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Jimbob @jimwsteele1 Accra, Ghana

Runs in deserts for fun, tells people about rocks for money. religiously uninterested, scientifically inquisitive

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Washing him last night was pointless then @EONhelp @NatSteele26 we are changing to British gas. 4 months of phone calls to your staff explaining you are tryi…
@BBCWorld Guillotine @City_Xtra @ManCityMEN Ahhhh shiteThe Premier League has told BBC Match of the Day that incorrect penalty decisions were made by the VAR in all three…
Retweeted by Jimbob @EONhelp @NatSteele26 another bill arriving today. With more demand of payment for outstanding bill up to 6th Apri…
@NatSteele26 @EONhelp Honestly! I tried and all I got was “call the number”. When you have done that 5 times alread… @EONhelp I wonder at what point are you going to send the debt collectors to my door demanding payment for a bill t…
@AmigoNewsUK Just give him another contract instead @JordanW123 @Mus7xb @zabzab1074 @SkySportsPL Yeah, I would think it’s fair. Henderson will still POY the year though 🙄 @JordanW123 @Mus7xb @zabzab1074 @SkySportsPL Yeah, not disagreeing with that, he hasn’t convinced me yet, Laporte,… @ck_nab @OptaJoe @premierleague @ManCity 😂 @JordanW123 @Mus7xb @zabzab1074 @SkySportsPL KDB best in the league. Sergio in with a shout of second. Miles ahead… @EONhelp if you could stop sending letters demanding payment and “recouping what we owe” to my wife that would be g…
@SkyNews If it had blacked out windows how is it racial profiling?
@ChristieLinford Where is the racism? There is no context of what is going on here. @sAyYOurMinD2 @SkyNews Not sure I understand the reply..... do you use punctuation? Yes we have scammers in ghana,… @sAyYOurMinD2 @SkyNews But Nigerians seem to do it more than ghana? 😬......
@BBCMOTD Megs @SkyNews Nigerian scammer? Imagine my surprise 😲11 years and no matter how drunk / tired / forgetful I may be.....this chap is always sorted before I leave him. I…
@Telegraph @doctorbarnes1 What’s it going to do? Throw mini gin bottles at them? @diplogaz No Ghana 😲 @IanMByrne563 I started game of thrones again. I understand it all the second time around! @premierleague @EASPORTSFIFA Ha ha. How is Foden not on the list! 🤣
Absolutely mental that Jordan Henderson’s might win Player of the Year ahead of Kevin De Bruyne. If you need help i…
Retweeted by Jimbob @BBCMOTD Similar to the city one. Shit rule @Getthebagcoach DinosaursHere we go again, another perfectly good goal ruled out by the most ridiculous law in the history of game, made con…
Retweeted by JimbobKLOPP OUT
Retweeted by Jimbob @British_Airways has your phone number for canceled flights been switched off? The last 2 times my flight has been…
@MENnewsdesk What’s he waiting for? @SkyUK hey. We have had sky Q and broadband for less than one month. It consistently cuts out. We have tried all th…
@Yousaf_S_1987 @BBCNews You may be the only person on the planet who doesn’t know how the flu works
@nayasty0203 @SarahMacFCO @walkeriain @RoyalAirForce @WFP @UN @NATO @DefenceHQ @UKinGhana @RAFBrizeNorton I imagine… @UKinGhana @WFP @DefenceHQ Any chance of getting my dog in cargo for the return trip? 😉. Good work UK 👏👏👏
@BBCNews He is on turn right now. 2 years he will look like a meth addicted hobo that hasn’t washed for a year.
@BBCWorld Had the honor to live there for a few years. They are a great nation with beautiful people (girls mostly) @City_Chief @premierleague @OptaJoe Henderson will be POTY..... just because 🙄 @LGBTpoliceuk @danielquasar I could ask the people that care about this what the flag of certain country is...... a… a 40 year old man who has been locked down in Africa without the family for the last 3 months, I honestly believ… @sarahkendrew I find it hard to relate to many of the current issues (having been in west Africa for the best part… @sarahkendrew Wow. @sarahkendrew Not aware of this incident. Is it as simple as black child denied entry for the way he was dressed wh… @TitaniaMcGrath I feel I should make an effort to learn country flags first @Yorky2860 @ladbible Tweet of the day 🤣
@IanMByrne563 Congratulations buddy. We should wear our shirts to the pub when you get back. “United” we own everyt…'d been fearing just this.
Retweeted by Jimbob @ryanfield @BBCWorld Pretty sure some people would struggle to understand why people would want to read your books,… @MENnewsdesk And also desperate for attention it seems @IanMByrne563 🙄
@VangurpR @RyanSublett1 @djf510 March 9th? Why pick a that date. It was 10,000 per day in April.
@SusannaHoffs Those are some awesome sideburnsFather’s Day treat, I can not be with the fur free kids.... so walked this one to the pub instead. Not sure he appr… DOING THIS SHIT! In your house its ok if you want or where no one sees them but not in a restaurant. It is a p…
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@IanMByrne563 Pick a downhill route. Inertia is your friend 😉 @British_Airways i have been trying to call your number from abroad for 3 days but I am cut off each time. I have h…
@British_Airways flight home canceled for 5th time ☹️. Not your fault BA, however when I try to call and rebook on… @sarahkendrew The dog is fine, he was racist already 😬😬😬😬 last night didn’t help. @diplogaz Cheers Gary. They stopped me to “see what I was doing”. I was wearing my man city shirt..... maybe they were arsenal fans
Just got held by armed police for 15mins. They also tried to take my dog (which is why I was out walking). Several…
@IanMByrne563 @SharonWardleFCO Not so much @aleeeeeeeeeenaa @TigerComet26 @MENnewsdesk Wow. That is awful if true. 😬 @aleeeeeeeeeenaa @TigerComet26 @MENnewsdesk The teachers are racist? @aleeeeeeeeeenaa @TigerComet26 @MENnewsdesk But are they good teachers? @Raworthontherun Suunto is every time
@MENnewsdesk The majority of evening news stories are celebrity bull shit. Do you have any actual news? @British_Airways Yeah, thought as much. Seems pretty unfair to a loyal customer who has been stuck away from the fa… @TraffordCouncil Your website says “schools closed, no in year applications are being accepted.” However schools ar…
@TraffordCouncil My kids are still not registered in a school after we were repatriated in March. We are desperate…
@ProfBrianCox Sounds about right @sarahkendrew Do they actually affect (effect?) the research?Meanwhile in West Africa white minority and local population continue to live in harmony both looking at London thinking WTF. @ladbible Not seen my wife for 3 months as I stranded in Ghana. For a second I thought this would be a good idea, b… while ago I thought up the word cuntbonanza but never thought I’d find a use for it. Thanks everyone who travelled to London today.
Retweeted by Jimbob @IanMByrne563 @NatSteele26 Too effort. Sunday morning jog when you get back to Ghana?These idiots have absolutely no idea lol 😂
Retweeted by Jimbob @British_Airways It has been canceled 4 times. I keep rebooking for “next available” . My point is, if the airports…
@racingtheplanet Beer at the finish line, same as every race @IanMByrne563 Dead by now
@Raworthontherun @ComradesRace I am currently storing fat reserves for a 2021 ultra.... I highly recommend it @emmalee72 @NathanHenville @MENnewsdesk 🤣 @NathanHenville @emmalee72 @MENnewsdesk Indeed. If it were taken down for being a bit crap.... I am ok with that. T… @NathanHenville @emmalee72 @MENnewsdesk Because we need to differentiate between statues that are celebrating oppre… @emmalee72 @MENnewsdesk When discussing offensive statues because of slavery connections, yes it is. By all means t… @emmalee72 @NathanHenville @MENnewsdesk No argument from me on that one. It is proper weird @NathanHenville @emmalee72 @MENnewsdesk People take offense at everything in this day and age so yes, very easy to… @emmalee72 @MENnewsdesk If it depicts a slave or slave trader then I agree. In this case My understanding is that it is neither. @British_Airways Are you going to be flexible on my flight change when airports open? I have rebooked 5 times while…
@racingtheplanet Ahhhhh those socks we can all see from 10km away
Day 70 of lockdown without family. 4kg weight gain. The pup and I have the same motivation and the same waist line. @emmaheath94 @njburton12 @Agentgodsgift @MENnewsdesk As I mentioned before Emma rather than asking others to “learn… @emmaheath94 @Agentgodsgift @MENnewsdesk Although I am not going to cry about the Bristol one .... that was in poor taste. @emmaheath94 @Agentgodsgift @MENnewsdesk Well I would counter that with learn who those statues are of and how they… @Agentgodsgift @emmaheath94 @MENnewsdesk I am with you Dave @Agentgodsgift @emmaheath94 @MENnewsdesk Comparing peel to hitler is fair point? 😂
@EONhelp Have done. Please note there are already many messages over the last months on that DM .... all regarding the issue @sarahkendrew Thousands rioting in the streets in close contact during a pandemic is ok. Arriving from a country wi…
@TheAlmightyOx @BBCWorld Probably.... but equally if the police told me to move back, I would.