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AZMomma @jilliansw A drop of blue in a red state

Everyone calls me Mom. I'm just one of those people that really cares about others - and animals, which naturally makes me a proud Leftist.

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@JennaEllisEsq You're embarrassing yourself
@CortesSteve They sure didn't vote for Trump in Arizona or Nevada. @Jessicam6946 Gitmo! Rush Limbaugh told them all it was a country club. We already got the place @atching1 @JennaEllisEsq @RudyGiuliani They have judges at the Wyndham hotel? @Valerie921 @JennaEllisEsq @RudyGiuliani Pretty certain God is waiting for these people at the Pearly Gates. And he… @DAndalora_Bella @JennaEllisEsq @RudyGiuliani God heard your prayers and canceled the trip. Thank you @JennaEllisEsq @RudyGiuliani Back in the day we had a term for people like you. Ambulance Chasers.#PatheticLittleMan @realTuckFrumper It's time for Miss Lindsay to go in Pearl clutching mode now that he can't hide behind the orange… America News Network, one of President Trump’s favorite media outlets, has been banned from posting new videos…
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@cenkuygur @CNN @RahmEmanuel We need to get #NoRahm trending. As a mother with a special child I loathe Rahm. My f… @EoinHiggins_ @JamaalBowmanNY @RahmEmanuel Omg I am so sick of progressive voices being silenced. @KMcmilon @dougducey Maybe put on your damn mask so the rest of us don't have to stay home @ghostjesse09 I'd have to put healthcare at the top of the list @LolaMotz 🙏❤️ @CathyOhrinGreip @FaithMonkee @azcentral Overpriced crappy ice cream @becki4jb @FOX10Phoenix Testy little man? I've met him in person and he is the nicest guy. Why do you people always insult everybody? @Chuckmeg @azcentral Heartbroken. Lived here since the 70s. This was the best run election we ever had. It was so s… @azcentral We've known that since election night? Why is this news? @dougducey How many Arizona's do you plan to murder before Christmas Doug? @repmattdean @BeschlossDC Oh lordy put on your big boy pants. Every EX president has a library there is nothing wrong with his question @BeschlossDC @resistersiste20 Tough shit? You've had a nice ride. Now it's time for someone else @know_ure_rights Grapes#ThenItChangedFromRedToBlue I helped do that! @sfsportsfan01 @andylassner Sometimes I have to laugh to keep myself from screamingMeet Donnys newest Chief of Staff: #CousinEddie #dennisquaid @OldManinthemoon @MeidasTouch And the pillow guy? Guess he'll just have to go back to making pillowsTruth @JohnKerry Hopefully @sunrisemvmt will have a seat at your tableHaha!! 👊🏻👊🏾 🤣
Retweeted by AZMommaI have received numerous messages and Tweet responses questioning my loyalty”. That is simple. My loyalty is first…
Retweeted by AZMommaSome things in 2020 are turning out quite good @thehill You mean your blessings because a lot of people aren't feeling so blessed right now because of you @Dystopian_Rob I bet no one will get this but definitely my favorite movie -You switched the samples after Lentz di…
@TankSchottle @mightbe_crazy No! You're both at your sexual peak it should be perfect ☺️ have fun!We can’t have large family gatherings for Thanksgiving but the US isn’t missing out on that drunk uncle who won’t leave the party.
Retweeted by AZMomma @mama_c2 @tooronlists This. Americans cannot have nice things like healthcare because of greed @tooronlists Healthcare being tied to your job. Back in the day we would find a job and stay there for decades. Hea… @RWilliams48239 @marceelias Omfg. He is pure evil. And his stupid supporters that will fall for this.
@Bing_Gordyn @MicheleShaula21 @cubanamerican95 @tedcruz That's exactly what they did. They voted for oppressive leader @cubanamerican95 @tedcruz One of the most hypocritical things that happened during this election was to watch peopl… @tedcruz Why do you hate Americans so much? @WendyRogersAZ Then you better pay for it because we already had an election that was certified. NO RECOUNT AT THE… @exjon @dougducey Take a government class 😂 That's not how it works! @chrislhayes Throw a turkey breast, bone in, into a crock pot. So good, so easy Turkey falls right off the bone. B… @tomborelli @CNBC @Regeneron @realDonaldTrump Who is paying for it & why isn't it available to all Americans? That'… @sgallman Who's paying for this recount? If the taxpayers are that should be the biggest story @Karyn_resists @joncoopertweets Is that a penis on her face or is she just happy to see him? @KathyBe34030023 @FrankLuntz The Supreme Court is not going to override the will of the voters. @realDonaldTrump Have fun with SDNY Donnie! @ReverendWarnock @ShawnInArizona Take care of yourself from now until January wrap yourself from head to toe in bub…
@realTuckFrumper She's such a good Christian wanting to infect all her friends and loved onesI told you on October 26th that we are not done yet. I have good news--We ARE ALMOST DONE.
Retweeted by AZMommaYour tax dollars hard at work @bourgeoisalien I think it's just years / decades of working in the Senate together. There used to be a time when s… @katie_brennan The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. It was on the other night. I forgot how hysterically funny it w… somebody tell @JoeBiden that having Rahm Emanuel in his cabinet is going to further divisions not heal us. @hughhewitt @MarshaBlackburn @SenTomCotton Does that mean they acknowledge that Joe Biden is the next president of… are not falling behind. They are surviving a pandemic.
Retweeted by AZMommaTrump Organization's consulting payments to Ivanka Trump are focus of NY tax probe - CBS News
Retweeted by AZMomma @TuQuoque7 Cupcake!
@besf0rt Take their kids to the park @_SemaHernandez_ So am I. @thehill @TheHillOpinion Or maybe South Dakotans need to understand how Covid spreads 🙄 @JennaEllisEsq Is that why you guys keep losing? 😂😂 @realTuckFrumper Who Da F is he? Never heard of him @Angry_Staffer Or a teacher or the parent of a teacher. Or the retired lady who volunteers in the lunchroom? The cl… @Sifill_LDF As a mom of a daughter with special needs I will never forgive him for calling the left the R word. I a… @GOP @Mike_Pence Enjoy Hell
@brat2381 Stacy Abrams for DNC chair. @mhdksafa 💔Attorney General Barr has presided over an unprecedented spree of federal executions this year. He’s got at least t…
Retweeted by AZMommaTo get the virus under control, we need to pay people to stay home.
Retweeted by AZMomma @benshapiro Why help the working class when we could be using that money to give tax breaks to the multi-millionaires? @bullseye_gotcha @dougducey Just imagine what the numbers would be like if people really did wear masks? 🙄 @dougducey Why can't you be like other Republican governors and issue a mask mandate? You are so weak @LindseyGrahamSC @MaribellaTiTi If that's what he says we should do I'm going to listen to him and not Donald Trump @marcorubio Obviously most of America does not like Republicans
One way this could backfire for Trump: As a government official, Krebs had been forbidden from speaking to the Bide…
Retweeted by AZMomma @RepJayapal Resign? If there was any race that needs to be audited it's Lindsey beating Jamie. Something does not add upLindsey Graham must resign. It has now been corroborated that he urged the Secretary of State in Georgia to find…
Retweeted by AZMommaOh goody now we get to have a war on Thanksgiving. These cultists are insane @davidmackau The Election Results @MSNBC @NBCNewsTHINK Hell NoOr Pelosi not getting help to the people who need it. Unbelievable she still cannot make a deal after months and mo… @JennaEllisEsq @JocelynBenson It's time we recount all the legal votes in the Senate elections. I don't believe Lindsey Graham won @JennaEllisEsq @JocelynBenson Lol. What a bunch of snowflakes. The election wasn't even close!
@ltrain87x He was canceled when he stopped being funny @dougducey Issue a mask mandate before you kill us all @CHueyBurns Heard he contacted Governor Doug Ducey in Arizona too @educated_educ8r YesBREAKING: US surpasses 11 million #coronavirus cases. It took just 6 days to go from 10 million to 11 million.
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@ShawnInArizona I was wondering if he was going to change now that his BFF is an embarrassing loser. The answer to my question is nope 😔 @CNNPolitics @MSNBC what part of Americans are done with Donald Trump do you not understand? Stop already! You have… @dougducey @VP The vaccine is not going to be available for a while. In the meantime can you stop killing us and show some leadership?