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ALERA “JILL” ELLIOTT @JillyBits Macon, Atlanta and Ellijay, GA

LAWYER & Stand Up Comic. Mama, Cute Dogs Owner. “Don’t Confuse Who I Am With The Characters I Play!” That's my lawyer Brother in photo. #WETHEPEOPLE, #BLUEWAVE

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@ashlie_weeks We run da world.“If you refuse to wear a mask on a @Delta flight, the CEO says you should find another airline.”
Retweeted by ALERA “JILL” ELLIOTT @TimmonsGoodson Just saw you on MSNBC and donated from GA. I hope you can make a delicious win!
@ElawReads Legends of the FallAstounding data. @ashlie_weeks I’m sure pence has threatened trump many times that if he tries to kick him off ticket mother will tell what she knows.Please do the hashtag of #yeswecanagain and retweet Scott’s tweet. TY. @funder #yeswecanagain @ashlie_weeks Me thinks pence is licking his lips for 3.5 years, praying he becomes prez.Check out Jessica 🤗😎's video! #TikTok
@ashlie_weeks I agree because tiny dog just retained me.❤️😎❤️ @ashlie_weeks I threw up.The mail-in voter fraud rate is .00006% over the last 20 years.
@WatnNY11 @Wobbledance1 Done @shillman1 @TeriannMann @zindyo1 @glennkirschner2 As someone said today, ”he is incapable of ever giving a eulogy.” @RudyGiuliani Who will rid us of this meddlesome priest? @Shellcamg @aeg225 @RyanHerra @glennkirschner2 I’d love to believe that but so far it appears he is the Teflon prez. @janB_loveslife @MichaelMcboat @glennkirschner2 He’s of no use now. Putin no longer cares about his American (????) operative. @PoisonGirl555 @KatieKeeney4 @CraigCaplan Katie has 23 followers. She’s likely a bot anyway.
@HuffmanForNC Donated. Again. @davidmackau @skiermichael @rickvidal12 Hollowed. Be thy name since she’s an angel. @chipfranklin @realDonaldTrump it trend!
I love this.!
At “, find out instantly if your voter registration’s current. If not, follow the instructio…
Retweeted by ALERA “JILL” ELLIOTT @realDonaldTrump he’s right, this Navy Seal and physician. trump is the most unfit president we’ve ever had. He’s w… @AriMelber @JoyceWhiteVance @PreetBharara @JeffreyToobin @kenolin1 @tedlieu @ retweet if you can and will. Thank you! @TimMurtaugh @realDonaldTrump Dear The FATEST President in 45 years: Why are you lactating? Very clear in photo! Ba…
@realDonaldTrump example of why we love Chip!
@realDonaldTrump ahhhh, you wish her well?? this??? my 5600 pals on here. We must rock the boat! @nytimes Awesome! Now rename the bridge in AL! @PamKeithFL @NFL Nike was on the right side of the law too. @realDonaldTrump @Michael_Little_ This! @UncleRobTrump Presidential
@NikkiHaley @realDonaldTrump So to pay the college tuition you sold your soul for rubles and kickbacks? Better leav… @TheGeneralMH @davidmweissman There was crayon too! this!! Especially when it is retweeted enough to trend. to @realDonaldTrump @paulkrugman @rbsralaw I cry. @PiscataquaMimi @BorrelliGerlach @littledeekay @JoeBiden Im@with you. I’ll take @JoeBiden saying “record player” al… @Out5p0ken @glennkirschner2 Yes. I hope they sneak him out and don’t do 2:00 pm where the public thinks he will walk out. @NikkiHaley Don’t you have teen kids? where is the article you wrote for kids? The one about how men & women shoul… @NikkiHaley He can’t be any worse than the evil, corrupt, conman, racist, inept washed up reality tv host you seem… is my SERIOUS RULE!
@Leslieoo7 @KimiMom3 Tweet! also let’s ensure that @SenatorCollins @SenJoniErnst @RepDougCollins @sendavidperdue @tedcruz @FLOTUS @realDonaldTrump We aren’t squirming you fat, ugly has-been of a reality tv show host. Nobody admires you. Opps wai… @realDonaldTrump You don’t know what Obama is thinking. He has ZERO need to speak you you. He’s super loved, super…, feel free to retweet! @realDonaldTrump You will never be anything but asphalt under the shoe of this beloved man, husband, father and Pre… @CourtDeCamp Yep. But because I've seen what mine goes thru to sterilize. @BookofJonah @AmericanAir @davenewworld_2 And yet Ted Cruz got to fly without a mask. @Patton_Fear_Not @HooliganNY @KlasfeldReports @CourthouseNews Troll @courageousgirl2 @sloyoroll01973 I cry. @HomelandKen You are the ”acting” because you would never be confirmed! @glennkirschner2 I can't even, Glenn!
@realDonaldTrump You will never be even .000008% of the man, father, husband and Leader Biden or Obama are, on thei…! @StephenAtHome Winning tweet! Thank you so much! @PrncplExtrovert @ToshLS Good girl, I am with you 100 percentMe too and I bet $100 that she will divorce him before June 2021. @NakedWinesCOM "I GOT LOT OF $$$MONEY$$$, SHIP THAT JUICE NOW!"
Retweeted by ALERA “JILL” ELLIOTT @DreamboatAnn9 @chipfranklin Today's news: couple is on thin ice because of what Kanye said about daughter North at… @Msmanchester1 @chipfranklin @deb_parfitt A man who thinks he is Jesus, The Messiah, another Son of God & keeps tel…
@JeffDarch @Zues20201 @Out5p0ken I'm in for $10.60 @Out5p0ken So who died and made him King? Don't think even Jesus would approve of anything coming out his mouth.Excellent news. #stayingoodtrouble @kk131066 @ImpeachmentHour @AliciaMWalker1 @sheckeygreen @ScottLDeboosted @eabl81 @HeidiOCanada @mcrthrprk @drawandstrike @RandPaul Has Rand talked to DisBarr yet to hear about Executive Order coming that says the federal… @EnseySherwood @mscharliegirl75 Good answer! Even if I had the money, I likely wouldn't do it unless say my kids w… gotta love @PreetBharara the Edmund Pettus Bridge for John Lewis! #care2 Please sign this petition. It cos…
@GovBillWeld @repjohnlewis @realDonaldTrump @trailmover49 @realDonaldTrump Send trump to Russia so he can destroy it too. @johnpavlovitz And so was Nike. @exavierpope @melissa2367 @StephenAtHome @PreetBharara guy doesn’t know the meaning of leadership and is trumps I truck pony. @realDonaldTrump #ChrisWallaceRocks #ChrisWallaceRocks #ChrisWallaceRocksI agree but trump's not acting, unfortunately. Biden camp should just pay to run this Chris Wallace @realDonaldTrump interview repeatedly on every network bet…
Retweeted by ALERA “JILL” ELLIOTTNobody is a better campaigner for Joe Biden than Donald Trump. Trump’s interview with Chris Wallace is practically…
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Retweeted by ALERA “JILL” ELLIOTTHere's a picture of Marco Rubio with some woman named Karen.
Retweeted by ALERA “JILL” ELLIOTTWhen everything is SHIT it calls for this tweet. 💥❤️💥 🔊🔊🔊
Retweeted by ALERA “JILL” ELLIOTT @TheRickWilson @apt1403 @ProjectLincoln The analogy I heard on @CNNTonight was more effective. It would take 50 pla…
Retweeted by ALERA “JILL” ELLIOTTLove this.