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old acc- @espeon47, 16, edtwt, she/her, aus, fatphobes and -14 dnf

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please bro i want more moots so bad😭 anyone who sees this pls like n retweet, ill follow everyone back
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@keyztiacals yessirLiking moots vent in an "i relate" not in "im glad you’re feeling like shit" way
Retweeted by jezzy @petitefleurv @hewwokittee I rlly wanna know this @En1gmaticBee I love the pencil case it's cute @pinkbunny266 under 55kg @acechaex yuh
@femkgs when fried I never feel hungry, i just wanna eat shit. but if I ignore that It can be a pretty good appetite suppressant @skinny_entity evil tbh @smokingmoss that doesn't sound healthy 🥴🥴Ur so rightshoulder blades
@sloanebutterfly my leavers dinner (australian prom basically) @an0fly fr delusionalmy mum is taking me dress shopping for gr 10 leavers and I need to starve. I have to lose as much as possible
I've gained everything back I'm not even good enough at starving to be on edtwtI am back from a very long binge streak
@hehehe346 I don't get it but yeah. yeah. me too
@hehehe346 stuart
smoking makes me lose my appetite so much wtf I haven't felt hungry all day and didn't eat breakfast, lunch and bar…
I thought milk was fine cus it's gotta have lots of nutrients for calves right? for some reason my pea brain didn't…
I'm so scared of laxatives, I've heard only bad things @rorosuns summer is thr worst season fr I feel so yuck. I get so conscious of my weight too @little1arkspur love it @annanymphie hiii @caldoll_ yes maam @elitaf4n2 pizza has made me binge one too many times lol, I feel you @smokingmoss just hang in their a little longer, I believe in u xoxthere is nothing scarier than the cals in oil. NOTHING
Retweeted by jezzy @bimbochronicle enabling but that's why I like it tbh 🙈 @hehehe346 it's nearly 7 am 🙀 @smokingmoss Ur doing amazing, every second ur clean is a success @hehehe346 oooh yumI wanna lose weight so I can be flat and androgynous but also girly if I want to @tteokcaIs putting this under my pillow for manifestation tonight 😁😁 hope to see his beautiful face next time I shift 🥺🥺TW rape - - - if u think it’s wrong or immoral that rape victims still call themselves virgins after they get raped dniiii
Retweeted by jezzy @hehehe346 whattttt what brand r they @stars4soul some good orange juiceupdate: I did not starve and had severe munchiesI'm sorry moots if I don't like ur tweets, I just don't scroll on edtwt for long enough to find you all 🥶I am coming down 😆😶😢
I love u all sssm please be gentle on urselves and stay safe, ur gorgeous and make me feel heardsorry but i think it’s quite ignorant of €dtwt to react that way about the altered draculaura doll’s body. like.. y…
Retweeted by jezzy @En1gmaticBee take it easy lemon squeezy @ritvqrlz away @themeofcheryl Americans separate subjects. science class is suddenly biology and chemistry yada yada weird as @pxiesltz poop @smokingmoss 🥲🥲🥲 @reikoolvr that's kinda why I did it 😭😭 but I've been clean for like 4 months now 🥴 @reikoolvr I've done it and it's a new low of sad, bc it just felt pathetic that I'd ever do that @miazkitchen yumI'm high!!!! I can starve while high
@graycupid I will try 😁Edtwt stop fetishising asian people GO
Retweeted by jezzyI want to get fried
@En1gmaticBee why did your mum put conditioner in a kettle 💀💀 @En1gmaticBee wtf r u okay 😵‍💫😵‍💫hii I’m new to #edtwt kinda and looking for moots <3 🌷 -16 she/her -black and Mexican -bi -non-edtwt dni ♡/↺ to be moots!
Retweeted by jezzymy school dress is in the wash and now I have to wear a shirt. I used to exclusively wear shirts for school and now…
@clarscalz same @liquidrough yesssI have a mindset where I want to start a fast as soon as possible, so I cram in food super fast. like esp if I eat…
@smokingmoss good luck!! x @clarscalz dodgy as hell @En1gmaticBee 💀💀goooood morning
@En1gmaticBee poetic @27bki TBH DANGANRONPA VIBES @deftonexs hi im holding back a dog so it doesn't lick me because it just ate its own shit @En1gmaticBee yesssss @xqcoow yikes people r so out of touch @oriarexic legit @urm0mc4lz ultra... but I LOVE the grape and watermelon ultra monsters, but they're rlly rare to find @cotcals I'm scared of moots so I'll just like their posts and comment sometimes 😭 I'd love to have a gc but.... @smokingmoss that sounds difficult to manage, thank for for telling me! I'll have to practise grounding if it happens again xox @hehehe346 u do not eat when asleep 😴 idksorry for inactivity, I am on holiday!!! 🥶🥶
@tr3y_ed well in my head I say eedee twit but outloud its edee twitter @Kezicon fr @DVILCALZ hmm soft voice @DVILCALZ I love crywank @hehehe346 blessed @kcalfaiiiry praying for 10kg @pxiesltz 16yesterday I had the fucking worst depersonalisation episode I was so fucking disconnected, and I've never experienc… @zerocalcake these were so good thank you xox @N1NG3D hey
@shamefulcalorie @ILOVETOPVRGE omg hustlersjust fastingI need honeymoon phase back please I can't restrict anymoreI'm OK now
@irkiyana legithelp I'm working fucking fried someone help before I have a heart attack @julesj3w3ls I've sucked in my stomach for so many years that I have to consciously decide to stopwhat's good edtwt
@sIiceys fr long slender hands and perfect nails omggggg I wanthello my name is irene!! not new to #edtwt just new account 😸 ☆ 16 ☆ ukrainian living in spain ☆ bmi 16.8 ☆ inter…
Retweeted by jezzy @chococat889 hiring chococat is such a cute user @uranahoe hey😊hi I'm jay ᵕ̈ not new to edtwt, looking for active moots/friends ☘ ♡ or rt i always follow back
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