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@RogersWork @GabeWhisnant hated it as a kid but it's definitely grown on me with agePer training camp protocol, if Cousins was vaccinated, he wouldn’t have to isolate as a close contact
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesThe day is upon us women’s 100 final coming up within minutes. I’m watching via NBC Sports app🤣🤣 @ZachGelb
Blood has been shed, Jerry!! @ArifHasanNFL what a tweet @ItsMikeDeegan 🤣🤣Could Indy make a trade for Foles? CHI would trade him for little. He would likely rework his deal. He knows the sy… Bob Anderson is the best in the biz. With the evaluation taking Wentz to Anderson’s practice in Green Bay, we a… looks genuinely upbeat, refreshed and happy. By every indication he's giving off he's in a very good place mentallyCam Newton says he's been pleasantly surprised by Mac Jones' hip-hop knowledge: "You can catch him in the locker ro… about this today for absolutely no reason this @UncleEvo she did. netherlands second goal probably should have been saved but after that she stopped everythingNaehr made up for letting that second goal slide by in a gigantic way. What a goalkeeping performance to finish out.Oh yes USWNT!Oh no USWNT @PatrickClaybon hahahah
@Dave_Enna maybe im not as tuned in as i should be but i didn’t know either team was in position to salary dump or take it on.Am I reading this correctly??? Aaron Rodgers-Packers deal is agreed to, per source and as @RapSheet reported. There's no exact, specific "if-t… anyone considered one superconference comprised of all schools led by Mark Emmert?I'll wager a good amount that neither school will wind up waiting until July 1, 2025 the Lakers just did to the Kings inclusive twist on the old saying @byDavidGardner 43 and broadway. they’ll be there for lunch tomorrow too. well worth itMuch love to my guy @AdamSchein @luquireagency @Bojangles @clarerizer @hal_dean28 y'all are the best! thanks so much for having me todayIf there are 2,880 players right now (90 players x 32 teams) then roughly 2,531 have had at least one shot. Said… numbers from the league @RocknCarolina @paulleak @Bojangles not replacing. just a very welcomed addition @jcorkecu @Bojangles right?? haha so worth itFood truck is there giving them away for free today and tomorrow. It’s absolutely worth braving Times Square for bit of home here in Times Square with the new @Bojangles chicken sandwich. And lemme tell y’all… it is the T… LB on the team’s upcoming joint practice with the Colts, who are less than 70% vaxxed hate it here @LarryHolder NFL has made major events out of the combine, draft and even the damn schedule release. Now it's officially blo… @daringantt how's Krishawn Hogan looking at practice today? @benbbaldwin egregiousPackers GM Brian Gutekunst: "I agree with Davante that he's worth" being paid as the highest paid WR in the NFL. Th… the NFL top its newsy day from yesterday? Let's find outAs far as position catastrophes go less than one week into training camp, this qualifies for the Saints Benjamin tells Zack he showed up to camp weighing 268 to play TE after NYG told him to come in at 251. Judge…
@TreBos10 hope you’re celebrating this anniversary by popping bottles at LIVI read Nutter Butter Guy, II"It appears we’re going to have to spend some time without him," Payton said sarcastically in response to a questio…
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesLol absolutely useless but the lawyers will take the billable hours$14,650 fine for non-fully vaxxed who: gather outside facility with more than 3 players, attending indoor night clu… for players who aren't fully vaxxed as follows: $50k for gathering in any number for any reason with other pl… NFL's COVID fine schedule mandates any player — vaxxed or not — who fails to cooperate with an investigation in… have officially released WR-turned-TE Kelvin Benjamin. The reclamation project Gettleman and Judge took on q… QB Dak Prescott has soreness in his throwing arm, team said. Felt it warming up. Getting examined now. “Pur…
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesIf a team is serious about trading for Xavien Howard, they have to be serious about giving him a new deal. And if t… is out here making the no-look pass look easy 🤯
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesThe NFL's latest addition to the sports calendar it hopes to own year-round: an official, unified start to training…
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesThis was the only thing from Rodgers that I was like ehhh about. He did admit he could have spoken up during it all… refreshing candor from Aaron Rodgers just now"You can't compare the last years of Favre's career and compare them to mine." Rodgers with the absolute, God's honest truth thereRodgers on being included in high-level discussions in the organization: I'm not asking for anything that other gre… I'm not a victim. I've been paid a ton of money by this organization. I don't feel like anything's been do… on if he's a Packer after 2021: I really don't know. Things in that direction haven't changed at all. ...I'… says he did contemplate retirement. "At various points deciding if I wanted to keep playing" Rodgers says a… Rodgers on his thoughts with the team in March when they weren't committing to him beyond 2021: Instead of le… scene at the first day of Giants camp. Benjamin had a heated conversation with Joe Judge and Dave Gettleman b…
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesDarnold evaluated his options and made the best choice to protect himself and those around him. This is what we wan… @danwiederer i meant you and only you, my manRavens coach John Harbaugh confirms QB Lamar Jackson and RB Gus Edwards tested positive for COVID-19+1. Competing reporters building off one another's questions during key moments — Jerry Jones talking about Jimmy J… to all the incredible team beat reporters. Their press conference questions, camp-update tweets, instituti… GM Nick Caserio on Deshaun Watson: I don't want to speak for anybody else but it hasn't been a distraction.Texans GM Nick Caserio refuses to say whether Deshaun Watson will practice. Not revealing much of anything actually.Gutekunst confirms the exact contract language with Aaron Rodgers is not yet completeGutekunst: I think [Aaron Rodgers] has earned that seat at the table to have a voice. He's had a voice. ...On every… GM Brian Gutekunst: Davante is really important to us. Won't get into contract details. It's important for… GM Brian Gutekunst is speaking to media now and declined to comment on this but as reported Monday, this ha… NFL's latest addition to the sports calendar it hopes to own year-round: an official, unified start to training… story here from @JordanDajani rare Patrick Mahomes rookie card just sold for $4.3M, the largest football card transaction ever. The sale, an… has insane closing speedDolphins CB Xavien Howard has requested a trade from the team after they have not adjusted his contract following h…
you ever read a sentence you are absolutely positive no one in recorded human history has written before?
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesAs of July 26, Washington had the lowest player vax rate in the NFL, with 60% having received at least one dose, pe…
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesBreaking: Tyrann Mathieu is officially conditioned. More to follow on the 6 p.m. news. logic seems to follow but we will see. will be interesting to see if the NFL, which has worked closely with the CDC for more than a year, will adjust i… distinction @CBSNews confirms the CDC will announce this afternoon that fully vaccinated Americans should return to w…
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesMost definitely is for the huge Office fan Rodgers has arrived at Packers camp in what may (?) be some sort of NBA Jams-themed t shirt oxymoronic top under-the-radar camp battles for NFC teams heading into camp leader for best training camp entrance 2021 Howard reports to camp. He avoids mandatory $50k/day fines but surely is still unhappy with his contract sit… NBC streaming feed just said Simone Biles getting pulled was not injury-related, but a mental issue.
Retweeted by Jonathan JonesWhatever is going on with Simone Biles right now is the story of the Olympics
@stilwell it was embarrassing. he just kept guessing terrible answersYikes @TonyParlay idk what to tell you man except this is what the reality is