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II Headed Snake 🐉🐉 @Jhus Spangchester, Kanka Akan

Heavy Duty. Don’t hide the beauty// Anywhere Everywhere// HitmanLLikman. Kanka Akan. All The Minerals// The !llumination ☀️// Educo+Talentum// Real Royalty//

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my birthday is round the corner. need to get myself together & pattern up. no more young boy ting.Are you stronger than yesterday?The instagram explore page is banned. That place is sin city.
You can have all the knowledge in the world but do you have the discipline to put it into practice?
Nipsey Hussle ft Roddy Rich - Racks in the middle always touches my soul when I listen to it. I used to religiously… I next get in the studio it’s a wrap. The ideas I’ve got in my head are crazy.Avoid the bullshit & feed the focus.When you get your hands on some power, try your best not to abuse it. Regulate yourself.I’m thankful for the position I’m in & everything I have. There’s nothing that I want. I hope you feel the same too.
🤣🤣🤣 I just sit back, look at life and just laugh.The most powerful ones are the ones that you don’t see. The smartest ones play dumb.Are you stronger than yesterday tho??? 🧐I’d love to do the insta live ting but I’m not good at talking so I’ll just stay in my own lane. I’ll leave that one to u lot lool.
J hus, make sure you take your own advise boy.Never have a victims mentality. Change what you can change and accept what u can’t change. & also remember that ppl feed off your ignorance.Looking back at where my head was 6 months ago and how much I’ve learned since then. I was right about a lot of thi…
Are you stronger than yesterday???My mums uncle is in he’s 90’s. He’s ill and they are saying that he wants to make the transition. I’m due to go vis…😈
You’ve just grown wings. Your pleasures, addictions, bad habits and fears are pulling on you like gravity. Learn how to fly & stay fly.
I pray you find peace and I pray you find joy. I pray that you won’t even have to chase anything or anyone, everyth…
Ni ojuelegba They know my story From Jae5 studio I be hustle to workI’m gassed coz now i can finally say that I own a designer brand. I’m tryna do what Kanye West done with yeezy. Say a prayer for me please.Are you stronger than yesterday???
Everyday sit and wish I could start again. So many unnecessary mistakes. Different ways I could’ve handled shit. Bu… next girlfriend is gonna have to understand that I like to go awol sometimes. You might not be able to reach me… Your not allowed to come outside and play. Your still getting grounded at your big age.
2020 Warming// John Wicked 🔥 of thrones
Being cautious is good but never trust a shook ni66a. Never trust a ni66a that spreads fear.They lied to you for years, they lied to you parents and they lied to your grandparents. Why would they tell you the truth now?Drake is fucking cold.
How you live on this planet but you never have a plan?...To be honest even when there was no time to plan, I was st…
I swear to the almighty creator, I love you!First we must find peace. Once we find peace then we can gain power.Attention & emotion is moneyThere’s an internal energy that you must learn how to use.Everyday we getting stronger and stronger. They’re gonna try make you shook but don’t forget your power. Fear & anxiety is a fat weakness.It looked like a curse but it was really a blessing.
Thank you for the support my Milits!!! Are you stronger than yesterday???Generational wealth builders.We upping the levels. No more petty shit.This shit ain’t merch ni66a. It’s not for no broke boy. If you don’t want it then go and invest in one of them raci…
Don’t go blaming the corona virus on your lack of success
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The weak are gonna get left behind & die. Don’t be weak be STRONG!!!
2020 gave her the big pole, because the goal was to touch her soul.Baby I wanna pipe, coz your ripe & your just my type.My life would be way easier if I wasn’t mental lool.😂😂😂😂😂😂
Every prayer that you pray for yourself & every prayer that people pray for you, the creator puts it right in front… you really like it, is it is it wicked
Everything that is happening right now is happening for a reason.Fresh from The Gambia so you know I’m jujjed off.I got this whole world in a headlock. 🐉 🐉I’m in a good headspace right now tho. I can’t wait for you to see what I’ve been planning. Now you gonna understan… for me that I put on beh weight by summer. Being beh skinny ain’t cool. That’s why stress and depression ain’t good.I ain’t been smoking Jamba, now I got too much energy...let me go and make trouble. 😈😈😈Let me bite your bottom lipYOOO!!! How you feeling???? ARE YOU STRONG BITCH?
Mucky - ProminentWe embrace all the pain then we transform it into power. At 1st it may look like it’s breaking us but it’s really making us.
Sometimes you have to separate yourself to get the job done. Just to keep a clear head because ppl might not see yo… own mum told me that even if I don’t give her anything, she’ll be happy to just see me win so no man on this pla… you stronger than yesterday??? Or are you a PUSS, WUSS, BUSS, HAMU LORR TUSS?
Blanco is hard.Travis Scott - Can’t SayIf you have culture then the minerals are unlimited.The jealous people are the people with no minerals.Don’t be any enemy of progress. Don’t stop your brother from growing.The dragon told me that I’ll fully complete this mission when I’m 44. Then I’ll move on to the next one task.Don’t be a worrier. Be a warrior.Don’t trust anyone that’s always on their phone.Afrobeats makes me happy when I’m in a grey mood.How are feeling today?.....If your not strong then your wrong?Don’t be so negative my milit. The creator is on our side, I promise.I asked my milit if he prays. He said nah because he thinks whenever he prays, God just looks at him and kisses he’s teeth. 😂😂😂 Smh.50 cent - Crazy (the gods plan mixtape)Tell mummy that you love her the next time you get a chance.Beanie Sigel - Remember Them Days ft. Eve
How can my bro Creepa try lie to me and say that pork is the only thing that can cure corona.G herbo - IntroDrake - Chicago freestyleLil Baby Freestyle With Dj ClueKofi Nti- Odo Nwom O Waeefireboy - JealousYou can go to dinner and eat with 100 people but when you take a shit you’re alone
Retweeted by II Headed Snake 🐉🐉life is not easywhen i was in year 4 i pretended to have a bellyache so i didn’t have to go school. The hospital ended up taking my appendix out.50 cent is a fucking legend man. he influenced me heavy.Metro Boomin - Borrowed Love21 savage. drop some new music my insta back. I got some banging pics to post as well. you will respect my sexy.My boy told me the girls want me to make more pum pum music. Say no more. I’m back on my ignorant shit.I can make you, fall in love with, everything I do.What’s your favourite bashment instrumental?I can’t flex wid her if she’s not a hood ting, she’s well known and she got a career in bupsin.