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Rep. Jim Jordan @Jim_Jordan Washington, D.C.

Proudly serving Ohio's beautiful Fourth District. Ranking Member on @JudiciaryGOP. Fighting to #DoWhatWeSaid

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Joined Twitter 12/16/08 ALERT 🚨: • 5:00PM ET: @ByronDonalds • 6:00: @marcorubio • 8:00: @Jim_Jordan • 9:00: @larryelder WATCH…
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Coming up on Fox News Primetime with @HeyTammyBruce at 7:30 p.m. ET / 6:30 p.m. CT. Tune in now!Democrats think Dr. Fauci should control your life. Republicans think you’re smart enough to decide for yourself.Political power puncher @Jim_Jordan explains the real reason Democrats won’t give him a shot at the title:
Retweeted by Rep. Jim Jordan have to wear a mask on an airplane even if you’re vaccinated. But if you’re an unvaccinated illegal immigrant… @Jim_Jordan blasts FBI Director Christopher Wray for stonewalling Congressional oversight.
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanEXCLUSIVE: FBI Director Wray stonewalls Congress on ‘Warrantless Surveillance’ of Americans Via @SaraCarterDC
Retweeted by Rep. Jim Jordan20,000. In one week.
Retweeted by Rep. Jim Jordan“That marriage of big government and big tech I think only means that conservatives get it worse.” —- @Jim_Jordan
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanNo. Indians.
The Chinese Communist Party cited a recent study to “prove” that #COVID19 didn’t start in a lab. Know who else ci…
Americans want: -Cheap gas -Low taxes -Safe neighborhoods -Secure borders President Biden just isn’t getting results.
2021 March, the #BidenBorderCrisis set a record for illegal crossings. Until April, when a new record was set. Un… groceries cheap again.The Biden Administration has abandoned the border crisis. And it’s only going to keep getting worse.
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So it came from a lab. Pelosi has zero credibility.
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanRemember: the only reason you see so much focus from Democrats on a partisan Jan 6 committee is because they’d rath…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanDemocrats want you to use an ID for virtually everything. Except voting. Makes you wonder why?America’s the greatest country in the world. @Jim_Jordan, @RepMikeJohnson, and @RepDanBishop demand answers on the White House’s decision to flag pos…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim Jordan.@Jim_Jordan was one of the two Republicans rejected by @SpeakerPelosi for the Jan. 6 probe. Now the @GOP says they…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanWhen rioters & looters attacked our law enforcement personnel, when rioters & looters destroyed small businesses, w…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanHouse Republicans say they will now conduct their own investigation into the January 6 riot after House Speaker Nan…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim Jordan mask mandates. More freedom.
Joining @TuckerCarlson at the top of the 8:00 p.m. hour to discuss Speaker Pelosi’s decision to politicize the Janu…🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanRep. @Jim_Jordan: "This has always been about politics, and today's actions by the Speaker just confirm that."…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim Jordan#NEW: @Jim_Jordan sends letter to Inspector General Michael Horowitz inquiring about the reported misconduct of an…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanThere’s a crisis at the southern border. Crime’s soaring in every major city. The price of just about everything is… to see Speaker Pelosi talking about ‘preserving the integrity of an investigation’ on a committee that seat…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim Jordan knows @SpeakerPelosi is a lame duck speaker!
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanNews conference starting soon about Pelosi’s abuse of power—with @RepJimBanks, @Jim_Jordan, @RodneyDavis,…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanSpeaker Pelosi just admitted the obvious, that the January 6th Select Committee is nothing more than a partisan pol… lied. up on Fox News with @IngrahamAngle at 10:40 p.m. ET / 9:40 p.m. CT. Tune in!.@Jim_Jordan blasts the collusion between Big Tech and Big Media: "We saw it all last Fall with the Hunter Biden st…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanWhere have we heard this before?
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Democrats: -Expensive gas -Open borders -Critical Race Theory Republicans: -Cheap gas -Border security -1776Crime is surging. Prices are rising. The border is in crisis. Ask yourself, are you better off today than you wer…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanDemocrats said President Trump colluded with Russia. He didn’t. They said protestors in Portland were peaceful. T… Joe Biden’s America, you’re paying more for: -Gas -Milk -Bacon -Beer -Eggs -Fish -Shoes -Hotels -Plane tickets…🚨BREAKING🚨 In six months, @POTUS has created the worst border crisis in 20 years. @RepJamesComer & @Jim_Jordan rel…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanThe only thing higher than inflation is the number of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border..@Jim_Jordan on being appointed to the Jan. 6th Select Committee: "We know what this is. This is impeachment Round…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim Jordan up on @newsmax with @stinchfield1776 shortly. Tune in!
#ICYMI: Ranking Member Jim Jordan Reacts to Being Named to January 6th Select Committee
Retweeted by Rep. Jim Jordan is unconstitutional. the origins of #COVID19 with @marthamaccallum shortly. Tune in to Fox News now!Democrats questioned the safety of the #COVID19 vaccine because the Trump Administration developed it. Will… the difference, @postpolitics?
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanBig thanks to Rep. @Jim_Jordan for speaking with me about the new Campus Free Speech Caucus! #5BigQuestions
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanCan you imagine the media outrage if Republican lawmakers left their state, maskless, on a private jet, met with th… Biden’s America: -Border crisis. -Crime rates soaring. -Inflation skyrocketing.
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Coming up on Fox News Primetime with Pete Hegseth at 7:20 p.m. ET / 6:20 p.m. CT. Tune in now!Republicans want to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. Democrats are too busy flying maskless on their private jet to do anything.Stand for the National Anthem!Nothing to see here. Just Big Government actively colluding with Big Tech. And Democrats want to give government…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim Jordan🚨 #BREAKING: House Judiciary Republicans demand answers on the Biden Administration’s attempt to regulate firearms…
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Joe Biden’s America: -Crime rates soar in every major city. -The U.S. military flies illegal immigrants on priva… Biden Administration continues to embrace the idea of letting illegal aliens stay in the United States. In th…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanAre you paying more for gas today than you did during the Trump Administration? Yes. Groceries? Yes. Hotel…’re now on @GettrOfficial! Give us a follow @JudiciaryGOP. You can follow Ranking Member Jordan on there as wel…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanGet woke. Go broke. want to ban voter ID more than the Russians want to ban drug testing at the Olympics. Biden’s been in office for 176 days. What we’ve seen: -Border crisis -Crime soaring -High gas prices…
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Democrats “protect” your Democracy by flying on private jets to D.C. Republicans just want you to show your ID before you vote.Fauci’s emails show he wasn’t just hiding key facts about the origins of COVID. “Instead, he acted to conceal them.…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanDriving to the grocery store today? You’ll have to pay more for gas to get there. And when you get there, every… this NOW.
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanWhat Did Fauci Know And When? His Emails Point To Panic, Lies, And A Possible Cover-Up. Our latest op-ed. Tech has been censoring Republicans and picking political sides for far too long. I commend my colleague…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanStop listening to Dr. Fauci. happily show their ID to get on a plane. But don’t want to when it’s time to vote. Strange!
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanTwitter thinks that it's "sensitive content" to show the truth about Biden and Pelosi's inflation. Click here to…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanPresident Reagan warned, “if we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to.” But sadly, Democrats continue…
RT if you’re not watching the @MLB #AllStarGame because the league caved to lies about Georgia’s election laws.
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanGeorgia lost the MLB All-Star game because Joe Biden and his Democrat cronies lied about the state’s election laws.… us on @GettrOfficial at @Jim_Jordan! Left started the culture war. -They kneeled for the anthem -They let boys play girls sports -They pushed Cri… is expensive and the Left won’t stand for the anthem. Joe Biden’s America.They called you a “Neanderthal.” They said you weren’t smart enough to make copies of your ID. They laughed at…🚨🚨🚨 The Biden Administration wants to work with SMS providers to stop vaccine “misinformation” in your text message…
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People love freedom.