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Audeze announces #Penrose headset for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. They'll also be available for current-genera…
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhalla @robeytech can you do it like that @punyweakling Trump would @JapanQC 28! @bdsams e x c l u s i v ex b o xIntroducing Azrael! Our new Melee Support Fighter. Learn more about his unique abilities here:…
Retweeted by Jez Creed: ValhallaThe Xbox Games Showcase on July 23 will be streamed at 1080p 60FPS, last around an hour and is solely focused on ga…
Retweeted by Jez Creed: ValhallaProject xCloud launches in SEPTEMBER, will be included at no extra cost with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Details:
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhalla @Jameslyle96 it's a lumia 850, i think, or 750, can't remember... or 650? idk. @zacbowden will know lol. it was a r… @Jessabirdy mm idk where id take them lolProject xCloud launches this September, will be included at no extra cost with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhalla'Games will look and play best on #XboxSeriesX,' says Xbox's Phil Spencer. 🎮
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhalla#PlanetCoaster on consoles gets first gameplay trailer. 🎢
Retweeted by Jez Creed: ValhallaPhil Spencer discusses the future of gaming, Project xCloud's launch date, and much more:
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhalla @abu05 Already done Spencer discusses Xbox Series X, Project xCloud, and the future with YOU at the center of Xbox gaming: xCloud launches in SEPTEMBER, will be included at no extra cost with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Details: mins @TheAlbionGirl @JustTeddii also me, at my first gaming event, pretending i know wtf im doing, and pretending my gir… this when folks want to build backdoors into the OS on your phone. #encryption
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhalla @shanbhagatul Joe Biden's account was literally hacked yesterday... lord.Lmao
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhalla @BiscuitGaming Was my job haha @Arlodottxt Devs are still supporting mobile...?What exactly should I do with all of these? if these hackers had tweeted "We're declaring war on Iran, North Korea, etc." from Trump's account. This… my parents place. Found an ancient relic. @JustTeddii @TheAlbionGirl @shisnoelite When a random game gets updated they're actually updating the emulator, not necessarily the game. @ChrisCovent That was crazyUse the Force
Retweeted by Jez Creed: ValhallaHe’s kidding no one. #PMQs
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhalla
@tomwarren DamnReacting to all those verified gaming news sites that can no longer tweet like
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhallabring back Windows Phone btw
Retweeted by Jez Creed: ValhallaWe're not giving away any Bitcoin so we're going to bed, night night
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhalla @TwitterSupport Lol.Human beings don't deserve the Internet. @kidsmoove @WCGamingTweets @YouTube Thanks brotherBro this is legit the best prediction video I've ever watched. @WCGamingTweets Xbox July Games Showcase: The gam…
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhalla @ReallyMilkkyWay @WellKnownAlias @PMS_Jordan Hey when I was just coughing @Natiredgals Sorry, I'm just excited :) @Jacobishuman Not long to wait now. @Jacobishuman Sorry, I'm excited! @drjonesjnr What about Playstation Now 🤔 @Suizide__King Probably 😢, in which case I'll play it on PS Now! Which is actually pretty awesome. @srmccoy Lol don't get that hyped!OR WAS I @Alexmai10086759 Not like I ain't got enough to play! And I do own a PS4 Pro. It's just in another country right no… @RaphLife I know this study is discredited even by the dude who did it but I seriously can't stop thinking about it… why yall getting hyped I was just playing with my hot wheels Here we go cars go brrrrHERE WE GO @impception so far yeah, feels more like Stardew than Animal CrossGhost of Tsushima looks sweet. Will grab it on PC. uwu @JCarpingAbout me! ME! Mwa Ha HahehAHea! jk idkDid you know a Black woman oversees the gaming division at Microsoft? Sarah Bond, Corporate Vice President of Gamin…
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhalla @Chappy4214 nawwOoblets is GOTY. #OobletsGamePreview #XboxShare is awesome. @McDanRandom @EA @SkateEA SKATE 5 @LuvOfThaGame @Rand_al_Thor_19 ty brotha @Centaur_UK @BBCPolitics you're either thick as shit or a Cremlin bot spreading misinformation mate, jog on prick @Centaur_UK @BBCPolitics You're a dumb guy aren't you. @hawaiinguy808 Didn't like the new anime 😢 @Dann_Sw I'll have an article on this soon, but Shadowlands is the perfect time to return to WoW @akahmiii Lol go read, it'll change your life! @akahmiii Being serious! @daveexplosm Pommes frites yoNOW DO BERSERK.
@LunalaDoll Since we basically have the same favorite movies. Session 9 Apocalypse Now Moon Event Horizon Jacob's LadderHere's a list of all known #Halo3 bugs and issues. Thankfully the list is very small, and during my review tests I…
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhalla @ShemDawsonArt @Marlamin @Blizzard_Ent I've spent 10,000 hours of my life in this game. Thank you for your hard work.#Halo3PC is exactly what PC players have been looking for, and it only took 13 years
Retweeted by Jez Creed: ValhallaJust putting this here... @velocciraptor reaction to @Rand_al_Thor_19 every time there's a Ubisoft event without Splinter Cell.! The rich make the case for prison abolition *for themselves* all the time (and often get it), incl for systemi…
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhalla @Jessabirdy ♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️ @TIIRATH It's a tough situation. Microsoft should treat its researchers with more respect imo.Review: When fighting through the neon grit of Cyberpunk 2077, you want to look as good as you feel. Is this Secret…
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhalla @Katie_Fleming Heyyyy I'm a blogger :) @rikerd81 @Parkwood09 surely you're not dumb enough to think that comparison has any basis in logic? @xBR7x @Dealer_Gaming @XcloudTimdog @Rand_al_Thor_19 @Zalker87 @Dee_Batch @Verdict_of_Odin think you got a high chance there matey @TIIRATH Sounds like he's doing this as a last resort.Operation 4 of #Gears5 has launched, bringing six new characters, three maps and more. 💀
Retweeted by Jez Creed: ValhallaNot the first time I've heard about Microsoft Security's bounty program exploiting security researchers and not pay… @ThePiePieper @ed_mls good! i survived <3 @ThePiePieper that's not very filmic @Dealer_Gaming @Opatschi96 @XcloudTimdog @Dee_Batch @JFonzerrelli @Zalker87 @TheSeshEmpire ahah I'm pretty much bet… I L M I CLenovo's 2020 roadmap just leaked, and it includes the company's first laptop with a 16:10 display (plus 5G and a s…
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhalla @Dealer_Gaming @Opatschi96 @XcloudTimdog @Dee_Batch @JFonzerrelli @Zalker87 @TheSeshEmpire broadcast earlier!!!!!!!!!🕹️Do you review games? ⌛️Have 5+ years of experience with published references? ⚔️On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being…
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhalla @STX21 sorry hahaMini keyboards are becoming en vogue these days. See Razer's new Huntsman Mini (60%) with optical switches. Some…
Retweeted by Jez Creed: ValhallaSend hugsEpic Games confirm that Hellblade II’s trailer was running in real-time:
Retweeted by Jez Creed: Valhalla