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Rest in Paradise Lorraine Solita Gutierrez (September 24, 1972-February 13, 2016)

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@MLBcathedrals Makes me wonder who was unlucky to have his a ball off the bottle @LaChinaRobinson Praying for your safety, your family’s safety. And the safety of all our fellow @WakeForest alums… @TheoFleury14 and @dbongino should have their own radio show together. It would be ratings platinum. Let alone gold. @StanFischler Is that team the Chicago Black Hawks? @KariLakeFox10 @GovTimWalz No, I think Tim Walz, The Minnesota attorney general, the mayor of Minneapolis and the P…⁦@BrianaWhitney⁩ ⁦@CokinosSamaraWx⁩ does your cat do this we need this song remade in the worst way possible @michellemalkin Well Minnesota, Atlanta and New York are next in line @LionelMedia One very simple word. Anarchy @Arcticwolff @BrianaWhitney All I have to say is holy shit @monicaonairtalk @wsbtv This is absolutely disgusting. Hopefully ABC and Cox Communications who owns WSB terminates… @KristySwansonXO Take the train to Long Island and see the people at @RallyeMotors1The cat is 1000% accurate on this statement @monicaonairtalk Atlanta has some awesome people. You being one of them. Some of the best people I’ve met while I w… @monicaonairtalk @Alicatonair @WakeForest But it’s social media that can start the process of healing. And I know f… @monicaonairtalk Not just in Atlanta. But every city where this foolish hooliganism is commencing.I’m sorry @RubinReport I have to give a big FU to this tweet. #SuperNintendo all day every day. lyrics of the track We gonna tear this motherfucker up is repeating itself.’m praying for the safety of @monicaonairtalk @Alicatonair and my fellow @WakeForest alums from Atlanta for their… @monicaonairtalk @wsbtv I’m hoping the people at @wsoctv in Charlotte or @WFTV in Orlando rips their sister station…
#truth @kylegravlin @dreamsunwind0 NYC or upstate.
@MLBcathedrals @BlueJays It’s now the current home of @TorontoFC and the @TorontoArgos @monicaonairtalk When the Monica Matthews show is on the air
@KariLakeFox10 78 is perfect for me @accnetwork @CokinosSamaraWx You should be out there @dbongino Time for me to retrieve my account and follow @dbongino on there. If I haven’t done so already. @Danggabberillaa What’s wrong? You have my number. Call me and Voice all your frustration out. I’m always a listening ear @grantfuhr 5 cups in 7 years. And the greatest stick handling goalie of all time. @NHLonNBCSports @grantfuhr 5 cups in 7 years. And the greatest stick handling goalie of all time. @LionelMedia Bigot @HipHopGoldenAge Very powerful track
This has to be a low point in a really bad season for the @OrlandoMagic Agree @AnezSez @DanteMagic @GWarmothWFTV @CokinosSamaraWx Lily is a good kitty. @Arcticwolff Why @DLoesch not having her own TV show is very puzzling to me.This is what you call meticulous scorekeeping
@snomberto @NYCMayor @speedo The city beaches are nasty as fuck. @snomberto @NYCMayor I would go in there in my @speedo @dbongino Specifically @AmwayCenter or Tropicana Field @LionelMedia Establishment of the federal income tax in 1913
@dbongino @gehrig38 @Gregg_Jefferies Was Jimmy Gleason your coach? @GlobeBobRyan All the pitchers for both teams in that game I presume we’re very fast workers @HowieRose That was the perfect ending to the greatest season in NHL history. It’s still in my view the greatest up… @JustlocoNYC @Giants @EliManning @Twitter I’m a @Vikings fan and I now follow @EliManning @Oldskoolbball1 The @OrlandoMagic need to retire his numberThat’s easy. Miami Vice @LegallyAutumn Miami ViceLast time I checked they’re only 2 @ESPN580Nick
Cats are the best @GlobeBobRyan You should write a book about the 1977 Red Sox. There has to be a lot of great inner stories from tha… @jamieseh @reneingoglia hope ⁦@CokinosSamaraWx⁩ gets a ⁦@tiktok_us⁩ account to see her cat videos and sunset pictures.
@monicaonairtalk God never blessed me with a filter. @monicaonairtalk Galveston, TexasA century and a half of racism and bigotry. That’s the mantra of the Democratic Party @ChrisLoesch That comment just clinched reelection for @realDonaldTrump if it hasn’t done so already @DarrenMHaynes Great player. Even better head coach. First member of the @chicagobulls to have his number retired. @CokinosSamaraWx So is Zelda @BrandonTierney Who would the @BrooklynNets give up in return @KariLakeFox10 No ketchup on grilled cheese for me.
He really hasn’t aged well I asked this question to @4Isles4Life I bet his answer would either be @MERUZIONE the day team USA won the gold… @jamieseh @AnezSez @CBrueyWFTV @BrandonTierney @DarrenMHaynes @SharlaMcBride @KCTVDani @ESPN580Nick @RyanWelchNews6 is a great question I would love for @AnezSez @jamieseh @CBrueyWFTV @BrandonTierney @DarrenMHaynes @SeanUnfiltered @WayneGretzky the day the @EdmontonOilers won their first @StanleyCup coronation of the greatest team in NHL history. @Mike_Zierlein Gary Zimmerman, Randall McDaniel @snomberto It’s the basic economics concept of supply and demand. And also it depends on the store you’re buying it from @JustinWarmoth @News6Justin @RyanWelchNews6 was as heartbreaking as it gets. #BronxStandUp @HowieRose @SNYRangers 1 and 3
That’s my governor @aubrey_huff @FoxNews This sure isn’t the Brooklyn I grew up in.Should @stinchfield1776 rip his former employer a new one for even airing this. @MSGNetworks
@CokinosSamaraWx She’s as sassy as my cat @charliekirk11 None worse than Woodrow Wilson.My most sincere condolences
@TheSkimmers The man that holds baseball’s most unbreakable record. Nobody and I mean nobody will ever dare to challenge going 426 @TheSkimmers My high school baseball coach once told my team the story of when John McGraw fined Fred Merkle $50 fo… tweet gets my full endorsement @AnezSez @SharlaMcBride @jamieseh @GlobeBobRyan @DarrenMHaynes @RyanWelchNews6 @ClayWPLG I bet that @CBrueyWFTV wif… can see @News6Justin and @TrooperSteve_ do a segment like this. I heard that @JustinWarmoth possesses a really na… this is impressive. @SharlaMcBride @jamieseh @GlobeBobRyan @DarrenMHaynes @AnezSez @RyanWelchNews6 @ClayWPLG yo… has been a joke ever since @soledadobrien left the network. bet that @DarrenMHaynes has a lithograph of this picture in his office. @Danggabberillaa This tweet clearly says that you need a change of sceneryFact. The New York Yankees literally own the Minnesota Twins @KrisayGon show this to your mother a shot. @FisherJillian you impressed? @IsiahThomas @DetroitPistons 1983 Philadelphia 76ers @DarrenMHaynes Guarantee that he goes in the hall of fame as a head coach
@monicaonairtalk @Macys Let me guess. You bought a dress for @Alicatonair upcoming wedding @NCAACWS @LSUbaseball #SkipBertman @CokinosSamaraWx Cats are the bestNever was my dad more disappointed and pissed off at his beloved Los Angeles Dodgers
@jamieseh @AnezSez @RyanWelchNews6 @GWarmothWFTV @BrandonTierney @ChrisLoesch That was must see TV during our childhoods.That was a series that if you weren’t a hockey fan before the series began. You became one immediately after the se…