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#TheSims4 & #DND fashion critic, gritty humor, game/mod reviewer, romantic fantasy author, & Typo Queen. Tweets are 100% my own.. and a hot mess ;P

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@CeddyOrNot @AviaryLaw good feel better<3 can learn more about how you can help support DBM here: I also encourage you to look a…
Retweeted by Jezi... just Jezi @AviaryLaw Oh noooo Dr got you taken care of??
@AviaryLaw How are you feeling?Very serious indeed @IxilPierce I can spare one today :D @ImBebbit well ya might have 2 more :Dim looking... where everybody going? @AviaryLaw good get that shit checked out. Recluse bites go bad very quickly. @AviaryLaw make sure it wasn't a recluse bite @NickiJayneTV I loooove it @CeddyOrNot You look fabulous. Enjoy! @CeddyOrNot Safe travels @lockrocks80 Beautiful @EaglexSilver This is what we neededOh snapchst I missed you have built in The Sims 4 Modern Daydream Bedroom for your sims. Custom Content was used. Download at…
Retweeted by Jezi... just JeziWhat if Sylvanas will save Nathanos in the near future? 🤔 Just did a render that rappresents that possible moment…
Retweeted by Jezi... just Jezi @KilroyKT Oh no. I am so sorrywhy. Fall Collab is here!! From Today until September 30th get ready to download over 700+ CC items from the Arcane…
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“OPIATE is suitably doom laden with sombre slimey tones and fraught vocals”. - The Electricity Club UK. New Single…
Retweeted by Jezi... just Jezi @Evolyn_ @DalaranCrater @Blizzard_Ent Nooooo @DalaranCrater @Evolyn_ @Blizzard_Ent THOSE MONSTERS! @Evolyn_ @Blizzard_Ent it is clear they are are missing the pictureMake all the things go boom on your #DnD adventures (maybe learn some nifty new evocation magic and play a foxfolk…
Retweeted by Jezi... just Jezi @Dravvie LOVE IT @IxilPierce see a perfect example. I woke up with 0 spoons @IxilPierce spoons?Just floating in a haze this am. how much it hurts to reopen this, I want to use the attention now and just power through. This is one of m…
Retweeted by Jezi... just Jezi @Ceraphus Trying to eliminate lumps lol @Ceraphus I'm trying to motivate myself for circut 1 of the day. @MSQSIMS I went through folder by folder. Didn't make sense so have to re download things. @MSQSIMS My cc hoarding collection of 120gb sadly did not survive. I'm down under 80. @stephnoob Nice!!! I should prob swim. But I hate the wet swelling after. Lol. 600m isn't bad for the first week! @MSQSIMS Well that is at least good news @Hollyforest @Osephala @MystbornGames Me too! Like why not it's funAvailable @TheSimsResource 🥰 link in bio! . . . #ts4 #thesimscc #ccfinds #cc #s4 #s4cc #s4hair #thesimsresource
Retweeted by Jezi... just Jezi @corbiecore @hestiahdruid @MystbornGames @MystbornGames @Osephala Chain bikini models for male characters. I'm down with this @MystbornGames I won't ever come back if my slut mog is gone. @ThatGirlLiani I'm do excited for fallPure Authority is recruiting like minded individuals for WORLD PVP and RBGS
Retweeted by Jezi... just Jezi
Immmmm back on snaps @kenjeong remains the doctor we need. Thank you for this great way of explaining the Delta variant "deluge".
Retweeted by Jezi... just JeziWell, we did it... we Gothed the Goths. Check out Jezi's Lookbook - Goth Fashion #Sims4
Retweeted by Jezi... just Jezi @rooster_irl im going on.. just time @roxiqt @rooster_irl my life right now in a gif you @Nerdarchy (Dave) for coming over for lunch yesterday! @Bearded_Lion1 & I enjoyed finally meeting you! W… @WifeyNerd Thank you!I feel like I am getting better at this makeup stuff for the day: The ones who notice the storms in your eyes, the silence in your voice and can feel the heavi…
Retweeted by Jezi... just JeziWake up refusal.... don't wanna get up.... @ThatGirlLiani Incredible and excited for you @lufitoom Oh my..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lady friends!!! @LadyXil @Willeekmer years strong @Bearded_Lion1
Retweeted by Jezi... just Jezi @Bearded_Lion1 art
Retweeted by Jezi... just JeziConcept art for Virkran --- started but 2 more options coming soon @Bearded_Lion1 #Tulusia
Retweeted by Jezi... just JeziMy uncles books... passing them down to my son who loves books. @pugdog5389 @WifeyNerd LOL! They were delicious @WifeyNerd TacosGet one that can cook and clean ladies and gents. ready for our lunch guests!! one side I passed the tutorial.. otherwise is ok lol I'm getting better at this!!! @Nerdacide @Psylent85 Was it too easy?A hint at one of costumes for Halloween things...
@ThatGirlLiani :('s get ready to rumble apt day!!!! So excited to have a balanced color!
@WifeyNerd YEAH!!!!! @spiderkav @shangchi All three of us loved it and Hubby not usually a fan of super hero movies and kido likes humor + actionBob is tired of a lot of things.... So we are going to start by helping Bob with a little bit of a fresh new look,…
Retweeted by Jezi... just JeziJust saw @shangchi with the fam! So so so good @Hollyforest We got youLots of progress this month! @ImBebbit @anagramoflimey That looks amazing @NickiJayneTV Thinking about you Hoping you are doing ok
@NicholasTJones sounds like you need some good sleep @ThatGirlLiani BEST DRAWER EVER! @ThatGirlLiani @ImBebbit We need pics for science @MSQSIMS @ColourPopCo @NYXCosmetics It's like you know what I like LOLInternet I have questions today. and I am just not going to ask these questionsSwollen Balls and No Vaseline are trending today. Like… what? 🤦🏾‍♀️
Retweeted by Jezi... just JeziThis is a color test inspired by Luna Moths. The numbers haven't been painted yet, but, it's a fun glimpse into th…
Retweeted by Jezi... just Jezi @ThatGirlLiani Asf