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@jayveronicalop2 the c word song too omg @milrigi but they said they're coming back each season... @milrigi this is why oomf softblocked you... @timezoned like little did they know he'll do this to someone with BEARD 😭 @timezoned you're talking like any chindo wants to be his friend like be fr rn @jaehyunjakpus and titi kamal's jablay... SO CUNTY ‼️😍y'all see what im doing there was there for #HER since DAY 1 @jaehyunjakpus aming and igun would've slayed... @gijellies just wanna showcase my hacking ability!!why is he speaking like he's competing for rupaul drag race 😭 @thingaboutzu they definitely CAN wait! @THEOGBLACKMAMBA 20 reported car accident is coming 😍i just knew this looks worse than nusa kambangan food 😭're serious omg.... @Laksamananomin and insufferable! @d3admother im not going down alone‼️ @mypussyate last night you said you were turned on by a cat ofc im not surprised! @jaehyunjakpus i can do it for him if his hands have some impotence problem @sourfnty you're so REAL @_jessxs and i would ask u to please delete the video afterwardsmiss it when men would go to a war and d word, i hope all of y'all men get abducted by kim jong un's UFOshow did he sit on his room ALONE and think of recording something that could repeat 9/11 and post them on tiktok...… @nannospray @jaehyunjakpus exactly @jaehyunjakpus PUT HIS ASS AWAY FROM MY TIMELINE @jaehyunjakpus FUCK YOU 😭it's okay to be misogynist for 3 minutes! stream!misogyny that SLAY could literally find a bunch of grown ass kpop male idols acting cringe and borderline terr0rizing but none of… @nannospray why r u always on my es teh indonesia business leave us alone and mind about your sore neck‼️‼️‼️‼️ @mypussyate to fatshame me ‼️ @mypussyate ENHYPENIS COMING 😍‼️ @yooppuippui sister i already spent my 17an budget on es teh and pizza hut today... @kikyosamaa WAIT WHAT ES TEH GAADA DI PONTIANAK???#?#(#($()3 @kikyosamaa right they're so evil... @timezoned all of that just for y'all to get 6 new tracks... @isabekasi THE SHANGHAI ONE BEING HELD IN SINAR MAS PLAZA 😭 @sourfnty WORLD STOP @aIecbenjam @mypussyate WAIT @kikyosamaa sudah dong 😍‼️ the sea salt cookies and cream being sold out in many different outlets YOU'RE PISSING ME OFF FOR ONCE ES TEH ‼️i only ordered 2 red velvet chizu today these bitches knew i was gonna bulk buy, they decided to not give a discoun… @bangalim_ don't say that out loud ‼️ capitalizing diskon kemerdekaan on go food thanks for your hyper experiment nadiem 🙏 @nannospray wait is his name kemal... cause he looks like one of my irls 😩
@jaehyunjakpus @isabekasi ntm on stayc...That suction tube means that she’s sucking out all the mother juice and inserting it into herself
Retweeted by ningsoo medical center @milrigi don't bring jessica's departure up ever again in front of me 😢‼️ @milrigi stop being a negative person ‼️ @jaehyunjakpus cl will be forcing the editor to give her 2 minutes screen time cause she's jealous ‼️ @jungwoojogja we can tell 🤭 @galihworld that's MOTHERSOO how dare u...guess which one is maeng omg... @THEOGBLACKMAMBA appreciATE ‼️BISA MERAH JAMBU AKAN DATANG DALAM 3 HARI‼️ TERJATUH KE PARIT NERAKA, DIA BENAR BENAR GILA, KALIAN SEMUA. JEJAK KARBON YANG DITINGGALKAN PESAWAT TAYLO… AS THE THUMBNAIL I'M FUCKING CRYING FOR MOTHER @jaehyunjakpus acting innocent when he's responsible for 9/11‼️speaking of ngabers.... hindia i ain't forgetting about u btw‼️ @lemousane they're all the same to me ❤ @nannospray @jaehyunjakpus you drank janjiw yesterday we ain't forgetting ‼️ @jaehyunjakpus ouuu he dissing @nannospray ‼️when he 5h0t these nuruls >>>> 😍‼️ @bornlilie and we'll keep doing it!this happened to them despite the fact that they didn't wash their ass??#?#?#?$? 😭 ass rabbit get away from my MOTHER ‼️DAMN GIRL WE SEE IT era was soooo crazy with this one 😩 one american apparel's paper bag: @jaehyunjakpus basically that guy one villain on minions... @jenoscbd WHAT WILL SHE PUT ON HER CV BITCH 😭 @jenoscbd what do they even have to do with this... @sourfnty @goesstriloin NOT U CHANGING PFP FOR THIS 😭how bad is your cv for you to be desperate like this over a is hiring girl... @jaehyunjakpus and he's being deadass too... @repisherbest damage control after my tweet ofc! @coconatsh #BANGGA @JEN1TY i suddenly have cylinder amd cannot see the line tuna ass lady just took a barnacles off her own pussy while moaning wtf 😭 @nannospray GW LAGI BALIK JINGGGG FAKE FRIEND ‼️need my ass back to palembang or southern sumatra cause what the hell is this...craving for pempek in here is so hard like wym we only have pempek ny. kamto... @chromaticaoreo notchu removing the charli xcx part... @nannospray NOTCHU STEALING FROM ME ‼️ @nannospray #typography @nannospray @starfess ou go on street and these bitches who agnez mo is and they gon run thinking it was a code for 5u*c1de b0mb @nannospray @starfess I'M LITERALLY BLOCKED FAWK YEW ‼️ @mypussyate @starfess im blocked...#JISOOxUGM #UntukMOTHERnesia2024 @jaehyunjakpus aku BERSUJUD sambil menganga! @milrigi take it kalo emang menurut lu ada gunanya dan mampu physicallydia IBU DARI KARTINI ‼️dia MAKAN tanpa sisa, membuatku TERSEDAK, memandikan anak dan cucunya di DANAU IBU untuk meneruskan darah KEIBUAN.… dropped my jawTHE GAGGERY... @nannospray i wanna say something real nasty but lemme stay silent 🤭