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Love doing what I do. Running Jigarbov Productions over here.

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@Richad50101893 Yeah you need to be able to change the model which I don’t think you can do @Richad50101893 Don’t think so @quinnrichter How is anyone supposed to retain anything with that many meetings in a row :( @Richad50101893 You can’t, I don’t think 3D geo is supported for custom skins @Richad50101893 I do but I cannot distribute it @Recabilly It’s on my list of movies I like that many people don’t know about, I recommend! @abrightmoore that said, with mcedit basically depreciated at this point, is there much use in maintaining/updating… @abrightmoore something that makes it easy to search. finding the right thing was always pretty difficult mainly be…
@theqmagnet i had to do my hair @CreepycreeperMw That’s why I get up! Don’t want to lose it haha @xSchwenji It’s just a sort of bonus chest if you bring things there. Maybe you go to core and don’t want to put th…
@JannisX11 But how to jot down a note to explain a complex backend system in a way that you’ll remember it? @letdani2017 Nice house :o I’m leaf green with envy @StarkTMA_ @MCTexels I really need to take the time to learn how to do this one of these days.I've always been super interested in what goes into making Minecraft Content, so I started doing interviews after m…
Retweeted by Jigarbov @TechD123 hard out on that oneRight in the middle of a break I'm trying to take >:|Anyone else try to go to bed, but instead of sleep, get hit with ridiculous amount of inspiration and end up gettin… @abrightmoore no, cool! @TheWorldFoundry i was hoping the animation would result in the character pulling that face off
Get ready - coming to #MinecraftMarket Tuesday, August 11.
Retweeted by Jigarbov @Syclone_Studios @Chromahills Very atmospheric! @ibxtoycat no
@TheNoxite have fun @jujustep_julien @ibxtoycat Had to give a shout out! I gave others too but we had a long conversation and it was ed… @CPU_M_Rossi 👀 @pan_torcha hey if there was even one thing to learn it was a success! thanks for playing @TMAaang456 @theqmagnet Nono CFG VS CDF for sure! Maki can VS Jesper in his prime. Man that would be fun to try to… @TheWorldFoundry Your work has definitly solved me many a problem with a good one coming up soon. You are definitly… of the oldest series on the marketplace is about to get it's third entry... @theqmagnet it already is netherrack the tree just stomps out the fungus growth 🤯
I did a little interview in this video talking about how good marketplace is for everyone.
@jujustep_julien Glad you’re ok, take care! @spark_squared @JannisX11 Those gates smashing <3 @Cyclone_LTD A+Your prince journey calls as you’re summoned into the hot, dusty sands of the desert… Find the burning magic inside…
Retweeted by Jigarbov @theqmagnet 🤣
@Sp2boys10 No problem, was happy to be able to watch it live :DWhat I wouldn’t give to know the global sticker talley!
@Voldey Yay fun hockey! @KEKSIC12345678 @theqmagnet sure looks like it, i think he is copying me, i will call the police @Crackers0106 yeah thats nbd @Crackers0106 i dont see any special mechanics in battle, so that would be a piece of cake @Crackers0106 So, I've not actually played them, but looking at some yt vids I don't see anything that couldn't be…
@Marc_IRL @anotherguy Listen @anotherguy , I don't even like the word metroidvania let alone that abomination. As…
@hatosaurus 😀 @quinnrichter hell yeah! @ashokdwivedi09 @MojangSupport but they're super backlogged at the moment so it might take some time for them to respond, good luck! @ashokdwivedi09 @MojangSupport Hello, I am unable to provide support for purchasing issues, that's all… @enderdragonpig I feel swindled ;( @enderdragonpig :O DM ME! ill add it to my list and fix it asap :D
@tinysnek and october is already super close :o @MapMakingMag @Noxcrew amusing/compelling story in an environment made for fun @MapMakingMag elf patrol by @Noxcrew is one of my favorite maps on the store that nobody playedFight the undead when ZOMBIES comes to the Minecraft Marketplace on August 4!
Retweeted by Jigarbov @Panedwards_YT sticker hype! @Jigarbov amazing map beat it 100% amazing work
Retweeted by Jigarbov @TheWorldFoundry is knot @Sheep_Machine @quinnrichter don't you worry, im removing the ones from that air conditioner too ⭐️Mr Sunshine looks so happy! @ProfessorTRS @YouTube yes @ProfessorTRS @YouTube Mr Stickers vs Mr Sunshine death battle when?Thanks to everyone for reporting any bugs to me, I'll be including those too. Nobody reported any bugs :DWorking through a little update for #papercraft2. Making some HUGE changes as you can see. Mainly for @quinnrichter @TheNoxite @CrushedPixel Yeah I thought his name was Marius, not Christian? @Sphan__ That’s adorable xD
@CrushedPixel just read the first part and thought you were looking for work, i was getting excitedThose last extra star pieces were a nightmare lmao @Jigarbov Fantastic map as ever. Loved your first one too! c:
Retweeted by Jigarbov @emmaauriee Thank you for playing them! As Mr Stickers says, it's always nice to see a 100%er, makes it all worth it :)Global sticker count is racking up! @avondale1718 So many stickers!!There is no one better at collecting stickers than me! @Jigarbov
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@GrimVaderYT definitely a bad thing 👀 @GrimVaderYT i dont know if this is a good or a bad thing @KuboStudiosLtd @AurroraMC @Minecraft @Mr_Kingsly @Bansheeez @RealisticBuildz @imForester @ThePijn @omardegante11 asking the real questionsBut what happens next? :o @FlorianFunkeMC I was referring to the % of unnamed dispensers. @GrimVaderYT @ibxtoycat @MinecraftMarket worth a try XD @GrimVaderYT @ibxtoycat @MinecraftMarket does it work if i keep replying? @GrimVaderYT @ibxtoycat @MinecraftMarket jigarbov never replies to anyone
THIS JUST IN: @ibxtoycat actually likes a piece of content from the @MinecraftMarket !!!! @MapMakingMag very admirable to keep this going, looks like a lot of work goes into each issue4 years, 12 issues Here's to the the next 4!
Retweeted by Jigarbov @JDavidFries I had a crude joke, butt... @ToMoE_vv Thank you for playing and WOW you got so lucky with so many crystals close together!
@coldfusionmaps @MinecraftMarket @CDFDMAN @rafessor_ @Skyao_ @podcrash @AurroraMC @Minecraft @_StormXVI_ Only took 9 years, finally.What are people saying about Papercraft 2: City Project available now on the @MinecraftMarket? Spoiler: They likey…’s time for me an @JDoncom to play the much anticipated sequel to @Jigarbov papercraft map! It’s Papercraft 2! I…
Retweeted by Jigarbov @JDoncom @Sheep_Machine i shall come and say hi @potatolord312 @AurroraMC first submission was july so about 15 months in total? @TheBluehush4 @AurroraMC probably blocked it from your memory
@theqmagnet twitter threw on a gif backgound that makes it hard to see, since i dont have the original files for the firs… wanted the vehicle skins to look drawn on and after a model & art pass by @TheBluehush4 and some extra animation… is the very first test I made for the folding vehicles for #papercraft2 way back in May, 2019. It was enough f… @AJ46653434 I actually have it on my list to see what would be required since it isnt a simple task to update it. s… @NOPEname_ A man after my own heart @Sheep_Machine hype, i know what im doing friday (maybe)
🔴 We're live! Come Papercraft and chill 🤙
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