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James Viscardi @JimViscardi Murfreesboro, TN

Running things @comicbook for @CBSi. I used to do PR for @marvel. Hosted @letstalkcomics. @malloryviscardi tolerates me.

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@JeremyCom @TheMattCardona Shots fired
@BaneWruse @CHofferCBus @PokemonPodCB @meganpeterscb Nightmare fuelDarkseid is... choo, scoop train keeps on rolling and @TheWolfman is your conductor. beep, scoop delivery from @BrandonDavisBD Films Barry Allen: Appears in Crisis on Infinite Earths DC Films Universe: Realigns, new version of Justice Lea…
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My man @adambarnhardt with the #JohnWick scoop. @adambarnhardt YESSSS @arcticninjapaul Can’t wait to see what you do next my friend! @pittsed_off if i see em ill let you know! @pittsed_off OoO fortunately i have pretty good luck with my local walgreens. @pittsed_off OHHHHHHH MAN @EvrLvnBluIdThng @russburlingame @OriginalFunko finishing #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague mean bigger things for @BenAffleck's #Batman role?
Retweeted by James Viscardi @russburlingame I would not be surprised if Nolan became the first big name director to create a movie solely for V… telling me theres no chance Ben might come back. @dceu01 @ManaByte 👀 year is 2020 and fans are experiencing trailers for the first time in a game. #TenetTrailer #fortnite
NBD just waiting for the #TENET trailer in #Fortnite @BrandonDavisBD so are we squadding up tonight?Not to mention it'll probably be available online after. Can you not just wait a few minutes? @BrandonDavisBD More people in fortnite bro, get with it.Grumble all you want - but there will be more people playing Fortnite at 8PM ET than watching anything on tv, or el… it’s @chriskillian and @TheMarkHenry live on Instagram right now! Check it out
Retweeted by James Viscardi @camerondeuel BROOOOO congrats @IAmNickFloyd 100%We talked to @ThatKevinSmith about #ReleaseTheSnyderCut fans and the big announcement today
Retweeted by James Viscardi @BoStaffTurtle Have a nice evening. @JohnParetti Subscription $$ is trading much higher in value these days. Time does weird things. Again, it might be… @_ChristopherM @ManaByte Oh for sure. But success is success no matter how you slice it. @BoStaffTurtle How oddly aggressive. Yesterday you wouldn’t have thought we’d ever see the Snydercut, now we are. @_ChristopherM @ManaByte But that’s what I mean. The sub value alone for people signing up to see the Snydercut is… @ManaByte @_ChristopherM A+ @_ChristopherM @ManaByte And everyone thought Snyder was excommunicated from WB. Yet here we are. The streaming fro… @ManaByte I’m not saying it’s a surefire thing, but time does some amazing things. @JohnParetti $$$$$ @ManaByte Look we never thought we’d see the Snydercut, yet here we are.ATT spending 20-30m to finish the Snydercut is a bargain compared to the budgets of some of the bigger streaming productions elsewhere.It’s not out of the question that if the Snydercut performs on HBOMAX, that they wouldn’t green light a JL2. Netfli… @PeterSciretta Honestly with what looks to be the current plans for DC Movies, if Snydercut performs, whose to say they don’t make JL2?
@JamieLovett Let’s play Fortnite at 1amIt’s real!
Whaaaaaaaaaat want to connect with some of the biggest #ReleaseTheSnyderCut accounts for something I may be putting together. T…
Retweeted by James ViscardiOMG if @artofmmignola does Golem next I’m dead. MY GOD. 😍
Retweeted by James Viscardi @Sean_OConnell @RTSCBook Because it’s already on HBO? @CHofferCBus @Barro_Sama93 @PokemonPodCB I quit
Whaaaaaaaaaaaat @ImMatElfring and also with you @MattNavarra RIP Nextdoor.
Holy sh*t - @artofmmignola has turned his attention to Pokémon and the results are glorious. Fred Willard #FredWillard #BestInShow #ThisIsSpinalTap #FernwoodTonight #AMightyWind #Anchorman
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@BSakschek Freaking love these suits @BrandonDavisBD @chrisarrant Remember what happened in the 90s? @XavierWoodsPhD When’s the golden girls clue live stream? @ManaByte As someone who produced over 100+ issues of Marvel Previews (and have them all) this feels like “oh crap… @Sean_OConnell You let @elmayimbe scoop you?! 🤣 (love you umberto)You know the comic book spec market has hit a low point when an issue of Marvel Previews is hitting hot books lists. @ConnerWS @charlieridgely Someone’s not watching Legends. @Valdezology And Devon Sawa! @Valdezology @Valdezology Holy shit they made two of these?!Just watched Escape Plan. AMA. @DuneTurbo Totally - but we had Dino charge just five years ago. @JurassicSamurai It’s been so long since squatt and Baboo got figures. My Goldar is so lonely.As a kid I used to draw Zordon’s face on a paper towel roll with blue crayon. This two pack is incredible. @DRomanod25 @VoiceLegendII @ComicBook This has been an awesome thread to read. I feel very much the same way about a lot of this. @MitchGerads Remember that time we podcasted together?Hit it. #StarTrek
Retweeted by James ViscardiThis mentality can be applied to everything you try to accomplish. Want to win? Surround yourself with people who…
Retweeted by James Viscardi @DenO_Tokunation @alwaysbumping @Hasbro @TokuNation @RangerCommandPH @PowerRangers @ColbyJStrong @LightningFigPR That hair. So perfect.The internet is still good.! #HarleyQuinn It’s a #QuarantineWatchParty with the show’s EPs and @woeisjoe & @JamieCinematics!
Retweeted by James ViscardiSam’s run on Harley might be my favorite of the runs the character has had. He also had a murderers row of artists… this #FollowFriday, go follow the @WWEonCB team because they've been CRUSHING it lately! @ryandroste
Retweeted by James Viscardi👀
Retweeted by James ViscardiGetting that @MajorWFPod scooooop from @TheMattCardona and I couldn’t be more excited for it. @GreenRangerDon @MrChangeDragon Totally fair points - feels a bit like filler to me but I’ll be there day one watching.
be sure to join us for our #QuarantineWatchParty this evening with the creative masterminds behind #DCUHarleyQuinn!…
Retweeted by James Viscardi @TheMattCardona @MajorWFPod DuuuuuuuuuuudeLook, I LOVE Power Rangers. LOVE them. But do we need another dinosaur themed season? I know its not for me, but th… live with @TheMattCardona on @ComicBook’s Instagram at 1PM ET! Make sure you’re at in… to see @ansonmount back with @ethangpeck and @RebeccaRomijn doing #StarTrek stuff.’s top drawer Italianing.
Retweeted by James ViscardiJust got off the phone with the Hardcore Legend @RealMickFoley. Story coming to @WWEonCB later today! #HaveANiceDay
Retweeted by James ViscardiThe new #papermario is dark as hell We continue to see #QuarantineLife's downward spiral pull on @MattAguilarCB's sanity. And @JanellWheeler Em…
Retweeted by James ViscardiMy wife kicked me out of the hospital so I would record this week's episode of @PokemonPodCB. We talk a lot about b…
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Oh my gosh is that a gravestone?! all, I need more stores to help! Please offer some suggestions for funds to disperse! Thank you!!
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@DevonESawa Devon.
I can confirm two things. No. 1 is that @JanellWheeler wasn't kidding about that #WWE research, and No. 2…
Retweeted by James Viscardi @lilparmigiano Holy sh*t that’s incredible. @briantruitt @PeterSciretta @SteeleWars yeah nothing that wont be pirated immediately or clipped out on twitter for… has been working her butt off bringing this series of pieces to life in recent weeks, and I could…
Retweeted by James Viscardi @lifeinpolaroid @ChaseMagnett Phenomenal job