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100T JhbTeam @JhbTeam Los Angeles, CA

18 - Intern for @100Thieves

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@em_parrker @SamManlol @LuTzzIol Ok? @starrphires thank you for this @Leo__ffs LMAO @jordanfisher @LilNasX i mean... @Keeelioo @LilNasX mm fuck, how many clones? @LilNasX would i what? @softwilly wait a date is required? damn @liImorg @slamongfIobo @DistortBot @Twitter yo twitter @TeamLiquidLoL i sleep @JoeyTheSuperJew @Blankzy_ Blankzy’s order came out to $44 just for him I’m crying 😭
@em_parrker “i’m thinking about doing something... i don’t know if you have the same thing in mind haha” (gets in… @JakeSucky Please keep calling me gamer. Please tell me gaming it’s a joke. Please tell me it's a waste of time. Pl… love waking up next to her 😭💙 (i care about her privacy so i don’t wanna post her face) @kanyewest thank you kanye @100Thieves @elgatogaming @KyleeCarterrr nooooo foxii you're pog @KaleiRenay DUDE @okleslie nah @Froste mf just close ur eyes so u can't see it @Froste sleeping stream, but with no donation alerts.. we just wanna watch.. do it. NOW. @Cuhmmando happy birthday king @Classify @Froste @Azerrz holy shit W @LoganDodson @100Thieves POGGERS
@Treyarch Lets gooo I cant wait @100TJackiee LMFAOOOOOO @OhhRogerr @HECZQUARTERS Thank you for everything you've done at 100T, you've been an amazing person to work with,… @SamManlol @Leo__ffs LMFAOOOOOOOOOO @Leo__ffs they need help if they splitting them smh just buy it for the normal price @em_parrker your "group project" thing that you said about me is the most accurate thing i've ever heard about us @JhbTeamm @100TJackiee @jerrytrainor can you please make a youtube channel @CashApp Ayo 🔥 $jhbteam @JakeSucky bro u just leaked ur address @michaelirvin88 fr @ddoubledom1 this hurts @lilsasquatch66 no i will not believe this for one second @JakeSucky yoooo thank you king @MrFuryRevenge @JoeyTheSuperJew yea check DMs @LudwigAhgren one day ludwig.. @LudwigAhgren you're so dumb 😭 @JoeyTheSuperJew i didn't stream my pc being cringe @JoeyTheSuperJew showering and streaming after @markthefuture @Nadeshot @daiptix @JERMAlNE pc (plutonium or anything) @JoeyTheSuperJew @Daymeeein thank u guys @madisonbeer madison beer? what about madison soda😂 @ClixHimself feel better king, stay strong <3 @koordell okay @JakeSucky the jhb team is pog tho @em_parrker just watch the first episode tonight, and you'll immediately get sucked in and it'll feel like nothing @em_parrker i'll ask again, when are you gonna start watching breaking bad @JKap415 @CorinnaKopf THANK YOU JORDAN @CorinnaKopf hey lol @SkreetMan @xoxabstract @liImorg LMFAOOOOOOO
@JakeSucky is everything okay Jake @koordell bro what LOL @koordell LMFAOOOOOOOOO @jessdot I’ll never forget how happy you were to see me once i joined the 100T Slack @blakeir i’m jhbteam, i can do anything @MyFavsTrash Leg (not) in the air @Xouped -someone @ItsKenuard we always here for you on twitter king <3 @MrFuryRevenge @xoxabstract aired @hitchariide if i get verified, it'll fix everything @SkreetMan @may_wedda join discord call @may_wedda IF YOU ARE READING THIS, GIVE ME GOOD SHIRTS TO WEAR YOU THINK I'D LOOK FRESH IN @em_parrker @NicoEsBurrito let him watch anime man @Wis_Alt @Oreologist @no9mi @notchaselyons @JoeyTheSuperJew @Huntrelol can y'all get this framed in the house?
@LazasBautista when i was young i opened a dresser and tried to climb inside it to surprise my dad and it made the… @ELPWSwastaken triple ratio'd @ELPWSwastaken double ratio’d @ELPWSwastaken This is fake. 100 Thieves is not associated with Twitter user "ELPWSwastaken" in any ways. @Froste Happy birthday Froste 🎉 always knew you’d have a bday @SeanPlantEmoji oh hell yeah @liImorg @SkreetMan @Mako ah fuck hmm @HarryButAverage @liImorg @SkreetMan @Mako how long are u staying @liImorg @SkreetMan @Mako oh @Clean4_100T @Mako yo @Classify we need that salma x jhbteam x mob vlog @Mako thanks man this was from April 20, 2019 at Terminal 8 at LAX :) @Mako not tn sorry i scheduled to edit for y'all and do college work i'm a big boy now :( @Mako sup mako i need to visit soon @Mako he's a nice fella @CallMeCarsonYT @NICKMERCS @FaZeClan W @endeylol @em_parrker the way they be swinging their arms mmm fuckkk @em_parrker okay nvm this is a lot worse for me @em_parrker 699 followers and 0 bitches @KittenElise idk how to help sorry @REALMizkif oh my @jakkuxd wait what happened??? @lexieyuh I’m in game rn maybe later tho