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ALERA “JILL” ELLIOTT @JillyBits Macon, Atlanta and Ellijay, GA

LAWYER, REALTOR Professional Speaker & Stand Up Comic. Mama, Cute Dogs Owner. “Don’t Confuse Who I Am With The Characters I Play!” I’m not always what you see.

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@WalshFreedom trump’s truth. @RepMattGaetz @AndrewYang I just want you to transition Matt, to jail, to prison, to one of the concentration camps… @arnlinp6603 No, I don’t. BTW, here’s this. @mmpadellan @windmillcharger This. @JerryHervey This @unbrokeMs1 @Gr3Te4rights @Hope_CampbellJ @deuce_bigalow68 @CBEAUX21 @TezHug @tired_oftrump @george_capen @justinamash This. Tweets are forever, huh? @glennkirschner2 It seems as if #disbarr is the president and SCOTUS all in one. Barr is going to stop everything t… was born in 1951. Are we there yet? @SenKamalaHarris @ResistsBob And here you go. I was born in 1951, are we there yet? @ananavarro And what will the churches do when they need the younger folk and their tithes? They are running off a new population. @ananavarro That is so sad. Here's for tomorrow. Thank you for your Rubio take down. He deserved it. @AshaRangappa_ @neal_katyal For sure. And this. @glennkirschner2 Let hope and pray you’re right. @mrpresidentsay_ @realDonaldTrump He's got a bunch of adjustable loans.Ferret falling asleep
Retweeted by ALERA “JILL” ELLIOTTThis. @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump Maybe you will learn something although I doubt it. @realDonaldTrump @RobGeorge Yep blss the child that got its own. @DevinsAchilles I think the new dog told her. @DanRather @RadioAndySXM @MysterySolvent This @BillKristol Bill, this. @johnpavlovitz Absolutely and when Tye churches need the younger folk to join and tithe, they have themselves to blame. @UROCKlive1 @MaryEileenAnne @mcbs_usa @SansMerci86 @BarackObama @POTUS44 @JoyceWhiteVance @mkraju Joyce, this. @mkraju @realDonaldTrump Another lie. You are weak, weak, weak. @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump @ericsslater Yes and my 1 year old puppy died that day and that wasn't even the worst part. @RepKatiePorter This: @RepSwalwell @realDonaldTrump This: @sdr_medco Cruella deVille @robreiner This: @JillWineBanks @JillWineBanks Jill, this: @neal_katyal @cin_cincc @nytimes I sure hope Mueller is wearing the strong white hat of ”good, truths and bravery”… @glennkirschner2 This, Glenn: @neal_katyal This: @HondoResists @RegVickers @KLinduff @trom771 @BandieraNancy @AlimonteLina @Ldogls @BlueTsuni @HansBagerNielse’s Tuesday and there’s this. It would be a shame if it showed up about 50 times on trump’s Twitter page, wouldn't… @realDonaldTrump @trish_regan You couldn't possibly have read the Mueller report—either part—as you can barely read… @neal_katyal @nbc @SavannahGuthrie Neal: then there’s this @tedlieu @SenMarkey @POTUS Ted, this: @phyllisj1003 @realDonaldTrump You are incapable of ever telling the truth. You will never be loved. You molested and raped young… week on Twitter 🎉: 83 Mentions, 15.9K Mention Reach, 636 Likes, 115 Retweets, 536K Retweet Reach. See yours with…
@WalshFreedom It shouldn’t take 7 years to get to $15/hr @anaphoristand @ralewi1 @emptywheel Understood @marciebp @msariaferreira Thank you!Can’t wait. @anaphoristand @emptywheel Carter put it into a blind trust. @RegVickers @KLinduff @trom771 @BandieraNancy @AlimonteLina @Ldogls @BlueTsuni @HansBagerNielse @aspiringinvntor @pesterplarson3 Waiting on a call back. If nothing by 2:00 pm, I'll call again. I'm Paypal, Apple Pay ready. @RegVickers @KLinduff @trom771 @BandieraNancy @AlimonteLina @Ldogls @BlueTsuni @HansBagerNielse @aspiringinvntor @Ricki2008 @gardnerannam @pesterplarson3 @politicalblond I've already left two vms with that school administration… @pesterplarson3 @gardnerannam Already left two voice mails yesterday with school administer that my friends and I w… must retweet
Retweeted by ALERA “JILL” ELLIOTT @mary4ce Its be bad if 50 folks posted this on his twitter age. @wendydavis Just signed up and donated and I'm in GA @thehill @RhymesRadical @Gr3Te4rights @BlksantaXxx @MrsBlksantaXxx @AngryandAsian @michelle_spenc @roseymelhill @drwineau @mary4ce I just can't believe we are where we are. @SalVadacchino1 When Dems win, Merrick should be out on the court. @LincolnsBible I'm also very worried that Barr is requiring all evidence in the Epstein case be turned over to him… @DanaRenee1706 Hahaha. I do get asked that a lot. @joncoopertweets Res ipsa loquiter @DanaRenee1706 I have 3 of them @DanaRenee1706 Here he is not barking biggest fans this week: a_fly_guy, AMHotFlash, jathomas551. Thank you! via @realDonaldTrump @deb_parfitt @realDonaldTrump @deb_parfitt You not a bunch of adjustable rate mortgages, bro? @FBlankenshipWSB Oh, got Cordice, my 6 year old Pom, so excited he is viciously barking. Are you skeert?… @JillWineBanks Jill, are you concerned that Barr will quash evidence in the Epstein matter to protect trump? Can… @3YearLetterman @realDonaldTrump @SwedishPM Then he could play golf over there on us for a million dollars. @MuellerSheWrote @JodiAlfano2 Don't waste your time on this Jodi person. She has obviously not studied the facts bu… @joelockhart @rdreynola I meant TOM Cotton And Collins. @joelockhart @rdreynola This m Cottage n is in there too. Also, Collins from GA.I can't even.
@SheaBrowning Now do The English Patient @MichaelSkolnik @timjacobwise This is amazing, Sir. Thank you so much. This just isn't about politics anymore, it's… @JoyAnnReid @timjacobwise @ewarren @KamalaHarris @CoryBooker @PeteButtigieg @amyklobuchar @JulianCastro do couples French kiss at the wedding altar? That's so gross! I didn't even kiss my 1st husband up there~mainl… @jentaub @AlanDersh Bois’ sex life is irrelevant to this case.This @bonniecogswell I'm 20 away from 2000. Appreciate it. @RepLizCheney We aren't concerned about you. How's your sister? @WalshFreedom And that's why I think Biden wins. Folks don't want to takes chances anymore; they learned. They want normalcy. @JoyceWhiteVance So there goes its news category, huh. @DogsMP4 This is my 6 year old Pom, Cordice, barking ferociously. Are you skeert? How skeert? VS lazy dog
Retweeted by ALERA “JILL” ELLIOTTThis is your captain speaking. We are about to hit some 'ruff' waters