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@mitchabbott21 fix this @JoeBidenThis is perfect. I think I have tweet envy. 2021 franchise tag preview with projected numbers assuming a $175M salary cap & potential tag candidates via…
Retweeted by Jonathan Jones @DYmilkshake these tweets helped it make more sense. appreciate you. @Blau_Ozean Kemba was in the streets too. Wiz won a little but fair to state they underachieved and their few achievements didn’t last long @brettlive @LakeRosenberg pre Wiz though right?Is the “DC loves John Wall” thing similar to Kemba in Charlotte? As in below average team success, national irrelev… has agreed to trade Russell Westbrook to Washington for John Wall and a first-round pick, sources tell ESPN.
Retweeted by Jonathan Jones @nuggetpalooza hard to disagree with thatSorry but I don't see the sky falling on the Ravens. If they get Lamar Jackson back healthy for Week 13, I see them… humbling. Thanks for taking the time @_EmmanuelMorgan.
Retweeted by Jonathan Jones
Monday's Washington at Pittsburgh game will be played at 5 p.m. and broadcast on FOX.Masterful job by the Mike Tomlin-coached Steelers there at the end of the half @fblinthicum lolll @queencityy05 wide awake dealing takes on @CBSSportsHQ at halftime and postgameMuffed puff INJECT IT INTO MY VEINS @KRich716 i know he was excited with the pick but he hurt his offense not going down in the end zonePick-6 I'll watch EVERY SECONDThis game is heinous but I'd watch every second even if it weren't my job send helpAs I've written, I could see a team "bubbling" at a hotel in the playoffs. Hotel --> Facility --> Hotel for 1-2-3 w… idea of an NFL bubble has never had traction. It wasn't feasible at the start of the season. It's not wanted fo… i die laughing every time i watch this it in mist form and spray people like the Broncos were doing months ago Afternoon Football let's go! @JEPopeIV yeah i thought it’d be fun and funny but wound up muting around the first TV timeout yesterday @andrewperloff no clue about in the mix this year but i'd say they were in the mix for a title more years than they weren't the last decade @andrewperloff was there a time they were consistently bad?Sunday Night Football's @MicheleTafoyaTV says on @dpshow that Ravens RBs Mark Ingram and J.K. Dobbins will not play tonight.
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesWake up! It's Week 12.5 @FourVerts you don't need it because you don't have a job @NataTheScribe best holiday by far @carrtmannnn been working on my model for some time#analytics #NextJJStatsMy production has increased ~17% since starting my Christmas playlist this week @billvoth a rare good tweet from you @WillBrinson yeah i’ve hesitated putting this take on twitter but on a laymen logic basis (and not science) it seem… @TomDunphy i’ve privately had that thought over the months. like a more deadly strain versus a more manageable one, if you will
@ItSisiDuh really? i didn’t realize thatHonest Q: do we believe the virus has mutated? I understand refining protocols as we gain more info, but could ther… @gkmorgan2 yo that got hella awkward and i had to mute after thatBill Walton on the call for UNC hoops? 🙏🏾Great stuff @JBookThaCrook wow @DanSchneierNFL @TheShieldFX rewatching now for the fifth time. still holds up. best series finale i’ve seenA great place to sponsor on this #GivingTuesday2020: @HolidayFundNJ, which provides funding for civil service agenc…
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesSmart look here from Scott. I'm fascinated by what happens with franchise-tagging players in 2021 Parcells always knew how to get the best out of Aaron Glenn when Parcells was coaching Glenn on the Jets. Now…
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesOfficial lookin at him like c'mon bruh ok it was a drop. In real time I thought he tipped it down to Rodgers, which would have been absolutely mind blowing.A planned tip drill Hail Mary?!Doug Pederson is about to be indignant as hell defending that decision in the post-game presser and then tell radio… didn't the Eagles just kick it there?lol’s a bad intentional grounding by Russ. He knows better than thatOk I’ve seen enough. Keep Jalen Hurts inOK I’ve seen enough. Put in Jalen HurtsSkippin over to @CBSSportsHQ to talk Seahawks-Eagles this evening. @AndrewLiv yes they're just trying to work it out
Here are the next 8 days of professional football... for now ... allegedly
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesWould like to announce that I will be moving to Wednesday nightHope your Wednesday afternoon doesn't have a lot of appointments. The Ravens game in Pittsburgh will be Wednesday a…
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesThe Eagles have struggled mightily on offense this year and tonight against the Seahawks should be more of the same…
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesThe NFL is showing incredible resistance to both forfeiting games and adding a Week 18. Just next-level schedule tetrisBounced on the NFL Rhodes Show with @lindsay_rhodes today to talk all things Week 12 @seanwirt thanks man! @MicheleSteele ayeeeeLeaping on with the Joes at @999TheFan momentarily @bee_rahhh i’m saying if the chiefs have 2 losses. they will only play the games if they mean something to the playoffsPoppin on with CNN in a few to talk about coronavirus and the National Football LeagueHopping on @cbsnews shortly to talk about COVID-19 and the NFLWould be easy to look at the 49ers schedule and say, 4 out of 5 games in Arizona? Pack and move there for the rest… 49ers will play their home games in the Cardinals stadium for Weeks 13 and 14 (vs. Buffalo and Washington)crib Sanchez says he's having surgery Tuesday on a cancerous tumor doctors recently discovered. Prayers up @RachelIsBoss87 ugh i’m sorry. thinking of y’all @bee_rahhh yes but in most scenarios i think you wouldn't know week 18 was meaningful until week 17 is complete. so… @scottdills they ID'd and isolated the virus in DEN. it was a position group. the virus is spreading throughout BAL… Ravens-Steelers gets pushed the Week 18... And at the end of Week 17, the Steelers are 15-0, Ravens are mathema… your HDMI cables readyNFL announces 3 Week 16 games have been flexed to Dec. 26. 1 p.m. Bucs at Lions (NFL Network) 8:15 p.m. Dolphins… what I’m grateful for in 2020
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesThe answer is yesWill Tom Brady meet Mahomes at midfield after the game? About to find out
Can’t wait to hear what Arians has to say about that Brady interceptionTyreek Hill now up to 261 receiving yards in the third quarter. The record could fall... @CarolinaHuddle it’s the best case scenario long-term but i know fans and folks in that building don’t wanna hear itThe New York Giants will win the NFC East. Book it Marrone is a likable coach in a lost season with no good alternative to finish out the season. Jags can get a… day after the Lions fire their GM, Jags fire GM Dave Caldwell, per source. Lots of openings alreadyMahomes now up to 304 passing yards just 21 minutes into the game @Amie_Just great tweetBaker says the only things he hates more than missing throws is "lying and skim milk, and skim milk is just water l…
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesPatrick Mahomes has 261 passing yards through the first 16 minutes of this game. He's on pace to break Norm Van Bro… the Bucs can score at some point today we could see Tyreek Hill make a run at Flipper Anderson's record. Hard to… fans booing Tom Brady's offense off the field after a third consecutive three-and-out @ckilo7 nahhhTyreek Hill has 7 receptions for 203 yards and 2 touchdowns. There's more than a minute left in the first quarter.