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Lapiz Lazuli @jfreshakarico2 Puerto rico jk texas

just a chill and laid back shy young man

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@iHtownSocialyte 🔥🔥🔥If you doing drugs keep it to yourself sweetheart @wassupkelz MoodOmg he became Pegasusmon was awesome the one.
Retweeted by Lapiz Lazuli @wassupkelz Fr frFolks like being stanky on purpose even going to touch that one @chantshmant Not in a pangolin @USeeWhereBradAt YesRENT-FUCKING FREE 🥴🤣
Retweeted by Lapiz LazuliDon’t know didn’t she sang thought she rapped or what @SailorOkoye ❤️🔥 @____Kollin You’re welcome ❤️
@Artofbnfree Like the big chaotic baby you are @DamnYouKakarot Yep same @wassupkelz why am I in it Beyoncé every time her name comes up!! @sirzeldin YeahSometimes you receive what you ask it’s not always how you think it is tho !!! @SoMilli_ 😂😂😂 @Artofbnfree What else is new loveYes cuz I am lurking in the shadows like:a afternoon beautiful people @____Kollin skin looks greatClub packed for bow wow well that’s quite a choice right there: @RandomlyAnt Yes always get your rest @KBriggs_ @JaySnow____ @JaySnow____ Club packed for bow wow @CertifiedFool_ So yesterday @capedcrusader21 Aww @KP_Official_1 ❤️ @MonclareTheDivo 🙏🏽Sleep meditation @manmanatl Hot mess @BackToMichael_ @BackToMichael_ Goto bedYouuu cawwwghht meeeMeet the Real Voice of Siri | Where Are They Now | Oprah Winfrey Network via @YouTube @justxhenry haves and have nots didn’t even do a time jump it’s been the same year since it began!!!’ve already come to realization that people don’t care so why bother!!! and not taking care of akin<<<< @SoMilli_ Yup I can do the taste of any melons @Earth2Avante 😂😂😂😂 @KPCeeJ your own delusion so you think you’re woke lolWhen kid goku kicked launch lol @SoMilli_ I hate watermelon slices but like the candyDo we really know who they dated tho what’s the relevance ?? would like some pineapples or grapesI see symone is the front runnerI already know Olivia lux going to go far in the competition 😃😃Paulina I’m surprised you remember what it is !!! @twilitaries Yes @spicynachotra Yep it is what it is @ratedRIAN we are in the futureeeee and it’s bright look how weeee come so faaarrr @spicynachotra 🤷🏽‍♂️ no idea @spicynachotra I’m blocked so @spicynachotra @ayeitsJOE_x 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 me too @GrandMarcky NopeThey don’t live that life they be tweeting about lolNote or key couldn’t be found be rude to them @GrandMarcky Well are we done hereSomething is coming your way !!! @GrandMarcky @GrandMarcky Oh okay @GrandMarcky Am I tho ?They will never know a thing 😈😈 @GrandMarcky I amThis asshole didn’t have to do monkey man like that tho @GrandMarcky @illustjuan The disrespect @GrandMarcky Can you go away @MonclareTheDivo Very thatGarlic chains around our necks Save us from this evil hex !!Not really I don’t acknowledge the day lol prefer the spicy breaded wings hits different @Trevoy_ 😂😂😂 fatty @jermesz AteOne man can be the difference - Mulan @PhilayeFilms Yes @RandomlyAnt Uh oh @Just_Isaiah How funky @twilitaries TrueBro hole they just be coming up with any type of mental fuckery/gymnastics to believe their delusions !!“Raven throwing that leg up will always be iconic @hoodopulence PeriodRaven ate the girls up in a high heel boot
Retweeted by Lapiz LazuliAnimated Wonder Woman was giving super man that work @KP_Official_1 Them jeans are fittin you ain’t lost it 😃😃They work hard just aswell and to get disrespected on a daily basis !!! @yellow_grape10 Mental fuckery that’s this is @MathewNoKnowles I like that