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JJtoob (low clout) @JJtoob California, USA

Warning: Extremely low clout. My opinions are worthless. Rocket League enthusiast. #RankedRumble Neebs Gaming fan. #whataweek

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@xItzKriminalx @blakeir @Nadeshot I've seen cheaters and yes, cheaters aren't necessarily noobs. If anything, I've… @DesignedByJake @blakeir @Nadeshot Yeah honestly it'd be kind of cute if it wasn't so vomit-inducing. @neekolul That's right, it's da haterz, not the fans. @MikkiMeesh If I had that setup, I'd play the match from the same angle, and set the camera from a similar angle so… @Drommels_YT @Kaytality @SimonSandwiches
@TheGallowBoob watch this
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout)Rarely rewatch a show but I'm on episode 8 of the second round already. Also just found out it's getting a second s… @devinconnors I do that all the time lol. @monarchgupta7 @noahschwartz44 @iNeedTop_ @Struggle_Tweet sneaky production made for the Godfather of Sandwiches @SimonSandwiches @NeebsOfficial Special mention to…
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout) @Jay_RL_ @BigBryTV Ah, see, the one this was stolen from knows what's up. @AllaireMatt @SoniqsEsports @RLEsports Yooooo 😂 @AdahopAlex @AnthonyCSN Someone posted the Pokemon episode in the fan group and I can't believe I forgot how funny… @DiZTORDiD Yes. @rlgarage @AdahopAlex @SimonSandwiches I made mine for xp besides items, so when they land they usually survive, but are one… @AdahopAlex @SimonSandwiches good thing the bottom of the shaft has a lip now or mobs with enchanted boots would fa… @AdahopAlex It's based on a streamer I like to watch sometimes @iAmColoreseveryone in April:
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout) @AdahopAlex I've been using this skin I made for a good while, so TIL I'm gay. @Darklordtory It's interesting, I don't know if necessary, but a good start. Biggest complaint is the mod actions f… @KaptainSkittlez Time to queue 2s. You'll rank up fast. @DoomNack888 @shackle_ton @moonshinj Obligatory @ThatsVix "Caption this" @helen No snark, but obvious snark, also, she must not have Instagram or other social media, or doesn't post selfie… @Juuudaah @valleyloogie @helen Doesn't matter, her account is gone. @neatoqueenRL I hope the sarcasm and joke gets through lol. @neatoqueenRL Haha! I see you... trying to make me simp, but it's not gonna be that easy, just because you made up… came into my chat yesterday and said “how r u famous ur so ugly” i felt bad for a microsecond and then i r…
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout)Oh shit, Mod View feature on Twitch is live! No rude words here.
@arto_mata Time to grind. @kimberlycongdon All the happy parents in the replies... du Alyx -- Incredible video of ChrisQuitsReality juggling in Half-Life: Alyx. The content you've been waitin…
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout) @adutatednine10 @aniota4ever @RLEsports @RocketLeague @AztraL To the @RL_Support account. @AussieGenesis01 @Ruhdoko "but if hes gonna say stuff why cant we." I don't know if it'll have a long term unwante… @MathiesHappel @DramaRLert I wasn't saying he was a pro, but that enough of a skill gap can result in the described… @HaloMiehl @theMemesBot You are thinking of mortality rates, and while the odds are more favorable for young people… amirite? BTW I've had some good games, this was probably the worst thing tonight. It happens.… @retselom I was waiting for this response lol. @AletszzOrozco Cuando estoy triste miro anime.I hate it when I put my foot in my mouth. @AletszzOrozco Acabo de hacer una broma sin pensar, y creo que metí la pata, prefiero no bromear por un rato... @AletszzOrozco 😔I made the mistake of telling my husband an early symptom of COVID is loss of smell. He’s taken to passing gas in…
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout) @Jay_RL_ @BigBryTV Then state the rules more clearly next time. @ashtoneer Like a person ignoring your existence or even going as far as unfriending you or blocking you for no rea… @MathiesHappel @DramaRLert When I play with pros, I can't touch the ball because I'm too slow and play much more de… @DramaRLert I also would like to know how this person is GC haha jk. @rebexxxxa @BigBryTV Yes, that's what they invented refrigerators for. @neekolul eeehh... the original was better @BmoreBillsfan @AdahopAlex Once a goddess always a goddess. @RocketLeague POGGERS
@arto_mata @Geigs7 THIS IS CROSSING LEAGUE @TheIrishPickle @eddyburback Maybe, but they are not trying to make good content, they are trying to get views and make money. @RamS_RL The nerve of some players! @722_clavenbeth You will put a lot of them out of commission. Not entirely a bad thing, honestly, the less, there m… @722_clavenbeth For sure I prefer facts. @RLEsporls If only @722_clavenbeth Across multiple places. But about the picture or video, I'd like actual links to see if using them… @722_clavenbeth This does have the side effect that you'll many times hear the same exact words said across many ch… @722_clavenbeth Accountable for what exactly? If it's about the images being from the same place, it depends. News… @mentalbrethmint @csthetruth @toddstarnes And it will eventually be really bad in hospitals, what with a record of… @mike_F12 An acceptable take imo. I find that the more people show they get hurt by it, the more it'll get used. Ap… @SCATE71 @Lrihendry @realDonaldTrump @Twitter She's kneeling. @AdahopAlex Don't play Ada, you know how I'd feel. does it for #RLCS9! From all of us who've worked on the show, thanks for tuning in and being fans! We know it'…
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout)reminder that this video exists
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout) @supemiIy It took me a year 😢How is Yelp allowed to get away with stuff like this? That's straight up criminal... Yelp to stop auto-creating fu… 👏 is 👏 the 👏 wholesome 👏 content 👏 we 👏 watch 👏 RLCS 👏 for 👏 @RLEsports
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout) @pinkomango @qxagaming @citizenjeff @ChampChong @h3h3productions Welp, if it's the code, it's the code. Hope someone got cited. @qxagaming @pinkomango @citizenjeff @ChampChong @h3h3productions I don't think it makes much of a difference. I'm t… GOTEM! Just kidding, I did leave right after haha. @nilong13 @iAmColores And you better stay down! game sesh tonight with @ODiaz86 by the end of it we were just synergizing lol. Just look at that totally calcu… @h3h3productions @Idubbbz Whole thing is dumb btw, I don't care either way, there's better stuff to waste my time on. @h3h3productions @Idubbbz What if she gives him the money... PIMP!
@RL_Pigeon @Johnz12321 I need an easier cert. I only got goalkeeper and juggler, so for me it's easier to get saves… @neilmacadee @Derekr1959 @Bazza73617427 if the video is current, or course, then it's far more disgusting than normally. @neilmacadee @Derekr1959 @Bazza73617427 While I'm not a huge fan of violence, if this was the expected outcome to t… @Slasher
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout) @its_woodyyyy On the other hand, people will abuse that increased ban time to "hold players hostage" when there is… @its_woodyyyy If it's a trend, Psyonix is going to have to up the punishment for leaving matches. @TheTruckerDave @scrvydarg @AdahopAlex You are asking for too much, but I'm with you. And about having words for th… @TheTruckerDave @scrvydarg @AdahopAlex The thing is it starts being used on people who leave serious creepy comment… long, well thought out review of @DOOM Eternal is here! GG @idSoftware via @YouTube
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout) @willne LMAOOO 😂😂😂
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout) @JonnyEthco Your animation lately has a nice polish to it. @kellykiefer222 @BreezeMountains @RY_Arlington_MA @BrandonBeckham_ @realDonaldTrump @CDCgov @POTUS If that's a lie,… @kellykiefer222 @BreezeMountains @RY_Arlington_MA @BrandonBeckham_ @realDonaldTrump @CDCgov @POTUS A couple days ag… @kellykiefer222 @BreezeMountains @RY_Arlington_MA @BrandonBeckham_ @realDonaldTrump @CDCgov @POTUS Difference is Ob… @PlutoRL
@JorbyPls @CorelliTV Poor cat looked like it was starving for love. who gon tell him😔
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout) @neatoqueenRL Reminds me of this one time my car told me it didn't like the boost I just got.🙂
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