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JimmyJam @JimmyJamTV California, USA

Valorant Demon I Streamer For ??? I @ArtesianBuilds Partner I Business: I @stardustxos best friend

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@aikyuna 🌽LFT Flex Smokes/Sentinel/Duelist I want to explore my options and stay grinding and competing RTs and vouches great…
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@joytuai HBD @Bronzey @pipluptiny @ricesooo I got u brointroducing DaJimmy @JimmyJamTV i made dis 4 u
Retweeted by JimmyJamthey wana be me fr fr. @aikyuna the corn is coming for u.... @icakuma @RazzyEM_ @WedidOfficial Dat boi cold 🥶 @solarpuff_ Yes @bdog2916 Hol up this sounds fire @nancmnguyen Hey Nancy
@OfficiaIDevour @Xansmind me and u😳 @Meewuh She’s cool and single @OfficialPlasify @uvsect LFG @fpsDeny so handsome @vaelyv Oh fr? @vaelyv Where your Chicago mancongrats to @ctrrlz and @aikyuna
Retweeted by JimmyJambeen grinding nonstop since beta, it’s gonna pay off eventually.
Retweeted by JimmyJam @snirot @jessicahkim @ElevateGG @Shiro_Rz ggs we win @icakuma @liaaval @HarmonVAL1 @westjett1 @bumpaah @Hiko @LikeWhoFramedMe @fpsDeny @andersin_val @xyobunni @aikyuna Ur choice or theirs @Meewuh @careertwitch @nateschanker @haejeoks @ahad @DerekJoon @Boy1drr @Shiro_Rz
@jenn69420VAL Am I valid @ctrrlz whats wrong king @aikyuna Thanks needed thisits always the low elo diamond kids that dont know how to have fun and always complainYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ignOvercook @nickVAL_ Ur a demon @nickVAL_ Stop queuing with overcook @vaelyv ??????????? @vaelyv @amesmcha Pain. @vaelyv @amesmcha Tfti sumi @Domlatorre Felt @plooful Demon @DerrekOW @GenG @Shanks_TTV @neptunensic @supamen @poisedFPS @angercs DAT BOI DERREK
@ihykendra Stinky @baekariibae @Xansmind @ElevateMeyer @606Ericaa @OfficiaIDevour Telling @Xansmind I wana kiss him @BryXXll @haejeoks webcam mic @fpsDeny yummy @ClawdiaFox @fpsDeny @haejeoks We too good @JimmyJamTV gets them 3 piece specials when i give him my radiant comms
Retweeted by JimmyJamwelcome to burger king @haejeoks @DekyFPS My dawg my dawg @ctrrlz good luck soldier @careertwitch @Nurfed They disappear @mangodontmiss Ty @mangodontmiss This why I don’t follow u back @PlayVALORANT @stardustxos @Shiro_Rz @DerrekOW @FaZeClan @neptunensic @supamen Too cold
@DerekJoon Yo @nickVAL_ @ignOvercook That’s a overcook moment @jessicahkim ❤️ @ignOvercook <3 @Meewuh its sleepy time for meI appreciate all the love I've been receiving lately. I don't deserve you guys ❤️ @Meewuh good morning @JannerMah @Shiro_Rz Yes @Slastt TikTok superstar @DerrekOW Tryna be like u one day @aikyuna @FrozenierrrYO @bluemfps @bluemfps heyyyy lol @MetroGGs_ @aikyuna LMAO @shaaawtiiee Love u 💕 @hirakzu 💕 @Lear_VAL 💕 @aikyuna SLIME @BenevolenceFPS 💕 @OsiasPH On baby @Ban_Val One day. @Annazhuee Add me to the lineup @clawdiache 😎 @chapellhill U @snirot ?Hard Work Pays Off🗣🚀
@SimplyJenny__ It ain’t that bad Jenny @JustFutur3 @aikyuna @Asunaa @Asunaa @fpsDeny looking real small. like 25% of what i look like @bbylapras Goodbye :( @Keeoh Happy birthday my dawg @jessicahkim OKKKKKKKKKKKBLOW THIS CLIP UP @uvsect @PlayVALORANT
Retweeted by JimmyJam @ctrrlz @keaIani hes that guy -ShiroRzI’m that guy @Ban_Val i feel like im not grinding if im sleeping tbh @icakuma @toxiclilgoddess Nice pfp @DekyFPS LMAO he found u guys @ahad @jaspermaju @careertwitch Join us friends #DaShiro
@careertwitch @ctrrlz @Shiro_Rz Sup boys @MitcheIl Sup baby @DekyFPS Tap don’t hold down mouse 1 and crouchGotta give back for the people that’s been supporting me. Giving out the new bundle. Like and retweet no need to follow.
Retweeted by JimmyJam @DekyFPS ? Ur so old u don’t even know how to work a brim iPad