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DJ and Producer. Plastic Love, Into The Woods. Digital Marketing Ninja. Based in Los Angeles

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ITW with Galcher Lustwerk, Danielle, and Newbody tonight! Going late. DM for details. @ Los Angeles, California @noctuarysf @TijanaT I’ve heard them both play some of the cheesiest shit but that’s neither here nor there @TijanaT I think because he makes people more money than Konstantin did?No Sesso tonight in LA!
TOMORROW Cleveland-raised deep house don @lustwerkmusic vibes out at the next @intothewoodsLA function with specia…
Retweeted by Jimmy Maheras / Into The Woods LAmy favorite video game music
Retweeted by Jimmy Maheras / Into The Woods LA @TortugaMinor lol I had aspirations to do this, but I haven't put out a mix in a long ass time. oof.Why am I getting emails to book Jazzy Jeff for his EUROPEAN tour. Agents don't know how to segment lists? @runawaytonight This old Peter Black track I used to hear in Greece in 94-96 ish. Funny another friend found it bec… @runawaytonight I think 14 years or soRave with No Sesso & help them raise their remaining legal fees!
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@noctuarysf Yeah and def too much to ask in LAJay-Z is wack. NOT SURPRISED. @dontbeafraid Looks rad, what's the space? Seems Nowadays-ishIt would be cool to get hit up with people offering something instead of just wanting something. At least once in a while? Maybe? @posthuman Yeah I have posts set to admin approval because of this. It’s so strange. And almost every story is the same bs. @BISradio @TheSultanRoom @juanmaclean LOL
@runawaytonight lolol @_noncompliant_ @noctuarysf @TerriLeeedit hmmm are you saying there should never be 100% male lineups?Saturday Cleveland-raised deep house don @lustwerkmusic vibes out at the next @intothewoodsLA function with specia…
Retweeted by Jimmy Maheras / Into The Woods LA @coupdestace_ @GODDOLLARS Jesus, this guy is definitely a serial killer @runawaytonight @214isJAlvarez FREESTYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @mdiddymks @TerriLeeedit SD? or what @italianreckoner It’s similar to this idea, but going further. I’ve read it but not sure you really need to read th… @italianreckoner You ever read The ONE Thing @noctuarysf @runawaytonight Not by much @runawaytonight @lovefingers @noctuarysf Yes but it will be very dark and dreary @noctuarysf @runawaytonight I thought you wanted cheaper lolCome through the No Sesso party this Friday featuring @foreignerrrrrrr, @alima_lee, Malo, and Teira! Tickets/RSVP a… (@elleinad_yabood) is a rising star from the UK. She hosts an NTS show and worked at the legendary… @_Thaddeus @briankoppelman True! Thanks for the response! 🙏🏼
@coupdestace_ Harassed how??? @briankoppelman What's your advice for someone who has good script/film ideas, but is not a writer?Saturday we've got Galcher Lustwerk, Danielle, and Newbody! Very excited for this lineup. Tickets:…
@bergsonist Were you there this weekend? It was so good! @jason_kincade @lovefingers @BwanaBeats @DJHeidiLawden Most headphones are $200-300 now it seems. These look like the old Sony kinda.Hey @Urbanears will there be a replacement for the Zinken? @lovefingers btw I got an Isonoe 420 coming soon 🤓 @DJHeidiLawden @lovefingers @BwanaBeats I'm going to get my old ass Pioneer 5000 headphones fixed soon. Only thing… shit @DJHeidiLawden @lovefingers @BwanaBeats I find most headphones fit too loose to my liking @posthuman @urulu_music Hmmm what he seems to be talking about is something else though. Basically it’s like the un… @lovefingers Do I even wanna look at the price? @urulu_music Where were these prices? Yeesh @lovefingers @BwanaBeats Oh really? Which ones @DJHeidiLawden? That’s a bummer as I don’t like sennheisers @urulu_music I don’t think that’s most spacesNCAA on some bullshit again. Not surprised @ZOLAJESUS @darkentriesrecs I’d also just guess most of these people just don’t have Equinox memberships. Period. @BwanaBeats My next pair will be Pioneer since Urbanears stopped making the headphones I like.Landed an hour early but have been stuck on the plane and basically will be at the gate at the regular time anyway. Blerg @Delta @urulu_music @manik_nyc did a few charity basketball games (with DJs) a few years back. Need to bring it back!
@mikeservito @mozhganjoon @TheBunkerNY @nowadaysnyc You were both is such a groove!Beautiful night at The Loft! NYC has been so on point this weekend. @ New York, New York @PlasticLoveLA @posthuman @RezaakadaRef Future Moving Mafia @coupdestace_ Who doesn’t? 🤓👽
@olintechno It’s not supposed to be easyOmg @mdiddymks @_noncompliant_ much excite for this tonight! you play music out and get annoyed at people wanting to know what records are, you're not a real DJ
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Public Records is fucking great. What a sound system. What a room. What a DJ booth. @mikeservito @RussellELButler I buy any Scott Grooves records w/o even listening to em @JoeyNegro Freestyle lives forever! @manik_nyc He’s the worst. Hate that putz.
Yes!!! 17 we’ve got Galcher Lustwerk ( coming through along with @elleinad_yabood and @newbodymusic!… @olintechno I work from home one day a week, but that is Sunday. Sometimes it's chill, but sometimes I work 11 hour… @olintechno I try to work on music-related things, but then have to worry about a boss seeing that. It's so dumb. I… @olintechno The days I work my day job and it's not really busy, but I have to be at the office are the worst mentally.
@truncate_la If anyone knows, @justinsloe doesEven Google and Apple don't require bachelor's degrees for jobs anymore because they're realized the ability to obt…
Retweeted by Jimmy Maheras / Into The Woods LA @KPSaurusRex @DJHeidiLawden No lol. LA Fitness. Equinox is way too expensive for a gym for what I want. @DJHeidiLawden @KPSaurusRex There's nowhere for Equinox people to really goHitting NYC tomorrow through Sunday...Peeped RA for parties. DAMN a lot is going on. @ButchConger @alan_oldham @THRMattBelloni @THR @italianreckoner @MarcellusESQ try Kombucha alsoShaq been djing since 1988 and y’all just started last year so be quiet
Retweeted by Jimmy Maheras / Into The Woods LAHold up, how much does @SHAQ get paid to DJ music festivals? 😱
Retweeted by Jimmy Maheras / Into The Woods LA @alan_oldham @THRMattBelloni @THR To be fair wasn’t there a movie with Ice-T back in the day with a similar premise
@lovefingers Plus getting the actual places correct helps.
@AndrewYang MIDSOMMAR @justinsloe @TheBrewPodcast1 Seriously lol @AnthonyParasole @TheBrewPodcast1 OMG WE AGREE ON SOMETHING @aerielist lol I did this at the only and last wedding I’ll ever play.Nice one 👌🏻
TONIGHT! @intothewoodsLA with @DJMoxie @kiernanlaveaux & @_morelian!
Retweeted by Jimmy Maheras / Into The Woods LATonight it’s going down with @djmoxie, kiernanlaveaux, and @_morelian! DM for info 🤓 #intothewoodsla @ Los Angeles,… @bendevereux @AshLauryn313 lol I've become pretty good at taking weaves outSaturday Moxie is going Into The Woods! The UK DJ and radio presenter started covering Sinden’s Kiss FM show in 20…
@Jia6am No it’s better when nobody knows shit and parties with legends only have 60 people and lose tons of money! @JoseyRebelle Cocoa butter is the bestIt's so easy to report a setlist at a club or festival you have played. You need PRS membership. Then log in & go…
Retweeted by Jimmy Maheras / Into The Woods LA @frankiefatgold @yu_whoooo What the hell @Jia6am @worklapresents So we’re not inviting Wire to basketball next time?Mor has been a part of ITW since day one and has been busy globetrotting and releasing on labels such as Hypercolou…
@manik_nyc @xDammitDani Dude whatttttVOL. 👏🏾 3 👏🏾 DROPS 👏🏾 TOMORROW!
Retweeted by Jimmy Maheras / Into The Woods LA @_morelian @cassegrainmusic Did you drink 10 glasses thoWe look forward to welcoming Kiernan Laveaux to LA this Saturday! DM for info. 🙏🏼 Kiernan Laveaux is a transfemini…😂