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@somospostpc @MikeIsaac Don’t ask questions 🤣 @mrdic @rianalynn @iam_preethi It’s also just taste/cultural. Beef is very one note, not very flavorful on its own,… @joshuavoydik @MatthewEPaul @iam_preethi Per capita consumption of red meat is very low in greater China. Pork cons… @mrdic @rianalynn @iam_preethi Yes but that’s true in the US too. Chinese cuisine is very pork heavy. @rianalynn @iam_preethi Majority of meat consumed is pork, then poultry/seafood. @rianalynn @iam_preethi Per capita consumption of red meat is low in greater China. I would disagree and argue that… @iam_preethi Agreed, but to cite HK to make a point about red meat is misleading because per capita consumption of…
@Kantrowitz Seems like that is exactly where regulation should go? Allow candidates to buy ads but limit the granul… @JJordan575 @zedrakee @profgalloway @NerdWallet @planetmoney @Investopedia @StudentLoanHero @Bankrate @TonyRobbins @zedrakee @profgalloway Index funds are pretty easy. You don’t need to invest in individual stocks to invest in the stock market. @zedrakee @profgalloway Why do you say that?
@RampCapitalLLC sPyWaRe
@tonysheng @fredwilson @Melt_Dem Also Spotify was a direct listing (I assume that’s why you didn’t include Slack he… @KristyT Agreed! This is why the argument of “choice” in plan makes no sense to me. This isn’t a “choice” about whi… @mrjasonchoi @gabec1212 Yes that’s the main benefit of substack, but they also own a perpetual license to your work… @gabec1212 @mrjasonchoi It’s easy but a bit antithetical to crypto in that it is a centralized platform that locks… @tonysheng @fredwilson @Melt_Dem This looks very different if you take the first price each opened at vs IPO price,… @davidkmhoang @JH72403298 @ewarren A VAT is hardly progressive even with UBI. Billionaires don’t spend in proportio… @CantHardyWait @iam_preethi Their record stock price says they are more than that... Amazon is not invincible. Th… @JH72403298 @devjs1 @ewarren The countries I mentioned are the ones that still have a wealth tax. That’s just a fact not an opinion... @ChadDavis_1992 @ewarren I mean it’s hard to know exactly what Yang means by a VAT. I’ve seen no concrete examples.… @JH72403298 @ewarren Billionaires come and go. It’s not as if there won’t be new ones. Also you can tax wealth th…
@JH72403298 @ewarren There’s an inequity argument to having a wealth tax that a VAT doesn’t solve. Wealthy people d… @JH72403298 @ewarren It’s a fixable problem. And you can define severe penalties for purposefully underreporting. M… @JH72403298 @ewarren The wealth tax in these countries is much lower than what Warren or Bernie are proposing, so t… @LTilmann @ChadDavis_1992 @ewarren Also unlike most other countries living outside the US doesn’t free you from pay… @JH72403298 @ewarren I don’t have an issue with a VAT per se, but I think it’s disingenuous of Yang to argue that a… @LTilmann @ChadDavis_1992 @ewarren American billionaires are loyal to America. I can see how that’s less true in ot… @ChadDavis_1992 @ewarren I’m less concerned about his framing around the regressive issue and more that he keeps br… @ChadDavis_1992 @ewarren I’m not demonizing a VAT, but Yang continues to say that this is the answer to Amazon not… @ChadDavis_1992 @ewarren It’s strange that Yang continues to beat the drum on Amazon paying no taxes but thinks a V… @ChadDavis_1992 @ewarren I don’t believe wealthy billionaire Americans will flee. The idea that Bezos or Zuckerberg… @ChadDavis_1992 @ewarren Little revenue is generated because the rate is much lower than what Warren or Sanders hav… @mf_twitur @JH72403298 @ewarren The wealth tax alone is not the entirety of her tax plan to fund’s… @mf_twitur @JH72403298 @ewarren They are both advanced. @mf_twitur @JH72403298 @ewarren Switzerland is not advanced? Huh? @ChadDavis_1992 @ewarren Switzerland? How does it work there still and why haven’t the rich fled? @JH72403298 @ewarren It works pretty well in Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Belgium... @robleathern @meidadmar @profgalloway @JonHaidt Does FB internally recognize its possible role in exacerbating this… @sarthakgh @soopa It can happen elsewhere but can't think of another platform that remotely compares in terms of si… @soopa Twitter is a strange place where being outraged all the time gets you engagement whereas in real life if you… @iam_preethi Not really. Perhaps more orthodontics than dental. It’s become clearer there’s a very strong link betw…