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100T JhbTeam @JhbTeam Los Angeles, CA

18 - Intern for @100Thieves

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@Mako LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO @Mako just filmed and edited a drake one, next is pink floyd and then post malone @Mako i meant these types LOL not dance ones @lorenzabraham12 how are you doing Larry @Mako good evening mako i'm making tik toks @Mako noti @Yuhuuur @daiptix @WhosBreezyUK @JoeyTheSuperJew both of those songs are bangers but i wanted it to be only 20-25 seconds @Chriztopha_ @WhosBreezyUK @JoeyTheSuperJew all i have to say is the interlude go crazy before the song 🔥 @PaintClown_ @marcusy_ @WhosBreezyUK @JoeyTheSuperJew LETS GOOOOOOO @WhosBreezyUK @JoeyTheSuperJew LETS GOOOOOOO i also enjoy Famous 🔥 @intrnetnerd @WhosBreezyUK @JoeyTheSuperJew that’ll be my Tik Tok act @WhosBreezyUK @JoeyTheSuperJew y’all probably don’t like my decisions but i just want thoughts on this @em_parrker @scobesx I’m pissed that jack knows this now @Boy1drr @JERMAlNE holy f @Froste please just go on a walk live on twitch LMAOOOO @MyFavsTrash @xLambo_ @kanyewest you snapped @BrennanGLHF @kanyewest AYOOOOOOOOOO @SamjaySJ @Blathanos idk i watched for 5 mins and was weirded out so i left @HotTakesChris @pokimanelol @CrypticNo WHY DID IT TURN INTO A MEME FORMAT LMAOOO @pokimanelol @4lycat What the fuck Aly? @4lycat we're in the middle of a pandemic @OAKBOYZ ;) @jacksondahl @Avalanche100T imagine a world where Avalanche, Jackson, and JhbTeam were all jamming out together to The Beatlesnever playing Minecraft again... @Grahamalott WHAT @em_parrker @YOKOD20 @RennickPlays me and em are two powerful individuals @HarryButAverage love the stream
@Avalanche100T you seen Mid90s? @leahdb98 @pokimanelol @imane .... LMFAOOO @Viperous you did WHAT??? @Viperous idk wanna check @Viperous no @BakeHatesItHere @xoxabstract can’t believe I used bake for clout and it worked @em_parrker BRUH LMAOOOO @eddyburback @katiecchan YES YES YES @froggobtw but 100T Froggo would be pretty pog @froggobtw 100 Thieves Social Media Intern here, I can confirm that this tweet is not true. @shivisdumb @Daymeeein @Chriztopha_ @JoeyTheSuperJew Well shiv in this particular gif he was coming off the bench t… @scarra @juliawu @100Thieves I still can’t believe you tweeted this. @blakeir this is still a dub tweet @GabeJRuiz It was amazing, good job! :) @CenturyOG @CrypticNo all good i just thought it was hilarious LMAO sorry to expose you like that @CrypticNo man @CrypticNo $jhbteam @jessdot @LoganDodson hiiii jess @LoganDodson can’t believe I’m gonna take your spot smh @TommyThroatEm Twitter was able to get me a job so I’m just chillin tbh I just found this stuff hilarious LMAOOO @TommyThroatEm @Avalanche100T i just keep a straight face 24/7 and get stuff like this tweeted LMAOOOOO @hudsonwisler Ily2 king I can’t wait to see you again @JoeyTheSuperJew you literally ask girls to play valorant with you @lexieyuh @LoganDodson @100Thieves bruh why @stereoberrys is this going to be the new "I lost it when he licked his hand."am i dreaming? @lexieyuh @ashlenite ? @ashlenite Happy birthday! @100TJackiee @ashlenite shhh @PaintClown_ @oFabz u know i would never hurt ur feelings paintclown
@PaintClown_ @oFabz LMAOOOOOOO @xoxabstract octogon btw @JakeSucky i don't think i'll be needing any likes for those hehe @Xouped @JakeSucky i don't deserve this slander man @traves i'm starting to think that there's a michelle @oFabz tweets i can say without getting me fired @LoganDodson @100Thieves W @notchaselyons you ever listen to Clair de Lune @Froste The worst 4 loko is when you are loko 4 someone who isn’t loko 4 you 😔 @itsWaddles_ @ripxRain Love you Rain <3 @100Thieves @neekolul holy shit @liImorg @em_parrker ??? @em_parrker gn ma'am @OHGEESY unblock @SkreetMan @elonmusk elon musk @Froste HE'S SO SCARED LMAOOOO @Froste @SkreetMan do u wanna join discord call @Froste Damn that’s crazy.. that’s your window right there. Right? @Froste i literally know your location @Froste ur my favorite streamer just know that sir @em_parrker AYO CHILLLLL @em_parrker @notchaselyons no you’re em 😂😂😂LMFAOOOOOOOOO @MrFuryRevenge @xoxabstract @LazasBautista get a grip mrfury @LazasBautista LMFAOOOOOOOO @JhbTeamEP why does this exist @imane now that i have your attention i also have a private account it is @JERMAlNE i share my emotions and feeling… @imane poki i think you’re a pretty cool girl @Froste @em_parrker @ltsCamo okay @em_parrker @ltsCamo can we do it again @em_parrker oh no this is bad very bad please know i have changed i am a stronger and more confident man now @em_parrker better yet, how did you FIND IT @em_parrker i don’t see an issue @HavocSimulator who you tweeting? @CashApp $jhbteam