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I am old & taking advantage of it. The Mama gives me noms all day & I get it all over my face. I poop & she cleans my butt. I cuddle with her & fart. She ❤️ me.

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@2PlymouthCats @Gr33nHemply @StrayCatsWM @Cleo_sMommy @murphy_the_gr8 Thank you for lighting a candle for all the b… @donniecameron63 I think they are relaxing together right now. Telling stories about us!!! @donniecameron63 Thank you so much Tigger Boo and Donnie for loving Jingles. He was a very special, very sweet litt… @_M_Lmb_ He was very special & that's why I shared his love with everyone on Twitter. I'm glad you became a part of…
@wf_ollie You were a very good friend to my little man, and by extension, to me. Thank you for your support. ❤️ @donniecameron63 Tigger Boo was a sweet friend to Jingie, and comforting to me. Thumbs was the cutest little guy...… He was my BFF. He was my heart. Love, The Mama AKA Tia Every decision I made revolved around how it would affect this little guy. Some people form lasting bonds with… Jingles was my constant companion, the little man who kept me company & kept me sane through Covid. He farted a… Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Rock Jingle Bell smile and Jingle Bell talk The memories we shared, the lau… @2PlymouthCats @murphy_the_gr8 @StrayCatsWM @Cleo_sMommy @Gr33nHemply Thank you for loving my sweet, little, bestes…
@donniecameron63 And yes, iz vwry nice picture! ❤️😘😘😘😍 @donniecameron63 You is bestie! Im sad too but life is sweet. Ill look for Thumbs! 😘😘😘 @KelliDa80763885 Lubs you back. Im ggoing be okay... The Mama seyz all is fishie and fun on the uther side. ❤️😘 @donniecameron63 Miss you tooooooo! @kimmieswatching No teers fur me! Mai life has been the bestest! I had lubs and cuddlies and fish mush galore! And I have the mama. @donniecameron63 The Mama is the bestest mama in the world! ❤️ @redshifted Im tired. And the mama seyz I wont be tired after the 🌈!! @redshifted You is so kind and I lubs you too. The Mama will sleep with me on the floor in frwont ob the 🔥 place an… @donniecameron63 Oh Tigger Boo! I hoped you would see mai update. I am holding the mama's hand beclaws im brave bo… @hendrix183 I will hold her vwry tight an d tell her I lubs her! 💜 @lizstephens18 Pixie and Maisie... I think I'm saying goodbye now. I lubs you with all my Jingie heart! @redshifted Betty didn't mean it... She was just skerred. I posted my update beclaws the mama said to tell every one hwo I'm doing. ❤️ @charlesdl1000 She is cuddling wiff me. Thanky!! 😊4/4 I lubs so vwry vwry much. We chitted and chatted and were frends! Thanky for making me smile and blushie so muc… Energies. I was subbosed to do the chemo today but my bestwst kencer dacter said the mama needed me at home ins… And said she'd hold my paw when it was my turn. The Mama seyz she wants me to stay foreber but knows I haff imp… Hai every kitteh. The Mama told me to come on & tell you that I lubs you with all my Jingie heart. You've been…
@KathleenLechne2 @parham1961 Oh Hai! Thanky fur thinknhg ob me! 😘 @and_mischa Thanky so muhch! 😘😘😘 @Art1Main Thanky fur hugs! ❤️😘😘 @gwamma47 😘😘😘 @708Diogenes Thnak yew! 😘 😘 @BuddyakaBuddyB1 Me toooooooooo oooooooo! I lubs the mama time!! ❤️❤️❤️ @Jadey20142 Hai Jadey! Thanky! 😘😘😘 @lizstephens18 Ur right... Betty not mean. But it did hurt and so the mama is buying heatie pad. I like yer hottie!… @RichardBruggem2 Thnak yew! 😘 😘 😘 @McdadeSal Thanky!!! im trying!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @wf_ollie YAS!!!!!! @BTLAX1 @kbalt1020 We are both just trying to strong and healthy!!!🥰 @TheDutchMoggies Thankyou ! Betty just got skerred and it startleed me. Lubs you tooooo!!!!😘 @auntiehayee Thank you! ❤️🥰😘 @wf_ollie The mama will pick me up in a cuhple hours! ❤️ @wf_ollie Ai am glad your hooman sissie came home! @wf_ollie Im just okay. My hips hurt. Im waiting fur chemo right now. I cant wait to go home and eats and sleeps and ferts on the mama! 😝 @donniecameron63 If itz like the mama's lap, then i am happy kitteh!!! @donniecameron63 Hai Tigger Boo! I theenk the hoomans get hurt hipz too when they are old. 😥 The mama seyz she is b… @hendrix183 I think yer right! Cuddlies are sooo guhd fur me!!! Thanky!🥰🥰 @_M_Lmb_ Oh okay (buht she gets smallz parts.) 😝😝 @lizstephens18 🤣🤣 @2PlymouthCats oh thank you, mai frends! Purrs are apawciated!!! Lubs you!🥰 @_M_Lmb_ Oh ai weel gets lotz and lotz of yummy food beclaws the mama is spoiling me now! @michele_patsy Eeeee! You make me blushie!!! ☺️☺️😘😘 @_M_Lmb_ The mama duznt yell or punish us, but Betty did leaf the big cat bed. The mama felted so bad fur me. The d… @BallslessM No fiting or biting Mikey!!! @nasabuf 🥰🥰 Thnak yew! @lizstephens18 Yer mum is yer secureety!!! @CathyFur Yas! 😊😊😊 @CathyFur Thanky mai frend! You is alwahys so kind! ❤️ @lizstephens18 The Mama seyz "He meant he wanted to kiss your babies. 😂" I told him it looked like an anatomy part!… sissie, Betty, pushed me off the big kitteh bed yesterday and the fall hurt me. The Mama pampered me all day an… @wf_ollie She will come home to you mai frend! ❤️❤️ @CathyFur The mama is soooo naice to me!!! @pbnavar Awwww. Is a big job for little kittey like me, but ai try wiff all my heart! Thanky! @cat22t Morny.... serry I'm late to Tweetor back to you. @TheDutchMoggies 😘😘🥰🥰🥰 @TheDutchMoggies Thakn yuu blackie!! 😘 @WittmanHelga You make me blushie!☺️☺️ @LendYourVoice2 YAS!!!! We is FASTION! Catwakl!!!! @BTLAX1 @kbalt1020 Hai my frneds Odin and Chispa... Im sorry for late tweetor to you. The mama not felt guhd so not… @SSmith51300228 Oh mai! I am a leprekan!!! I lubs dis look! Thanky!!!! 😘😘😘😘 @parham1961 Oh you is sooo naice to me! Thanky!!!😘😘😘 @parham1961 😘😘😘😘 @parham1961 Thanky mai frends! Ken I come play at yer house???: Looks like ahdventure! @DeeMeow3 Guhd plan! @McdadeSal Hai Alfie and McGee... you iz hamesome!!! @parts_part Ai think I found one ! He was in the magic window that showz us all. The mama perts on "makeup" in dis window! @H2O_2016 I lubs the mama tooooooooo! 😊🥰❤️ @pony_onny Guhd team!!! @lizstephens18 ooooh you make me blushie!!!☺️☺️☺️ And I wahnt to kisses yer bebes!!! @CFLong2 Hai! Thanky!!!! @StephanieHorse3 The mama seyz "Thank you. He's my special kiddo and as long as he's happy and not in pain, we'll keep fighting it!" @CatLady7890 Thank you!!! 😘 @KathleenLechne2 @parham1961 Awww thanky so muuch! 😘 @redshifted Thanky! 😘 @CathyFur Thanky! @CathyFur The mama told me the water fawtain was beer! I ferted and burped a laht!!! @CathyFur Thanky mai frend!😘 @CathyFur Morny! But now aftynoon! @KustersSimone @parham1961 I'm giving it a try! Thanky! 😘
@donniecameron63 @lizstephens18 Thanky mai frend! I missed my Twitor frends. The Mama prahmised me I can write all… @lizstephens18 Mai bro-bros Nick and Mike are big and loud tuu. Meow!! @lizstephens18 Me taking third napsies! @lizstephens18 Hello mai sweet frends! Im sorry I not been on Twitor recently. The Mama has not been feeleng well a…
@wf_ollie Oh Hai Ollie! Thanky so much! Hope you is hab happy day today! 😊😊 @lizstephens18 Ug. We Amercan kittehs are tired of hearing bout Megan. Iz dat bad ob us? @_M_Lmb_ Thanky! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘☺️☺️☺️☺️ @louann17280985 Thanky lil winkie! 😘☺️😚 @_M_Lmb_ Im blushie now ☺️☺️😚😚 @Beemur10 @Ottogingerboy Oh dis is intreesting! Thanky fur sharing! 😘😘