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@TapoFilms Let me know how it goes!
@itsthechie @squaremile Let me know what you think when you’ve had a chance to taste them. More importantly: thank you!this morning's @vittleslondon is an exciting new regular feature: fermenting with our very own vera lynn of pickles…
Retweeted by James Hoffmann @oleg008 @stereobooster I don’t know if you could put a number on it, but the taste of good water vs bad water is s… @ABernatzky There are definitely much much better robustas out there, but they do still tend to have a woody/rubber… @luentjes The grind might be a bit coarse, try nudging it a little finer? @joegdsl @squaremile Do you find filter or espresso drinks more comforting and relaxing?
@itsthechie @squaremile I think Red Brick is a good place to start, it’s a kind of benchmark of our style of coffee… @itsthechie @squaremile What kind of thing do you like? What are you making coffee with? @aronHaverty @squaremile Thank you! I hope the coffee makes up for any potential disappointment 😬 @CappuccinoKris @squaremile Thank you! @Nipper100 @squaremile Thank you! @shaw_alfie @squaremile And we’re looking for one. Robustness does play a valuable role - the impact of waste from…’re doing something a little fun @squaremile right now. Everyone does Christmas Blends, no one does Easter Blends… @ChristofferAger A little bit of both! @euhen25 The whisking part is stupid and joyless and feels like it takes forever. But when it does happen it is kind of magical. @other_dsc @KhGoslen No, you can pull a vacuum and run it or even run a cold bath on it if you really wanted to. @cantfakethefeel I have a Wilfa Uniform at home
@trishrothgeb It’s only because he kindly taught me how! @other_dsc I think the challenge is that you’d lose so many volatile compounds. I am also unsure whether chamber va… @bran_plunts Both are on my list - I’ll probably get to Turkish style coffee first. But these days I’m hesitant to give a deadline! @tomabella @altonbrown Don’t get me wrong - I love me some Alton Brown! @tomabella @altonbrown True, true indeed! @tomabella @altonbrown I sort of did that in the video. @joaomtcosta I have - it is sitting in my giant pile of ideas, I should really push it back towards the top. It would be so much fun!Lots of you have been asking me to make a video about Dalgona coffee. Here it is: @ddgrunau Working on it! @thejetset @dublinbarista @dalekmad Actually - as you may see in the video - at one point I had to heat the mix up… @thejetset @dublinbarista @dalekmad If you get a 1:1 of sugar and water mass, and you make it very cold, and you ha… @thejetset @dublinbarista @dalekmad What I didn’t cover in the video is the likely challenge of there being some oi… @thejetset @dublinbarista @dalekmad You pretty much have to use instant. Any normal brew method will be too dilute… @thejetset @dublinbarista @dalekmad What did you use to make it? @dublinbarista @dalekmad I am - hopefully a video tomorrow. @KonradBry Not yet.... @ChristofferAger Next video! @victorgramme Absolutely a yay! If the world hadn’t broken I would have hoped to have had a brew guide for it by now
Thanks, @JimSeven! We're actually giving them away free with our AeroPress Sampler Pack right now...…
Retweeted by James Hoffmann @oliverleung2 Possible...For those who still want aeropress dice - this is the place to get them! @aleshs @Jakubprazskej There is an iOS app already I thinkSeeing people still using the dice makes very very happy!
@CappuccinoKris C41. I plan on using Negative Lab Pro to try and get something decent out of my Epson V550 @adam_panker Thanks! @adam_panker I think I want to keep this as a hobby, and also it will likely contain aspects of my private life tha… now realise this needed clarification, I’m talking about rolls of film. Things haven’t got that desperate quite y…
@charleszhaynes Why wait?! @joegdsl Thanks! Me too! @joegdsl I am! @2018Colo Thank you!Well, 5 rolls are currently drying in my bathroom and I have a pleasant feeling of satisfaction but not a desperate… @wrmultitudes I did not! That’s a whole other level of film though... @nfocalypse I wanted something for a hobby that was hard to turn into work. I like how slow it is. I like that I’ve… @nfocalypse Film or camera? I presume the latter - an RB78 Pro S. (which thankfully has the idiot proof dark slide function) @joshnorthsouth I’m cooking my blix sous vide @jzglink I just developed my very first roll which was Ektar 100. I just finished fighting with a roll of Portra 40… is a perfectly sensible time to learn to develop colour negative medium format film at home. Isn’t it? @PatrickfLaw Amazing! Let me know your thoughts afterwards! @caffeine_crazy If you search my name in playlists on Spotify there’s one that someone kindly made @bgumm No worries! Thanks for letting me know! @antisocial_burp I do!
@mcnorman57 @empiricalcph I already have that and it’s deliciousTrying to save some money but @empiricalcph keep dropping things like this: @michael_beecham Trying insulating the scale from the carafe. You might also just have a damaged load cell in the scale. @michael_beecham Evaporation or the heat is influencing the load cell (do you use the little rubber mat?) - depends…
@itsthechie I haven’t and I desperately wish I had - though be careful with coffee and carbonation, coffee can prod… of what @vittleslondon is doing is platforming food writing from people who have not been published before. i…
Retweeted by James Hoffmann @haakoan It’s primarily about density, different beans shatter in different ways when they grind, producing differe… @haakoan Go by taste first - if it is more bitter than usual then it is good to go a bit coarser than before.
@TGrelka I still have and use, and have had no reason to update. It lives on my desk at work (though obviously I’m… @TerranceKwok Absolutely! @cantfakethefeel I honestly don’t know - I’ve never tried but it would probably go ok! @aqbar21 Working on it! @obfuscurity Far too much money, for what you’re getting - it’s been a number of years since I’ve worked as anything close to a barista.Lots of people have been asking about freezing coffee beans, so I made a video about it: Should you freeze coffee? @JonathanMcNee It’s not wrong, I prefer this to let it drain and refilling @mackeyato_ Should I? I might…
@Kieran_McKenney I’ll be emailing people as soon as the competitions close (usually 2-3 days after each video). If… @markdrew @squaremile Let us know what you think!
@MeirickChris To spoil the next video: portion the 1kg into airtight packages of about 250g. Freeze them. Defrost t… @MeirickChris I have a large number of them being shipped to me at the moment for testing. Answers reasonably soon! @itsthechie It’s a good idea - hoping to find more time to make videos! (Lockdown hasn’t really given me more time… @Harrisonbro Zero water filters are a reasonable option @Ahannafordium Same reason hot plate coffee tastes bad after a while. Heating supplies fresh energy for a bunch of… @Ahannafordium Like if you let it go cold and want it to be hot again? Yes, sadly it does make it taste a bit worse @topsforwarren It’s on my list, and high up for sure! (I have the same question as you…)
@DavidDarnes Certainly grind as you go. Coffee is at its best within a month or so if roasting, but is still pretty good month two. @DavidDarnes You can portion individually and grind from frozen but this generates a lot of waste @DavidDarnes You can freeze them but you don’t want to keep opening and closing the bag once it’s frozen or you’ll…
@NickCho I have a feeling next week will be the week I give in and do this. I’ve a bunch of instant from a nice Ame… @marcrebillet in The Cave was a good end to a shitty week. started the interviews of this last week, wrote it on Monday, it got published on Wed. If you’re in the coffee in…
Retweeted by James Hoffmann @supermicoman Yeah - I’m due a live stream or Q&A soonThis is an awesome idea! Folks! If you could record a 1-5 min statement answering this prompt and lmk if you’re ok…
Retweeted by James HoffmannToday’s video is a bit more fun! Some years ago I got to film with @DerrenBrown. He broke my little brain, but ther… @invisiblea They’re only acceptable while in isolation. Otherwise you feel a bit “listen to me and my loud, powerfu… folks! I’ve just been made redundant mid-pandemic 🙃 please hmu for any work. I’m good at writing shit hot copy,…
Retweeted by James Hoffmann @woodstcoffee Haha! @tomabella Roasters would prefer subscriptions for sure, but I am cautious to ask too much of people. @markdrew I completely agree. It’s utterly absurd, but also wonderful. @markdrew Ember mug too! Nice!