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Before 4pm on @amazingradio I'll be playing @CheckMasses @Vukoviband @NORQUAYMUSIC @HazeydaysB @imEvanAnderson and… to come on @amazingradio I've got @ConnorFyfeMusic @courtingband @AnchorLane @colonel5mustard @tamzenee @tamzenee in my latest New Music column in @ScottishSun up on @amazingradio I've got @JourneyNorth16 @other_humans @durtymichael @hyytsmusic @asweeneymusic of the Day: @tamzenee 'Soldier'. I've an interview with the Highland singer-songwriter in today's #NewMusic c…
Happy #BurnsNight! One from the archives... lifted from BBC Radio Scotland's Music Bed in 2011. Words by Robert Bu…'s got even more Scottish stuff than usual lined up today to celebrate #BurnsNight of the Day: @JourneyNorth16 'Raise A Glass'. Fab tune for #BurnsNight. #TrackOfTheDay #NewMusic @uisdeann It’s the centre’s strapline.
@bigmusicmgmt 😢.@JimGellatly tells us why @BFBSScotland's Big Salute decided to support the RNRMC with the renovation of Drumfork…
Retweeted by Jim Gellatly @uisdeann “The Heartbeat of Helensburgh”TUNE is back 🙌 A beautiful session from the mighty @twinatlantic filmed by the brilliant team at @forestofblack has…
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyA great morning spent at the official opening of the refurbished Drumfork Community Centre in Helensburgh. Well don… tonight? Oops! are so proud to be able to support our @RNinScotland family with the refurbishment of the…
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyTrack of the Day: @mura_masa_ feat @elliecrowsell 'Teenage Headache Dreams' #TrackOfTheDay #NewMusic @thelightjockey @vuecinemas Wouldn’t have thought @vuecinemas have anything to do with the car park.
Basically punished for spending my money in Hamilton. @liamr Cheers for that. Saw the sign though then forgot about it. @JimGellatly Yeah, they’re banking on that. This is worth a read - - essentially, if you’re…
Retweeted by Jim Gellatly @JimGellatly Don’t pay it Jim, they have no legality to issue penalty charges in Scotland
Retweeted by Jim Gellatly @JimGellatly £70???? Is it private.. get it in the bin if it is haha
Retweeted by Jim Gellatly @JimGellatly Aye, if it's private - i.e non council - don't pay it. It's classed more an 'invoice' than anything.
Retweeted by Jim Gellatly @JimGellatly Jim as long as it’s not the police or the council it’s not legally enforceable. They’ll send you loads…
Retweeted by Jim Gellatly @JimGellatly @candygellatly When I was in my Rolling Damned we got a parking fine in Hamilton during recording and…
Retweeted by Jim Gellatly @JimGellatly @candygellatly i used to get these all the time when i worked in the shop & would do extra hours; unle…
Retweeted by Jim Gellatly @candygellatly Looks like it's probably best to pay the £40 going by this from @CitAdviceScot @thetobymichaels @candygellatly I was in the car park next to the Asda one. @johnwalker_1986 Yeah. Don't fancy the worry!Thanks for all the advice not to pay... not really comfortable with that. #scared Will give @candygellatly the casting vote. @liamr Yup Euro Car Parks. £40 if I pay early. @johnwalker_1986 Yup Euro Car Parks. £40 if I pay early. @iainclarkson69 Yup Euro Car Parks. £40 if I pay early.Nightmare. £70 parking charge notice for going over 4 hours in Hamilton the other Sunday for cinema and a meal. If… Talking is @JimGellatly track of the day! Thank you Jim! 😃 x
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyTrack of the Day: @zoegrahammusic 'Sleep Talking'. Just WOW! #TrackOfTheDay #NewMusic the postponement of our match with Ayr United earlier this month the club have decided we will wear our n…
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyGood luck Craig. @_leonastewart A Saturday too. 🤞
Watching Avenue 5 I was thinking does Hugh Laurie need to have an an American accent? 🤔 Brilliant.Track of the Day: @sonicseagirls 'Ready For More' #TrackOfTheDay #NewMusic @imEvanAnderson 素晴らしいFeaturing @imEvanAnderson in my latest New Music column in @ScottishSun
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyTrack of the Day: @colonel5mustard 'G.T.' #TrackOfTheDay #NewMusic
Retweeted by Jim Gellatly
Track of the Day: @colonel5mustard 'G.T.' #TrackOfTheDay #NewMusic reporter @David_A_McCann joined @6SCOTS reservists on the firing ranges at Barry Buddon at the weekend. Hear hi…
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would really appriciate if as many of you as possible would complete this short survey for my modern studies disser…
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyHow can it be blue Monday when a random person hands you a flower in the street? #thankyou #NotBlueMonday
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyTrack of the Day: @vistasmusic 'Sucker' #TrackOfTheDay #NewMusic Gellatly's playlists w/c 13/01/20 - a great excuse to play New Order on the radio!
Featuring @imEvanAnderson in my latest New Music column in @ScottishSun 4 on @amazingradio I've got @Marcorea1 @courtingband @quichetheband @ConnorFyfeMusic @imSHEARS in the @JimGellatly just now from 2-4pm to hear a pre-release play of Where They Lie
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyComing up on @amazingradio I've got tunes from @JillBrownMusic @The_Roov @CalumJonesMusic @Vukoviband in to the @JimGellatly show TODAY from 2pm on He’ll be playing #HEROakaRich towards th…
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyCheers to @JimGellatly for choosing to play Latina on his 2-4pm show today. So tune in to @amazingradio today to he…
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyThanks from a very pretty part of Scotland to @JimGellatly and @amazingradio for playing No More time today.
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyTrack of the Day: @imEvanAnderson ‘Love Another Day’. Featuring the Borders teenager in today’s #NewMusic column in…
Before 1pm Leona has the fabulous Courting for this week's NOW & THEN. Also tunes from @LewisCapaldi @billieeilish
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyIt's @_leonastewart until 1pm. Tunes this week from @primesOfficial @courtingband @vistasmusic @CheckMasses
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyTrack of the Day: @CalumJonesMusic ’One For The Road’ #TrackOfTheDay #NewMusic Martz! 🙌 How does that guitar solo go? You know, the one for 'Robin Friday'? The single heard by millions of rad…
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Track of the Day: @courtingband 'Football' #TrackOfTheDay #NewMusic NEWS: Coming to @kingtuts for the first time this May, The Road to @thegreatescape have announced the line-up o…
Retweeted by Jim Gellatly @ForcesRadioBFBS @BFBSScotland @djmarkmckenzie I’ll go with 15 this week.Great track for #BurnsNight
Track of the Day: @JamesBlunt 'Monsters' #TrackOfTheDay #NewMusic might just be guesswork from The Courier following the planning application...
Thursday on Breakfast @djmarkmckenzie looks after things for @JimGellatly including at 915 an update on the Scottis…
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyTrack of the Day: @imSHEARS 'Just Like You' #TrackOfTheDay #NewMusic 9 on the Breakfast Show, finding out about The Black Watch Association centenary. Although founded in 1873 it…
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyDELIGHTED to unveil our brand new website ➡ APPLY for @musicplusmentor watch videos, look…
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyBANDS / MUSICIANS APPLY £5,000-£15,000 via @PRSFoundation #Momentum Fund w/ @PPLUK @SpotifyUK @CreativeScots
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thanks to @JimGellatly and @amazingradio for playing our new single "stormy nights" this sunday. listen back here:
Retweeted by Jim Gellatly @jonny_greentree @TillyGreentreeM @amazingradio Nice.😃Track of the Day: Alice Bentley (@PandaBentley) 'Come Up' #TrackOfTheDay #NewMusic on the @JimGellatly show is go! Jim recently announced the acts he thinks will have a successful year via the…
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It's time to get voting for your favourite live act of 2019 in our sponsor SSE's #SSELiveAwards! ⭐ Whether the sho…
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyFeaturing @LHeadOfficial in my latest New Music column in @ScottishSun of the Day: @Vukoviband 'Violent Minds' #TrackOfTheDay #NewMusic @amazingradio @JimGellatly Catch us on Love Island next week talking about @JimGellatly cheating on us 😭😂
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyJim Gellatly's playlists w/c 06/01/20 -
@BFBSScotland Went to see the film today. It is INCREDIBLE!Featuring @LHeadOfficial in my latest New Music column in @ScottishSun. They launch their new album tonight at… on the @JimGellatly show is go! Jim recently announced the acts he thinks will have a successful year via the…
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyBefore 4pm I've got @SaraNJunbug @kardoband_ @XanTyler @marksharpmusic @neon_seas @NotionsOfficial @TheOfficialGaia up on @amazingradio I've got @CloudHouseBand @_CharlieMoss @Donbarclaymusic @CrashIsland @zoegrahammusic are featured in todays @ScottishSun thanks to @JimGellatly who caught up with David to do a q and a on the album…
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyTrack of the Day: @LHeadOfficial 'Silence'. Featuring the Borders band in today's #NewMusic column in @ScottishSun.… @JimGellatly will be giving my new single Paper Kites a spin along with loads of other great artists on…
Retweeted by Jim Gellatly“Meghan Markle, the much put upon protagonist of this Nora Ephron-meets-Get Out fairytale, has gone off-script and…
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Finally catching up on this. Brilliant. Love @ChrisGPackham thanks to Jim Gellatly for naming ‘Girlfriend’ as his track of the day! Give it a spin boys and girls 🕺🏻
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyJim's giving One For The Road a spin on his show tomorrow. Tune in from 2-4pm #letsrock2020 @JimGellatly
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyHuge thanks to @JimGellatly for choosing to spin my upcoming single for his show tomorrow 🤩
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyAbsolutely no apology for sharing this again. I know I am bias but this is an absolute tune from the still…
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyJim Gellatly is gonna play Vicky on his show tomorrow - thanks @JimGellatly!!
Retweeted by Jim GellatlyHAVE BEEN NOMINATED FOR 4 BRIT AWARDS!!!!🏆 from the shit awards to the Brit awards, dream can come true. who said s…
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