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DJ and Producer. Plastic Love, Into The Woods. Digital Marketing Ninja. Based in Los Angeles

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@mdiddymks @fysicaltherapy I would be DJ Jog I think @fysicaltherapy Lolol
@posthuman Isn’t there a festival doing that somewhere also?Luke Hess is the man! every fucking DJ read this 10x and not forget it @AnthonyParasole @Eye_Am_Nick @BackAftaThis You're really on brand for Knicks fans @AnthonyParasole @Eye_Am_Nick @BackAftaThis Come on man this is semantics. Keeping a “free agent” is much different… @AnthonyParasole @Eye_Am_Nick @BackAftaThis I agree knicks fans are clueless 🤓🙃 @gunnarhaslam @aerielist Loving this podcast so far! Just finished the one with Ciel. When does the next one drop? @nowadaysnyc @JoseyRebelle @__BAY__ @honchoaaron @michaelmagnan @octo_octa @JDTwitch @fysicaltherapy
@AnthonyParasole @BackAftaThis Carmelo was a trade where the Knicks gave up way too much for someone that would have come to NY anyway
@AshLauryn313 @_noncompliant_ having a specific business credit card definitely makes it easier! let me know if you want a referral @Gladwell @RickRubin Kanye @kanyewestESPN is really debating who is a bigger sports icon - Jordan or Tiger. 1. Golf is barely a fucking sport. 2. Nope. @thigh_me4t holy shit! lol
👽 @franklindecosta I'm constantly surprised by DJ fees @_morelian @Man_Power_Music What? Where is this Mor? @thigh_me4t did you see Aphex Twin??????????????????????
@italianreckoner @truncate_la I saw that yesterday at the fair and thought the same thing lolWhy didn't I go see Aphex Twin? ugh @deepblak Beginning to think the fake trade someone made up of Ben Simmons for AD might make sense for both teams lol @RohanRandomer Tascan DR-40
@Ask_Spectrum I'm calling, but this does not seem to be a direct line to customer support? @GetSpectrum Your customer service is ridiculous. How do I speak to someone who can handle a big issue on my account?Some radius clauses are really fucking ridiculous lolactually helmets are cool
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@mikeservito @AphexTwin But are you going to talk to him about inequality? @mikeservito @guycalledgerald love that record @oneunderscore__ Were you a raver? Lol @ghostly What did this do again? I remember it vaguelyYessss @andrewryce Happy birthday 🎉 @TheBunkerNY @kikiebbie I prefer to call it DJ twitter @mariocotto DEEP AS FUCK
"In life or never get what you feel you get what you have the leverage to negotiate" -Jalen RoseOh, and a girl thought I was Eli Roth because I "looked like I would kill someone w/a baseball bat." Was this flirt… Tarantino, RZA, Eli Roth were at one of my gigs once. I played one of the disco tracks from Kill Bill and… @mrcsuperfreq superfreqish? @mikeservito @AnthonyParasole @contakt321 @bennyrodrigues lol whoa this is really something elseYesssss @mdiddymks wtf @MariesaStevens @AnthonyParasole @nitzbluv How is this good for the Knicks?The weirdest snobbiness I've seen is LA natives talking down on transplants.The wind in LA is insane right now. What the hell is going on
@AnthonyParasole If Kyrie goes to NY and the Knicks have the #2 pick would you still want Morant?Help fund Charivari Detroit
@eric_cloutier DP4 is the bomb! You gotta find them.Respect @iwantedthaticed @papa_template Ah, driving that long is rough for sure! @coloredcraig Yo!!! @_noncompliant_ @anakristensen @nowadaysnyc I need to go so badly
@papa_template Hmm that’s actually not that muchI saw a rabbit out on its own on a walk earlier. Someone said a house there has a ton of rabbits. All I could think… at an underground. W T FLaura is trolling people with their sneakers right?
@lovefingers Probably fools who aren’t buying music anyway. Does anyone have any statistics? “Lots” is kinda vague 🤓 @MATRiXXMAN @poemproducer @Bandcamp I don’t think people on Bandcamp are just streaming to avoid buying eitherSo @_noncompliant_ is working the fuck out of the system #intothewoodsla
@alan_oldham Surely he said something worse than sad immigrant?Tonight in LA, we're doing it up warehouse style! For tickets and info: #techno
Retweeted by Jimmy Maheras / Into The Woods LA @juanmaclean @away I was gonna get an Away bag at some point also @noctuarysf I wanna get a house out there in the next year or two. I love going. @noctuarysf I need to go back soon! @Boddika @AnthonyParasole I guess people's attention spans has contributed to festivals being popular. Plus it seem… @LBJamesHarden How does Harden lead in post defense? There are plenty of players that are not good defenders that have high steals #s. @LBJamesHarden I see you left out defense which is actually half of the game? @dvs1hush Oh shitDamn
@Earl_Watson @WSJ @hoff31 @SublimateNYC @FreakPleasures @Machines4Lovers @residentadvisor @TortugaMinor @C_t_r_l @mozhganjoon @peabodyrecords @SublimateNYC @FreakPleasures @Machines4Lovers @residentadvisor @TortugaMinor @C_t_r_l @mozhganjoon @peabodyrecords @basilionichols @posthuman @Patternburst I'll check it out @posthuman @Patternburst Okay, but you don't say fuck the Koran because a small portion of Muslims take it to a terrible place. Do you? @posthuman @Patternburst Disagree. I read the books and never took them to mean that. @posthuman @Patternburst Why does everyone hate on Ayn Rand just because someone decided to associate it with the right or whatever? @AnthonyParasole in LA, and I'd guess the US, in general - it doesn't seem like the audience is growing enough. Do… @HE_VALENCIA Dan Bilzerian? @CaraDaley Be careful tho! Sometimes Crossfit instructors go too crazyDoes it mean my distributor was bad if a release has more people on "Want" vs "Have" on @discogs ? @posthuman @ambivalent any insight? lol
We’ve got @johntejada and @_noncompliant_ this Friday in Los Angeles! Come through 👽 @jujujordash Detroit? @_noncompliant_ I still see people I muted if they are engaged by someone I do followlol @violetakaviolet Sometimes you gotta do it yourself. Though I say this and wonder if I should shop my next EP or not lol @_firstcut @_noncompliant_ @RBMA @eric_cloutier Where is the compromise? If you aren't changing your art, what is being compromised? @_firstcut @_noncompliant_ @RBMA @eric_cloutier That just seems silly honestly @_firstcut @_noncompliant_ @RBMA @eric_cloutier If you aren't compromising your sound/art, I don't see a problem with it. @KPSaurusRex Lolol @_firstcut @RBMA @eric_cloutier Dependence would mean people can’t carry on without Red Bull. Not the case.Damn, RIP @mulaney When is the next LA show? @alan_oldham Let's meet up mang!
@FrankieFatGold @AshLauryn313 @TortugaMinor Aux88 oh my godAgent Cooper's journey through the Black Lodge in the last Episode of Season 2 was largely improvised on the spot b…
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