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JJ MacNab @jjmacnab Washington, DC

Fellow, George Washington University's Program on Extremism. UC Berkeley alumna. Cats are badass.

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@PJTobia Yeah. @PJTobia You can see the license plates and business stickers on the cars that are lining up to steal. @PJTobia I'm guessing the lady in the Range Rover doesn't really need to steal from Target. @PJTobia Amazing helicopter live stream in Philadelphia. The Target store is being systematically wiped out. @CTRNewsFeed @Tinkermom_3 @LibtardJesus1 Alabama 2018, They were suspended. I'm having a "what the fuck is wrong with him" moment, I probably need to take a little break from the Intern… guy started shooting a hunting bow at protestors? WTF
Retweeted by JJ MacNabWe’re now hearing from local authorities: Of the 57 people arrested in protest-related incidents through Saturday m…
Retweeted by JJ MacNabArmed men have arrived outside the @slcpd public safety building. They say they’re here to protect the protesters.…
Retweeted by JJ MacNabTucson police @ChiefCMagnus said some of the worst violence in Tucson was against journalists last night. One journ…
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Will masks be enough in a time of pandemic? @V15tual Why are you repeatedly spamming my threads and acusing me of aiding and abetting terrorist?A federal law enforcement officer in California was killed and another critically injured after being shot while pr… live stream here. outside the White House. Three warnings of an unlawful assembly from the Secret Service before storming in…
Retweeted by JJ MacNab @LaviniaWorth @jerrysaltz Okey dokey.And yes, he was stupid enough to post publicly on Facebook about his plans to use Molotov cocktails at the protest.This guy, for example, may be from Alaska, but he was already in Minnesota at the time George Floyd was killed.'ve started combing through the arrests. @beyerstein They claim they want anarchy.What could possibly go wrong? <--sarcasm that the National Guard is being deployed in larger numbers, I anticipate that militia groups may decide to ins… why at least some Boog boys are rioting. on the Boogie Bears FB group. @CPolytical Private Facebook groups. Discord.Once we have the names of the people arrested, I may be able to flesh this out a bit more, but for now I'll share s… share jargon, outfits, a love of firearms, and a desire to use violence to gain power, but they don't actually… is slang for civil/revolutionary war. But the subgroups that use this slang fall into different categorie… why I use words like "younger," it's hard to define. There are middle aged Boogaloos who are eager to act, ta… there are Boogaloos that support police, the younger and bigger groups detest them. While there are Boogaloo… Boogaloo movement is not cohesive. While there are pockets of white supremacist Boogaloos, the younger and bi…'m in Newburgh NY, where the Oath Keepers are demonstrating in support of a tattoo shop opening up in defiance of state COVID regulations
Retweeted by JJ MacNab @time2risePats @jason_a_w @CTRNewsFeed @JYSexton @nickmartin @DavidNeiwert Lots of white people are angry at what happened to George Floyd. @gregseitz What evidence?Sonoma County sheriff won’t change course, backing away from deal to continue enforcement of health order #TEXAS #BOLO “WarHippie”—“a committed nazi accelerationist with a gunsmithing degree” just posted this on…
Retweeted by JJ MacNabI love the pure ‘just the facts ma’am’ of this quote.
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Troll farms from Macedonia and the Philippines pushed coronavirus disinformation on Facebook via @nbcnewsA Missouri man has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and multiple other counts in connection to Wedne…, not Klayton. Alas, I can't blame autocorrect on this mistake, @percipian Indeed. My mistake.She says they would prove the BLM was antagonizing Bundy.Payne's lawyer next points to threat assessments. A 2012 assessment wasn't turned over to defense. The standoff was in 2014.Trivia. When they saw the camera, a couple of Bundy family members went out and did donuts around it, kicking up dust.She points to the surveillance camera TOC logs. The DOJ had to go look for the logs at the request of the defense… Judges are asking Payne's lawyer to show a specific piece of evidence that withheld by the government that woul… appellate case is focusing on two documents not produced to the defense prior to trial.Ryan Payne's lawyer is sticking to the issues actually relevant to this appeal.Klayton is now claiming that the Bundy family was entrapped by the government. The Judge interrupts and asks why K… those unfamiliar: is focusing on the Larry Wooten whistleblower memo.The DOJ is finally making my point of the "sniper" timeline. The two BLM employees on the hill were BLM agents doi… court is taking a 5 minute break. Next up, Bundy. @jamesjhare Federal land, not private. The grazing permits had been sold and retired years earlier by Clark County… @CindieGeddes @jamesjhare Fed gov called it off because they were heavily outnumbered and outgunned, and because a… wish every federal court case was online like this. It would make what's supposed to be public trials truly public.It sounds like the strip search case is coming to a close. If you want to watch the Bundy case, you should probabl… government's outline for the appeal will give you a taste of what's to come: court just started on the third case, so Bundy is next.Larry Klayman is representing Cliven Bundy. the #OregonStandoff case received considerably more attention, the Nevada case was far larger and more dangerous.Just a reminder, this is the appeal of the 2014 Nevada standoff case, not the 2016 Malheur/Oregon one. The federal… are a few cases lined up before the Bundy oral arguments. government's appeal of the Bundy criminal trial dismissal is today for those who want to watch. @Snafu32
Truck driver in police shootout had been banned on social media sites (fake cop) @SeamusHughes You da bomb. I think that's a compliment. If not, it was meant as one.Let's just hope the federal judge in this case is less naive than the Harney County judge.He bit a federal officer during his arrest and he was injured. a fugitive, he mouthed off on Facebook. Sept 2019, he was convicted on one count of Obstructing Governmental or Judicial Administration & two counts of… beef was with the Oregon agency tasked with protecting children. His method was armed intimidation. avatar logo and friends list will look familiar to those of you who paid attention to the Oregon standoff. addition to espousing sovereign citizen ideology, Zink was a supporter of the 2016 Bundy standoff at the Malheur…, Zink was charged in federal court with Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution h/t @SeamusHughes arrests Burns, Oregon fugitive in Fort Smith was made possible by Public Safety Canada's Community Resilience Fund, and in collaboration with the Canada Ce…
Retweeted by JJ MacNab @BumpinFresh Cool, but I don't need permission to block you. @drtarasanderson Karen. @AlexChrisJohn A story that never grows old. Or factual. @BumpinFresh Threatening to murder a property thief is not a good thing. @egavactip Most people first encountered it on the cover on a David Sedaris book. @supersinga No. @BumpinFresh How do you see "praising" in what I wrote?Same thing happened in Ferguson. Oath Keepers took to the rooftops of businesses to keep looters away. @egavactip Isn't it fabulous? I saw it at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. @egavactip I had to Google it. I don't watch tv. It reminded me of Van Gogh's Skull with Cigarette @egavactip Harold!Minneapolis, last night.
@cpicciolini Fine with me. @egavactip @reviewjournal The motive for the cop murder is known; it's only the earlier attacks that have been call… @MaggieDay55 There is no countervoice for these schemes. @MaggieDay55 Yikes!Bad weather. The launch has been scrubbed with another attempt scheduled in three days. @egavactip @reviewjournal I have a lot of questions about this case.