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Jill E Duffy @jilleduffy Bucharest, Romania

Writer: tech & productivity. Columnist @pcmag Contributor to @dailydot. Personal stuff: tinyletter (/jilleduffy)

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@inLaurasWords Not if your hair is curly! You need that shit to clump together.Editing is like painting. You’re never done but at some point you must stop.
@meganmorrone Season 4 of Queer Eye
The wealth inequality in the US certainly influences people's responses, too. Young people are wise to the fact tha… without pleasures doesn't make a diff given the problems they face, however. But bc the idea of making sacrif… analysis here. What's not said in this debate: older ppl grew up being taught that the right way to make fi… @Barack_McBush I've been hot spotting and going to coffee shops. My landline is connected to the problem, too, so… @thekarachikid It's a saga involving the city, the landlord, the telecom company. It's too stupid to explain in detail.Internet is still down. Day 24. Reading for pleasure way up. Distracting is the Thought of a Missed Message? "phone notifications alone significantly disrupted performance…
@joshsternberg Been around for a few years as a phrase in business, borrowed I think from relationship counseling.… @korczak It IS remarkably clean @IBJIYONGI Article date is July 2018. Anyone have any updates? @jhpot I just listened to Googling Strangers and Kentucky Bluegrass, and was choking back tears @Megan_M_Garza You can do it! Remember, to be vegan 1) you’re not obligated to tell anyone, esp people who might gi… @meganmorrone Namaskar.For the love of great writing, listen to The Anthropocene Reviewed podcast. fact that the clock isn't set is KILLING ME’m on day 23 with no home internet. Time spent reading is up. TV time down. Half days spent in coffee shops up.…'m often asked how companies can improve their media relations & exposure. Let's start here: Put an easy to find m…
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My friend who doesn’t have twitter sent this from her flight. It belongs on Twitter.
Retweeted by Jill E DuffyI like to call the one on the left Russia U.P. or “Russia Upper Peninsula”Wanna see something crazy? The first picture is Russia. The second picture is also Russia. @duffy0 Isn’t Cow Hollow, like, 2 blocks long?Just realized I have writing stories that start with "It was right after I got a rabies vaccine..." @patbits @patbits Were you on Inside the Actors' Studio or Larry King Live? @EricTopol @NatureNews @NorthwesternEng I tested a smart health patch one day after getting a rabies vaccine, when… @jhoffman In the US, WeatherUnderground is great. Also @wmaxeddy is obsessed with weather apps, so he would know. big blowback from awarding, then yanking away an award to a vibrator, CES is now including "tech-based sexual…
Retweeted by Jill E DuffyI got presser invite to a doggie graduation ceremony at the county jail (prisoners train pound puppies to ready pup…
Retweeted by Jill E Duffy @JGuthmann You need to follow @divinetechygirl @inLaurasWords You’ve read The Night of the Gun? @amerikag @vademocrats @FairVoteVA I only need to update my official records. It’s not hard to do but I’m appalled… @kylegriffin1 I got a notice from this group today saying I need to update my voter info. (I'm an overseas voter.)… lord, and the envelope is too small for the form! You have got to be fucking kidding me.Got a notice from Commonwealth of Virginia that I need to update my voter info bc I'm overseas. Can do it online or… @Cathy_F_ You probably don't want to know that I get reimbursed for massages either, huh? @TaraBethIdaho New YorkSerious question. What good is Security & Privacy education if folks will still upload a scan of their face without…
Retweeted by Jill E Duffy @Cathy_F_ I have a specific plan for living abroad
@MindaHarts Would have answered “no manager” if given the option. I’m an independent worker and I love it so much. @KateOflaherty No. But get an AeroPress and a grinder.What a joy when you interview someone and land on a topic that they are truly passionate about. It's one of my favorite things in life. @mcwm A living wage for all workers in the richest country in the world? Now that’s something I’d pay money forOh I forgot about the receptionists. There were two of them wearing matching floral dresses, but not styled like u…“Ok all done.” It’s been like 5 minutes since she said 30 mins, so translation error or I misheard her. No questi… she slathers a gloved finger in something like petroleum jelly fluoride. She specifically doesn’t look at my f… she says, “Thirty minutes more.” 30 minutes! It’s already been 30 minutes of this. What else could possibly happen?Rinse, spit, back down for more. The dentists asks if it’s ok so far. “Yep!” More gum cleaning. Rinse, spit, back down.More gum-cocaine but this time applied w vigor using a small pipe cleaner between each tooth. The dentist proceeds…, spit, back down we go. Next, the assistant places a tissue on my chin and lays a veil over my whole face. I…, water pick cleaning on every tooth, every crevice, front and back. I think she hosed down every single ridge… partner has the best description of how the cleaning starts: “They smear mango-flavored cocaine all over your gu… to the decor. The office is in an old mansion. There were 8 TVs in the waiting room, 1 showing Formula One and… I had my first dental experience outside the U.S. and I thought I’d share it. First, price. A 40-min THO… @divinetechygirl @divinetechygirl Here are my girls, both Romania nstreet dogs, waiting for a walk. They do this four times a day. I…
Everyone learns the most valuable lessons the hard way @carvellwallace Wait til you read nail salon reviews on Yelp or Google Maps @jstanier For US-based companies, there are a lot of laws about hiring and how you can/can’t treat foreign contract… Suck at Time Off @meganmorrone From trying to pull a tip out of my hoodie pocket and instead bumping a forgotten unused dog poop bag
I am an empowered & confident person who is currently hiding her left thumb from a manicurist because I already fucked up the polish @thekarachikid Arrival is so good. It’s not new, but I enjoyed Ex Machina more than I imagined I would.What was the last good scifi movie you saw? Please RT.
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Sometimes I look at my Fitbit stats and picture myself marching toward death, one measured step at a time @OlutosinFashusi The world? Probably WeChat
4 months into a water crisis, the city of Chennai is bringing in water on massive trains. It's an ounce of help, bu… published version: Tags here don't work as well as they do in other apps... My notes: Shitty tags.
Uh, spreadsheets? This ain’t new just spent the last week showing my niece (7) and nephew (9) around Bucharest and Transylvania. May I just say Ro…
@OlutosinFashusi @jesseddy Depends what you mean by design. There are people who review tools such as Photoshop, Il… is a dumb ass bullshit budget made up by someone who has never bought groceries or gas in their life @rojospinks Totally can happen. Fucking OutlookHey tweeps I’m looking for folks who have worked at an Amazon warehouse within the past few years. Does anyone know anyone? DMs are open!
Retweeted by Jill E Duffy2 solid weeks without internet at home and the update today: no estimated time frame for when it will be resolved.… love your twitter bio! 💕Bookmarks yes please Get ready for a whole new kind of tab hoarding! your Zoom app on mac, everyone
.@Amazon warehouse workers in Minnesota plan to strike during next week's Prime Day shopping extravaganza.…
Retweeted by Jill E DuffyI watched this while a rap song (Middle Child by J Cole) played in the background and it was way more badass
@divinetechygirl My math was: What 20% down payment do I have, and will the resulting mortgage + taxes + insurance… @Ohthatflo In India, the city lost internet for an entire month. This is a cakewalk. Still, I’m pretty boggled that… @meggg_elaine How dare they not cast an actual mermaid. @Cathy_F_
@sarahkovac Honestly, that matches my success rate with "smart" packaging, too @Barack_McBush At least you didn’t think I was in Budapest. @Barack_McBush Interesting. I’ll look if they’re in Romania. 90 euros a month is a LOT considering I usually get by…, the telecom co are clearly unprepared because we’ve had a repair scheduled 3 times and all that happens… Bucharest, the city wants to move from copper to fiber wires. I guess the telecom companies weren’t moving fast…
TFW you live in a foreign country and fireworks start and you have zero clue what they’re for.Y’all wild for this one 🤣
Retweeted by Jill E Duffy @rojospinks The food is incredibleTuesday, July 2 Flags up I’m going with the theory it’s flags down when busy, flags up when not busy*Instructions Unclear*
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@pardesoteric @ibogost Chat with @LuisvonAhn about it sometime. He’s a great interviewAlso, it's pretty fucking amazing to see first hand how people can manage to communicate when they don't share any… people ask me what language people in South India speak and I rattle off a list including Kannada, and someone… one has any idea what I'm talking about, huh?