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JJtoob (low clout) @JJtoob California, USA

Warning: Extremely low clout. My opinions are worthless. Rocket League enthusiast. #RankedRumble Neebs Gaming fan. #whataweek

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@retselom @Rocket_Sledge @its_woodyyyy @FuckYouImCatman Oh snap, I forget there's a place to check stats like that… the GOP decry nepotism while Ivanka and Jared are in the White House is like watching the NRA send thought…
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout)I remember back in 2016 there was a patch that gave us the ability to see Rumble powerups in the replays, and since… @neatoqueenRL @HarrisHeller This is really interesting, and something I´ll probably will be trying as it seems to s… @gifyourgame ShcoolI often wish there was a gifyourgame button for life
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout)Welcome to Shcool Rumble (not the anime), where I show you how to use your powerups more effectively. The haymaker…
@The_muzz1 @baines_joshua @Aztecia316 I was laughing but also worried. @baines_joshua @The_muzz1 @Aztecia316 Do ya really? of the year. @AdahopAlex Also, Super Simon shirt. Just sayin' @DANNYonPC @AdahopAlex Is that a reference to Simon starting a war with Appsro with a single hit of his deadly bread? @bushhhyy AFAIK, no. It's still in early access.Name another MC series with more entertainment and production value (and less skill lol) The amazing polish in look… @Colorized245 @CR1MS1C @JZRyoutube It's really just the Merc's little brother. @AdahopAlex I miss SGTVSo my relief at work comes into the office, and in the small talk she goes "my friend just came back from China and…"Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045" - New Key Visual!! The anime is slated to premiere April 2020 on Netflix.
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout)The fact that Rocket League, a carball video game, has created careers, friendships, and good times for so many is…
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout) @apex915 RTed so others suffer the way you do. Smart. @kittys @memes_bizarre
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout) @_TheBestDogs The bestest. @Kumo_Isamashii I also wanted these moments to be searchable through Google, and so I would include timestamps and… @Kumo_Isamashii I may have had a comment or two like this, but I always put in the description that I wasn't moneti… @Kumo_Isamashii I know the feel. I don't know if you know this, but for a year, I made it my duty to compile all th…
@maryt465 @spoofblackheart @LLou06 @emperor_servant @danmorris01 @dr01d3tte @bobhaigh13 @GuthrieGF @tardisMadelyn I… @xengru Damn now that's a command center. @justd0minic And then their boat sank and they all died. The end. @selway333 @RocketLeague Mine was a joke too, chill bruv. @sayurijunie @NeebsOfficial @JonnyEthco Don't you think the new space adventure series has the same vibe? That's why I like it. @M0nstroid @Lethamyr_RL @RocketLeague Eeeexactly. If they ever did this, there's a chance support for Mac and Linux… @Jordan_RL1 that was fast. @RocketLeague @selway333 @RocketLeague How can they if the SERVERS AREN'T CONNECTING?Well, it says it is not connected to Steam.RIP connection to servers... @AnthonyCSN @PaulyWit Lmao @_joetrich I mean, hey, I'm willing to try it, but I'm also aware it will have its own unique challenges. @_joetrich I don't know why I read BO5. Up to three games* @Rolo_Johnson I feel like I need more context to this statement. @bootycheeks Wouldn't it be bad if it did? I mean, assuming you like beer. Unless you don't like beer. @Lafwee Apple. @Aztecia316 @SimonSandwiches If you're ever in my neck of the woods, I can direct you to at least one place where y… @SimonSandwiches It's been a while 😢 I'm eating some good pizza right now, so don't feel too bad for me. @The_muzz1 @SimonSandwiches You better fix that soon. @1jayski Or at least not 2K credits...once I learn how to dribble and flip reset and just.. hit the ball when doing a basic aerial, it’s over for you hoes
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout) @RonakyRL I remember McDonald's explained the difference in how it is and how it looks in ads is that they push ing…
Farming Simulator League is a thing and I feel truly blessed to have witnessed this in person.
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout) @hotzenmonster @okeebzo I answer phones for a resort. I have to keep reminding my coworkers that guests can hear wh…"I'm about to destroy this man's whole career." @FauxPawRL @ThatsVix @WCBC_RL Mine do that to me IRL, but not through a monitor, or maybe I've worn them long enough to adapt to it. @SnaxxRL It's in the privacy settings. @Liefx Me: Ah who cares about getting your profile signed... Also me: @GoJamesbotGo is gonna sign mine? POGGERS Fea… @RLDailyShop @TyHorner2 Yikes indeed. @SunlessKhan @Fyshokid Don't forget to tell your sub bots to unsub too. @Aztecia316 I see what you did there. @Squidd_RL Really? I've heard some interesting ones, which ones were bad to you? @Jay_RL_ And even if they had more viewers, it doesn't justify the attitude either. @_joetrich Too bad playing for just over 5 minutes is already hard enough for many players (disconnects, rage quits… @TheIrishPickle They do tho. Some pros were at top competitive level before reaching the minimum age to compete. I am curious how he'd do. @RL_Pigeon @romanryder I did see you and others clarify some things in the replies, but you did get a lot of replies so I coul… @robot_ahmed Yeah nobody wants that either. EXCELLENT IDEA @okeebzo I am wary of scammers and impersonators scoping out what's valuable in my apartment. If I don't know them,… someone say custom RGB stadium colors? My newly published plugin is available to download at…
Retweeted by JJtoob (low clout) @avntic @oddkryptonite @amustycow I can't remember who I saw it from first, but it was going around.Ok guys, hear me out: What if Psyonix got rid of solo standard and... GAVE US RANKED CHAOS @GrandEmpresss I do this with every other social media platform. @SwaggerDragon @AnaSofaKingCoo @okaishawty Now that she mentions it, I think one of the things was hair ties. @SwaggerDragon @AnaSofaKingCoo @okaishawty Last time I went with my friend to one of these stores, she had a prepai… @oddkryptonite @amustycow This was definitely brought up to the community a few weeks ago. I bet you musty saw it.They have feelings too. don't know where this came from but speaking of bots... @romanryder I don't play DnD, but what keeps you from leaving? Does that DM take any punishment, or does he just go…! So I was right that amount of players on those platforms was a factor, but wrong that it was the reas… @GoJamesbotGo Stacked! @BuoyantManatee @AnthonyCSN @Demalay_ If it was only you. Also, I've come to accept it's not always a bad thing. Maybe not all the time, but so… @thehikoreport @AdahopAlex Many people on Twitter and other platforms have made it their custom to say in their bio… even the bots ego you...
@TheIrishPickle Was this under an account that has never played Fortnite before? If so, there's been rumors that yo…, this is how companies/individuals learn who to work with, and you never know if they share blacklists, but if… searched for the tweet I'm referencing, but I could not find it. Either it was deleted, or I unfollowed, or someo… of entitlement. I also hate to see people complain that they've been streaming RL for x amount of time w… @hitstreak @seriouslyclara It is now. @TurkdogTV @seriouslyclara Exactly this. Even if this person was much bigger, it wouldn't justify the terrible atti… @seriouslyclara @CrevLMTV @seriouslyclara If this person left you alone, it's only for the time being. I guarantee that if they manage to get… is a retweet with comment. to mention if they happen to be big spenders on the item shop, or they buy tons of blueprints, or if they bough… looking it up, I bet the version with the least players is Mac and Linux, so they had to get the axe. You'd… only acceptable reason, and my theory for why Psyonix will no longer support Rocket League on Mac and Linux is… @NotCantOrWont @RoboticHat717 @Thick44Official @JonnyEthco @NeebsOfficial @SimonSandwiches If I had seen it earlier… @TheIrishPickle Laundry, and maybe I can stream some Rocket League unless I end up watching someone else's stream o… @GoldenEpicFace @JonsandmanTv @DudeWithNose_RL I had to use Epic in that joke, Psyonix wouldn't have made sense, bu…"Someone's gotta draw this Pornogroff the Weird." -Thick 44 Well...@Thick44Official @JonnyEthco @NeebsOfficial
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