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Rep. Jim Jordan @Jim_Jordan Washington, D.C.

Proudly serving Ohio's beautiful Fourth District. Ranking Member on @JudiciaryGOP. Fighting to #DoWhatWeSaid

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Why don’t Democrats want to double-check signatures on ballots? Election integrity!Democrats expect you to shop online at the small businesses that they locked down. Great. But how about we let them re-open?Don’t let Ohio become New York. -Re-open the state. -No more curfews. -No more lockdowns. Trump’s Michael Flynn Pardon Is Only The Beginning Of The Justice This Nation Deserves
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Thank goodness we have 5 constitutional conservatives on the Supreme Court. Religious liberty wins.
Forces covid positive patients into nursing homes. Thousands die. Get nominated for Time’s Person of the Year.…
What happened in Pennsylvania is an embarrassment to our electoral system. The American people deserve answers.… Constitution expressly grants the President pardon power. Anyone calling President Trump’s pardon of Michael F… tried to cancel Thanksgiving. Didn’t work! They’re coming for Christmas next.
2020 Thanksgiving to you and your family! Eat turkey. Watch football. And Thank God we live in the greatest country ever.
This pardon is well deserved, principled, and one of President Trump’s best decisions. Every American, including…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanGod Bless Michael Flynn!Americans don’t need government telling them how to celebrate Thanksgiving. They’re smart enough to decide for themselves.Democrats impose insane #COVID19 rules. Expect regular Americans to obey without question. Then don’t follow the…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanIt’s been more than three weeks since Election Day. And they’re still counting votes in California and New York. Think about that.Let Americans be American!
Sending undercover agents to enforce bogus #COVIDー19 orders is just wrong. How about we let Americans run their bu… school choice. More accountability. More freedom. Big win for Ohio’s students.’t sing -Can’t dance -Can’t play loud music What’s next? No smiling? schools open! agree!
Retweeted by Rep. Jim Jordan#OperationWarpSpeed is one of the greatest achievements in American history. President Trump’s leadership paved the way.
Governor Cuomo sent #COVIDー19 infected patients into nursing homes. Thousands died. And the Left gives him an aw…’s Governor: -Snitch on your neighbor’s Thanksgiving dinner. -Don’t worry about the rioting and looting in…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanDemocrats #DefundThePolice. But then expect the police to enforce their crazy #COVIDー19 rules. How about we supp…
When the receiver knows he made the catch, he’s not afraid of a review. When the director makes a good movie, she’… attend birthday parties indoors. But expect you to celebrate Thanksgiving alone outside. Americans are tired of the hypocrisy.
Even Dr. Fauci knows that you can’t cancel Christmas. Elizabeth Warren, and other Democrats, raised questions about #DominionVotingSystems in 2019. 73 million… @LouDobbs for recognizing mine & @Jim_Jordan's fight to protect the integrity of our election! Congress shou…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanDon’t lockdown the country. Don’t impose curfews. Don’t close schools. Let Americans decide for themselves. And celebrate Thanksgiving. @Jim_Jordan on the @IngrahamAngle at 10:20 p.m. tonight! Will @RepJerryNadler join our investigation into t…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanAt least you can still tweet after 10:00 p.m. in Ohio.
In Pennsylvania, you have to wear a mask in your home. In Vermont, you don’t. Because government won’t let you have people over.Congress must investigate the integrity of the 2020 election. Why don’t Democrats agree?I'm honored to be selected as a Conferee for next year's NDAA and represent @JudiciaryGOP. I look forward to brin…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanFreedom.No one’s First Amendment rights should be attacked. RM @RepJamesComer, @Jim_Jordan, @CongressmanHice, @RepChipRoy,…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanThe 2020 election was full of chaos. Congressional oversight is needed for the American people to have faith in the…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim Jordan🚨#BREAKING: @Jim_Jordan & @RepJamesComer call for immediate Congressional investigation into 2020 election.
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The same people who: -Spied on President Trump’s campaign -Promoted the Russia hoax -Impeached the President becau… is making people wear masks inside their homes. -Ohio is making people be home by 10 p.m. -Vermont… says "this is just par for the course for FBI Director Wray" regarding the latest Christopher Steele d…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanTwo weeks after Election Day: -They’re still counting votes in New York, California, and Iowa. -They keep finding…
Starting Thursday in Ohio: Walk your dog at 9:59 p.m.? Covid free! Walk your dog at 10:01 p.m.? 90 days in jail. future Democrats want: Cancel student debt from the Ivy League. Forget about the trade school educated plumber from Youngstown.In Ohio: -You can play music at a wedding. But you can’t dance to it. -You can play games at an arcade. But you… want you to follow their rules. But don’t follow their rules themselves. Here’s @SenSchumer breaking…
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In Oregon, you can be jailed for having too many people over for Thanksgiving. But if you want to riot and loot in Portland, no sweat!Today your freedom: -To go to church -To go to work -To go to school -To have friends in your home -To leave your… is what happens when you #DefundThePolice.
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanWant to get married in Ohio? Here are the new rules: -You can drive your friends to the wedding, but don’t sit wit… will not be more safe with more unchecked executive authority, more mandates, or more lockdowns. via @YouTube
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanDon’t cancel Thanksgiving. Don’t cancel Christmas. Cancel lockdowns.
2020 Joe Biden condemn the violence against Trump supporters? Will the media continue to ignore it? this part of Joe Biden’s “unity” and “healing” plan? you tomorrow ⁦@SundayFutures⁩ ⁦@FoxNews⁩ 10am et ⁦@RudyGiuliani⁩ ⁦@Jim_Jordan⁩ ⁦@SidneyPowell1⁩ ⁦…
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Democrats baselessly investigated President Trump for four years. But they can’t take four weeks to ensure election integrity?
Democrats: “No Thanksgiving this year.” President Trump: “No more lockdowns.”TOMORROW NIGHT! @GOPLeader @Jim_Jordan @RepDougCollins @SidneyPowell1 @RichardGrenell and @CLewandowski_ will all b…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanDr. Fauci: “Do what you’re told.” Americans: “We can decide for ourselves.” is now telling us how many people we can have in our homes for dinner. But will let you protest if you…“There’s a reason why 72 million Americans think something doesn’t smell right here.” @Jim_Jordan hit the nail on…
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Democrats would rather #DefundThePolice than ensure election integrity..@Jim_Jordan joins me NEXT on the @SalemMediaGrp Radio Network WATCH #AMERICAFirst HERE:
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanAnother win for election integrity!
Retweeted by Rep. Jim Jordan-Lockdowns -Mask police -Curfews What about freedom? oppose: -Voter ID laws -Auditing the vote -The Electoral College Under their watch, election integrity… don't have a good track record. They believed: -The Steele Dossier -The #Impeachment Whistleblower -Ada…
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2020 Bless our nation’s veterans and their families. We are all thankful for your service, sacrifice, and dedicati…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanAudit the vote.
Why did Pennsylvania Democrats pre-canvass votes in liberal areas, but not let Republicans do the same?.@RepJerryNadler never accepted the results of the 2016 election and spent four years blaming it on a fake Russia s…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanWe tried to warn you. The Democrats knew what they were doing and ignored us. did Pennsylvania Democrats exclude poll watchers during the vote count?
Why don’t Democrats want to know the truth about ballot integrity in Pennsylvania?Russia hoax. Kavanaugh. Impeachment. And so much more. Don’t forget it.
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanGOOD NEWS → Interim trial data show a new Covid-19 vaccine is effective—preventing infection in 90% of its voluntee…
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Let me get this straight. Democrats want us to forget what they did to: -Michael Flynn -Brett Kavanaugh -Carter… Schumer wants to radically change America. More socialism. Less freedom. Open borders. Closed gun stores. Hi…
Democrats in 2016: “Russia interfered in the election. We will not accept the integrity of the results!” Democrat…