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dog mama. human lover. v gay for my wife 🏳️‍🌈. director - people ops @getreaction she/her

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And shout out to all the PMs who are somehow keeping teams running and on a track, when the world is falling apart…
Retweeted by hug dispenser aka jill wohlnerShoutout to all the HR/People teams being strong at work for like a shit ton of people ❤️
@esparkman im not talking about restaurants. @esparkman then maybe you shouldnt call it a happy hour?encouraging your employees to drink is not helping anyonecan we pls stop having remote company happy hours during this time? the amount of people leaning into alcohol as a… @samkottler my god its so goodarent we all....
I wrote this before everyone was WFH, but now it might be helpful to more folx! am healthy, housed, fed, employed, and loved. Gonna be reminding myself of that for a while.
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@SllyLhmn we went there for my birthday! (and had to cut the trip short bc of the world RN)life updates: - I had a birthday! 35 or bust! - mexico city is incredible - we're settling into our new, isolated… was very nice to have a twitter break. I won't be adding twitter back to my phone (for my sanity/anxiety), but…, i love you all and hope everyone is doing okay ❤️
white women really make their own boundaries on what’s ‘policitally correct’ to joke about don’t we?! @pbowden I was wondering when you would tweet about thisNot enough ppl are talking about how good dolmas are. @willwallaceii mom found a binder today that was full of emails I wrote to my dad when I was in college., my wife is talented @stevendotjs @nburdy @shunley42 @aaron_turon @jamesisfine @neil_huntingdon @ZacharyZane_ @joelycett *performs secret bisexual handshake* @nburdy @shunley42 @stevendotjs @aaron_turon @jamesisfine @neil_huntingdon @ZacharyZane_ @joelycett, so often, when I tell ‘fit’ ppl I walk for exercise, they kind of laugh/giggleNothing has helped my relationship w/exercise more than to stop doing activities I hate (they tend to be the ones t… women devs: Your women colleagues in marketing have had to fight just as hard as you have to survive and advan…
Retweeted by hug dispenser aka jill wohlnerI've decided my New Years resolution is to stop procrastinating
Retweeted by hug dispenser aka jill wohlnerThere’s a lot of heavy shit going on in the world today. Remember to take your medicine."I dislike Baby Yoda." #LoseYourJobIn4Words
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software engineering is an endless process of asking is this code fucking stupid or am i fucking stupid and the answer is usually both
Retweeted by hug dispenser aka jill wohlner @richburroughs @FireHydrantIO Exciting! Love me some @bobbytables!! @casio_juarez @spacepopstar yesI need more bisexual men in my life. Who should I be following on here?Sometimes I think about something mean someone said to me and how they probably don’t even remember. Instead of ge… made another one... and tik tok slept so here u go twitter
Retweeted by hug dispenser aka jill wohlner @willwallaceii Judge Mathis is an under-appreciated gem Case in point i just searched judge mathis gifs and the f…😭😭😭 when I heard Judge Judy is ending...
Retweeted by hug dispenser aka jill wohlner @supershabam @kwuchu same lives!
black lasagna 😂 @thesarahhagan @thepaulhagan 😂😂😂 love y’all!
the mama and the baby pup @TheBandsVisit yesterday and loved it!!! ❤️⁦@kf⁩!!
@kf so jelly of the pop stars kiddos get to grow up with today (and thankful!) @rchrdbyd honestly, thank you for this amazing referenceSometimes I like to think about early career jill and laugh about what a little dumb dumb I was. @mspowahs @lynncyrin Same! I’m down for 27! I’d be so much better at it the 2nd time around!! @snehainguva @dbentley 😂😂😂 @dbentley @snehainguva Not shockingly, she was not familiar with ninja rap when I sang it to her 😂Update: my wife thought the tmnt backstory was teenagers who got turned into turtles. Pls send prayers. go go power rangers WIRED: GAGA POWER RANGERS #StupidLove
Retweeted by hug dispenser aka jill wohlnerMe listening to #StupidLove as soon as I wake up
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@joeshaw someone earned their spiked seltzer!!! @ashleymcnamara I get that, every opinion is nuanced. Just a company that has a pretty bleak history for treating URMs well. :shrug:hi this is meeee if you help me grow 🌱 and give me opportunities 🚿 I will bloom 🌸 into a senior dev one day so ple…
Retweeted by hug dispenser aka jill wohlner @VolfanJB @Guerito_saltA @eatyourfat @MrAndyNgo @ZubyMusic @EmilyGorcenski y’all are so jealous it’s adorable USE OF THE SONG 'SAY MY NAME' IS SO ICONIC!!!! IM SCREAMING AN ICON @JillWetzler @amyt Omg of course you know Amy!! So much love for you both ❤️ @thematthewgreen Gym!! Less flight anxiety and less clothes!! 😂 @willwallaceii That’s a really fair point 😂😂😂Are ppl really still announcing they’re joining github?! @willwallaceii Omg epic. What would I do without the entertainment?!I will mute my music, and walk over to I can hear more. truly love watching men fight over weights at the gym our @getreaction parents and their lil cuties
young me - knows everything about every celebrity ever older me - overconfidently states tv & films random celebri… carpool karaoke will straight up brighten your day (and you don’t even have to be a fan) @ritam Same. It was tiring just hoping he’d land a joke!Oh video tomorrow at 7 A.M. EST! And I’m going to be chatting/answering your questions/mansplaining the…
Retweeted by hug dispenser aka jill wohlnerdear ppl who size women’s swimsuits, why do you hate us? @huslage Had to delete the first one bc there were so many damn typos 😂I tried to watch Pete Davidsons new Netflix special and it’s weird bc I find him kind of likeable, but he’s just *really* not of my fave jams of all time I had lunch followed by cake and today I stopped fooling myself and just had cake. It’s called personal growth, look it up.
@thematthewgreen bring my slippers with me when I travel and to my parents house 😂no one tells you when you marry an asian woman you’ll become addicted to slippers #shoelesshouseforever✨ I’m officially on the market ✨ I’m looking for Developer Relations roles, but am open to all opportunities for t…
Retweeted by hug dispenser aka jill wohlner @ScribblingOn who needs to hear this, but- Making bad choices does not make you a bad person ❤️This is still one of the funniest videos to me.
Retweeted by hug dispenser aka jill wohlner @aaronmblevin biphobia towards Bi men recently has been so shit and honestly, in MY LGBT+ history month?! How dare! So I’m br…
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I was having a low energy day, and then I remembered this song @StuartLPalmer jokes on her, I had braces twice and i still have crooked teeth. HAHAHHAbe still all of our hearts teeth shoutout to the girl who wrote ‘jill is a buck tooth horse’ on the bathroom stall!!!! night a woman wouldn’t stop talking during my show and when we asked her to stop she said “none of you were fu…
Retweeted by hug dispenser aka jill wohlner @jmarhee @jackyalcine in the bay is such a bubble. folks are mentoring people who are already high potential & go to prestigio…
Retweeted by hug dispenser aka jill wohlner @ashleymcnamara I pretty much spend that much money yearly at Sephora so @kf @lifehouse 😂😂😂😂😂 @NickLuallin It got me thinking about the look of the 90s live action movies. I don’t think they’ll have aged well 😂My wife doesn’t know who Splinter is!!! Welp, it’s been a good run.