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Holy crap how did I miss this - the mental giants that planned the Whitmer kidnapping did a little "look how big ou… Apple Watch tells me that my resting heart rate is like 58bpm which like, strikes me as kind of amazing for a fat guy?Does anyone else have this?I will never get used to that temperature transition where your thermostat says 74, and 2 months ago that felt hot,… American worker should be applauding, supporting, and uniting/identifying with workers in Bolivia. Coney Barrett reversed a jury award to a pregnant teen raped by a prison guard because raping pregnant teens wa…
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@mattgaetz How very “small government” of you.THAT’S SO SPURSY!! @EricTrump @ABC @CNN @abcnews @CNNnewsroom So excited to see you in federal prison someday!Oh wooooow Ava is a bad movie.
@postpolitics It’s not partisan gridlock when the GOP is refusing to do any good faith governing. @hrkbenowen This is completely false and looooook at all the right wing sheep falling for it. @kayleighmcenany You need real help, and I hope you get it.Wait I thought we were supposed to be proud of our politicians who grifted their way into being “millionaires”? you think McConnells kids understand how much of a piece of shit their father is? No, neither do I. McConnell blocking coronavirus relief legislation for 155 days, legislation to restore Voting Rights Act for…
Retweeted by *sigh* It’s Jason🌹 @ggreenwald This is a shitty argument, even from you.Hurr durr truth doesn’t matter. Hurr durr if they’re fabricated why isn’t anyone denying they’re real? Hurr durr si…
@lzzcat @lzzcat People think those are real?Nighttime outdoor standup comedy in October. That means 45 degree temps. Perfection. #denver #denverfall #standup
@Mr_Honkitude @joshtpm It was an open fucking tweet. That you think it was nefarious is sad. Pay attention to the important things. @JoeConchaTV Like, are you fucking stupid? Trump refused to do the debate. And you wonder if Scully had an impact? Asinine. @Mr_Honkitude @joshtpm Yeah. He lied and then admitted and apologized. That’s what professionals do. Apologize. Non… my goodness. Just *chefs kiss*. The only thing this is missing is someone named Track, Trig, or Bristol., I am a sheep in MANY ways. My love for Fleetwood Mac is not one of them.I started listening to Dreams in heavy rotation like a month ago after a road trip to Montana (really, all of Rumou… guarantee they won’t use this if it’s right wingers protesting if/when Trump loses. @BrittRubinstein This implies that we are allowed to leave our computers.And I had to download an 82gb update to find this out. Only to have to then go and install multiple other things in… let me get this straight. Call Of Duty effectively uninstalled itself from my Xbox on its own, and installed a d… like how I pay for 600mbps internet, only get 275, and my Xbox can’t download a game update faster than 20.
@KJTorrance @nypost You should try being a journalist. @KJTorrance @nypost It’s blatantly false information. It’s an editorial, an opinion piece with no basis in fact 🤣 I… @ColeJ71909899 In the end it promotes the bootstrap myth, trickle down economics, blames the poor for their own suf… @ColeJ71909899 @ColeJ71909899 @ColeJ71909899's important to remember that Hillbilly Elegy is conservative propaganda. It's trash. Ron Howard doing a film ada… @_StayGoldenGirl @itsJeffTiedrich @MarshaBlackburn I’m not being rude. God doesn’t exist and you should join reality. That’s not rude. @MarshaBlackburn Neither does “AR-15” but you dumb fucks will sacrifice schoolchildren in defense of someone’s righ… does “AR-15” but you dumb fucks will sacrifice schoolchildren in defense of someone’s right to own one, now… @_StayGoldenGirl @itsJeffTiedrich @MarshaBlackburn Right, so, god doesn’t exist and isn’t real. So, get your shit t… @nachosarah I have a few friends who live in Grand Rapids and I’m told it depends on if it’s a front yard or a side… @JoshMalina (beyond excited to see if people think I'm serious) @JoshMalina If you didn't get the role then why is your picture in the middle? @Denver_dan Truth. @Denver_dan Where exactly was it?I ordered dinner from a restaurant on Sunday night and they have sent me a marketing email every day since then, in… @lzzcat And in the meantime we've got a COVID job loss in he household and I shouldn't be spending a dime but hey, whatever! @lzzcat I don't either. Was curious if they were worth the hype. I'm sitting here going through the pre-preorder… @lzzcat Do you have the AirPod pros? @lzzcat @JayKid05 KEEP YOUR PORN OFF TWITTER, ELIZARDBETH. @lzzcat Well I mean that's kinda where I'm at too. My first computer in 86 was an Apple II C+, but where it matters… @lzzcat @JayKid05 So this is a neat thing, I feel like I can't text on iPhones anymore. EVERYTHING is a fat-finger.… @lzzcat This is good twitter. @lzzcat I hit "send tweet" on that tweet and thought to myself "under 7 minutes before Ms. Lizard responds" which i… kinda want the gold iPhone, not gonna lie.And similarly
Retweeted by *sigh* It’s Jason🌹This is as interesting as it is terrifying. say this, and then think you’re too stupid to need to provide any proof or data to back up what they say. They… GOP is actively, openly, & admittedly committing a crime in California. They are actively, openly, & admittedly… does a county of 5M people record more votes today than a state of 10M? People who refuse to be silenced with v…
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@christine_pdx I’ve never heard of anyone even having this use case but I like it. @christine_pdx Idk what you mean by voicemail greeting optionI know this is pretty minor, but it's just such a basic no-brainer feature improvement that the fact they've simply… I need to get up next Sunday for golf at 7:15a? Cool. I have to wait until a week out to set an alarm for that… Devices are wonderful devices that work well & are pretty & all of that. But it's still fucking amazing that it… look, the GOP has an illegal ballot harvesting operation in California. This is my shocked face. THIS TWEET AND I MAY SLIDE INTO YOUR DM’s WITH AN EARLY #NHL21 CODE RIGHT NOW 🤫
Retweeted by *sigh* It’s Jason🌹 @lzzcat I’ll be right over.MULTIPLE other sports leagues also did this, and did it first.
ACB looks looks like she will be another lazy radical Conservative like Thomas, who claims RE because an 18c docume…
Retweeted by *sigh* It’s Jason🌹Oooooh you sweet summer child. This is a foot fetish. demands that every moment of your time be productive, commodified for yourself or other people. Capitali… ever think certain Twitter ppl you associate together for some reason are actually like best friends but in rea… LOOK. SUSAN COLLINS IS CONCERNED. The only thing more certain then her eventual vote for confirmation is that… @lzzcat In my feed/life (the same thing, really) it’s a lot of like “I don’t vote for people who aren’t the best” o… @lzzcat I have a few of those. @lzzcat This feels like a longer conversation but like, of what stripe are the people who have provided such anger? @lzzcat I have worked with a significant amount of offshore developers like this. @lzzcat Oh yeah I totally get it. And this isn’t really shade. I just giggled and felt like sharing.Refusing to get behind the only candidate that can beat the other shitty one is saying you're fine with not trying…'s beyond time for all of those whiny "I can't bring myself to vote for Biden!" ppl to get their shit together. R… okay. So not in a cold oven? Which is a thing people do and why you specifically pointed out I should use a hot… whole thread. guess this is @PeteButtigieg night. This answer to a question on “late term” abortion embodies the kind of decenc…
Retweeted by *sigh* It’s Jason🌹My kink is people pretending things that would happen in half of major metropolitan areas in the country could only… @LaurToronto4 Dr Nick
Truly proud of The Bruins for doing absolutely nothing in free agency for like the 12th straight year. They need a… @RichLowry How can you be THIS fucking willfully ignorant? You should be ashamed. You previously argued for shrinki… also argued against SHRINKING the court in 2016 when it looked like Clinton would win. They haven’t a shred of… like this intentionally & willfully misunderstand why the court is 9 judges. If they were honest about it th… that the NFL still hasn’t canceled the season. @kyledcheney It’s not signed. Why has the doctor stopped signing the memos? @sladesr So what you’re missing is WHY SCOTUS has 9 justices. It’s because there used to be 9 appellate circuits. N…
ICYMI: Know who went to Moscow in 2013 to let the Russians and their allies in Ukraine know Trump would be running…
Retweeted by *sigh* It’s Jason🌹I don’t super mind Krug leaving, though it stinks - I’d rather have some bigger bodies; tired of watching the Bruin… @rsaydlowski @LindseyGrahamSC As long as it’s that office in the basement from Office Space.