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@jessicaelgot "This northern constituency is Red Wall, while that one is just far away."Sadiq Khan has won the mayorlty but the pandemic means he has to keep begging the government for cash (which comes… @KarimPalant Cash bribes delivered in plastic bags to get Londoners moving out to the burbs at younger ages. Stop a…
@mlothianmclean I know nothing, I'm just standing on the side going 'that was bold'.The YouTuber London mayoral candidate with no mainstream media coverage because he doesn’t want it…. is currently b… @stejormur Yeah I’ve flagged.Almost the entire long distance UK rail runs the same new trains and they’re… cracking up. @MatthewWells Thought you’d be excited this morning.
@Kate_M_Proctor Yes! That’s the bit that gets me, cultural difference between North Yorks farmers and Hartlepool i…
@AyoCaesar I made an innocuous boring tweet about Americans thinking it’s weird we have them in kitchen, Kirstie Al… @AyoCaesar Got flamed for a week and called every sort of -phobe after suggesting working doorbells are helpful. Si… mayor of London election day, where the democratic process for a no-hope candidate can be a small part of a w… has activated the Dad's Army graphics tools.⁦@JonnElledge⁩ a heartwarming story of lockdown returning nature to its natural habitat as a golf course
The Coronet, Victorian theatre/cinema/club, Elephant and Castle, London (1879-2021) @JeyyLowe Become an explicitly anti-house building party and pick off individual seats by campaigning to save a spe… @JeyyLowe @prospect_clark This was from today’s edition. @prospect_clark “Many reports reach your correspondent of young men diving in the beautiful surroundings of the Riv… edition of the Guardian, published 200 years ago today, had… a front page advert for a vegetarian cookbook.…
Typeface battle royale, the 1960s version looks hard.🚨Fewer than half of recent Labour voters in Hartlepool say they will back the party in Thursday’s crucial byelectio…
Retweeted by Jim WatersonEarning £5,000+ by dialling in to give a quick Zoom talk to a wealth manager from a BBC meeting room is a sweet sid… @aljwhite Typo in that tweet - #IstandwithPoliticsForAli @captainwonkish Its selling point is its understanding of this site's absolutely fucked algorithm and the inability… @captainwonkish Sick of hatchet jobs on young BBC staff who once tweeted about liking Labour as a teenager, it's the same level of stuff.Teenager works out to game Twitter politics algorithm better than any other news organisation, sends Westminster po… @alexhern there's, idk, a million quid's worth of cars sitting barely used along my street right now? whyyyyy on an…
@CasparSalmon @nathwani_ @chilidonut You can have a pint. You’ll feel shit tomorrow but that’s not why. @nathwani_ @chilidonut @CasparSalmon It’s completely not the advice. @ShoShopen @reckless @benyt Genuinely only look at the SMS/iMessage folder on my phone now when strangers text an i… @reckless @benyt People still use iMessage in the US? Huh every day is an education. @TomChivers @KarimPalant @jessbrammar @RMCunliffe See this is the better approach.
someone at twitter getting paid to summarise 'that thing you're all talking about on here is probably rubbish but t…
@MattDeaves Gonna be a lot of scientists with lots of new followers struggling from a bad case of RT withdrawal whe… did we ended up in a place where one of the world’s leading broadcasters is being legally obliged to keep posti… the BBC Sport social media accounts can’t join the social media boycott because someone decided it counts as lob… Corbyn’s campaign car driving around central London with a cardboard cut out of his brother in the back seat,…
@ricardoautobahn You've got All Right On The Night instead. @alexmarshall81 Right so is everyone just necking pills in a shed in front of a load of journalists and scientists… has pulled the final episode of Noel Clarke's five-part series Viewpoint from tonight's primetime 9pm slot, fol… @HannahAlOthman I’ve just got the mini after developing a claw hand and it’s unnervingly small at first (ie the siz… to make BBC News say the word “Popbitch” on every news bulletin today. @spignal The FT did this a few years ago and told me I was in their top 1% of heavy readers and it just made me won… @DoctorLunge @Samfr 39.8 is! @Samfr Now that we’re vaccinating millennials, it’s a good opportunity for the media to realise how old and jaded a…
This is some pretty remarkable reporting: not many reporters could bring something like this in.
Retweeted by Jim WatersonPopbitch pointing out that Boris Johnson’s mobile number can be found on Google is ehhhh. @s8mb @rcolvile OMG the Chinese phone calls have been driving me mad, I haven’t seen anyone else mention them. @yngvlgrn Clicked through to see full tweet and the top reply is…. What @anitathetweeter What's fun on NextDoor is replying to a post on LTNs saying "I think there's an anti-car agenda he…
@GaryTomWilliams It becomes BBC4 @scottygb When did anyone last receive an actual text message from a human and not a verification/delivery code. @SmileGena What a vid! @lisatozzi Who knew your timing was impeccable. @anthonyjwells @CompassMicropub RELEASE THE TAPES! @Lanre_Bakare @rhiannonlucyc Can we take all chat about UK’s problematic veneration of Victorian housing offline, thanks Lanre. @rhiannonlucyc They were bloody cold and no one had central heating!BREAKING: Electoral Commision escalate flat funding row. “We are now satisfied that there are reasonable grounds t…
Retweeted by Jim Waterson @Psythor That is the company that did the flat though, it's not totally mad.And the journalist on the UK’s main politics show finished their defence of the prime minister’s wallpaper expendit… @DuncanWeldon Tell her to stick it all in Crypto and then be really annoyed when, against all the rules of how Thin… complaints watch: There wasn't enough coverage of St George's Day on BBC News. @henrymance Anndddd now there’s the public consultation bit which I’m just going to leave a link to here, which cou…
@sw1a0aa You bastard. @YorkCityFC Eeeeeeeesh @whatbutlersaw @C20Society Yup! It's entered to the station side of HoF. Many happy afternoons spent outside with o… @whatbutlersaw @C20Society Oooh, also RIP Labour Party HQ I presume, as they're continually chased around Westminst… @GazLemon @radiohead OK I'll wear something from the 2004 era of pious bands.Huge “...and then of course punk came along and that was it for bands like us....” energy
Retweeted by Jim WatersonDoes anyone else remember Piers Corbyn being on some BBC children's TV programme in the late 90s where he tried to… @JeyyLowe Having done bit of that myself, the flaw is a) the two streams of political reporting (helpful ultra-insi… comment to staff by Rebekah Brooks about how they looked at launching a fully-fledged new rolling news televis… Murdoch's News UK TV channel has lost its boss David Rhodes, and the team will now be folded in under the co… @WillardFoxton Tomorrow or Thursday! They're staggering the release after the 45-50s swamped it and broke it. @elashton Peak you. @mwhitfield80 What are you Matthew, the cursed Coldplay Parachutes generation? @WebDevLaw Yeah but you get a free Teenage Fanclub C90 instead.Do you continue to talk sincerely about your love for OK Computer? If so, get moving on the vaccines! Millennials s…
@CraigSilverman @BuzzFeedNews Oh man, what a run, thanks for the many many ideas that I've appropriated and refashioned.Ooft: “How have they got themselves in this horrible position where they can deny things on the record and the BBC…
Retweeted by Jim WatersonNumber 10 press conferences which force responses from this sort of stuff on the record and not via 'Downing Street…
@CasparSalmon Gen Xers smashed the efficient online ordering we’re getting all the second doses done. If I were a B…! Your messages are encrypted but there’s always metadata!
@steamedhamms I missed the last fifteen years of games until lockdown but Forza Horizon is dumb and fun.Someone texted the prime minister directly about their universal credit claim and he sorted it out, reports ⁦…
Retweeted by Jim Waterson
@nickw84 I saw a “Aardvark cleaning” van in the wild the other day and it harked to simpler times. @nickw84 This is great, restaurants becoming just another stream of fine-tuned online content using headline A/B testing.
Go fix it @usairforce
Retweeted by Jim Waterson @kadhim Impossible, would never happen in the UK.'s not like @FD and FT need any more plaudits for their reporting on this, but I just keep thinking of how Wireca… stories about financial corruption are quite hard to follow and then you get to the 'oh yeah they were just ha… @Birdyword @dlknowles Since you clearly enjoy my articles, Mike...👀
“All happy families are alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way,” she said in her judgment. “With apol… weird line from lobby briefing Downing Street will NOT investigate how text messages from the Prime Minister'…
Retweeted by Jim WatersonMailOnline yesterday launched a lawsuit against Google, with one of their complaints being that if you Google terms… @TomChivers well done on elevating him from obscurity @jemimajoanna This piece is a good reminder that powerful people can be brought down with a well referenced Wikipedia page.
@flashboy (I think televised press conferences would be net bad for both any government of the day and the lobby sy… A catastrophic loss for this website.