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Rep. Jim Jordan @Jim_Jordan Washington, D.C.

Proudly serving Ohio's beautiful Fourth District. Ranking Member on @JudiciaryGOP. Fighting to #DoWhatWeSaid

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Mueller investigation in a nutshell: -22 months -$30 million -19 lawyers -40 FBI agents -500 witnesses -2800 subpo…🚨#BREAKING: @Jim_Jordan slams @RepJerryNadler for deciding to convene ANOTHER hearing with witnesses seeking to att…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanIt’s no surprise that crime rises when Democrat mayors: -Belittle the police -Defund the police -Call to abolish… shouldn’t be one set of rules for the politically connected in D.C. and a different set for regular Americans…
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Defend your property. Get your guns confiscated. What would our Founders think?
I support President Trump’s decision to commute Roger Stone’s sentence.Roger Stone’s prosecution by overzealous Special Counsel prosecutors was an outgrowth of the Obama-Biden misconduct… week, Americans learn more about how the Obama-Biden Administration weaponized the intelligence community and…
Comey’s FBI: -Believed Michael Flynn was telling the truth. -Knew Flynn wasn’t a Russian agent. But went after… Ranking Member @Jim_Jordan Releases Key Takeaways from the Committee's Transcribed Interview of Geoffrey Berm…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanFirst, the Left wanted to defund ICE. Next, they wanted to defund DHS. Then, it was #DefundThePolice. Now? The L…
#NEWS: @Jim_Jordan slams “whistleblower” accusing Attorney General Barr of antitrust misconduct for failing to disc…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanToday’s decisions by the Supreme Court sadly will not end the Democrats’ partisan obsession. Americans around the c… almost four years, Democrats have been singularly focused on attacking President Trump for political gain.
🚨#NEW: @Jim_Jordan & @JimPressOffice demand answers from @Twitter on content moderation and discrimination of conse…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim Jordan"Until you appear under oath, America and the world will not know the origins of this crisis." @SteveScalise,…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanThings that should happen: -Summer BBQs -Kids go back to school -College football Be American!
#NEWS: @Jim_Jordan writes to @RepJerryNadler requesting this month’s hearing with Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Alph…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanDemocrats want to use YOUR tax dollars to hire people who aren’t citizens to work in YOUR government. The Left ha… Left is now trying to “cancel” their own heroes. Nobody’s safe.
🚨#BREAKING: @Jim_Jordan writes letter to Timothy Shea requesting firsthand recollection of events surrounding the s…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanWe must protect the landmarks and memorials that celebrate our nation’s history.’s more important: -Going to church or violent protests? -Going to a loved one’s funeral or tearing down sta…
Happy Independence Day! 244 years ago, the Founders started the greatest country in the history of the world. Ce…
“Our chil­dren need to know their coun­try’s past, its nor­ma­tive fig­ures & their virtues & vices. That’s how we…
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.@MarcellusWiley breaks down why the NBA’s plan to paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ on courts is a bad idea.
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanAdam Schiff wasn’t honest about his staff’s interaction with the #impeachment “whistleblower.” It looks like he’s… faced legal consequences for going to church and loved ones' funerals That wasn't the case for protester…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanThe Great American Comeback continues! are the men and women who protect our national monuments and keep Americans safe. I visited with them today b…
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Big Game Congressman @Jim_Jordan turned in an MVP performance on FoxAcrossAmerica. We’d give him a Gatorade bath bu…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanStop defunding the police.#USMCA’s entry into force today marks the beginning of a historic new chapter for North American trade. President…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanAmerica's choice is clear: Mob Rule or Law & Order
House Democrats just introduced a resolution to impeach the Attorney General. Are you kidding me? Bill Barr is… “cancel culture” mob is after President Lincoln. No one is safe.
Congratulations to my good friend @JamesComer on being named Ranking Member of @GOPoversight. He’ll be a fierce w… same people who “broke” the Russia hoax story now expect us to believe their reporting on President Trump ignor…’s next, Chief Justice Roberts? Our Second Amendment rights? .... Democrats' media notice about this morning's oversight briefing doesn't mention @MrAndyNgo, even though h…
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A few days ago, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee called #Antifa “imaginary.” @MrAndyNgo is briefing the Ove…
Join us on @parler_app at @Jim_Jordan! They don’t censor or shadow ban.
The Chairman of the Judiciary Committee just called #Antifa "imaginary." Antifa is real. Ask the journalists th… the police will hurt police officers AND the communities they serve. It's the most radical policy propo…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanObama/Biden scandals: -Fast & Furious -Solyndra -Benghazi -IRS targeting -Opperation Choke Point -Spying on journa…
May 2020: Joe Biden says he knows “nothing” about the Flynn investigation. June 2020: Peter Strzok’s notes reveal… Watch @Jim_Jordan's opening statement from today's Judiciary Committee hearing. Attorney General Barr is…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanStrzok notes out 🔥🔥🔥 —Obama, Biden, Yates, Rice, Comey all discussed Flynn/Kislyak calls: “unusual times” —Comey…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanJUSTICE. General Barr is cleaning up the mess that Obama/Biden created. Don’t forget, the Obama/Biden Administrati…
Ridiculous. Twitter only seems to target conservatives. Why the double standard, @jack?
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanWant to practice your First and Second Amendment rights during the pandemic? Too bad. Want to riot in the streets… 2017: -President Trump predicts the mob will soon cancel George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. -Democrat…🚨 #BREAKING: @Jim_Jordan blasts @RepJerryNadler after Nadler indicated his intent to subpoena Attorney General Will…
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Bolton has an axe to grind. It’s clear he’ll say anything to sell books. One problem for Bolton: he wasn’t the o… is the most radical policy proposal ever put forward. But Democrats claim they don’t really mean…
“The vast majority of police officers do an outstanding job every single day," @Jim_Jordan told the committee at to…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanIf big tech wants to censor conservatives like @SenTomCotton, @RepMattGaetz, and @realDonaldTrump, then they can't… is a day to celebrate the end of slavery in America and the beginning of a new birth of freedom. 165 yea…
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Retweeted by Rep. Jim Jordan“Cancel Culture” is just dangerous for America.🚨#NEW: @Jim_Jordan releases statement on Supreme Court’s #DACA decision.
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanChief Justice Roberts does it again. First, Obamacare. Now, DACA. What’s next? Our second amendment gun rights?Meanwhile at the New York Times...
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanIn contrast, the legislation put forth today by Republicans, and ignored by Democrats, approaches police reform iss… have made it clear that they would rather appease their radical base, which seeks to defund the police an… than accepting thoughtful ideas to improve the bill, Democrats rejected all 12 amendments offered by Republicans.House Democrats wasted today's meeting of the Judiciary Committee by advancing a political messaging bill that has no hope of becoming law.
Americans have had it with political correctness. These days, you can even get in trouble just for wearing the "w… 302s whatever you want, but they’re notes of an interviewing officer’s perspective; subject to bias. Law enfo…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanPolice wear body cameras. But Peter Strzok can interview General Flynn and not record it?
Google threatens to demonetize The Federalist during an election year. The Federalist employs @MZHemingway,… Order is a tremendous step forward in improving the system and beginning a new era in the relationship between… President knows that law enforcement officers are an invaluable pillar of civil society and deserve our respect and gratitude.Some seek to use this moment for partisan attacks and to advance a radical agenda that would ‘defund the police’ an… Executive Order signed today by President Trump is more evidence that this Administration is focused on solving… vast, vast majority of police officers are good. They risk their lives every single day to keep us safe. To…
#NEWS: @Jim_Jordan & @GReschenthaler request re-evaluation of EB-5 investor visa program.
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanWhy the double standard?
Happy #FlagDay! 🇺🇸
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Seattle’s new autonomous zone: -No cops allowed -Rumors of their own tax system -Amnesty for crimes committed F…
Let me get this straight, UNITED STATES Soccer won’t stand for the UNITED STATES National Anthem? facts are clear: Democrats failed our nursing homes. They should look in the mirror before blaming Republican…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanDemocrats say President Trump is trying to steal the 2020 election. What a joke! Democrats DID try to steal the… @Jim_Jordan responds after retired federal judge John Gleeson recommends to Judge Emmett Sullivan that he re…
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2020🚨 #BREAKING: @Jim_Jordan writes to Attorney General Barr requesting briefing on George Floyd case, Antifa, and call…
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#NEW: @RepArmstrongND, along with @Jim_Jordan, @JimPressOffice, @RepKenBuck, @RepMattGaetz, and @RepGregSteube, sen…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim JordanPrinciples Americans know: 1. What happened to George Floyd was terrible and should never happen again. 2. The… America!
When @USPS begged Americans for a $25 billion bailout, they claimed they were going to lose billions as a result of…
Retweeted by Rep. Jim Jordan-LA Mayor Eric Garcetti wants to #DefundThePolice. -NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to Defund The Police. -The Min… idea that cities should #DefundThePolice is terrifying.
First, Democrats wanted to defund ICE. Then, they wanted to defund DHS. Now, they want to defund the police. This… Great American Comeback!
Somebody’s not telling the truth. Let’s hope John Durham is giving James Comey and Andrew McCabe another look.