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James Vincent @jjvincent London, England

senior reporter for @verge, covering AI, robots, and more. writing a history of measurement for @faberbooks.

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Jacques Lacan talking to young people. (1972)
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@chengela Thank you!! And I gotta start branding myself to get in on those stories. Looking forward to getting into this :) @chengela Amazon? I’m not sure!Can’t wait to read @chengela
@Milo_Edwards @raaleh get some boars up on those walls!!án Fómhair - 'middle harvest' - September in the Gaelic calendar. In Druidic tradition it's a time to honour the…
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saw this an immediately went for a glass of water. thanks for looking out for me birds i'm here @VirginAtlantic Any chance of a reply here rather than a brushoff? @ImogenWK doesn't quite fit the lore but you could do a donut for each guest, one of which has a red filling and is… @VirginAtlantic Would be amazing if you could respond there, or over whatsapp, or over text — all places where I've… @VirginAtlantic Expedia say they relinquished control of the tickets to you and that you can now help me. I've DM'ed all the details :) @alexhern @granitetide @VirginAtlantic @ExpediaUK Yep. Exactly this. They basically say that if you ask to change y… @alexhern @VirginAtlantic @ExpediaUK Here's praying. They've been totally useless. I mean, why book me on to flight…'s stupid to carp on Twitter perhaps in the hope someone sees something and actually tries to help, but it's a gr… call @ExpediaUK Expedia to change, they say I can't because the flights @VirginAtlantic changed me to were themse… more irritating than being stuck in an endless loop of automated systems and unresponsive customer service.… of US anti-maskers is indistinguishable from something a college improv group would do as satire. Just biza… @alexhern @m_c_elish sorry - it goes back to 2016 also @alexhern yeah, it's a perfect encapsulation of a complex dynamic
I just filed a sad story about a hemp farm that burned to the ground in Jamul last weekend. BUT its owner sent me a…
Retweeted by James Vincent @memphisbarker That thing exploded with worrying force“Tarmac’s full name is tarmacadam,” I remind myself sweetly, whenever the universe conspires against me @VirginAtlantic Thanks, I have done @VirginAtlantic Hey there, I urgently need to change a booking and haven’t been able to speak to anyone. My message…
Tate workers marched today to protest the loss of 313 jobs. Please support them by donating to the fundraiser…
Retweeted by James VincentDavid Lynch: Glass half full kinda guy
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@SzMarsupial It’s nice when various numbers get slightly bigger and then you are tired afterwards, that’s my takeAs a society we really haven't come to grips with the morality and ethics of allowing so much wealth to accumulate in so few hands.
Retweeted by James Vincent @ajreid @BigIssue Big congrats for the big lad on the big move!!
me to my serotonin
Retweeted by James Vincent @iansteadman @RachaelKrishna @JaspJackson lol, didn't know there would be so much creative love. i even upgraded to… @granitetide a fancy lad eh! @RachaelKrishna it was my first mp3 player and extreeemely cherished. i even loved how scuffed the metal sides got.… @jamesofputney Yeah, I've had that pointed out to me hah. A silly mistake but I've enjoyed listening to the dark si… funny to see how multiple essays incorporate these sorts of meta-textual asides that hint at the source of the…, maybe keep an eye on that @jackclarkSF ? the essays in full is actually a bit boring, because while sentences are fluent there's no wider argument.… guardian's recent GPT-3 op-ed very much obscured the amount of work needed to turn AI-generated text into somet…'s impossible to find a better metaphor for politics in the last 30 years than Armando Iannucci's account of his…
Retweeted by James Vincent @francescawade congratulations!! very well deserved xx
CNBC poll: “Majorities of likely voters believe that both men are mentally unfit”
Retweeted by James Vincent @_sudormrf Oh my god so embarrassing! I haven’t ever heard that but I love it - thank you!What #SanFrancisco looks like almost 2 hours after sunrise. #CaliforniaFires
Retweeted by James Vincent @markscott82 I thought SCCs had been validated by the July ruling? eg @QCYK1 Yup. Check the project page linked in the story to see examples on cgthe machines only know to reach for “normal”
Retweeted by James Vincent @SableCat2 Idk! I’d maybe have to re read but my memory is that the criticism was more of the “at what cost..?” sor… @jameskhansen @verge Would love to denounce myself. I do implicitly with every action of my life of course, but it… last time I read dune, like a few years ago, I remember being struck by how incredibly eugenicsy it all is. End…, hogs enjoy instagrammable flat whites too
Retweeted by James Vincent @russellbrandom man IN worm!!! god IN worm!! fans only want one thing and it’s disgusting
Retweeted by James VincentAs I suggest in the story, I don't think this is a sign of the coming infopocalypse (though it's gotta be getting h… morning I made a quick deepfake of Elon Musk lip-syncing Tim Curry's infamous space speech from Command & Conq… Otis Redding, born on this day in 1941 in Dawson, Georgia. Here he is singing “Mr. Pitiful” on The !!!…
Retweeted by James Vincent @tristandross this tutorial really helped me get the colab version up and running @tristandross oh you'll have much better ideas for this than I will.... it's some open source deepfake lip syncing… this one worked out a little better - Elon Musk doing Tim Curry's space speech from command & conquer bezos as wayne diamond. the algorithm really doesn't deal well with gaps in audio. not sure if this really goi… of messing about in colab later: trump doing the first verse of the rocky road to dublin @sokane1 lol, i got this notification and was like "congrats, for what?" then remembered i have the grail. life's funny like that @karlusss nice thing about every writing anything about the Voynich manuscript is you join a club of people who will ever… use of facial recognition here (via @skwebdev)
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@nattgarun @Bloomberg Niceeee!!! Congrats Natt! ⚡️⚡️⚡️✨✨✨i wrote about the use of video teleconferencing technology in immigration courts for @verge the story isn't just…
Retweeted by James VincentThe most pronounced woof I've ever heard
Retweeted by James Vincent @halhod @jackclarkSF i was right though @halhod honestly just a guess based on circumstantial evidence rather than technical analysis! it's a lip syncing t… @halhod lol, yeah, I reckon so. just a guess, but reckon it was probably done with this, which came out fairly rec… favorite video about modern technology @RachaelKrishna
How has this happened twice
Retweeted by James VincentWhere the Musks of this world would likely end up in the Culture universe. From an Iain M. Banks essay I'd not had… @alexhern still think* @YSAB87 as if you're not living it large already @alexhern i had forgotten. surprisingly gruesome when i looked it up! i still the exoskeleton future that is grim… @YSAB87 are you sure you never have a flutter on the markets tins? with a strategy like that seems you'd never loseI say that having just watched this marketing video from exoskeleton maker Sarcos, who just raised $40mm in a serie… I were to ever become a VC I would pick prospects, at least in part, on whether the aesthetics of the product fi… @JeyyLowe i guess so!I do not understand the need to lump this stuff in with deepfake discussions. It's just regular edits. Calling it a…"Tech's ever-growing deepfake problem" --> literally none of the videos cited in the article are deepfakes.
Today I was flying from San Jose to Las Vegas on SWA & I looked out my window & I saw this cloud. I l found out tha…
Retweeted by James VincentSuck it birds
@kharijohnson blasting All Ewez On Me as they cruise byI watched this like 20 times already this evening and I am about to watch it again
@latgalia It’s a stingray alocasia. It has eight or nine leaves and every month or so the oldest will wither away a… @latgalia “Like an obscurant monk of the forest, wrapping itself in a leaf-echo of its own cholorophyllic dreams, t… monstrous new leaf this morning I had not previously noticed. Like a huge verdant caterpillar, still slightly dam…
Terrific account of FT Wirecard investigation. Unsurprising to see law firm Schillings + other “blue chip” professi…
Retweeted by James VincentThe existence of these things is just amazing to me, completely explicit and formalized public corruption, and it’s…
Retweeted by James Vincentgreat interview
Retweeted by James Vincentstudents at schools around the country are using a program called Edgenuity for their online courses, which uses an…
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'ow many gecs?! 'undred of em??!
Retweeted by James Vincent£2,500 away from £30,000 and we might be able to buy a welfare van, which has a toilet, microwave, sink, hot water…
Retweeted by James VincentStill the funniest sequence of tweets ever
Retweeted by James Vincent @jmoss09 @tristandross Microsoft Pub Simulator