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Retweeted by Jill E DuffyHello! If you're a female, current HS senior who will be pursuing a degree in STEM or the Arts next year, we have a…
Retweeted by Jill E Duffy @Gigi_Peterkin 100 percent agree 2012 I applied for a fellowship with the goal of researching newsrooms in Germany to compare to U.S. in how they… @Gigi_Peterkin People care about language rules and usage for a lot of reasons. Historically, we have many examples… @Gigi_Peterkin Barclays (in American English) Withings Porsche Adidas La Croix... And who knows if it’s ah-SAHN-ah or AHS-san-uh? @Gigi_Peterkin Human names are not the same as product names or generic nouns. There are plenty of brand names that… @Gigi_Peterkin If it’s truly a 50/50 split, and not “on the Internet“ but in spoken linguistic communities, then both are acceptable.I’m Team Descriptive-Not-Prescriptive-Language Ways to Make Slack Tidy and Less Busy @RVoronaCote I had an enormous red zit the other day and I tried so hard not to touch it all day, and finally when…
@sarahkovac Jeez that’s darkIn Ukraine, these used to be called "temniki" (little themes) - political instructions on how to cover particular t…
Retweeted by Jill E Duffy @nedwards Go watch The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema and you’ll be good @MindaHarts Are you diagnosed with OCD or just neurotic? Either is ok but if you’re not diagnosed OCD just pls know… #AppleEvent
Retweeted by Jill E Duffy @geoffreyfowler Because they don’t exist yet @WillOremus Haven’t we been giving over passport photos since passport books had photos? It’s not like governments… @wmaxeddy It’s not like financial institutions are any better though 🤷‍♀️Tim: FAMOUS. Aquaman, Sodaman, Wonder Woman, Guns n Roses, War N Peace, The Taco Bell dog, whoever is the KFC colon…
Retweeted by Jill E DuffyTim: Get me famous people. Apple: but who? Tim: I don't care, as long as they're famous. Apple: um, ok. Tim: I'm se…
Retweeted by Jill E DuffyIf anyone is curious what Apple is up to, this presser is the definitive "we want regular money from you each month…
Retweeted by Jill E Duffy @bobproehl OofHere's a summary of what I learned on Twitter today: 1) People were wary of elections in Quito, and then all the po…'s the same image before editing. Little improvements in color, cropping, and a fine white crease down the mout… today about scanning and editing photos, and I did a tiny touchup of this photo of me when I was about 2 1/… @meredithpopolo I struggled to do a half marathon once, so I would not do an ultra. But it does sound kind of kooky…'m finally traumatized by something on the internet and it's an ADVERTISEMENT? report confirms no Linux on the desktop.
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Craziest thread on Twitter ever friends! Who wants to do a 50K or 80K through a ruined castle with bears and wolves waiting on the other sid…
@C0INCELPR0 I was angry, embarrassed, and completely uncommitted now to cheerleading. I really never intended to pi… @C0INCELPR0 I tried out for cheerleading. I also wanted to try for kickline. If I got both, I’d pick 1 since I coul… @superpixels “Lipsey is charged with distribution of cocaine to a minor, the highest level drug felony available un… Don't buy stuff that you don't need. That's the best way to reduce consumption. But when you do need some… Third Oak's flip-flops, which are manufactured in the state of Georgia and can be completely recycled, unlike fo… these Brazilian slides from Insecta made from recycled plastic bottles, check out these gorgeous Italian shoes from Verdura made from recycled fishing net and natural cork resource of shoe companies making sustainable or cruelty-free shoes, sandals, boots. are the chances that these two people bought the same pair of shoes in different sizes, and the packer switche…
Judge denies extension, order Alex Jones to turn over records to Sandy Hook families
Retweeted by Jill E Duffy @noFelld Decided I’m just gonna call myself a Cusper—on the cusp of Gen X and MillennialWomen in tech thread. Please go through all the replies and follow all the extraordinary people mentioned here. @JenniferJolly @karaswisher @JennaWortham1 @JoannaStern A bunch of my recommendations are getting lost in replies t… you are, wherever you are, water is your human right. Women and girls are responsible for water collection…
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@TatianaKing 😬 IT MENZ PM #JacindaArdern says reining in social media platforms “will need a global response.” She brushed off talk of…
Retweeted by Jill E Duffy @Devindra told me how much energy I'd have to spend in my adult life finding diverse stock photography
Retweeted by Jill E DuffyAny... ... day... ... ... now... ... ... ... peeve: When official app/software instructions online don't match what's in the app. Terminology needs to match… @benjedwards Person from PorlockI get back to the apartment, puzzling over this whole encounter and decide to look up stuff about Annie Lenox, who… didn't strike me as being in need of mental help, but instability takes many forms. She keeps talking about--wh…'m not too chatty with strangers, so I say, "Sounds interesting. Pekingese are pretty chill. You could try a Peke.… woman starts chatting with me about how she wants to get a small dog "because I'm going to bicycle across the… was living in Berkeley for a month after being in India for 2 yrs. In India, I saw all kinds of crazy shit, so I… light of Annie Lenox's picture and Brexit musings going around today (, I offer up this… @ClaraJeffery @JulieOwenMoylan usually is on itIt means "underpants" in South Korea:
Retweeted by Jill E DuffyWith this Nikki Haley/Finland story, all I can see is Selina Meyer and Minna having a passive aggressive moment.
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Lesson: A lot of people hate tomatoes but kind of feel bad about it @britnidlc White wine @lawfulnerd @NateSilver538 Agree. A temperate attitude comes across as a thoughtful supporter, someone who made an… @ProPublica Happens to me often. Usually when I have longer hair. My hair is big, thick. And sometimes I have bobby… @summerbrennan Happens to me often. Usually when I have longer hair. My hair is BIG. And sometimes I have bobby pin… @lawfulnerd I heard it on Market Place. Similar!Price of a hot dog at ball parks: Fenway Franks: $5.25 Wrigley Field hot dog: $5.75 New York Mets: $6.25 Dogers Stadium: $6.50"The average price of a hot dog at MLB games has increased since 2010 from 3.79 U.S. dollars to 5.01 dollars in 201… about how a stadium in Atlanta went cashless & dropped the price of hot dogs as a result to $1.50. Easier to c… @nedwards For a budget pick, good old Ponds Facial Cream. Gentle. Thick. Couple of bucks for a year’s worth.
@James_L_J 80 percent of this trip is about WarPigs. If I can fill 20 percent with ways to burn off beer, I’m cool. 🚴🏻‍♀️Me looking at mobile app games: Gah. I don’t even know what half of these are. I’m gonna go back to browsing productivity apps. @James_L_J Already have plenty of beer and food lined up. Could use recommendations for outdoor activities (bike ro… @Giantpixie12 Please do! We have plenty of beer and food lined up. Could use more shopping/window shopping, activities, sites @rajatrocks @madebygoogle I wanted to delete it, not mark it as done. I don’t want false “dones” recoded. You shoul… 3 days in Copenhagen next month. Any must-sees? My list is currently all beer bars. @jasonhowell Also, take the day off and go to the doctor! Your sight is more important than 1 day of work @jasonhowell I remember! Yes, eye stuff is super serious and scary. Hope you can get an emergency appointment ASAP @jasonhowell Go to optom. Ask to flip your eyelid. This happened to me twice and I had something stuck to the inside of my eyelid40 KG de plástico en el estómago de una ballena 🐳 el peor caso que han encontrado hasta la fecha 👉🏻…
Retweeted by Jill E Duffy @madebygoogle Are you sure? The Google Home Hub sent me to the Google Home app, which sent me to the Google Assista…
@WillOremus Forward to Evernote @alexmuench You do it during or right before annual review @septembergrrl @inLaurasWords @ParkerMolloy Or “do no harm” because it seems to break all kinds of ethics and trust… @_DarrenCohen @meganmorrone During the SF Giants Posey years, I got into it a little. But I can't abide the fact th… @meganmorrone It's stupid @meganmorrone 💯 Me meeting my partner in early 2000s: “Baseball? He likes baseball? Ugh. Eye roll. But he’s smart… Twitter thread, visualized
Retweeted by Jill E DuffyHack Your Slack So It’s Less Whack the crowd-pleasing headline I should have used scoop from @JasonGuerrasio: MP is bringing back a $9.95-a-month "unlimited" plan similar to the one that…
Retweeted by Jill E Duffy @maxleibman Hopefully that's falling away a little? It was hot, hot, hot in early 2010s. I feel like I see less of… really says something about our environment that people can have opinions about an announcement that hasn't happ… accidentally lost all the music uploaded from its first 12 years in a server migration, losing over 50 mill…
Retweeted by Jill E DuffyOOOHWEE! Tricky podcast about journalism and online media is smoking hot or lit or whatever one says these days, no… @Aldraku @keineaanung Nope. My doctor’s questions and thoughts had nothing to do with this. Thanks.Twitter debates in photo form.
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