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This by @AOC.
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immunocompromised people: *struggling to live during a pandemic* everybody else: i would gladly kill you to eat my…
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Retweeted by JillThere’s only one answer
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@gay_hokie come to chesapeake<3
I forgot to shave my legs and i’m wearing a skirt to my first day of my new job @OldManHighJump thank you mr. sauer!! @ricericebabyyy_ I miss u lots miss careyI think about these daily
I HIT MY GOAL WEIGHT!!!!! I haven’t been this weight since going into college and I am so PROUD!!! I gained 30+ pou…
posting this bc it’s important.
Retweeted by JillLatest JSTOR software update: post a JSTOR-y to let us know what you’re reading!
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i’m bringing my purse into my interview but the only things I have in there are heart candies from valentines and a…
@sophiaxolivia that was the best moment of my 4 yearshere is my 20 second trailer of my life pls be friends with me i’m fun on occasion @molly_meador moodhow dumb would it be if I got a mulaney quote as a tattooJOHN MULANEY MY KING
@gracebperkins couldn’t be usimagine reading 300+ pages a week, having one class a week where the “lecture” has little to do with the class, and… I want in life is a raccoon. that’s it. nothing much. @gay_hokie you know me so wellit’s so hard seeing others live out your dream😔
happy birthday to my crohn’s soulmate can’t imagine how you came to this horrid opinion, but I hope wherever you are in life you find peace and realize…
i can’t tell you how many times people have stood up for my abuser saying what a great guy he was and said he wasn’… No, I think all oceans are beautiful
Retweeted by Jill✨parks and rec characters as webkinz✨a thread
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@gay_hokie WAIT SAMEbank robber: fine one question me: who would you say is your favorite hostage
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how has it already been 3 years and yes I ugly cried the entire way home
@lilliecrawford_ I think about this constantly
"The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe
Retweeted by Jill @alimonahan26 it’s the time of the year where every single class piles on the work at once<3
shooting my dad with a nerf gun at the ripe age of 20 and getting yelled at saying if I do it again i’ll get in tro… @joybluebird1997 no one would listen they’d elbow through the crowd to get a mediocre sandwich and not look up once… @gay_hokie BLACK NO QUESTIONturner during lunch rush john🥰
:( my heart tried to get rid of the post office and lost by mail in ballots. Poetic justice.
Retweeted by JillBeing told time and time again as a woman who ran for multiple elected positions I had not been enough and a man wa… America’s educators, this is a great day: You’re going to have one of your own in the White House, and Jill is…
Retweeted by JillI can’t put into words how happy this makes me“while i might be the first woman in office, i won’t be the last” YESSSS
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Joy does not betray but sustains activism. JOY DOES NOT BETRAY BUT SUSTAINS ACTIVISM.
Retweeted by Jill @BrookeFortunato good😗knowing i’m going to be a teacher within the next 4 years and betsy devos is GONE!!!!! whewwwww the relief. a bette…’m celebrating that I know for a fact I can get my life-saving medication. The past four years I have been almost… Black woman is the Vice President of the US. This is history.
Retweeted by Jill...And stay out!
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Retweeted by JillI have tears in my eyes I am so relieved and grateful to not have to live another 4 years under a government that d… GOT ITS KISS BABY!!!!!! goodbye you ignorant POS! you’re an embarrassment to the united states :)
Retweeted by JillThe Gang Wins The Election
Retweeted by Jilli would die for you @AOC, that’s all.
Retweeted by Jill @gracebperkins amazingrealizing I will spend my 21st at home by myself in chesapeake
Retweeted by Jill @sarawy_n i’m so proud of youI wasn’t allowed to pluck my eyebrows until I was 14 and when I plucked them for the first time I OVERplucked and t… Tan Laundry
Retweeted by Jillgood morning everyone! but a very special good morning to pennsylvania and georgia!! y’all are doing great pls keep it up<3Stacey Abrams played an absolutely ENORMOUS role in Georgia turning blue. She has become one of the biggest civil a…
Retweeted by Jilldoctors in the 15th century after rubbing frogs on their patients
Retweeted by Jillme checking my phone every 45 seconds making sure the gap in georgia still narrowing
me: sobbing in my car blasting music in standstill traffic the man one car over staring directly at me: 👁👄👁HELLLOOO WISCONSINNNNNN!!!!!
Retweeted by Jill @meens_beans i’m debating what I should put in the boot pocketthis was on my Facebook marketplace and I am deeply concerned!
Retweeted by JillThe mail-in ballots arriving
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transylvanian nobleman outside dracula’s castle circa late 1800s
Retweeted by Jillchecking the news today
Retweeted by Jill @AndyGraGra the fact u set a self timer for thisPotatos cancelled, most corn-cancelled, peaches possibly cancelled, but that mf cheese. They came through.
Retweeted by Jillthis is a Wisconsin fan account nowmy professor rescheduling our paper from this friday to next friday to alleviate some stress and prioritize our men… reported about 300,000 untraceable ballots today -- those that have entered processing facilities but not left…
Retweeted by Jill @siennaanoellee “no matter who wins Jesus will always be king” bro say u voted for tr*mp and move on @gracebperkins I love u more @gay_hokie I love YOU!Today I spent the day safely out with my Mom and doing little things to make me happy. My loved ones checked in on… got the courage to start therapy in late January. Lex dropped my off in the parking lot and drove away so I didn’… past year was by far the worst. I went days at a time without leaving my bed. I was skipping meals because it… years ago today I was assaulted. Nov. 3 is a shitty day and easily one of the worst days of my life. I was dreadi… am absolutely terrified i’m about to lose my rights and access to healthcare while living with a severe chronic illness😀😀😀😀 @graxekarol can I come i’ll bring picklesall my homies hate floridawhat else could possibly add to election day stress? a random IBS flare. yay🥳
This is literally something the Nazis did
Retweeted by Jill @deannnhusteddd tell me why i’m not surprised kalani is a trump supporterDisrespectfully❤️
Retweeted by Jill @gay_hokie treat yo self angelfor the next few days I will mentally be in the Hidden Valley carnival commercial @nats2215 soup