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Just ate what I think was the best breakfast pastry of my life (seen at left) with @clairevoon.… @totalromero It’s damn cold
@EricaCardwell @FortGansevoort Me too. Edgar’s work is so good.Edgar Heap of Birds at @fortgansevoort 🙌🏻 @skypape Thank you! 🙏🏻 That sounds like an incredible event
“Those poems are the most authentic way I can deal with what it means to be alive.” ICYMI I profiled the inspiring…🎵 the @smithsonian has a misogyny problem 🎵 (meanwhile, the fact that this woman spent $700 on her wedding dress *a…
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There’s no doubt that Griswold’s reporting has performed a vital, even life-changing, service for others. In the en…
Retweeted by Jillian SteinhauerA ridiculous girl. #caturdaywithweems writers! Here's a survey exploring power dynamics in the writer-editor relationship (a fellow freelancer…
Retweeted by Jillian Steinhauer @cnqmdi @BeanGilsdorf @arunadsouza @Postwhateverism It is a lot of questions for a survey, but in a way I think it'…
@ZacharyHSmall @deenaelg I woke up to a hairball!! @tatum_dooley @Gray_Magazine Oh man, I'm sure your thesis is much more thorough and deeply researched than this. I… wrote a short piece for the Feb/Mar issue of @gray_magazine about the hostility and inaccessibility of art spaces… is terrifying @jamesxmcanally My gut is to not be into it, but I am interrogating (as we say) that reaction! Someone raised the p… @margareteby This looks amazing @bhsutton @jschwartza4 @cmonstah @artfcity @FriezeArtFair I knew we could count on you!! @keith5chweitzer I like that! I think what I'm stuck on (speaking generally now, not about your PRs in particular)… @keith5chweitzer Interesting. That makes sense, but I guess I wonder, why do that in press release form? Why not commission an essay? @jschwartza4 @cmonstah @artfcity @FriezeArtFair If there is, I bet @bhsutton has found it! @judyberman Also WOW, what a first date. I feel like you kinda go into that knowing you're committed?? @judyberman Sweet, that bodes well @judyberman Ben and I saw Matthew Barney's RIVER OF FUNDAMENT for V-day one year, and I think it remains my favorit… is the last day to save Lola Star's shop. The soul of Coney Island is dying in the hands of the Zamperla corp…
Retweeted by Jillian SteinhauerI have had a cold for literally a month, which means my eyes have been watering for FOUR WEEKS, and I AM REALLY FED UP @KayleighBinDC @GW_Gallery Lol @GW_Gallery I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately. Ex:
What’s with this trend of gallery press releases being bylined?For @elizagriswold, poetry and journalism are about paying attention. Read @crc_nyu alum @jilnotjill's piece for…
Retweeted by Jillian Steinhauer @ilanaslightly Mazel tov!!!!"What I am asking is whether the now frequent refrain that 'representation matters' goes far enough, and whether we… mornings with cats, it's all snuggles and warm fuzzies; other mornings it's all hyperactivity and vomit @johnedwinmason That's an excellent question. @PosterHouseNYC, can you answer?Don’t miss the exhibit of hand-painted Ghanaian posters for Hollywood movies at @posterhousenyc! It’s so good. Clos…
@hragv 😂ALSO the headline for this piece calls Kiefer "the greatest living artist," which is not a quote, just a casual judgment, cool, cool @margareteby Margaret! This photo! @chaykak I trust your judgement and will actually consider reading it (to the end) @chaykak i'm beyond help in regards to this, but i'm ok with that!My god, the testosterone, it's suffocating @chaykak that's what i was afraid of @chaykak is this an actual quoteI don't usually do political endorsement tweets, but I'm trying to summon hope and ward off despair by saying: I re… we go. RIP my mentions, but read the entire thread before you bother responding, for everyone's benefit: Bern…
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love this: Pulitzer-prize winning Eliza Grizwold on "investigative poetry" and where reporting and poetry meet: bei…
Retweeted by Jillian Steinhauer @KristenFrench Thank you! @SaschaDF Unfortunately I don't have time to respond to every press email I get. If I did, I wouldn't have any time to work.PR people need to stop emailing me the same thing two days in a row."Griswold is a master toggler." @jilnotjill is excellent on @elizagriswold's movement between journalism & poetry,…
Retweeted by Jillian SteinhauerFreelancers, have you ever tried negotiating fees (or anything else) on an assignment and have the editor renege on…
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Retweeted by Jillian Steinhauer @PoetryFound @elizagriswold I was nervous about this one because I’m not much of a poetry person and haven’t done a… @PoetryFound, I profiled @elizagriswold, a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist who’s also a poet. For her, the tw… @TylerGreenBooks Yes, for books! But for an artist's book. That's what gives me pause. @john_vincler It's actually a book by an artist, which is what gives me pause @wjames_com A book by an artistBest practices question: do critics write blurbs? Or is that too much of a conflict of interest?Eliza Griswold is a rare mix: a journalist who writes poetry; a poet who considers clarity a moral necessity; an Am…
Retweeted by Jillian SteinhauerMake political art.
Retweeted by Jillian SteinhauerThis is so good I actually forgive the Oscars for giving THE GREEN BOOK best picture last yearYOU BETTER BE DRUNK RIGHT NOW, BONG JOON-HOIt’s alarming how little Renée Zellweger’s face has changed in 20 yearsHere's the thing: Best Impersonation of a Famous Person and Best Actor/Actress have just become inextricably intert…
Retweeted by Jillian SteinhauerJoaquin Phoenix is ur chaotic uncle who is always somehow a hair's breath away from being both woke and problematic at the same time
Retweeted by Jillian SteinhauerOof, it’s been all downhill since Bong Joon-Ho’s win, let’s all give up and go drink until next morningThey cut off that one makeup lady and wouldn’t let her thank anyone yet we have to sit and listen to this?“I hope he just laughs” —@bhsutton watching Joaquin Phoenix walk to the stage❤️ Barbara Hammer’s inclusion in this in memoriam montageAlso, I repeat: if you haven’t seen it yet, watch THE HOSTBONG JOON-HO HAT TRICK!!!Why not just hire a lady conductor for the whole show and not say anything about it
Retweeted by Jillian SteinhauerHonestly, Elton was Gucci before Gucci
Retweeted by Jillian SteinhauerLet’s make this happen, please.
Retweeted by Jillian SteinhauerWOW, they just did a land acknowledgement at the Oscars!!I appreciate the queerness of Janelle Monáe + Elton John OscarsDo I just care about celebrities more?! *looks deep within her soul* @TylerGreenBooks 😂The Oscars are very mild and relatively boring this year but somehow it feels like there are more hot people than usual?!now taking bets on the ktown establishments bong & co. will patronize tonight
Retweeted by Jillian SteinhauerIn an ideal world, PARASITE would win best picture and PAIN AND GLORY would win international feature filmNot gonna lie, really appreciated that microphone batting, as a cat personDAMN, Cynthia Erivo better EGOTTom Hanks looking surprisingly snazzyHaving not one but two sets of comic actors deliver genuinely funny patter intros is UNHEARD OF.
Retweeted by Jillian SteinhauerI’ll have what she’s having, that BITCH
Retweeted by Jillian SteinhauerJulia Louis-Dreyfus looks so damn goodOscar Isaac and Selma Hayek won tonight’s sexiest presenter pair OscarDo you think someone was like “Hmmm the Oscars are #sowhite, we should...get Eminem!” ??How is this Laura Dern’s first Oscar?!I know this is a terrible hashtag, but THE POINT STANDS#MayaRudolphKristenWiigtoHost2021Sorry, update: Diane Keaton AND Bong Joon-Ho win, it’s over, g’nightDiane Keaton wins, it’s over, g’night
@rozsharp I believe the word you're looking for is wise @hannahkgarden let's be real, i am @cd_clifford I just felt bad that I was overhearing such private details of their lives!