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@danbrettig @BrettSprigg Please go to the’s a cricket ground!!“Apologize to your brother...” 🎥: #mydogiscutest
Retweeted by jim maxwellGo Norm! on a terrible day for newspapers in this country - one bit of good news about journalism. Bravo…
Retweeted by jim maxwell @GusWorland @adamOsaussies As in ‘austraya’Ongoing : Make a donation today to support Ongoing #thelbwtrust
Good calling ..LOVE THE BLUDGING ON THE BLINDSIDE description of Vlandys’ new game....RUGBA LEAGUE a Wonderful World #39. Beautiful view of Lake Hawea on the drive home after a great days skiing in the Souther…
Retweeted by jim maxwellYessss!! Can’t wait for this! 🙌🏽 #AUSvIND
Retweeted by jim maxwellThe European Tour have announced the British Masters will be the first event back in late July, the Charity Golf Ma…
Retweeted by jim maxwellOn again this arvo at 4 pm Eastern. Worth hearing., Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney to be India Test venues this summer, WACA to host Afghanistan Test
Retweeted by jim maxwellGood for you Michael and Lisa. You deserve it. ABC News Breakfast breaks ratings record overtaking Today via @smh
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An unthinkable crime in the heart of our City. Coming up, we have breaking developments on one of the men responsib…
Retweeted by jim maxwellA sweet obit on my old boss Stephen Fay. He really could pick young writers. As for hiring me ... he just liked my…
Retweeted by jim maxwellOthers are firing, Blues are hiring.
Retweeted by jim maxwell @jnorthall @windiescricket 1929/30?
Bland was exceptional...and could bat strongly too....a memory of 1963/4 S Africa v Australia at the SCG...unerring… always thought Ricky Ponting had a good arm ...
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Stumped The latest on cricket's return plus India's 1911 tour and debate whether cricketers should still get paid…
Retweeted by jim maxwell🏏🇦🇺 How would you feel about having home-grown umpires officiating Tests for Australia? 💚💛 Former @CricketAus capt…
Retweeted by jim maxwell @pankp007 @ESPNcricinfo Was Lara, Sobers, Harvey.This is so good. I must be getting soft. Damn.
Retweeted by jim maxwellLast year Adam and I decided to go independent, and joined a small podcast label. Today we hit a million downloads…
Retweeted by jim maxwell🏏PODCAST🏏 This week on #BBCStumped with @AlisonMitchell, @jimmaxcricket and @Charuonsports: 😷 Is it safe to bring…
Retweeted by jim maxwellReally looking forward to this. Can’t decide if I’m more excited to work WITH @jimmaxcricket, or talk to…
Retweeted by jim maxwellOn @abcgrandstand today re-live one of Mitch Johnson's finest hours. The 2013-14 Adelaide Ashes test match. Great c…
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Love this footage from the @AusWomenCricket in 1951!
Retweeted by jim maxwellA full MCG during the 1974 Boxing Day Ashes Test.
Retweeted by jim maxwellThis will start your day with a smile!
Retweeted by jim maxwell @GCartwright93 @hvasstan @Racing 👏👏👏👍❤️🐎
Retweeted by jim maxwell @WillSwanton @Daniel_Sankey @PhilTaylor @OfficialPDC @australian @aus_sport Yes...gender equity a challenge... @WillSwanton @Daniel_Sankey @PhilTaylor @OfficialPDC @australian @aus_sport Where does Babe Zaharias and Dawn Fraser feature ?Wow. Read this letter from the Lancet to be convinced that Prez Trump's letter to the WHO is based on fake evidence.
Retweeted by jim maxwellPakistan take on Australia in the first Test to be played at the Gaddafi Stadium (at the time the Lahore Stadium) i…
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Tonight ... we take you to India to see the impact of the world's biggest lockdown and the price being paid by some…
Retweeted by jim maxwellThe future of solar power: From unbelievably cheap to insanely cheap via @renew_economy
Retweeted by jim maxwellAt times like this it is worth remembering the beauty of nature.
Retweeted by jim maxwellCricket Australia moved too early on cuts, say NSW officials via @smh @JimmyKTruck Tests in 1958/59, 1960/61 last two hours live in Sydney, Melbourne.....other games on film/replayed hi… there an inside edge on the lbw that decided the tied test in madras between India/Australia? Like all the oth… pairs: a short history of the greatest indignity in cricket
Retweeted by jim maxwellA discussion we need to have if we are to save the best of #abc and #sbs while we still can. A decision for the Aus…
Retweeted by jim maxwell @rosssolly It was...finished about 4am oz time @faraz9994 Sorry Ray Harvey...Neil’s brother played for Vic. @faraz9994 Neil Harvey Bill Lawry. Len Maddocks c for Vic, Ian Craig c Brian Booth, Grahame Thomas, Johnny Martin,… to hydrowhatchamacallit.
Retweeted by jim maxwellFarewell to an incredible man, Arthur Summons, who will be forever remembered by the sporting community ❤️ We found…
Retweeted by jim maxwellSheffield Shield NSW v Vic 1959/60 mcg and village cricket could start in August says senior government adviser
Retweeted by jim maxwellLooks like they failed the skin fold test too....
Don’t miss a captaincy special on Tuffers & Vaughan tonight from 8pm on @5liveSport. @MichaelVaughan,…
Retweeted by jim maxwell @darrenarmour He’s not a rocket surgeon....certainly not a scientist...The actor was known for his obsequious catch phrase, "That's a lovely dress you're wearing, Mrs. Cleaver."
Retweeted by jim maxwellA little dab will do ya.....kookaburras love it! TV Commercial 1950's via @YouTube @AlisonMitchell Brylcreem sales should skyrocket....maybe a bit of bras so on your duds too....and Velcro !!Sunset during India v Pakistan in Adelaide during the 2015 World Cup
Retweeted by jim maxwell🎙️"Hearing it and the impact of the sound and noise of the crowd lifting as you the commentator lifts … it's just m…
Retweeted by jim maxwellVin Scully at the US Masters as a pitch shot landed and stopped near the pin...”sat down like a dawg at the firepla… conversation with Stephen.....Lords last year pre Test. So knowledgeable and engaging. Lucky to have met him.
@MitchellGlenn What are your opening hours? Borrowings allowed?Beethoven. Breaking the rules since 1770.
Retweeted by jim maxwellSeriously folks...where’s the greatest strike bowler in Test history..Dale Steyn nudges Akhtar out the door and ove… Wedding of Sir Don Bradman and Jessie Bradman at St Paul's Church, Burwood, April 30 1932.
Retweeted by jim maxwell'Friendship is tricky': The chemistry behind enduring partnership of Roy and HG:
Retweeted by jim maxwell @TheCricketGeek OutOn this day in 1964, Australian Phyllis O'Donnell won the inaugural women's world surfing championship. As part of…
Retweeted by jim maxwellAsk Zamps if he will play at Waverley Oval next season....goats welcome! man...wallaby, Kangaroo...fond memories of broadcasting with him at the Eric Weissel Oval for Caltex RL matche… the morning.....Amoore.......... of ‘The Gladiators’ Norm Tasker on @abcgrandstand regarding Arthur Summons: “He was the sort of bloke who li…
Retweeted by jim maxwell @jimmaxcricket Acouple of photos at Arundel 2013 and 2019
Retweeted by jim maxwellVale Arthur Summons. Watch #9SportsSunday Live:
Retweeted by jim maxwell @toddnicolich Very...move inWests Tigers would like to extend their condolences to the family of Arthur Summons following his passing last night.
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Strong team....but if they play in Australia Murali won't cut it. Numbers ordinary. Pick MacGill. McKellar podcast with @McIlroyRory has rightly received a lot of attention over the last couple of days. The 90…
Retweeted by jim maxwell @aaabenjwhite Agree... @jimmaxcricket And here’s Ellis Park
Retweeted by jim maxwellYes Chappelli having one of Australia’s best sports writers now contributing to @abcgrandstand sport. This is a great r…
Retweeted by jim maxwell @aaabenjwhite On reflection Strauss then Cook...yes you could argue he had Anderson Broad and Swann at their best...still musing over it @jimmaxcricket Can only find this one on Wikipedia for Brisbane Exhibition Ground. There must be loads out there so…
Retweeted by jim maxwell @aaabenjwhite Dave Houghton from Zim, Graeme Smith, Alastair Cook, Mark Taylor.... @thesprayshop @WisdenCricket Yes...Boycott? ....bradman and g pollock expert at keeping the strike..selfish? Good viewingStart with Jardine and look at Benaud, Brearley, Bradman, Hutton, Cheetham and Coney....good topic is in Steve Waugh's corner.
Retweeted by jim maxwellThe beef between Shane Warne and Steve Waugh refuses to die you got Brisbane Exhibition Ground in the album....and the original Ellis Park joburg?.. cheers @jimmaxcricket @jnorthall
Retweeted by jim maxwellThis 🙌🏽 @MarcusHarris14
Retweeted by jim maxwell“Obamagate” Is Niche Programming for Trump Superfans via @NewYorkerAustralia is facing a 'once-in-a-lifetime opportunity' as #cycling booms, advocates say
Retweeted by jim maxwellPCB has agreed in principle to tour England for the three Tests & three T20Is in August, 25-28 players to travel v…
Retweeted by jim maxwellMigrate to Mexico! Or Gleneagles for some. DDDire. Sunday coming on the Cafe! Want a shout out? Reply to this tweet or send me an SMS 0467 920222
Retweeted by jim maxwellMalahide Cricket Club Ground, Ireland #stadiumsaturday
Retweeted by jim maxwell @jnorthall Have you got a pic of Arundel....or Scarborough from the archives, and Bramall Lane? Cheers @Lucid_Oz observational humor and analysis ...a cracker! @dizzy259 Oldies too like Doug Heywood, Ted Schroeder and Lindsay Hassett....