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@mulholio @jongold What with the ergodox highly customizable modifier keys, do you find yourself using a standard keyboard and feeling lost? @mulholio @jongold I believe I’ll be pulling th trigger on the ergodox soon, gonna play with the Microsoft offering… @mulholio @jongold Fantastic writeup, thank you! It’s definitely wrist related: just getting around to squaring aw… @nibrasibn @mulholio Thank for shining the keybat signal 💫💕 @camerongrey RawwwwwJust watched the ISS cross the sky 🛰 @bronzejaguar Where does Onward and Upward, James 🚀 fit in?
@camerongrey Yessir @cprkrn Check out the #gameb folks you might dig them, they’re working on a new party.Really well done @VicVijayakumar @vgr strange times
Retweeted by James and the Giant Peachoid 🍑Make time to make time eyes 🐍 #MyTwitterAnniversary yourself I’m John Bun Jovi @SupaMalaman I’ve seen some petroglyphs, simple carvings of figures in stone, maybe thousands of years old. Scratc…
2020 @geomorphologies What UI bits are these? @micsolana If you don’t lick the toilet seat the Invisible Terrorists win @TheOrangeAlt you hip to @openlibrary and the @internetarchive ? @jongold So should I not get this $400 artisan keyboard's done their due diligence on ergonomic keyboards? @visakanv The rest @visakanv the currently reading stack @dwylson I’d be into it @margaritaevna95 Or out of their sightSteak-umm bless, friends Army suspends training new recruits to control Covid spread @PolichukAlina
Retweeted by James and the Giant Peachoid 🍑👀 @scienceshitpost you’re needed @naval @nwilliams030 Bangin’ @camerongrey @felfarns Fragility is everywhere @jongold Ive been looking!! @m_ashcroft Completely unhelpful
What is this adapter? @lehoczkyescobar Have you considered simply being passionate about and excellent at something of high value to society? @nwilliams030 Definitely, and shows or genres of shows can be super informative as to the humor/taste of the person…“The arts are essen­tial to any com­plete national life. The State owes it to itself to sus­tain and encour­age the… @selentelechia Very fun idea :) Reminds me of when I did something similar here, where I tried to live-tweet me dig…“When one has much to put in them, a day has a thousand pockets.” – NieztscheI think things all the time, but wouldn’t necessarily say I HAVE thoughts ya know
Retweeted by James and the Giant Peachoid 🍑 @jongold Verbal Programming Lang @vgr snowflake > hail > glacier > comet
@_djpn @JohnSigmon @nwilliams030 I feel you, words are fickle beasts @_djpn @JohnSigmon @nwilliams030 Thx @_djpn, mostly that stuff @nwilliams030 @nwilliams030 From what I’ve seen re:covid it might be a good one @StewartalsopIII @StewartalsopIII Could see states getting back in the saddle, could see further decay, or both in different places @wildflowerearth @ElConnekto @cognazor @nosilverv @snigdhar0y @edelwax @worrydream @startuployalist @peterthiel @TheTedNelson Ya he’s rad! @spiral_virus I thought you’d never ask 🥰 @wildflowerearth @ElConnekto @cognazor @nosilverv @snigdhar0y @edelwax @worrydream @startuployalist @peterthiel I h… @DuaneKing @nwilliams030 truly immersive digital storytelling is nascent, it's being approached by video games and… @nwilliams030 What impacts will moving our thoughts and stories into version control have on our ability to forget,… @nwilliams030 I wonder though at the role of forgetting and the intergenerational game of telephone that oral tradi… @nwilliams030 Looking forward to Veggietales on TikTokSpoke with Matthew Reid (a very articulate Trappist monk) on death, suffering, and adapting through selflessness an… Convo #10: Death, Empathy, and Selfless Love Convo #9: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Travel let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deedsthe best way to be of benefit to the chorus is to practice your singingthe clumpworld synthesisevery body diesWe need everyone out there being all of themselves for this to work
Retweeted by James and the Giant Peachoid 🍑You already know what you must do
Retweeted by James and the Giant Peachoid 🍑 @aaronzlewis oh @jamespoulos they probably just wrote the address wrong, I do that sometimesAt a really cool Zoom party
2020 debt @BGrueskin @magicsilicon @rdntola just waitSome guys in the backyard across the canal from my place, playing beer pong with the homies over video chat
Join us for Socratic Speed Dating, an experiment in inquiry and conversation. In this synthesis of the very presen…
Retweeted by James and the Giant Peachoid 🍑 @startupdaemon For making em search “from:Jimmyris masks” buncha mask content @naut4prophet @bronzejaguar That's where FEMA Regional HQ is :) @startupdaemon Or make em @startupdaemon Etsy @Aluirl @bronzejaguar Strong choice @wolftivy your fighter
Retweeted by James and the Giant Peachoid 🍑 on the upswing @vgr @mark_riedl What is the kindergartner catching up on? @HipCityReg
What vehicle is this? @AdamHSays “It was probably the most feared item of the Warsaw Pact battlefield air defense armoury.”Along with everyone else @camerongrey Support how? @maybegray I wanna snug @TheAnnaGat @cognazor @Aelkus Hmm, wonder if there’s one in the Digibarn...