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REMEMBER WHEN I LOOKED LIKE THIS @jessicahkim soo cute ahh ily @ekistiks youre so hot @ToriPareno can i visit 👉🏼👈🏼
@TurnUpTaco_ AHHH LOOK HER🤩 @TurnUpTaco_ IM CRYING SHES TOOO CUTE @TurnUpTaco_ ;-; NU @TurnUpTaco_ i buy you @anitneIav stop you are soooo cute :( @StormiiTalks >0< @DucklingSpeedy @micheIRL @realsciahn @TurnUpTaco_ YOURE LITERALLY JUST BETTER @brianyurealtor :D thank you for the reminder brianthe nails are bak
@crabmusturd @nCaustic_ HABHABAHA @TurnUpTaco_ @TeamSynergy MY QUEENwait i'm live? @ IT'S TACO TIMEEEEEEEE @TeamSynergy
Retweeted by jayi lied ;-; @TurnUpTaco_ PLEASE @super_sophia11 NO WAY PWEETY FACEE @ekistiks i wanna kissth you elisesup sexy people i might b live later 🥶 halfway!!! LINK HERE:
Retweeted by jay @ItIsILeg @TurnUpTaco_ LOL @leahdb98 youre the cutestt AHHHH @TurnUpTaco_ mmmmMMMM
@super_sophia11 OKAYYYY i see you @TurnUpTaco_ 🥵🥵🥵🥵 AHHHAHAHAHAH @TurnUpTaco_ me @khwissy SO PWEETTYYYYlive for a bit<33 @bunniejulie stop that is adorable @LilNasX $JJaylenne @ToriPareno LEMME SAY HI PLS @Laaur 😚😚😚 @Laaur GLOWING @boxrTailored i heard those are gooddddd
@leahdb98 I LOVE @TurnUpTaco_ yes because theres a chance we get to perhaps dorm together in the future 🥺🥺 and bunbun @super_sophia11 YOURE SO GOOD @Jona_png 🥺❤️❤️what the phantom does to me for school stressed me out, bye gonna workout.finally made a disc server! <3
Retweeted by jay @ItIsILeg <.< @super_sophia11 uwu so goodi wanna work in the esports community 🥺 @akaFrizzle :< @akaFrizzle im down so bad:(goodnight :D @TurnUpTaco_ 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩we hate all men but when they have matching pfps with us✨
Retweeted by jay
Happy to announce that I am officially a co-owner of 100 Thieves! Its been almost 3 years since I joined the team…
Retweeted by jayi don’t deserve her🥺 appreciation post ❤️ cant wait for summer photo dumps once she’s back YALL AINT READY
Retweeted by jay @TurnUpTaco_ STOP I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART🥺❤️❤️ MY LOVEim 2 more followers away from 400 >o< AHHH PLS JUICE
@jessicahkim @TurnUpTaco_ 😍 @TurnUpTaco_ 🥺❤️ @pochie1218 i luhhh you 🥺🥶 @TurnUpTaco_ 🥺 youre so hardworking i luh it @StormiiVisuals POGim finally taking care of myself again and it feels so goodc:goodmorning!! i posted a tiktok @jessicahkim can i have some owo @jessicahkim youre so beautiful ^-^ ✨throwing elo @nCaustic_ @ncockstick :P @ncockstick @nCaustic_ ARFARF ARF BARK BARK @super_sophia11 youre so hot @TINARAES :D>0<
@plooful hewwo @TurnUpTaco_ lemme buy it for you 😚i worked out but a few hours later had jollibee 🥺 i couldnt pass it up @100Thieves @Nadeshot @Valkyrae @CouRageJD @brookeab @AustinOnTwitter @Avalanche100T OMFG THE BLUE AND YELLOW LOOKS SOOO FUCKING GOODnobody wants to know about my head game :< played soooo bad today ;-; i will try and be better @notblasiann I ONLY JOKEEEEE >-< @notblasiann :p @notblasiann you got taller pog @notblasiann ... @TurnUpTaco_ GOOD @TurnUpTaco_ LMAOearly stweam watch out for her big comebacck I SWEAR @TurnUpTaco_ youre so talented i love you >.< @jessicahkim my bebe for sure @TurnUpTaco_ 😙 @TurnUpTaco_ @jessicahkim 🥺🥺🥺mmMMMMMM i love streaming thank you for a fun time for whoever was there, much love cuties ❤️❤️🥰 @ralvbtw KEKW @ElevateFN NO WAY RN @ekistiks AYO WASSSUPP LIL MAMAim live for a widdle @leahdb98 my heart 🥺 @leahdb98 ahhh @MsBugzvii im downnn