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@demisxxual he wont let me 😔💔 @Sparebow you can remove the iud whenever you want, even if its been inserted for only 1 year! as soon as u remove… @Sparebow condoms are more likely to fail than an iud, plus iud’s can last up to 10 years inside uterus! definitely… @ZitoFN_ @Sparebow lmao i dont think school really teaches them this stuff so i’d rather them learn and be safe lol @Sparebow an iud is an “intrauterine device”, its the most effective form of birth control! it is inserted straight… got an iud papi I aint getting pregnant“u look so pretty” ok then nut in me @6GodM i’ll kiss u everyday @nglnicole wowwwww😍
@jadedtaylor jaded no.. 😭 @jadedtaylor my nails sir @ISweetIy get them done babe, it’s therapeuticgetting my dick grabbers done <3 @YourFellowArab you’re the only maldito arabe on this earth @YourFellowArab im canceling your order, we don’t serve malditos arabes @awiannuh pls 🙏🏻doctor said I will die if my ass is not eaten immediately, pls pray for me 🙏🏻 @YourFellowArab @Laiys_ @La1em @NatarshaAU @azra_lifts aren’t u like canceled or something
@Tossilys they’ll yell as a reaction, when mouth opens i toss lysol pill in there as wellbringing this back because i swear i hate it here
Retweeted by ♥ uchiha ♥ @Froste i hate it here @Marcus_D_animal absolutely.if u approach me and are not wearing a mask, I will spray sanitizer in your eyes @Marcus_D_animal i agree, i will spray lysol on anyone who is within 5ft of meI’m gonna keep wearing my mask in texas bc stupidity is just as contagious as covid i guess. @AmongUsGame i agreeyou won’t know what to do with so much loveyou aint know real love until you have a me in your lifei’m literally trying my best
@AbsorberYT <3 @GABECG_ vouch vouch vouch <333
@whaifu omw to pick u up, u ready? @jadedtaylor that looks fire @YourFellowArab oh shit u weren’t supposed to see this tweet orgs, no sponsors, just community
Retweeted by ♥ uchiha ♥no orgs, no sponsors, just my big fat juicy ass @YourFellowArab you’re absolutely insane if u think im jumping 50ft maldito arabenvm he wants me to die instead @dakotaz thanks for reminding me I haven’t opened amazon today!guys I just bet Arab $10 if he can guess the inches of my forehead right, what y’all think? @YourFellowArab i think we all saw that right, not just methis always happens lol, no more sleeping in >:(my head is throbbing, wish it was my pussy instead
just woked up, is it too late for morning sex?impatient friend who tries to carry vs. anxiety gamer who panics 24/7
Retweeted by ♥ uchiha ♥ @EmphyZ LMFAOOO “no me grites estoy tratando” 🥲😭😭
@dzdndz sameplease kill the mindset that we need to work hard as fuck to feel like we deserve our success. work smarter, not harder.
Retweeted by ♥ uchiha ♥ @jeqzky i got it from a company, however i wouldn’t recommend them, the battery is always low, its like it never chargesgood moaning cuties, I hope you get your dick sucked or ass eaten today, mua 💞🥰Gamers, assemble.
Retweeted by ♥ uchiha ♥ @meyyred anJaksjakajjajajajaja @ZitoFN_ uhhh try again lmao? @WafflesFN i had to kill my entire clan for it @Perfexiaa come take a slice 👉🏻👈🏻 @ak0nix and >:(((this felt right to post @JuliusSeizurex pretty good, got my lashes done @YvngDaaggerDick fucking weenie @JuliusSeizurex how was your day sirarguing annoys me which is why I always ignore those losers, but sometimes you just gotta humble people yk? anyways, ass anyone? @CrimmyLive wow you’re so flexible @ashIyne and obsessed @YourFellowArab arabmind y’all she came at me first real bold, so I only put her in her place lol @veexxen tbh idc que la gente se edite el cuerpo, a lot of big celebrities do it, but if she is gonna come at me or… @GabeteMarie no no, ella empezó jodiendo conmigo y yo solo la puse en su sitio @adrirfilo she started it, so I finished it lmfao @Paolaojedda vale donde
@CorinnaKopf they’ve been on 🥺 @daniielaisaabel CONGRATS MAMIIII @YourFellowArab LMAO damn someone needs to fire him @nishozoldyck se ponen frescas con uno y mira lo que les pasashe said that just because she’s “finer” than me doesn’t mean she’s using photoshop lmao, anyways @YourFellowArab it issss what it issss 😳 @YourFellowArab these girls @ me and then can’t take the heatanyways, girls stop being haters, dont @ people and then play victim, i hate being “problematic”, but someone has t…¿y entonces por qué borraste todas tus fotos? 🤨 @EmphyZ im embarrassed for her @rodziann @EmphyZ AJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJAJAJAJAJJAJAJAAJKAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA @whaifu 😭😭😭 @EmphyZ girl imagine coming for me just bc my ass is fat lmaoat least I aint gotta photoshop my whole ass body and still get no views @dakotaz gmmmm dakotaaaaaa @YourFellowArab WAIT NO LMAO THE TIMING WAS WEIRD AJAJAJAJAJA STOPGenetics I guess
Retweeted by ♥ uchiha ♥ @Ebankslols mm?it’s too early for porn on my tl, can’t start my day with my pussy throbbing guys so stop @YourFellowArab how can u sleep with a hoodie on @maddluv_tv ah this was what i was wanting to know tywhat’s better uber or lyft?i present to u, ass
Retweeted by ♥ uchiha ♥
@DTeeLace u deserve it danielsito @mitr0 1 mill soon >:)can I get a kiss, and can you make it last forever? @masplol octopus :oin reality what is stopping me from going back to dark hair... @aneuroma ok pero en realidad me gusto la canción @YourFellowArab 😔