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18 - Intern for @100Thieves / Host of TBH w/ JHB

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@itsWaddles_ yeah cus i passed my classes and this is an iconic moment @itsWaddles_ i remember i edited this video instead of studying for a test @Nadeshot hey dude when are we hopping on Valorant together @kinro415 Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh @notchaselyons real
@Class @Skittles skittles got it like that? @xoxabstract not much lol how are you @OldNavy @ryans_recycling this has been tweeted at me 3 times now @CrypticNoHoes i coulda bought lunch i'm fucking stupid @CrypticNoHoes and i'll do it again @CrypticNoHoes @Fwiz @CouRageJD Oh sorry, was thinking of another person! Now that we think about it, isn’t it crazy how we don’t… @Nadeshot @CouRageJD @jacksondahl @scump @cloakzy i would be too nervous to be in the same room with all of you @CouRageJD @Fwiz he always does this 😭 @CrypticNoHoes my friends were watching it in the car and their reaction was so fucking funny LMAOOO @CrypticNoHoes nah but did you see the fight tho that shit was crazyImagine the most embarrassing moment of your life being replayed incessantly on twitter
Retweeted by 100T JhbTeam @Benaskren true man @SportsOxlong hope he wins man @Krinios not much how are you @Class he really sat two tables away from us at dinner i still can’t get over that @Dexerto @JakeSucky how am i still single @JakeSucky i feel like you @kanyewest @a13surf do whatever ur heart desires @Blackbeard @RohnJobinson @RohnJobinson why i get roasted by the president of 100t man
man @AlexWex okay Alex you didn’t need to say this @AlexWex bruh wtf @kyedae yea lol @Ultra15151 “goodbye cruel world” @CouRageJD Lol @kyedae OMG you should come on my show and you can help me find her @kyedae your boyfriend doesn’t even follow me and he’s defending you, i hate being single so much man @JacqMeek why would you take this photo @Asunaa @kyedae LMAOOOOO @TenZOfficial @kyedae Tyson please stop there’s literally no way I can defend myself anymore @kyedae kyedae I am on my way to a dinner with friends I can not deal with this type of pressure rn @kyedae WHY ARE YOU EMBARRASSING ME OVER THE QUESTION @kyedae @kyedae UGHHHH @kyedae THEY’RE DONUT HOLES!!! @kyedae are these timbits or donut holes
@DONKEYdaDON Hey! We were wondering if we could repost this clip on our socials! (TikTok, IG). With credit of cours… @Reyes122Alex can't i'm leaving in 1-2 hours @qtcinderella @may_wedda @TSM @SkreetMan @TSM @may_wedda @SkreetMan @pokimanelol my heart beating fast rn @JoeyTheSuperJew @TeanaKitten i want a friendship like this @Nadeshot @SesoHQ no problem for the carry
@MrBeastExtra Nadeshot @Nadeshot @pokimanelol look at us, best buds @pokimanelol I’m a huge fan and would love for you to be on my show TBH W/ JHB and would love for you to sig… @jessdot i was watching breaking bad at 1am and i looked at the clock and it was 4am i immediately went to bed, but i had to wake up at 6 @notchaselyons bruh stop my ego just went down because of this tweet @chickfiley im crine @JKap415 happy birthday coach @kinro415 Happy birthday! 🎉 @jessdot i got 2 hours of sleep but it’s okay it’s for a valid reason @ShamsCharania WHAT @Trainwreckstv this is awesome best friend isn’t it so cool how we’re best buds lol @LilyPichu the behind the scenes goes crazy thank you for this @kanyewest @SkreetMan @JoeyTheSuperJew @te0x thanks for the idea may @JoeyTheSuperJew tw//?? @BNightengale man @iGumdrop good luck!!
@100Thieves bruh why @xoxabstract check out this website @Class that’s a road? @HBSaburo Can’t imagine how rough the moving must have been for you, but I’m very happy to hear that you’re motivat… @Class so many girls just be outside the compound while I’m working lol I’m like “guys stop standing outside there’s so many of you” @neekolul i remember the day i first got it... hope you like it @Froste @ComplexPop LOL @ComplexPop @Froste @jacksondahl oh wow i didn't even notice the girl @jacksondahl why you kinda bad @Froste i turned your rant into the opening of a song @LudwigAhgren @Froste Bruh there’s nothing to do @Froste are you still going live? @FaZeBlaze 43
@pokimanelol have you ever thought about streamingi clutched in front of big streamers i feel so powerful @MorganM40230990 Is Instagram and TikTok okay? @TenZOfficial W @ELPWSwastaken ratio @brookeab @TwitterSupport they really switched people holy shit they're losers @100Thieves @kyedae Welcome!!! @JBLQuantum you are literally headphones @MrAustinShow congrats on 100k tiktok followers on this account which people should definitely follow @MorganM40230990 Hey! Do we have permission to repost your "Can you blame him?" TikTok clip on our socials for 100… @aksually YAAAY @aksually do u consider me as friend (i have to ask to confirm) @Class i forgot that some of your community doesn't even know about the food you used to cook omg
@CrypticNoHoes cryptic you and corinna need to do another stream together that will break twitch