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jin @jinFNBR United States

pro killer by day party animal at night

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@NoulFN y @Ved_fn @opsqt @Investbtw @voshszn @Admlnfn @apexfn12 V @opsqt @Investbtw @voshszn @Admlnfn @apexfn12 @TiekkoFN 5/10 @rileymyk_ LMFAO @Ved_fn i think 6 or 7th grade lol @1PBrady @Fnaticszn6 not for me, no one likes zonewar tournament hosters anyways, mf begs me to invite him to priva… @1PBrady @Fnaticszn6 yea his paypal is just locked still i guess 😶 @happed_ @Fnaticszn6 IM Gonna purge this zonewar tournament hoster for not paying me 😈 @ralfn_ @Fnaticszn6 🔥 @ralfn_ @Fnaticszn6 mf told me to invite him to private discords to let me play + then deleted his messages @HajieFN noti @apexfn12 Good go to the beach or something @apexfn12 Nah i don’t play the game anymore like that i been doing a lot more irl stuff lately since fortnite is zzz @apexfn12 Really relatable, keep in touch apex, u been my friend since summer of 2019 @lazyemily_ everywhere it’s fucking eveywhere @HajieFN Vouch for da 🐐
@daxor Daxor noti Fb @heyFL1X what am i’m sayin @trapistaken 🧢Valid or buggin?? @Megga @FaZe_H1ghSky1 is he crying or smiling i can’t tell @PotFast @KhuuFN vouch for my bro @OkisFN Nij @Ved_fn Life would b so boring without music @Cented7 Seriously @youngskfn @Qwexfn @YLiquefy @scriblerrr LOL @UserzFN @orangie Yep 👍 @UserzFN @orangie I headshot sniped G2 coop and then killed Ferrrnando with my purple tac going into endgame @orangie Last night Because we were 9 places off money in the cash cup and I should’ve jumped in boxes more our las… @apexfn12 @mooseqt @Vettafy @riftmull @ClixHimself @cozyFA Ratio’d by clix and damelio’s @mooseqt @Vettafy @riftmull @ClixHimself @cozyFA @apexfn12 @Qwexfn @riftmull @magycgg Cuz u got low earnings @riftmull @magycgg Shit on @Qwexfn @riftmull @magycgg I don’t think so @riftmull @magycgg Y won’t they @riftmull @mooseqt @soulFNBR Hurry this is ur chance @apexfn12 Ratio for being overweight @XnBFN Tweet a pic of ur cock hurry @bhronosFN @mooseqt @soulFNBR 📝 @Savaje8 @breadfn_ @bhronosFN @CrumblePvP @Nexybtw @Marz_OW De vouch @bhronosFN literally what i’m saying practicing scrims all day is placebo @_danyfn @demisxxual I really like herMY teacher was getting mad at me for talking too loud in class and called me out on it in front of the class and i…😑 @apexfn12 Ratio.@Savaje8 horked @youngsummr you good bro, dm if you need anything @fraahst @Rippayy @DequentedFN INSANE @ShipopOnTop sauce @Savaje8 @ChapFN @ShipopOnTop V @fnstrep @vohlii Thanks for killing my pet gerbil @opsqt 1v1 zw im down @LacedFN couple points off and won our last game too 😢if these smelly yellow crooked teeth EU bastards didn’t play on our region we would’ve made money dammit @ShmexyFN bro we clutched just off a couple kills @Ved_fn look whos above you we didnt make money either bro
@iampandush PLAY W ME AND @Savaje8 @G5RC_ @jinxifyy @Qwexfn @ripPurpp @aaron1wnl VOUCH FOR MY BOY @rileymyk_ Awesome @BrycxFN m @Plege @Ballatw Really @Vantamqt @pawn1x Lol @mooseqt @nutiffyy Does he suck @orangie @mooseqt Is that funny @Nayht_ @XnBFN @Ved_fn @Lefikaaa 👀👀 @jojiFN LOL @Gaannzo Is that money @APExd_ @Distrept @youngskfn @XcceptFN @snaquefn Except Noti plz Fb @cadrentxyz @ryswtf @Khanada 😢 @La1em One day i hope to get to the point where no one can steal my tweets anymore 🤙 @La1em Is this me @ryswtf @Khanada DeleteBro my teacher asked our class to describe Canada and i thought he said @Khanada so i started describing his mechan… @Jaroiwnl @cadrentxyz @xETB_ LMAOOO @Jaroiwnl @cadrentxyz @xETB_ 😂 @TabzGTV Go into battle labs @Qwexfn @ripdevv @cozyFA @cozyFA Ratio'd @OkisFN Okis @ShmexyFN @Glideziwnl y’all gay as hell go snapchat some bitches gamers @Plege WHOOPTY 🔥(Ft. Plege ) @mooseqt @Vettafy ? @Vettafy Fr bro @statsyFN Fr lemme see dat thang @cadrentxyz dying in your sleep 100% @vizeefn @Thoom1n Fuk uUh Benjy @ShmexyFN @apexfn12 @Qwexfn @ripdevv @cozyFA WOW LOL @ripdevv @cozyFA 18 year old anti social fortnite loser that devoted his life to gaming to be outshined by his 15 year old brother
Retweeted by jin @Plege Uhhh awkwardNew vid please gas its probably one of my best ⛽️ ft. Chronic Click, Vynla, Dukez, Plege @ZlemFN @FoppeFN @Vettafy I @FoppeFN 🔥 @Vettafy I thought he banned @YLiquefy @yungcalc @OkisFN @spookyaddison what he buy