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Jim Cummings @jimmycthatsme Los Angeles, CA

🎥| Thunder Road + The Beta Test 🏆| Sundance + SXSW + Deauville + Milan📍| Los Angeles

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@blake_ison so good.You're going to reap just what you sow.Alright, here's the Thunder Road behind the scenes for anyone that needs a cheer up. Love y'all. @elijahwood I'd do Bundy.
@MCool1977 @EsquireUK This might brighten your day right up then."Dan... Dan.... Dan..... Daaaaaaaan!" @EsquireUK @ChantelHouston I'm so sorry. It's such a horrible experience. Sleep.
What are other lovely and relaxing Anime/animations that people should dive into during the lockdown?‘The Surrogate’ Explores the Moral Complexity of New Age Parenting [Review]
Retweeted by Jim Cummings#SXSW is cancelled but find a way to see the powerful #TheSurrogateFilm which I reviewed for @AWFJ here…
Retweeted by Jim CummingsWe better come through this whole thing loving each other more.The curious (and adorable) routines of film set folks killing time in quarantine
Retweeted by Jim CummingsGolf! by @juliabailz (2019)
Retweeted by Jim Cummings“Perfect Day” is now a horror story about an infected couple going out on the town. @jimjamjenk @MichaelRapaport Actual mom, but yeah, I see distancing
Retweeted by Jim CummingsEveryone should google Hanlon's Razor, trust me.
@dimitreze Nah son. In a tin can.People complaining about staying inside for another 30 days, meet astronaut Peggy Whitson who has spent 665 days in… @LubnaKerr They have become “cloud kitchens”, providing cooking facilities for charities. They’re also selling food… Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University, reopened the school's campus last week. By Friday, nearly a doz…
Retweeted by Jim CummingsDirty martini shots on sale at the 101 Cafe. created the “this is fine” background to use in video conferencing backgrounds. buddy Andrew just released his short film about separation anxiety! Check it out.
@Liam_Peeson Crybaby.
now watching: thunder road dir. @jimmycthatsme (nth viewing)
Retweeted by Jim Cummingstried Words With Friends but the only people who would play with me were strangers.
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This is what 12 thousand Louisianians shared last week. If you’re wondering why we have a higher growth rate of the…
Watch all the SXSW Short films!!!!!!’s been a tough week so we wanted to do something to lift the spirits of @NFTSFilmTV students. So this afternoon…
Retweeted by Jim CummingsGrocery list: Eggs La Croix Universal Healthcare Avocado Ventilators Tomatoes Toilet paper Science educators Cookies GuillotinesSame thing as yesterday? Kay. Cool. Same thing as yesterday.
Retweeted by Jim Cummings"My mother is not expendable and your mother is not expendable and our brothers and sisters are not expendable and… is how we sound. Short to Feature Lab is open for submissions again! Can’t stress how amazing this experience is. If you have a…
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🎨 Alex Russell Flint @sleepingloops @nytimes Me too. Dude said to buy extra food. I was in my kitchen making coffee. Spent the rest of the day getting supplies.Everybody remembers where they were on 9/11, but we all have different moments of realization for this. What momen… @stagescreen60 Most importantly, @CalvinLeeReeder is in your textbook! Bro, we’ve arrived! @TheMattEveritt Hunger strike
Why is this junk being broadcast? No Fauci, no press conference #NoFauciNoPressConference
Retweeted by Jim Cummings @EliaszKD Neither do I.This. @zaki000 As of now just the website.As it is Kurosawa’s birthday, I’m gonna rec some of his non-Samurai movies you should check out: - One Wonderful S…
Retweeted by Jim CummingsWe love you Italy. 🎨: Konstantin Shaklein @Skylerbible @kevinchangaris @juliabailz @EvanJWatkins @owensaidthis @nandorvila @timbanning @halrudnick 5?
@wingsfromspines Do it.Harvey Weinstein caught it in prison. No Joke. your friends isn’t social distancing. @HCAcritics @morgtayro Hey thanks! @jimmysikora That’s me. Producer jimAnne Frank lived in a cupboard for 2 years , grow up
Retweeted by Jim Cummings @juliabailz @jimmycthatsme The view from quarantine
Retweeted by Jim CummingsSome of the movies I love when I’m sad or anxious: Sunset Blvd Crazy Stupid Love The Holiday The Apartment Rear Win…
Retweeted by Jim CummingsI think I’ve memorized every CNN commercial by now.
2020 @auntanxiety Mom paying for your Smarm 101 UCB classes is finally paying off. Proud of you, son.'s a thousand new reviews for Contagion in the last 2 weeks. My review from last week was 5 Stars and 4 words:… @givmeacrown @RealChalamet Seconded. @mimilovesfilm 🙋🏻‍♂️ how much it will cost if you actually get #COVID19? I talked to a woman who was uninsured when she got th…
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@DJ_Futureman @_DaanishSyed #daanishisaslickerPeople: "I want 2020 to be like the roarin' twenties!" Earth: "Alright, infectious disease is spreading." People:…
Retweeted by Jim CummingsOnly essential travel for LA citizens for one month as ordered by the city. If you or anyone you know needs disinfe…
#BREAKING Gov. Newsom says 56% of Californians are expected to be infected with coronavirus "over an eight week per…
Retweeted by Jim CummingsIs there anywhere in LA where we can volunteer to help medical workers when the time comes?Every American out of the country should immediately return. The internet is looking at you @ThomasTheCross who is… @HazOsterfield 👌Cannescelled... :( safe. anti-malarial drugs like chloroquine, which can cause seizures, deafness, and vision loss, and anti-Ebola dru…
Retweeted by Jim CummingsA health influencer is telling her 100k followers that gargling hot salt water and fasting for 72 hours will kill t… hidden gems to stream while self-isolating, from @StephenMerchant's Fighting with My Family to @jimmycthatsme's…
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THE DREAM, an episodic pilot, that was going to World Premiere at @sxsw 2020 got a review. Thanks @IndieWire
Retweeted by Jim CummingsIf Andrew Higgins were still alive he’d be building ventilators. Doctors of twitter: how would you construct a ventilator in the field? @PranavBhasin_ Join us Pranav.Brother Brett and team said watch Thunder Road! is where coronavirus came from 💔 Special thanks to @SVWpage for sharing their footage.
Retweeted by Jim Cummings @VanessaHudgens Google Marie Antoinette syndrome.... @Jimcummingsacme @UrsulaMS13 @johnjelmridge @JennyENicholson Oh my god he responded! I love you JIM! This dude's vo… said you needed a reason to watch Kingdom?
Retweeted by Jim CummingsIf I had fans I would refer to them as “my fans” and I would make them all sign contracts so they would exclusively be fans of me.
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Help out one of my new movies, list some more international club bangers like Mr. Saxobeat and PaPa Americano. 👇🙏 @UrsulaMS13 @johnjelmridge @JennyENicholson It’s honestly my biggest fear, I’ve met jim and he is nothing but nicer… “Thunder Road” tonight because it’s really, really great. That’s the tweet.
Retweeted by Jim CummingsChildren of Men - Lockdown Watch Party Set your clocks, BYO Strawberry Cough ‘silent spreaders’ are fueling the coronavirus pandemic
Retweeted by Jim CummingsSXSW 2020 Review: An Expectant Mother Has Much More to Come to Terms with Than a Child in "The Surrogate"
Retweeted by Jim CummingsNever get off the boat. @film_wannabe_ ❤️ it’s one of my favorites @eddieizzard My mother let us stay up late watching your shows as a kid in New Orleans. If you’re on lockdown, I wo…’m so lucky to be finishing two features right now. Thank you to my team for helping me make these two movies thes… unites all. @film_wannabe_ GTFO, what did you think!!!!! @RyNilsen Dm me your cell bro