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Retweeted by Armaan📋 @crackwithdrawal @crackwithdrawal this guy just makes me laugh for no reason man @allie02322335 HOLY NICE HONKERS JUUL GOD!
Retweeted by Armaan📋dra the goat no cap @drraakkooo @diamnnd @Mako yes @drraakkooo @diamnnd @Mako yes @drraakkooo @diamnnd @Mako bitch we in the same discord server @drraakkooo @diamnnd @Mako @drraakkooo @diamnnd @Mako LMFAOAO @diamnnd @Mako @diamnnd @konokobunp @diamnnd @konokobunp ratioed😂😂😂 me love me say that you love me @Mako have you completed spider-man yetONE MINUTE GIVEAWAY!!! Winner wins discord nitro retweet to enter
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@CryptiicNoOne 👀👀 @stereoberrys LMAOAOA @CHERRYPlE nope LOL @CHERRYPlE i will simply not listen to it then @CHERRYPlE . asleep challenge (gone wrong) @grownpapa @chaji @sossboyxan adorable @chaji @sossboyxan sorry @chaji @sossboyxan alright @chaji @sossboyxan oh. @chaji @sossboyxan i never said anything else to you after that they were watching a movie or something and i was just playing a game @chaji @sossboyxan i literally only brought it up TWO times bruh and never said anything about that. i was just tal… @sossboyxan @realJBA @chaji quote tweeted @chaji @sossboyxan ? i was talking to xan and oreo and said barely anything to you cuz you would go stfu @sossboyxan @realJBA @chaji yea this is why you’ll be lonely FUCK. YOU @chaji @sossboyxan i was just scrolling through my snap and saw it what the hell is ur problem @chaji @sossboyxan what i just only brought it up once tf. this was the only time too🤨 @realJBA @chaji @sossboyxan noquote tweeted on priv by her what the duck did i even do @oreo11111111 @sossboyxan on god @chaji @sossboyxan NO WHAT @oreo11111111 @SOURKIWl @asphyxiya @PaintClown_ you can have sex with them and you’re not gay for that. if you want a relationship with one then yes @PaintClown_ like u are gay if you want a relationship with men. not if you have sex with them @PaintClown_ like what does being straight have anything to do with that lmao @PaintClown_ one of the replies does not make sense to me @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad the way he types is so funny to me LMFAO @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad xil gonna be like “moderfucjin bich what the ghell is this debit🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿” @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad he boutta wake up to this shit @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad lmfao i forgot about him dude prolly asleep rn @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad 👀😏😏 @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad we boutta drink some of that lean @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad @jakkuxd sup! @jakkuxd 9 @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad Dankers! @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad on god fuck twitter @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad and videos @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad i had to sync every picture on icloud to do it again @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad same lol i can’t send shit that’s in my camera roll @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad i want to fuck you @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad alexander mcqueen leather shorts 👀👀 @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad @Moristiko @grownpapa @hieroglyphh @stereoberrys how did he manage to make his @ even worse bruh i hate this kid @gxmblr that’s actually my favorite song off after hours besides in your eyes @gxmblr good song on god @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad i’m done 😂😂😂 @gxmblr ❤️ @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad sharts excessively @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad shittin @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad what’s upget this to 1,000 likes @idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad hey @hieroglyphh
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@idonotlikehoes @3went2 @Ballaaad @grjffy @_NotTeryn bruh shut the fuck up @_NotTeryn @grjffy oh LMFAO i was thinking something different @_NotTeryn @grjffy on god @grownpapa liked 🚶🏾‍♂️isn’t ur name edgar? @grownpapa @grownpapa 👀 @crackwithdrawal most of these videos are from him using this audi LMAO it’s just so funny @crackwithdrawal @crackwithdrawal this shit should not be that funny bro i don’t get it fucking hate this audio it just keeps making me laugh audio is so fucking funny bruh