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Jill @jilliferium Wales, United Kingdom

she/her | simultaneously pansexual and a useless lesbian | I mostly post selfies or pictures of my dog

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@LavaCookiesArt 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Excellent work honestly @LavaCookiesArt FLOWER LESBIANS @LavaCookiesArt I love that you has this reaction image prepared @siegequeen We've been talking about cuddle puddles so much this week just fuck me up @LavaCookiesArt puddle? Cuddle puddle. This is not what I set out to doodle today help @Spindilly Nope. Ryan was extremely queercoded despite the Kelsi thing, Chad was very receptive and then later thei… on that #dndartists! Might make a bit of a thread because I’m very proud of some of these
Retweeted by Jilli feel like ppl on the whole need to learn some fucking manners. just because everyone's terminally online these da…
Retweeted by JillThe first snowdrops now blooming but can be unlucky. Known as Death Flowers in some counties – perhaps because they…
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@Hannah_Shaw92 I mostly spent the movie screaming with Emma honestly Because Bella what is WRONG with you @Hannah_Shaw92 I actually laughed at some bits, I'm so madto me and anyone else who needs to hear this
Retweeted by JillGiveaway time over on Instagram! Win a massive set of fancy postcards and a signature suspender choker, all you nee…
Retweeted by JillDo toxic people deserve a chance to change? Sure. Are they entitled to do it in your space, fuck no.
Retweeted by Jillwe give a lot of attention to dogs' snoots and the booping thereof, but I believe their weird rubbery lower lips al…
Retweeted by JillOllie Petting Simulator 2021 Update just dropped
Retweeted by Jillship dynamic ....maybe more of a self-insert
Retweeted by Jill @siegequeen I mean, by most metrics it's still Not Very Good There's just parts of it that are better than they sh…'s action: Donate what you can to Brooks Advisory, to support access to health advice and support for all.
Retweeted by JillI'm hype about Black is King and in true random fashion, I give you Beyonce as game characters. Beyonce as a tank…
Retweeted by JillPretty fucking jealous that Americans are looking forward to four years of admittedly imperfect but relatively bori…
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@siegequeen Plz still live me 😭😭😭😭😭 @AlmostTopical @ViolentMoth Emma, do NOTOK I'm gonna say something and I need you all to know I'm disgusted with myself for saying it: The third Twilight… The Tories want to take away paid holidays. Sign the petition to keep the working time directive:…
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Retweeted by JillMy contribution to ShantyTok
Retweeted by Jill @Spindilly Big ADHD moodBlessed 🐸
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As you honor my father today, please honor my mother, as well. She was the architect of the King Legacy and founder…
Retweeted by JillI still think about how First Class took the one mutant who's power is they can't die and made sure they died.
Retweeted by JillI spring forth from the waves: Balls: out Scarf: a fish Horses: also fish
Retweeted by Jillfrogs on shrooms
Retweeted by JillBooks by Black authors releasing January 19, 2021: THREAD!!
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@LavaCookiesArt True lesbian ally, we stan a Dinosaur Queen @siegequeen Fuckin Trust you to make that connection I thought I was being so sneaky 😂😂😂😂 I mean, she's done some b…
@LavaCookiesArt Respectful looking! @siegequeen She takes time for herself! We had a whole musical episode where she did nothing and left yall to sort y'alls shit out 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @siegequeen 100% might not even happen! Moon is a very dedicated and busy fish! But its a cute idea 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 @AlmostTopical This gif is perfection omg 😂😂😂😂😂 @ViolentMoth @_DreamyPumpkin_ 😂😂😂😂😂 Light spice. White people spice. Pumpkin spice.Cropped so it isnt too ~spicy~ for the TL, please join me in my fantasy world where my RP character is a functional… @AlmostTopical This was Rough and also has me in my feelings about video games T_T of Swords Press is a small woman and queer-owned genre fiction press based in Minneapolis. We have 10 titles…
Retweeted by JillPrince as birds. A thread.
Retweeted by JillThe Labyrinth | Simon Stålenhag | @simonstalenhag
Retweeted by JillDear politicians/political influencers: When you tweet about my father’s birthday, remember that he was resolute a…
Retweeted by JillThe Jacob Rees-Mogg Wellerman Shanty.
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@1555dragons Is it..... Lesbian sword women....?The fact the hale sea shanty craze is doon tae the braw work ae a postman fae Airdrie maks me awfy proud. Whit a fi…
Retweeted by JillTwo Very-Well-Mannered Friend-Shaped Green Spheres are on the Vine to let you know that Food Is Required Urgently!
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Retweeted by JillThe thing about having a consistent skincare routine is that the anti-self-care demon will say things like 'why are… Tum Tugger
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BotW prince Sidon but him native 💛
Retweeted by JillSo who has watched @AppleTV’s Wolfwalkers? It’s about wild girls, wild women and wolves. Definitely my cup of tea.…
Retweeted by Jilldoing stuff is hard shoutout to anyone who does anything
Retweeted by Jill @ViolentMoth guy came to the sage Hillel & (obnoxiously) asked him to teach all of Torah on one foot. Hillel said, "What is…
Retweeted by JillMad love for @BlackXanthus for pimping out his twitch channel to plusnet customer service, always hustling 😂😂😂 @Seferine You know where their cars are and how to cut a brake line.....? @Seferine Simpler and faster to just break their legs Like it sends the messageThe government says the coronavirus rules are tough enough. The problem is compliance I've been looking at the dat…
Retweeted by JillWearing a scarf with dicks on it to work to feel joy #SecretLesbians is a thread about content warnings: what they are, how to use them, why you should use them, and how *I* perso…
Retweeted by JillIf you or someone you know has been affected by Gender you may be entitled to a structured settlement
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This is probably as good a cultural moment as any to remind the world that Sea Shanties are Black Music.
Retweeted by Jill @Spindilly My role in a horror movie is aggressive feminist who dies first honestly @siegequeen Like your best life, I love it @Spindilly Yes? Obviously?I swear, working with me must be hard work. Like bitch I'll make you confront your generational trauma, don't think I won't
pls more darkskin women in shows not being brutalized and killed for plot
Retweeted by JillBro you good frog means business you can tell by the suit he wears
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Japanese Coming Of Age Day 2021 furisode kimono at Meiji Shrine in Harajuku today. Most government ceremonies & eve…
Retweeted by Jill166 more till I can say "Nice!" Perhaps you can make this little Indian boy's dream come true? Don't worry, I'm p…
Retweeted by JillHey friends, here is something cool to break up your Twitter feed
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@Spindilly You look like someone with the same problemI am screaming about how much I love the Yu Gi Oh anime and also how much all of my terrible taste in men comes from this help meI like Hades, is good game, have puppy
Retweeted by JillImportant to keep nose warm
Retweeted by JillPSA ♿️ I’m going to make this a thread of disabled streamers. Twitch has refused repeatedly to add a ‘Disabled’ t…
Retweeted by JillI didn't realize that the Lego Bonsai set used a small frog to fill in for a knot of wood. And when I looked at th…
Retweeted by JillSomeone on facebook said "Every ska band that formed after the 90s sucks" So I made a long thread of incredible ban…
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delete ! their ! nudes ! if ! you ! are ! no ! longer ! with ! them !
Retweeted by JillDisability belongs in #TTRPG Here at DnD Disability we create disability mechanics, supplements, and content for…
Retweeted by JillIf ur thicc & u know it pat ur belly *pat pat* If ur thicc & u know it pat ur belly *pat pat* If ur thicc & u kno…
Retweeted by JillWe're live! You coming through?
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ちょっとだけおめかし。がんぼるぞい! translation: I dressed up a little.
Retweeted by JillLike this app still routinely bans and shadow bans BIPOC ppl everyday for the silliest bullshit. No way that man sh…
Retweeted by Jill @everindecisive It shouldn't be possible! And yet! Especially the cutesy look into the Croft private museum... Yikes 😂😂😂A most exciting delivery today: thousands of exquisite freshwater pearls in a delicious array of tones, shapes and…
Retweeted by Jill @everindecisive I just forgot how Very White Laura Croft is 😂😂😂😂 having fun so far but also god damnPlaying Shadow of the Tomb Raider and SCREAMING because WHAT THE FUCK