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Indie Filmmaker WATCHER IN THE WOODS NATIVE PREVENGE THE CHAMBER BORDERLANDS DEVIL'S BUSINESS etc... Fiercely supporting unique voices in film. Constant typos.

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@OliverFrampton My love and respect to your murder floof! @VintageGt Hah! I feel like you just gave me the answer to a crossword clue- I was trying to figure out the autocorrect! @VintageGt Thank you! @VintageGt Please let Coco know I love them. @KirstyAmer I can identify! @lethargicmargin 😸 @CarinaRodney Bahahhaaha! @SarahDobbs Preeeeeetty colooooooours! @Stickleback_Pro What a little super star! @roxy_holman Oh hai. I had a reservation? @Josh_Merritt1 Pitch perfect! @Roblord My knees hurt looking at this! @jennimccarthy81 I love that face! @antcarpendale No you’re crying! @Luchollywriter @miss_katesmith This is a completely wrong. Exec producers bring finance or other value. Producers… a few very productive very good days I’m now in the emotional valley that inevitably follows. Any good news…
@willjennings80 CAN IT BE AN ADVANCE 😃 @PaulKaneShadow It’s my ‘Books from Friends’ pile of ‘to reads’... thankfully not all of them are knicked!Do not lend me books. I take so long to read you’ll forget I borrowed it. And I’m clumsy so it might get tattered.…
Episode 6 with @gdavies available from tomorrow...
Retweeted by Jen Handorf @willjennings80 @TheMovieMike This... this may be true. @KevinLehane The ‘Burbs. And Princess Bride. @TheMovieMike I can’t understand why I don’t have any in my backyard!? Guess I swerved it! @KevinLehane That was one of the VHS my family owned and was therefore by default one of my favourite movies as a kid. @SarahDobbs thread makes me miss my Nans. Cherish your old people, y’all. @Stevevolkwriter Eesh! A violent end! @Carlos_Adama Just incredible. At one point the whole system shut out and he brought a woman on stage and had her d… got to see Prince’s sound check at the Staples centre with like 30 people because a friend invited me last minute… @Stampede0815 @EvolutionPod Oh that’s awesome to hear! I can deffo see how it takes a certain mindset to not feel d… think Pig is the cutest, but then he decides the eat the bird your guests are admiring in the garden. I guess h…
@owwmypeepeehurt Glad it helps. Rejection always hurts a bit, but it doesn’t define you. Remember to ask for feedback! 😊 @owwmypeepeehurt Every YES is preceded by a NO. You often find yourself walking through a field of no’s on the way… @13fingerfx Hey’s getting bonus cuddles for sure! I want to share something. I talked to my therapist about my cautiousness with Covid and how all the ableds arou…
Retweeted by Jen Handorf @scottEweinberg If you can get your hands on The Tunnel, it is equally as amazing.Me: that's not me, I'll signal boost for others Me: *remembers my chronic depression, anxiety disorder and PTSD fr…
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What would happen if all the “40 under 40” or “30 under 30” lists excluded people whose parents paid for their coll…
Retweeted by Jen Handorf @lunar_werewolf @EvolutionPod It really reminded me of the area around the Mississippi Delta where I grew up- the g… @hearnesque That sounds AWFUL. Are there any games he likes that you can play together ‘just the two of you’- might… of my NUA graduates have suggestions? @NicolaPierce3 Brilliant work! ♥️These were first watches for me, and I LOVED both of them. Thanks for having me on! @NicolaPierce3 Who is this wizard?! @MrChrisAnt I’m not sure what you mean by solicited? You can follow up a few times (every fortnight for six weeks).…
Solid advice through out. you a new writer with a unique voice struggling to get coverage? Check out Helping Hands! If you want to help… you were interested in his program check out my pinned tweet! @chunk8me Thanks man! I’ll keep it up as long as I can, but at least until the end of the year. Good luck! @TaraAnsley Will Gilbey who won the Bafta for writing the Bros doc is outstanding but not on Twitter. @chunk8me Hi Callum! The scheme will be running until at least the end of the year, so definitely wait until you’re… @CarinaRodney Notes are easy to give when the writing is as engaging as yours ♥️ @CreepyCoolPics Huzzah!Y'all - I've put up information on my website for coverage/applying for free coverage... I'm NOT a website designer…
@Leytonrocks @Massawyrm It’s like building a muscle- continue to challenge yourself but start out small. @The_Reviewist LllAlso... Science! Dopamine and Goals Cortisol Stress and Avoidance’s it. It’s simple science/conditioning. I’m writing a book on this & other processes to help people train th… you a procrastition pro? Use this excercise to reprogram your brain to seek out the dopamine triggered by check… @NJBeerGuy So.... we had some plastic models from an exploded town in a major blockbuster that drove me nuts. I was… @NJBeerGuy TBH- it isn’t the creepiness of them, it’s how fake some look in real life that puts me off. We’ve got m…
@NJBeerGuy I literally make horror movies- everything in my house is terrifying! @SarahDobbs Thank you! @SarahDobbs Top tracks? @KevinLehane I hate to say it, but there is pretty terrible abuse at every stage of the process. @Livsdarling ☹️ no bueno. Let them know you need to put your rates up going forward. They’ll accept it I’m sure.Just putting it out there- anyone have a Georgian style doll’s house that they’d like to sell in London? Some on eB… @abbiebsart Nora from Queens?Today I learned about smultron straw- the Swedish tradition of stringing wild strawberries on a piece of straw for… you’re cool and into coding and you know what this is, then you just may want to buy one.
@TillyTweets Ahhhh- I feel included now. Thank you. @TillyTweets Why is this movie suddenly a thing again? What have I missed?Ok- I thought it was going to be naff but these are genuinely beautiful. see those pics people posted of them at monitors/holding cameras worked then.
Retweeted by Jen HandorfI’m definitely here for the revamped Unsolved Mysteries on @netflix - though I do miss a certain sonorous voice ove… @SamKurd42 No always comes before Yes. This is the way.
@RichardStrong I’ve done the math and it’s 100calories a day. The only weight that matters! 🤣 @hearnesque If it’s an advertising brief, I might have some I can share... @dntlookbehindu @cauchy_mean Says the man who built a bottle rocket ‘launcher’ that turned into a sororal targeting system! 🤣
@applegatejohn67 @robin_hill @gordongkennedy @withjetpacks That was a fun q&a! I remember I missed the intro and ha… @gordongkennedy @withjetpacks @robin_hill A reunion is badly needed. I still have a wrapped birthday present here t… anyone with a debit card can have a 120 count box of haribo’s veggie giant strawbs automatically delivered to… @withjetpacks I deeply missed the characters @gordongkennedy and @robin_hill played in The Borderlands when we fini… @The_Reviewist 😂
@The_Reviewist 2020- fake but plausable.Oh... well that explains a lot.! This looks like we can make it happen. I’ll keep it up as long as I can, but it looks like we could pote… @larstharp Excellent! I’ll be getting it all set up next week- stand by for more details then!
@jamie_graham9 There are a lot of different genres mixed in- I might suggest hitting a few of the top episodes (bes… excited to unveil our plans for this year's @BFI London Film Festival #LFF💫
Retweeted by Jen HandorfNo but I’m a girl who’s family relied on free school meals, council housing, breakfast clubs etc and now I’m a doctor? Get outttttt 🥺
Retweeted by Jen HandorfBurn.
@withjetpacks I’ll give it another go! @withjetpacks Real talk: I couldn’t get into it. The first episode was pretty but a bit blah. Considering I’m in a… can someone who was once the Mayor of London not give a damn about saving theatres? It’s why most people visit London you mad twat.
Retweeted by Jen HandorfI don’t want to pay my tax to a government that wont support the industry that generated them. I’d rather give them…
Retweeted by Jen HandorfHey, to those of you thinking the right length for your next short film is 25 minutes. It isn't.
Retweeted by Jen HandorfKnow how to work safely on-set. Our new coronavirus basic awareness training provides useful information about redu…
Retweeted by Jen Handorf @mitchellvii Show us a video. @Splend OoooOooooo!