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ALERA “JILL” ELLIOTT @JillyBits Macon, Atlanta and Ellijay, GA

LAWYER & Stand Up Comic. Mama, Cute Dogs Owner. “Don’t Confuse Who I Am With The Characters I Play!” That's my lawyer Brother in photo. #WETHEPEOPLE, #BLUEWAVE

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Our biggest fans this week: cherokeesher2, JayValenz67, luvman33wife. Thank you! via @QuancyClayborne Layla @QuancyClayborne Fame
@glennkirschner2 This. @ashlie_weeks Opps, I meant funeral at 11. @ashlie_weeks Film at 11. @joncoopertweets @RudyGiuliani His Comm(ie) director is putin @ZephyrTeachout @gtconway3d @realDonaldTrump Thank you.For real.
@GeorgeMgoblue07 Not since my Daddy took my T Bird away.He's such a lug head. He only cares about the kickbacks from wall contractors. fat-burning jeans didn't. ((I'll show myself out)) #jillybits @blakesmustache @JenniferDePott1 My prediction it @ashlie_weeks No redeeming value, just like Brussell sprouts.Oh, make me love you. @realDonaldTrump your only success. @chipfranklin I was sick for a couple, therefore going on a Chip Blitz. @jeanlibby5 @xmagicmomentsx Still my prediction @ashlie_weeks @glennkirschner2 I'd like to know why his campaign fund won't pay cities for his rallies. Oh, that's… @LorraineForTX @TeresaMac2009 @BetoORourke Link didn't work for me. But I donate thru Act Blue all the time so ill go that route. @AshaRangappa_ @norisgirl And his base still won't get it.Yes, Uncle Joe. @Me_I_She @glennkirschner2 Yes and no matter how much he has he spends 20 times more than that. @EatShtTrump @xmagicmomentsx Best but you gotta tell him that Pence knew everything. @glennkirschner2 What about the suggestion, vote for impeachment but don't send it on to the Senate more i… @TrentCapelli @bobchester My prediction @glennkirschner2 I forgot this one: better. @wvjoe911 Is he high? He sounds high! @LindseyGrahamSC @SpeakerPelosi Make up your mindS, Linda. The complaint yesterday was its going too fast, then the… @glennkirschner2 It may be that insider trading and all of his kickbacks, especially from contractors, got him to a… @GeorgeMgoblue07 You crack me up; I so enjoy your posts. The reason I thought of the SP’S BAND TODAY WAS REMEMBERIN…
@brianwresists @eddie_g2429 Done @JayValenz67 @AMHotFlash @SenKamalaHarris Kamala for SCOTUS.Never gets old. @GeorgeMgoblue07 Noooooooooooo @mike_mkxpress @GeorgeMgoblue07 It was kinda dripping with 68 year old sarcasm. @mikefarb1 @solomonfreek13 I blocked them long ago. @blakesmustache @BrianKarem @TonyFlo63 @AmbJohnBolton @realDonaldTrump He claims he's waiting on Kupperman’s case. BS. Besides, he… @JillMartin0 Didn't the RNC cancel primaries in 3-4 states. @GeorgeMgoblue07 What.... No Sex Pistols???? @Barkiologist @xmagicmomentsx Trudeau commands @FLOTUSTurns out I should have kept that fainting couch I once had. #imhereallweek #trytheveal @GeorgeMgoblue07 @YouTube Uh oh.......not again. @andylassner @LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump's hear it for @JoyceWhiteVance also, @KellyannePolls isn't it true you cried when trump got the nomination? You… @glennkirschner2 I'm loving the female ratio.She's not wrong, good analogy. @MysterySolvent @AmandiOnAir @realDonaldTrump Pick defect. Pick defect — also, no library. @realDonaldTrump best ad ever. You will not be reelected. We are tired of you looking the fool because you have no… @ashlie_weeks And Trudeau commands @FLOTUS @JillMartin0 @ashlie_weeks Banned. Banned. Banned, Little Missy. @ashlie_weeks Unless another one drops.In awaiting Saturday's SEC game between the Dawgs and LSU, I'm reminded of the last line in brother Phil’s 2012 obi… @bennydiego @cherokeesher2 I think Tuley only appeared so he could teach his students, ”you gotta argue with the hand dealt you.” @renerabril Meanwhile, she and the felon, housed ”she has a son” on his own floor at TT for years. Now, if that's n… @realDonaldTrump you embarrass this country every moment. Also, you are playing the stock market. We will check up… @brianwresists @LadyD420Empath FollowedHe's not wrong. @glennkirschner2 I do wish yesterday had brought: clarification that the notes of a call do not make it a transcrip… @ashlie_weeks Simple things sometimes⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ ⁦@DevinNunes⁩ ⁦@RepDougCollins⁩ ⁦@VP⁩...yeah, let's talk about Hunter Biden for sure, then JARED… @ImKnotTheOne @MyrtleSheri ”She has a son”was a substantial slight. installing a son in his own floor in TT is just wrong parenting. @realDonaldTrump @TalbertSwan @windmillcharger And they installed the son on his own floor at TT. YEAH, THAT ALWAYS HELPS! @MaxSped ”She has a son, was wayyyyyyy worse.” @RepMikeJohnson ”She has a son was 1000’s times more hurtful.”Meanwhile, thousands of children not named Barron face this
Retweeted by ALERA “JILL” ELLIOTT @realDonaldTrump Ohhhhhhhhh no, all your folks said we need more time, more investigations, heck they wanted to del… @FLOTUS Cages. Minor kids in cages. Get upset about that. You are devoted to him and yet he had his own floor in NY… @steven_metz @ColMorrisDavis @SharonMaxey2 @SethAbramson He ignored her. Then said scaractically insincere gush. @Gr3Te4rights @ridingwithc @indictmentduck @WeAreSoFauked @KiKiPosting @74Jill @JaniceClaire14 @TravelerOfTheU1 @FLOTUS Here she is, the birther. You just need a sound bite. She used it as an example. She didn't call your son… @SethAbramson @SharonMaxey2 And what did the con man call Greta? @1IronMan2020 @flow45351894 And what did trump call Greta?Yeah, I said it. @FLOTUS get your facts straight and stop hollering because you desperately need a sound bite. What did your no goo…
@HKrassenstein @sksnky Ok but I prefer she go to SCOTUS @glennkirschner2 I’m wearing my Impeachment Saddle Oxfords, or, if you are really cool, Bee Bops, standing on my M… @LinkedHD Stevie Knicks was the best of Fleetwood MacThis
@TulsiGabbard @KamalaHarris Kamala is a democrat, you are a plant, @runPattirun Nope. But thanks.Absolutely, @fxstguy @glennkirschner2 @TheBeatWithAri @AriMelber @MSNBC Pretty much. @DrJasonJohnson @flow45351894 Yes. trumps not gonna debate anyone anyhow in the end. @cherokeesher2 @glennkirschner2 @ashlie_weeks @TheBeatWithAri @AriMelber @MSNBC Dang, we old. Good stuff. I liked i… @glennkirschner2 @ashlie_weeks @TheBeatWithAri @AriMelber @MSNBC ”Alright? ’sright” big SLAM!!!!! @glennkirschner2 @ashlie_weeks @TheBeatWithAri @AriMelber @MSNBC Really, reallllllllllly big shoe. ”Now, let's hear it for....” @MichaelSholler2 @KamalaHarris RBG is holding her place for her. @LeonaLioness666 @jps6350 Blessings and turmoil: @ashlie_weeks @GiseleDubson Only time I switch over to CNN! @MichaelSholler2 @KamalaHarris Want the court expanded. We need more Justices and Kamala, Cory and Amy have my votes. @glennkirschner2 @TheBeatWithAri @AriMelber @MSNBC Good job, Glenn, on rapid firing who the OLC memo (a stupid piec… @JohnBechard That's funny.