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@Marti_Martinell @andrewkimmel They were here before you were. @PuritianHoesMad @KratomMonkey Most Wanted @POLSKIHONKLER Let's gooooo @RealOldPaul Some say half empty I say half fulle-boys listening to their gf sleep over discord realising they will never make eye contact with eachother because y…
Retweeted by Cool JimmyYou retweeted them. Someone stole my tweet and you retweeted them.
Retweeted by Cool JimmyPuerto Ricans Find Warehouse Full of Emergency Supplies From Hurricane Maria
Retweeted by Cool Jimmy you hit that eighteenth hour of consecutive competitive FPS gaming you really enter a flow state that could be…
Retweeted by Cool Jimmy @lNTERNETTARA "Today on twitter the boys were mean to me again..." @MilkAtUni I need more info on this
Retweeted by Cool Jimmy @ZincdRedux @POLSKIHONKLER Lmfao this pic @POLSKIHONKLER @POLSKIHONKLER @IncelWhoFucks Honestly? King shit. @POLSKIHONKLER LMFAOO @KratomMonkey They shouldn't @ASSJACKSON_ I just spent 15 minutes on imgflip editing this picture and another 2 minutes thinking of a funny rela… @POLSKIHONKLER Schmood.yooo
Retweeted by Cool Jimmy @lNTERNETTARA luck of the irish
Retweeted by Cool Jimmy @latenightposter Wow.. @frankiemacd Are we going to get more severe earthquake warnings for California in 2020 ? @POLSKIHONKLER Catch me snoozin'“Hey, it’s Patrick Simpman. You're my lawyer, so I think you should know I've DMed a lot of egirls. Some tradgirls…
Retweeted by Cool JimmyLove this one @POLSKIHONKLER This is it.. @lNTERNETTARA Men: @RacistJuultoo @lNTERNETTARA @lNTERNETTARA I'm a sovereign citizen!! @TallGfSeeker @POLSKIHONKLER @GentlemanLuxery @brobekoo Respect the homies hustle
Retweeted by Cool Jimmy @frankiemacd Can't wait! @whatgreenlight You need to outsource it @POLSKIHONKLER swagged tf out @TallGfSeeker Ppl out here being 21 talmbout "weed? Yeah, I miss being 16 too lol, gotta go to work" @TallGfSeeker Tfw you'll never be a useless stoner again @LandsharkRides Yeah I do remember this oneTinky-Winky always was a little sus @PICKLENUKE Bring back lynching @RealOldPaul This country needs the Jackson 5. @DJ___audit_ Sonic the Mujahideen @KratomMonkey Pros and cons @TallGfSeeker So it was a joke after all, had the fellas worried there for a second @joeym0le @ChengYuZhang10 Grandparent running family onlyfans empire
@whatgreenlight I live therefore I cope @TheFinalHonkler "As a WOC Reylo.." - Save Ben Solo Vro what does any of that even mean lol @ZoomerMatthew Nah this time we're strapped and shooting back bro"You're not cringe. You're not a simp. You're based, you got this. Now go DM her."
Retweeted by Cool Jimmy @CoolGuyIsHere I went to the final Joker showing and they played the harley quinn trailer before it and it was laug… @IncelWhoFucks @brobekoo We all miss them, together 😔Not only is butchering the works to spite the author messed up, all the "problematic views" presented here are true… @TheFinalHonkler I honestly wish the Italians won the american race war and occupied our government insteadBarron is 13 years old. work. “Ahhh shoot, engine failure....”
Retweeted by Cool Jimmy @UltraCoolRapist Stolen valor, everyone wants a piece of that incel clout smhBe authentic. Set values and stand by them, over the long haul. Especially when they are brought into question, not…
Retweeted by Cool Jimmy @IncelWhoFucks Seriously this. @IncelWhoFucks Working hard on Twitter to re-elect Trump 2020 solely for the "put it in my ass" girls @LeDoompill @StephanieHazen lmao, this is such an american tweet @whatgreenlight gun baddie @lNTERNETTARA Someday I'm going to figure out what this very specific recurring subtweet is about
Retweeted by Cool Jimmy @tweettruth2me Haven't had them in years, used to love the fruit ones, thanks for reminding meI shouldn't have made this @CatholicPAWG "Eeh! Eeeh!!" @CoolGrifter @latenightposter Come home White Man - GabThis 600 lb fuck became a successful warlord and you're headed off to wage slave for 8 hours. Good Morning! #tgif
Retweeted by Cool Jimmy @brobekoo Yes. @Bizniz203 @zerohedge No he won't, none of them ever do @hundsnus I want to be Ninja (subscriber) @unimpression @warmtoned @imnotfifteen Yeah that is exactly what everyone was doing back then, straight up beating… @K_KmiecikART I actually do agree, love this one, good job! @UltraCoolRapist War, war never changes @StephanieHazen If you watch Midsommer let me know how it compares and is it worth the time @StephanieHazen Dont know didnt watch it but apparently its new Wickerman which is great so just watch that instead @KratomMonkey "rolling around like a prick" as WorthABuy would say. Not bad just the usual hit-block-roll, if you don't mind it @TheFinalHonkler Lmfao mfw
Keep an eye out Maniacs,Maniac Mark at MarX Golf Carts is building me the baddest of the bad golf cart Clearwater B…
Retweeted by Cool Jimmy @KatieS_1 "one cuts other chooses" has been a long standing policy in our family lolThis пiggа saw the cast of the new LОTR movie and immediately dipped
Retweeted by Cool JimmyKali Yuga? That the name of your girlfriend or something? No? It's what? Oh Jesus Christ kid, you need a social life
Retweeted by Cool Jimmy @CoolGuyIsHere pafu-pafu @HulkHogan We're gonna get you some sweet wheels brother on GodYo Maniacs,need some help,could someone please find out the name of the company and the phone number ,they built my…
Retweeted by Cool Jimmy @anicewife Gm#phantomfriday 301st Tactical Fighter SQ JASDF F-4EJ改 Nyutabaru AB,Japan 5つ星時代⭐️ #F4 #phantom #301sq
Retweeted by Cool Jimmy @kusvh Sad reality is.. only a couple of us have what it takes @kusvh king deserves a crown.
Retweeted by Cool Jimmy @whatgreenlight no comment @whatgreenlight Whats her @? @manletgears0lid Tragic thing is none of these girls children have fathers eitherHappy Anniversary Evelyn! 9 years ago you officially made me the luckiest guy in the world. You are my best friend.…
Retweeted by Cool Jimmy @kusvh Ppl out here being 25 saying "some day soon I'm gonna make it on twitter" bro IT'S OVER