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ALERA “JILL” ELLIOTT @JillyBits Macon, Atlanta and Ellijay, GA

LAWYER & Stand Up Comic. Mama, Cute Dogs Owner. “Don’t Confuse Who I Am With The Characters I Play!” That's my lawyer Brother in photo. #WETHEPEOPLE, #BLUEWAVE

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@BlueBoxDave @RadioFreeTom @politico Poor David.
@PoeticJ59274248 @CCorbett100 Matt Gaetz, Thom Tillis, Jim Axosta, Jim Jordan, Doug Collins and join Esrst, @TheRickWilson @JoeWilder01 Kickbacks galore.....$$$$$ watch closely the donations. @iam_danalena Beautiful. @pollsofpolitics @Missin_Florida @Gr3Te4rights @LaurelBlu @melpriceHB @dr0lst0n @msppalt @ghostofslinger @melpriceHB @Missin_Florida @pollsofpolitics @Gr3Te4rights @LaurelBlu @dr0lst0n @msppalt @ghostofslinger
@peymanee @BiggZie_VT @realDonaldTrump Whoooo hooo this bot has 26 followers. That's spectacular for a paid by the hour not. @iluka2 @david_senastian @BiggZie_VT @realDonaldTrump Hysterical Maureen. The bots rarely post a photo and generall… @realDonaldTrump You are a fake president who stole your position because once again, you couldn't pay your mortgag…
@eugenegu @realDonaldTrump Bill DisBarr already killed the rule of law months before Epstein was killed.The first rule of being passive aggressive: ”You know what? It doesn't matter, I’m just fine.”
An old memory I wrote in 2017. I still stand by this advice.
@ashlie_weeks I’m here for the laughs.Whelp, I need to admit something: my drug of choice is a catheter. #iam68andstaywoke #jillybits
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@GeorgeMgoblue07 @YouTube Rufus and Carla Thomas, Walking The Dog
@ABC @Natgcoh @MichaelHallman4 @ashlie_weeks Awww sweet. Thank you. Yes, he was a wonderful man. @ashlie_weeks Yes. In Epstein's death too. @ashlie_weeks Yep, I suspected that. Best compliment I ever received from my late baby daddy was this: ”jill you ar… @ashlie_weeks I love adventure and if it's not surrounding me when I walk in, then I create one, two or three. @ashlie_weeks It's all tied to money. @ashlie_weeks @blakesmustache Agreed. Matter needs to be settled...along with trashing a mere memo that keeps us from our indicti… @blakesmustache @tribelaw Glad I found you, Uncle Blazer. Mere chance. I'm following you now. @tribelaw @MomWithAnS @senatemajldr @SpeakerPelosi Many Americans are gracious, honorable and suppor the rule of la… @debbie_marney41 @Robin_Blue19 This right here. @RichardEngel @GayEqualGlobal I'll take ”very” for $200, Alex. @code_name_v @titodinzey @mmpadellan Not in a Republican world. Ain't gonna happen although it's time it did. @TeaPainUSA @ruth_hartjen True. I need a Tea Pain follow, can I get that? @maddow @Joan_of_Snarc Opps, I see now it is Federal but do we trust the DOJ? @maddow @Joan_of_Snarc We love Trish @NewYorkStateAGWay cool. @JillMartin0 Will you DM it to me and see if that works. @JillMartin0 Nope. Got a big x over it. @KathrynMeissne1 @JillMartin0 I'm here not 🌙 too. I'm 68 and the stats show we baby boomers don't achieve living m… @JillMartin0 Can't see the photo. What happened, Jill? @glennkirschner2 Wonderful. You were the right father for those daughters. @glennkirschner2 @SRuhle @MSNBC Was there, 8 cups and 2 smashed up xanex-and ready for Glenn to ’splain ”a subpoena is a subpoena.” @glennkirschner2 Sumbuddy buy this guy a drink! Amazingly accurate. @glennkirschner2 We can't even count the dark hearts in DC and all around trump’s cult. We now our heads in shame f… we lose weight, where does it go?? I’m stumped! Does it fall on the floor? Disappear in the sky? Seriously, ca…
If you can’t find me then I have completely disappeared by using too much Crepe Erase. (I hope you hold a vigil) #jillybits
@chipfranklin Another great. And Chip for the win!!!! . And thank you for reminding me of the song, Because I Got H… @chipfranklin @ScottPelley Where's the clip? We need the clip? @chipfranklin Ah, got my Chipper high today to start 2020. Thank you as always. @ChuckGrassley @realDonaldTrump Chuck, why are you presuming that trump would read anything? He was your worst nomi… @MarieB6860 @joncoopertweets For the WIN!! @joncoopertweets No but if that happens, i am not complaining. @45rapedkatie5 Both. We need to remind him that we have not forgotten this. @aliwhim Done. @Impeach45Party He's the problem because he's the catalyst to white supremacy, the debrowning of America and the in…
@JillMartin0 @LockCityBill1 Blocked him.
@TimothyDSnyder @dunecat1 And Timothy for the win!My week on Twitter 🎉: 66 Mentions, 337 Likes, 55 Retweets, 272K Retweet Reach, 56 New Followers. See yours with…
@ResistsSerena San QUINTON.Our biggest fans this week: cherokeesher2, small1ldy1, B60Iamme. Thank you! via times.
@beilis_jay Could be a Jillybits. will never be beloved, adored, respected and honored in this way. You are an ugly stain on t… L’oreal’s fresh lipstick shade of ”Autopsy Red” a good idea for me at 68? I ordered nine tubes. That's my Menopa… @glennkirschner2 Glenn, I want to thank you for not cursing. I’m acutely aware of how you type without the cuss wor… @ashlie_weeks You are gorgeous. @ashlie_weeks @steph93065 @Comey @realDonaldTrump, please retweet.
Not to boast or anything but after years of watching crime shows, I think I could be licensed tomorrow as a BLOOD S… @realDonaldTrump @alexcate DoneChuck rules...quietly but correctly. @TimOBrien Chuck is one of the best. I admire him. In his quietness, he screams the truths. @glennkirschner2 I think that's fair & the audience of America would understand those terms & I think the majority…
Men must learn. @Elaine665Laura Awful end to some bad parenting. I can't understand not accepting your child. They should be feelin… @bsw5020 Wonderful. @glennkirschner2 @DeadlineWH @NicolleDWallace @MSNBC Great show today. You deserve to be on everyday and then have… @glennkirschner2 @DeadlineWH @NicolleDWallace @MSNBC Dang, GLENN doing good s’plaining about how Eddie Gallagher’s… @VenisaRose6669 @Missin_Florida @Wickedgangsta8 @ConnieG1025 @JAlessandra9 @snapdragon16 @TyIerDurdenX @vrundsa @BattyBlogger @wesleydickens @EdwardTHardy @realDonaldTrump @CNBC @BarackObama Then take your criminal mind, your l… @BattyBlogger @EdwardTHardy @realDonaldTrump @CNBC @BarackObama Obama wasn't voted out you oaf. He served 2 terms.… @Delfts_auw @itsJeffTiedrich @realDonaldTrump @CNBC trump is no longer a Hollywood cast operative. He's just mean and old. And fat. @realDonaldTrump @CNBC What are doing for the other 99% of folks who don't own stocks, haven't been able to get int… @glennkirschner2 @DeadlineWH @NicolleDWallace @MSNBC Best explanation by Glenn just now. Glenn managed to get in 51…
Why Cordice was sleeping by the plant at Sybil Hadley’s house on Christmas Day I’ll never know!
@AshaRangappa_ Kudos go them for knowing that tulsi was here only to skew everything and run on third party ticket.… @SethAbramson You lead, we follow. We care. @bonkrzz1018 Run @Jeff424V That was her job all along. She is the new Jill Stein. She wants to get just enough votes/support to skew… @ashleyjb33 @glennkirschner2 @ScottMStedman Glad I saw your page. Following you now. @Stronger2gthr @glennkirschner2 He is without a soul. If Mitch has put together a resignation of n offer, Trump wil… @mcnitwit Yes, Dave!! @cov_Gretchen Why is Gretchen even showing up in my feed? Going to block her for sure!!! @electroboyusa @LesaRobertson20 The youth see the BS so much more than the 50 and ups. @DevonESawa Well done. @fras99 I'd say new phone, who D-i-S?