aint no way @_bubxa dont get both pls @_bubxa shut up. @_thomaszx LMFAO @_bubxa dawg youd never catch me spending more then like 150 on shoes @_bubxa the second one is pretty @hayferful @matsenpais @ryzbtw LMFAO @matsenpais @hayferful @ryzbtw the bill is fucking red/purple @hayferful @ryzbtw your cum lean or sum @ongCandyy @hayferful i will change that @hayferful i am but so are you so @_ais4 @hxnnahs @skylrqii same @_ais4 @hxnnahs @skylrqii WHAT @matsenpais oh LMAO @matsenpais ??? my friends are so hotand me ofc im my own gf 😿 @skylrqii rn @matsenpais @NessNotLive @skylrqii @irxdiev3 wooooyoure all so hot pls marry me national gfs day to my baes ily all @ongCandyy @NessNotLive @skylrqii @irxdiev3 das mehappy national gfs day to these hotties 😌
Retweeted by jelly ♡ @NessNotLive @skylrqii @irxdiev3 ily
@ongCandyy i go both ways so i do not care !!!!!!! @ongCandyy suck ithappy gfs day to myself i love that bitch
Retweeted by jelly ♡gn @iamhcu thats what i thought @iamhcu @iamhcu noti @playboimvt pop smoke having ass @ongCandyy I LIKE UR VVOICE BUT WHAT ARE U SAYING @Tundvra @Kxrma1x so youve caused me depression aight aight @Tundvra @Kxrma1x were u the one that made me play this map. @Kxrma1x i hate this map @slazzyfr ok get on discord rn @jxdebtw most of my friends are guys, but like THAT none @slazzyfr im dickless. @GeoTheOpp @7Guzy @ongCandyy ??????????????????? @xKitzi YOURE GOERGOGUSGISG @liamdabdabdab @chrome_97z hi @chrome_97z d13 @chrome_97z i always play w friends @chrome_97z cool wanna fuck or sum @6UNN113 @playboimvt other @chrome_97z ironic @chrome_97z literally you @chrome_97z you play rl you have no say @chrome_97z i dont need to i j wanna play w someone idc if im getting carried or not @viscwya @6UNN113 noti @playboimvt @6UNN113 hm @6UNN113 its fine man @chrome_97z why are you laughing you dont have this either @ongCandyy blockred @6UNN113 o @ryzbtw what. @iamhcu so am i @lexsylul me @iamhcu i have a cock @egirlbellaa WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN
@camillabaee i cant even deny it @ongCandyy oki @Bre4ad LMFAO @ongCandyy i must hearDELUXE POP SMOKE IS 10000000000000000000000 BETTER HOLY SHIT @ongCandyy iu dont think so @iamhcu u dont want me 😿 @ongCandyy yup 😆 @iamhcu dark green and peach @ongCandyy yuh uh huh keep talking @slazzyfr @ongCandyy im spittin @ongCandyy mhm wtv i would but ok ! @ongCandyy i will rock ur shit @ongCandyy im so glad this is a joke @kiirstlol it is midnight. @coochiebae_ ill get better sooner than you think, if you need anything ik we dont know each other well but my dms… @coochiebae_ im sorry :(, youll find better love, take ur time to grieve and be sad <3 @matsenpais @ongCandyy @andiswrId you dont have to play val to do that you do it j on ur own @ongCandyy @matsenpais @andiswrId OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THE PENALTY FROM LEAVING OH NVM @ongCandyy @andiswrId penalty 😭 @ongCandyy @andiswrId they can wait“wOulD yoU pAuSe uR gAme fOr mE?” no
Retweeted by jelly ♡ @autumnxpayton whatd you do @SymSymb0lic ??????????? @buhgzlol ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????… @kyye__ what in da heck @luckifanacc id say 850 is good not 1k @luckifanacc not worth imo @luckifanacc that ram some doggo ass @luckifanacc WHAT S THAT RAM