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Design leader, entrepreneur, educator, optimist. Now: @Group_of_Humans @MakeBetterWork @Startnership @Jointfutures. Then: @Sequoia @TwitterDesign @Schwadesign.

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@alexpriceco @SteveSosnaNBC Agreed that setting expectations is critical.Curious why the rainy icon is chosen to represent all of tomorrow, when only 16% of the day is forecasted to be les… @Michelephant ROWR! @F6x e) sugar coateda “tiger team” isSurprised to hear an all-female panel with female moderator still use “guys” – maybe because I’m hyper aware of when anyone uses it. @rgay aspirational brand? idk i don’t need to defend them 😏paging cy twombly 👇🏻 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️
what’s a meta…phor? @PavelASamsonov PAVEL DON’T GIVE UP YOUR BODY @PavelASamsonov ** in which we learn that our hero, pavel, has decided to literally donate part of his body to work ** @PavelASamsonov still needs content??? @PavelASamsonov whatever you want.Welp, who is going to go put whiteout over the word "Poor" on the Statue of Liberty plaque?
Retweeted by Josh SilvermanPeople are “vegan” and “vegetarian” like they are “straight.” It’s a continuum. ✌🏻👀 @dantley @buckhouse @alanjosephwilli @daveixd @domanico Alla is very good! 🌟 @OnlyAnExpert you were fantastic last night and @bshaykin and I would love to take you up on your 4am radio show 😃😍Me at work ... with my noise-canceling headphones on, with no music playing
Retweeted by Josh Silverman @DanJackson415 tyvm ty ty @DanJackson415 dan don’t read the cometsLeaving your home and getting back safely is such an underrated blessing.
Retweeted by Josh Silverman
@kvox OH the STORIES i can only IMAGINE @DavidCHoll No?Instead, all I could find was the earliest ticket stub from seeing her at the Beacon Theatre in 1990. Shoutout to… evening @tonytaylorsf will see @OnlyAnExpert for his first time. It’s likely my 15th. Somewhere I have her au… president vs fake president
Retweeted by Josh Silverman @seanbiehle @mikejoosse …but I digress @misosoup Understood. Sometimes a loss is a wake-up call.I pray it’s not too soon to think or share this, but might we practice “hugging your kids” and “telling people you…’s 58°F feels like the start of spring and the forecast for the next week is sunny so... was that it for winter?Excellence, not success. Discipline, not talent. Courage, not self-doubt. Action, not complacency. Elegance, not lu…
Retweeted by Josh Silvermanone alive, one dead omens on our morning jog the year of the rat #haiku #tweetku #ChineseNewYear #yesitsjapanesedreamt i was at a @schwadesign project status meeting with ~17 prospects to review, and @seanbiehle was getting alo… grateful it’s bedtime #saturdaynight
@PavelASamsonov @Intentionaut @johncutlefish SHRED IT 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 @PavelASamsonov @Intentionaut @johncutlefish sorry to butt in here but if that’s the case then it’s time for a new taco inclusive framework @dantley con artists don’t give a fuckMy 20s–late 30s: 4C Late 30s–present: 4A
ok socials, i finally bought a new backpack, you can update your algo now! looking mostly at you @instagram @odannyboy @dougbartow you could land a rocket ship on either side of the O in FORCE @skap5 @Techmeme @Tad_Walch @TheBIF 😢 @mittuled @reidhoffman Nice! It’s not me, however... might you be thinking of @jgsilverman? @mittuled Hi Mittul – where did you find that quote? @Techmeme @Tad_Walch damn. i wouldn’t have known about his work if it wasn’t for @skap5 and @TheBIF <3 <3 @djpardis @dustin THIS. (or two consecutive nights, can u imagine) @mialoira hysterical… and true. folks out in front weren’t subject to the clusterfuck. that bottleneck was pretty tight tbh…! @waltmossberg Had no idea the Vangelis / Chariots of Fire theme song was used! :)
@helena @hapfrap ☑️ select all 👍🏻 yes👀 @jsnhff @AmanduhWybolt @SeanAAdams @jperkins44 @hapfrap @siborg81 @mediajunkie cereal eaters 🥣 @wordstern 😫 @steveportigal comma… chameleon @nickf YES nick, YES @danshilov hmm, i like friction though… it creates warmth :)
Preposterous answers only: “For security purposes, I’m going to need you to _________” @iswinson @jina oooooooh someone’s had their moxie this morning @jina <smh> just nutty @annapickard @SlackHQ @odannyboy true, dan, trueI love* how LinkedIn defaults to asking if you want to close out other job titles when you add a new job title As… @PavelASamsonov both, either @conniechiiiwa ah, wellsparkling water is my life force @hughweber Congrats, kind sir! This is so much fantastic 🙌🏻
@miradu marketing? @egratto @dlichaw I think a lot of it is knowing everyone else has the time off too
@odannyboy i did stop to calculate before tweeting 🌀A three-day weekend every other month would be amazing.oh right, THIS place
Even (or especially) if you don’t know what you’re doing, I’ve learned it’s best to enjoy it. ✳️ @hover thanks, i’ll check it out ☑️ @steveportigal @jina likely. where is the courtesy in the panic that ensuesHey @Hover, why email a Domain Expiry Courtesy Notice if my domain is set to auto-renew?imma slide right into this big bed good night 🎶we just heard a hulu commercial that said “high school musical the musical the series the singalong”who called it figma config and not configma
@megalightheart that all looks soooooo gooooood 😋😍🥰 @zack415 👋🏻 Starr was the one fired from his job at Baylor U for covering up the rape of students by football stars? And De…
Retweeted by Josh Silverman⭐️ NEW WORK ⭐️ Filmmaker Jason Hanasik ( latest documentary, A Childhood on Fire, is avai… @imcatnoone @designinginward i have an idea, fry the pyramid, fry the planet, @imcatnoone what the ACTUAL fuck tho @NPR 👀 @patchdmedical @sara_ann_marie we love to pop kernels in our household. a little truffle oil + salt… or vadouvan + butter… it’s the best! @sara_ann_marie i knew you’d figure it out in a jiffy 🍿 @hapfrap crash. i see what you did there mister camel caps @jasonmesut ok you win this round @jasonmesut i mean jasNO is better but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @jasonmesut jason mesutNO 🤪🙏 was just dubbed a “design team whisperer” and tbh i love it 🙏 @dlichaw 👏👏😍😍 @dlichaw 30s! 40s! i fondly recall putting them on my pinky and then eating them thusly⚡️ In/Visible Talks was fantastic again this year! Kudos to the cofounders, speakers, and staff! #INVT20 ⚡️
A Black woman is delivering the articles of impeachment. For the white supremacist president. That’s all.
Retweeted by Josh Silverman @brownorama YES PIZZA FOLDING /cc @pnowelldesign @brownorama I design non-digital products (@MakeBetterWork, furniture, and tshirts I cook…
@kyleturman kyle g’headProtips: • don’t pick brains • don’t peel eyes or ears @AmanduhWybolt tuning in immediately