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quite legendary ⁺ ᵃⁿⁿᵒʸᶦⁿᵍ

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I’ve been seeing and petting this cat on my street for the past two weeks on my way back from college and today i l… @BattyEnit @rezonxtions sorry that was me bestie i’m just so good at the game couldn’t expose who i was ! @VictorinoFan same :)finished my first project for my second year of graphics n i already want to die 😭 will probably post some of my fi… have the biggest hugest most massive crush on elise it’s unreal @dwaculi
@fifafeet no i support the cause @fifafeet and at times i think i’m the stupid twitter user of the group .. @M0sephine @babiidomian but she’s pretty so it’s fine @M0sephine @babiidomian everyone’s copying me : ( @VezWed @naga11_ 😭😭 @LynxyRaid get me a cat rn @VezWed @naga11_ she’s so adorable omg i’m in love please i want a cat so bad look how in love with you she is 🥺🥺😩😩
@Jhxpeeee e-girl hater who is also an e-girl
Retweeted by j @babiidomian unfortunately true some people really do just get on my nerves but it’s all reasonable 🙄😋 it’s more of… @fifafeet @SnubMoth847 @KunoReverse that goes against all my beliefs @Callum24903 @fifafeet @KunoReverse latexy @Callum24903 got me a bitch @Callum24903 me but where r all of them @dwaculi MWAH MWAH MWAH ILY SO MUCH WJGAISBD @5ekaa @bIoodcuIts HELP @bIoodcuIts @5ekaa LITERALLY like why is he commenting on this when he’s about 12 @Jacob64282319 only if you kill me yourself 🥺🙁 @SweatEu8455 besties !!nigel farageee down bad era 😋 @SweatEu8455 i think we’re the 1s 4 each other @SweatEu8455 meow @qBambi_ ok. @qBambi_ but what about aquarius bae 🥺🙁
@Jacob64282319 feel better soon bae !! thinking it’s time for this pic to be me !!
@fifafeet @SweatEu8455 kings 👑🤴😵‍💫 @Pope5Harry @Zephi__ movie about you !! @Jacob64282319 @sharoo_ow @SweatEu8455 @fifafeet >:( well i’m big angry dosser who comes back every few seasons to… @sharoo_ow @SweatEu8455 @fifafeet i cant wait to doss these ips !! @SweatEu8455 @fifafeet FIFA feet - nigel farageee -
Retweeted by j @Gharnefff 😋😋
@Gharnefff :)
@fifafeet @LynxyRaid @sxnzuuku right @fifafeet @LynxyRaid @sxnzuuku there’s a difference between being blunt and putting all ur business onto twitter @fifafeet @LynxyRaid @sxnzuuku just not really stuff you’d want to put out onto twitter really @fifafeet @LynxyRaid @sxnzuuku do u people have no shame @RoadWarrior130 looking good sam ☺️ <3 @Jacob64282319 my bad 😵‍💫 i will remember that in the future when he makes another deranged comment Lmao @VictorinoFan @Jaack6657 making up for lack of @Jaack6657 because he’s being weird and misogynistic and needs to learn they’re literally 12 and not everyone’s gon… @lnfluentiaI sorry bae won’t happen again : ( @5ekaa @VictorinoFan no @VictorinoFan no u have a big juicy bunda @VictorinoFan vic shut upit gets better tho , this is honestly embarrassing i cant 😭 @btxsh_ “i only want big tits and big ass to be bouncing in my face” like… HUH @btxsh_ HELP 😭😭 @btxsh_ vinny is back??? i swear he was paracetamol lmao he’s a weirdo i wouldn’t trust whatever he says in game @lumiiow he’s just a little troll it’s so weird @btxsh_ the biggest bs i’ve seen on this app and .. it’s twitter 😭I think it was the other way round and now he’s resorted to saying she’s flat because he’s been ignored and rejecte…
i hate looking at women because i want to look like all of them @babiidomian 15!! i’m innocent @SweatEu8455 @babiidomian 😵‍💫😵‍💫 @RoadWarrior130 @EzWalla jks ur so sexy @RoadWarrior130 @EzWalla no ur fat @VezWed i’m in love @SweatEu8455 fanku 👉🏼👈🏼 @Czrmo_ @SweatEu8455 yes @SweatEu8455 u can kill me @SweatEu8455 i like it raw @fifafeet @SweatEu8455 while in a party with me .. 😕 @SweatEu8455 i took a pregnancy test its finei only think of u ♡
Retweeted by j @theoghanz0 thank you luke <3 @zMightys 🥺🥺bae @Kxstom @fifafeet @sensit1vity @phluxa like tf is thatThey want to be us so bad .. 😵‍💫 @fifafeet @sensit1vity @phluxa @m4del1nee thank u wife 🥺gone but not forgotten 💔 @KunoReverse @fifafeet @sensit1vity @phluxa
@fifafeet @Waiyl_ ok people cant count @fifafeet @Waiyl_ it’s more to do with counting @Waiyl_ well i’m glad at the end of the day everyone can count ! @lanicole1045_ 😩😩 thank you beautiful <3🤨
Retweeted by j @GreedyReturns as you should >:) <3 @NotAllowed0ut @balacaveese yep !! @Callum24903 @Fhamo_ @phluxa @sensit1vity @Fizzo104 @fifafeet @DeAzYBF4 @KunoReverse @milkiies vouch x8 @SweatEu8455 @5ekaa exist 😓 @5ekaa and it will never happen again @5ekaa i posted it yesterday and deleted it !! soooo @5ekaa i’m glad you have eyes seka <3 @phluxa 🥵 @phluxa can we passionately make out please i’m begging @f3mcy thank u bae i love that coming from you 😩 @VezWed i deleted it and have learnt to like it : ( don’t bully me @JackMoncrieffe @JackMoncrieffe y not : (i only think of u ♡ @tayen THE TEETH THING 😭😭 @prodziii ur uglyshnozzle @fifafeet @milkiies @KunoReverse 😬😬 ok then @Callum24903 @CookieJohn_ so they’ll do nothing about real bullies and not even help students who are actually goin…
@Waiyl_ it was all darcie